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November 9, 2009

Morning Briefs: Stuff You Probably Have Already Read Somewhere Else

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at November 9, 2009 4:47 AM

Good Morning Campers and Disgusting Worms,

Item Number One: Message from Obamacrat baby boomers to future generations of Americans --- "Screw You!" That's the real message of the House's vote on PelosiCare; they're destroying health care at enormous cost and sticking future generations with the bill. Thanks to Obama, Pelosi and company, future generations can look forward to being poorer, sicker, and less free.

What people don't realize about PelosiCare is it's actually a counter-terrorism bill. If the Obamacrats destroy America first, there's no reason for Iran or Al Qaeda to bother.

Item Number Two: Congressman Bawney Fwank, a.k.a. "The Banking Queen's" taste in boyfriends is as lousy as his mad economic skillzs. We all knew about Steve Gobie, running the prostitution ring out of Fwank's Townhouse. Another boyfriend was implicated in the Fannie Mae collapse. Now, it turns out another boy-toy was a drug dealer. The congressman claims he had no idea what a marijuana plant even looks like, which makes him far more stupid than the average sixth grader.

Item Number Three: And in the "Would They Ever Do This to Mohammed" Department, a Theater Company looking for some cheap but perfectly safe "controversy" has created a play in which Our Lord Jesus Christ is portrayed as a trans-sexual woman. It occurs to me that if the Religious Right were really as dangerous as the progressive left is always whining that it is, they would never pull crap like this. One would think that after 30-40 years, the whole game of insulting Christians to gin up controversy would have grown hackneyed, but the left never seems to tire of it. They are so easily amused and satisfied with themselves; like infants enjoying the warm mushy feel of their own crapulence.

And now, another stinger.

A typical female reaction to Goatse Wellstoned


What a bunch of dirty rotten creeps living with those scumballs in WASHINGTON D.C. and more blastsfomies from those writters of dirty plays I HOPE IT BOMBS

Posted by: SPURWING PLOVER at November 9, 2009 9:43 AM

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