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November 21, 2009

Sometimes the Good Guys Win

Posted by Van Helsing at November 21, 2009 11:12 AM

Remember the SEIU goons who went after a Boy Scout for volunteering to clear a bike path? Thanks to the publicity it got, the thuggery of Chairman Zero's union cronies has blown up in their troglodyte faces:

Nick Balzano has stepped down as head of the local Service Employees International Union. Balzano was roundly criticized for crying foul over a Boy Scout's effort to clear a walking path in a park in Allentown. He said the project was taking work away from union workers. Six other high-ranking members of the union have also resigned.

It's a start.

On a tip from Oiao.


I'm waiting for Lao to chime in on this, as Lao was quite active in that earlier thread.

(crickets chirping)

Posted by: pomalom at November 21, 2009 11:19 AM

Gets em every time.

Posted by: czuch at November 21, 2009 11:30 AM

Oh, don't worry, Lao will be along shortly to tell us that forcing this guy out proves that the SEIU is good, with the question of how these people got SEIU power in the first place being beside the point.

Outside of the demented minds of liberals and the moonstream media that feeds them, the SEIU muscling this clown out is simply an expectation of responsibility. In the real, conservative world, you don't get brownie points for doing what you were already expected to.

Posted by: Anonymous Countermoonbat at November 21, 2009 11:50 AM

Lao was the one claiming that Nick Balzano was just a union shlub, and not in any sort of leadership position at all.

Seems odd for seven people to have to resign over one shlub's off-the-cuff remark.

Posted by: Anonymous at November 21, 2009 11:58 AM

Ha ha Lao, you dumb shit.

Posted by: Anonymous at November 21, 2009 12:44 PM

Now if only all those liberal leaders of groups like ACORN,NAMNLA,PLANTED PARENTHOOD BRADY CAMPAIGN would step down as well

Posted by: SPURWING PLOVER at November 21, 2009 12:46 PM

Tar meet feathers...... I'm sure you'll get along just fine.

Posted by: Michelle at November 21, 2009 1:14 PM

Yeah, it was "just ONE guy" shooting his mouth off; that's why they are having this shake-up in the union.

Posted by: KHarn at November 21, 2009 2:19 PM

My favorite union is AFSCME. Heh.

Posted by: Corona at November 21, 2009 5:46 PM

They need their asses kicked!

Fuck the SEIU!!!!!!!!

Bring it!!!!

Posted by: Dave at November 21, 2009 7:44 PM

Gee, I wonder why Lao is so silent? Maybe he and his boyfriend are out seeing the new Twilight movie again?

Posted by: SK at November 21, 2009 11:49 PM

It takes class to admit when you're wrong. Lao has none.

Posted by: V the K at November 22, 2009 6:59 AM

Not my feathers michealle the molting season is over

Posted by: Flu-Bird at November 22, 2009 8:57 AM

I do not want these people to resign. I want them to be retro-actively aborted. THAT would be a start. Our SIX is in danger.

Posted by: Heltau at November 22, 2009 1:29 PM

Why would Balzano be roundly criticized and forced to resign for being a Democratic Party loyalist? His tactics are classic party activism. As he said, "We'll be looking into the Cub Scout or Boy Scout who did the trails". Sounds like another day at the SEIU/Democratic Party hq.

Next thing you know, ACORN officials will be forced to resign for voter fraud committed on behalf of our beloved great leader, Obama. Its unthinkable...

Posted by: Freedom Now at November 23, 2009 4:28 AM

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