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December 28, 2009

Morning Briefs for Monday

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at December 28, 2009 7:10 AM

Good Morning Right-Wing Patriots, Good Morning Lefties Who Are Offended by Nativity Scenes but not by the Folsom Street Fair,

Item Number One: Some pesky German Scientists have found a teeny flaw in theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming. It seems the 1st and 2nd Laws of thermodynamics make it impossible for CO2 and other greenhouse gases to cause global warming.

An intelligent person might conclude from this that the idea that you can regulate Global Temperature by limiting CO2 emissions is as absurd as the notion that you can spend your way out of debt or eliminate terrorism by appeasing terrorists.

Item Number Two: The Iranian government is once again brutally slaughtering pro-Democracy demonstrators. Will PBO respond by playing a few more rounds of golf, or going out for ice cream?

Obama Fluffer Marc Armbinder says that indifferently playing golf after a terror attack is a brilliant strategy by the genius president
. Funny, that's not what Michael Moore said in Fahrenheit 911.

Item Number Three: Here is a pretty long piece on California's devolution into a failed state, which began in 1910 when California elected a large number of Progressives to state government. This set in motion the chain of events that led to California's current status as a state that is essentially run by unionized state employees. This situation makes it impossible for Government to deliver services efficiently to the people. At the same time, the unions demand ever higher amounts of tax dollars and thwart all attempts at reform.

Item Number Four: DHS Secretary and Dutch Water Retention Device Janet Napolitano was proudly boasting that the system worked perfectly in dealing with two attempted terror attacks over Christmas. Not surprising considering the Obama administration also claims the Stimulus/Bailout spending of over a trillion dollars to create double digit unemployment worked, too. My theory is, they are redefining the definition of "success" to mean "complete failure," so that they can claim ObamaCare is a success, too.

In response to the terror attempts, the TSA is now forcing passengers flights to remain seated without any carry on items --- books, mp3 players, nothing --- in their hands for the last hour of the flight. The really stupid part about this regulation is if it had been followed on Flight 253, it would have prevented the passengers from getting out of their seats and stopping the terrorist!

How people can look upon the routine stupidity displayed by our Government and think, "You know, those people should be in charge of health care" is quite beyond me.

I can only hope there is some sort of divine, cosmic justice for all the power-mad petty dictators who infest our Government: