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September 25, 2009

Warding Off Bullies With Apologies

On Wednesday, Chairman Zero stood before the United Nations and denounced America, apologizing on our behalf for having stood up to tyranny in Iraq and throughout our history. He also made it clear that the United States government will stand with Palestinian terrorists against our former ally Israel. Muslims have responded to his contemptible groveling as you might expect.

In Dallas:

A 19-year-old Jordanian citizen is expected to make an appearance before a federal magistrate in Dallas this morning after authorities accused him of attempting to blow up a downtown Dallas skyscraper.
Hosam Maher Husein Smadi was arrested Thursday after he parked a vehicle laden with government-supplied fake explosives in the underground parking garage of Fountain Place, a 60-story tower in the 1400 block of Ross Avenue at North Field Street, authorities said.

In Illinois:

An Illinois man was ordered held on Thursday on charges he tried to blow up a federal building in the state capital, a case unrelated to the New York terrorism plot.
Michael Finton, also known as Talib Islam, was arrested in Springfield, Illinois, and charged with attempted murder of federal officers or employees and trying to use a weapon of mass destruction, charges that carry a life sentence.

In Raleigh:

Two men charged in North Carolina last month with plotting terrorist attacks overseas also planned to attack the U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia, authorities said on Thursday.
The two were among seven suspects arrested in August for conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and for conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim and injure people overseas.
A new indictment unveiled on Thursday charged Daniel Patrick Boyd, the group's alleged ringleader, and Hysen Sherifi "with conspiring to murder U.S. military personnel" in connection with the planned assault on the Marine Corps base, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Raleigh said in a statement.

In Philadelphia:

Twice in the past two days, SEPTA officials have alerted police to men taking pictures on the Broad Street subway line in South Philadelphia.
On Wednesday, a SEPTA cashier told officers about a man taking pictures at the Lombard-South station, but the man, after being questioned by the cashier about his activities, left before officers arrived.
"We are attempting to identify that male to determine what the nature or the reason for taking the photographs was," Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan said.

In New York:

Najibullah Zazi, the Denver man believed to be the central figure in a terror plot against the New York City transit system, has officially been indicted on charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction against persons or property in the United States, CBS 2 has learned.
Zazi was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday in Denver on a count of lying to terrorism investigators. The new charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction was filed in New York City, and authorities plan to transfer him to the federal court in Brooklyn to face the new charges.
Zazi has publicly denied making any terrorist plots. Counterterrorist agents fear he and others may have been planning to detonate homemade bombs on New York City commuter trains. Zazi's father, 53-year-old Mohammed Zazi, and the Queens Imam Ahmad Afzali were also charged with lying to investigators in the case.

Given that Comrade Obama has gone out of his way to cripple our anti-terror defenses for the sake of his sanctimonious posturing, it's only a matter of time until one of these plots succeeds. I doubt it will pull his approval ratings out of their tailspin.

On tips from Berkbikr and B1BBET.

Posted by Van Helsing at September 25, 2009 7:09 AM


Am I a racist for not being able to pronounce these idiots names? I'll name my next dog Rigamarole Ali Gobbledeegoop Sheik Crappypoop Bin Laden to make up for my marked insensitivity.

Posted by: obamasux at September 25, 2009 7:23 AM

Just saw on the news, they're going to reduce the number of border control agents by 400 on the Mexican border. Go budget cuts!!!

Maybe we could cut somewhere else?

Posted by: Ccs at September 25, 2009 7:27 AM

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."

Frederic Bastiat

Posted by: TED at September 25, 2009 7:34 AM

More about those three ISLAMIC terror plots that have been exposed. Did you know that in each case the MUSLIM goons have been charged them with a plot to kill Americans using ... now get this ... "weapons of mass destruction."

So, just what types of weapons were these MUSLIM terrorists going to use? The evidence seems to be that they were thinking about putting hydrogen peroxide-based explosives into backpacks where they could be triggered by cell phones. There is also a report that they tried at one point to rent a truck. There's another story out there about a foiled MUSLIM terrorist plot in Illinois. Wolf Blitzer told us last night that the suspect actually tried to push the button on a truck bomb. Blitzer specifically referred to this as a "weapon of mass destruction."

What's the big point here? Well .. the constant media use of the "weapons of mass destruction" phrase. Really? Is that what these ISLAMIC terrorist suspects were going to use? Maybe it's just me, but all this time I thought that the phrase applied to nuclear and chemical or biological weapons. I guess I was wrong, and if this is the actual description of a "weapon of mass destruction," then guess what? We DID, in fact, find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Under the definition currently being used, every car bomb and every IED was a weapon of mass destruction. President Bush said they were there ... we went there to find them ... and find them we did!

So .. the next time some leftist moonbat starts in on this "where were the weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq bit ... you know what to do.

Posted by: TED at September 25, 2009 7:48 AM

Ccs, those cuts are justified since I am planning to take Michelle on another date to someplace very special. I had to find the money to pay for it and the way I see it, border security is the lowest priority in my government. I'm black and you all owe it to me.

Posted by: Barack Obama at September 25, 2009 7:48 AM

Once again, VH devastates the talking point of idiot leftists that Christian fundamentalists are just as much of a threat as Muslim extremists.

Posted by: V the K at September 25, 2009 7:51 AM

If an attack does happen, God forbid, we'll be lectured on how we should be measured in our response. No rush to judgment. Turn the other cheek. Go inward and reflect. Think. Let the courts take care of it. But let's not put them to death as quickly as Macky boy and his white rental truck. Let's see what we can learn - let's communicate. Let's embrace the enemy and seek out what's bothering them...and on and on

Posted by: puffdaddy at September 25, 2009 8:01 AM

Obama's Self-Worship

During last year's campaign, Michelle Obama and her defenders insisted that her statement "For the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country" (for supporting her husband) was unfairly wrenched from its context. Maybe, though she said it more than once.

But Obama's indictment of the United States before the U.N. suggests identical sentiments. "I took office at a time when many around the world had come to view America with skepticism and distrust," the president said. And mostly it seems, those views were justified. America had acted "unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others." Addressing himself directly to America's critics, the president declared, "For those who question the character and cause of my nation."

Posted by: TED at September 25, 2009 8:09 AM

Was just watching a FoxNews alert...

You know about that Najibullah Zazi terror plot in NY? Yeah, the judge ruled to dismiss the charge of lying to a federal agent.

Incredible. Don't worry, nothing to see here. Lying is ok as long as it comes from the chosen ones.

Posted by: AmericanToTheCore at September 25, 2009 8:11 AM

This is even more reasons why we should get ourselves out of this wretched UN its a nest of vipers its a vulture pretending to be a dove

Posted by: SPURWING PLOVER at September 25, 2009 9:24 AM

We need fun in the land of freedom so lets do a public beheading of the little bitchs and followers of Islam just to show Iraq and iran that we are the world and show the people of Islam we want to be like you.

Posted by: Fred Dawes at September 25, 2009 10:53 AM

Dallas: an arrest
Illinois: an arrest
Raleigh: 7 arrests
Philadelphia: suspicious activity noticed, police alerted
New York: 2 arrests

So far so good. Obama is keeping us safe.

And before you start howling, if the EXACT SAME THING had happened under Bush you'd be saying "Bush is keeping us safe".

Posted by: Sally Out West at September 25, 2009 12:55 PM


You're missing something here. With the 19yr old terrorist being an illegal alien, that means our border patrol is lacking. With that in mind, you have to question why he is REDUCING our border patrol. It adds up to "Obama is promoting the problem but only 'dealing with' the outcome." Thus, he is failing miserably (on border patrol aspect, much like Bush did, so don't think we are ZOMG BUSHWINZORSZ).

Also, most of the targets of these terrorist plots were transportation systems, which makes me question why Obama recently disbanded our most highly-trained, railway counterterrorist unit. Once again, oddly convenient.

Posted by: AmericanToTheCore at September 25, 2009 1:57 PM

So, essentially, he is de-constructing current safeguards when disbanding the railway unit and, AT THE SAME TIME, reducing our border patrol.

Thus, his policies = failure to keep the country safe.

Posted by: AmericanToTheCore at September 25, 2009 1:58 PM

KANGTANGA in AFRICA was the victim of open UN brutality and the war crinimal KRUSCHEV

Posted by: Flu-Bird at September 25, 2009 9:23 PM

"Dallas: an arrest
Illinois: an arrest
Raleigh: 7 arrests
Philadelphia: suspicious activity noticed, police alerted
New York: 2 arrests

So far so good. Obama is keeping us safe."

Actually, it appears that law enforcement agencies have kept us safe so far, despite the best efforts of the current progressive regime.

Posted by: Swampcat at September 26, 2009 12:32 PM

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