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September 18, 2009

Insane Killer Escapes on Field Trip to County Fair

It sounds like a plot from Reno 911. Somebody at Eastern State Hospital in the moonbat-infested state of Washington thought it would be a great idea to let insane murderer Philip Arnold Paul take a field trip to a county fair despite what authorities call a "violent criminal past and history of trying to escape."

Apparently, letting "murderers, rapists and pedophiles committed to the hospital as criminally insane" out on field trips is a standard policy, despite protests from the Washington State Employees union.

Paul murdered an old lady in 1987, soaked her body in gasoline, and buried her in a flower garden. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and sentenced to treatment in a state hospital. Paul had attempted to escape on a previous field trip, but failed. This time he succeeded.

At the time of his escape, he was on a trip to the fair with 30 other inmates and 11 staff members. Even though employees alerted supervisors within minutes of his disappearance, administrators at the hospital waited for two hours before alerting authorities.

Hopefully, he'll be caught before he walks into an ACORN office, gets home loan, and goes to work as a census taker.

Insane killer at a county fair? Why didn't *we* think of that?

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at September 18, 2009 4:16 PM


Insane Killer Escapes on Field Trip to County Fair

Is that why wingnutlicker hasn't been posting today?

Posted by: Anonymous at September 18, 2009 5:14 PM

I know someone who's going to have to wait for their fruitcup when they get home!

Posted by: Ed Flinn at September 18, 2009 5:21 PM

You could stand to lay off the Comedy Central a little bit.

Posted by: I'm A Lasagna Hog at September 18, 2009 5:22 PM

Let's just execute this a-hole, who obviously deserves it, and thereby save everyone time, money, and hassle.

Before some bleeding heart liberal bleats about his being insane, I will posit my rule of jurisprudence. If he's sane enough to realize we're going to execute him and worry about it, then he was sane when he committed the crime. And if he was too whacked out to realize what he was doing then, he'll be too whacked out to realize what we're doing to him now. Either way, he fries.

I know. It's a gift.

Posted by: Jay Guevara at September 18, 2009 5:39 PM

I used to deliver pizza to the facility were this guy was held! It's in Medical Lake, near Fairchild AFB. I was a broke Airman with two babies (now in college)and delivered Savage House Pizza to that area to make some extra coin. The place closed down years ago, but back then, they made great pizza. Anyway, they used to let the inmates order Pizza. I hated going there, because it was always a huge order, they'd get like 10 at a time, and I never got a tip!! Damn crazy psycho's were stingy with their prison bucks! Funny thing is, I'd drop the pizza's off in a room and except payment in the form of a check from an inmate through bars! Once I left, they'd open the door and let them get the pizza. That whole area was really beautiful back then. Did a lot of trout fishing in Medical Lake...the actual lake!!

Posted by: Mongrul at September 18, 2009 6:03 PM

Well, since I married a Washingtonian who, like most of "them" yearned for "the good old days in his *beautiful* home state" we lived there for six horrible long years before he figured out that it was A. never beautiful, but instead gray and dingy, and B. the people were absolutely effing NUTZ.
And incredibly stupid liberals on top of that.
If I had my way the entire "state" would be turned into a gulag for's their breeding ground anyway.
God, what a horrible place to live!
And BTW...they will never be able to find this crazy's like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles. They are all nuts up there....
Eyeeew....just thinking about that sh*thole makes my skin crawl. And I lived in the "chi chi" part...

Posted by: christmasghost at September 18, 2009 6:27 PM

Wow, you sound like my wife, who hated it as well (to cold for her). Spokane is on the eastern edge, not the gray and dingy part. And if you didn't see anything beautiful in the gray and dingy part, you must of been living in Tacoma, and never left your basement. But, your right about the NUTZ! Lots and lots of nutz ruining a truly great place. They gravitate there and screw up everything. It's not their breeding ground though, they came up from the hell we call Calipornia!! They fucked up their state, then ran up north and screwed up Oregon and Washington, and they are working on Idaho and Utah. It makes me sick.

Posted by: Mongrul at September 18, 2009 8:11 PM

Maybe he,ll try and murder someone who has a double barrled shotgun and give both barrels of buckshot right through his head BLAM

Posted by: SPURWING PLOVER at September 18, 2009 9:03 PM

"Insane Killer on a Field Trip" sounds like the title of a stupid slasher movie. Anyway, what a great idea to take a psycho killer on a field trip! I just hope there were kids around to enjoy all the fun. Next time they should take all the necropedophiles to the local Children's Hospital.

Posted by: obamasux at September 19, 2009 12:02 AM

"Hopefully, he'll be caught before he walks into an ACORN office, gets home loan, and goes to work as a census taker."

With a record like that he qualifies to manage an office...

Posted by: TED at September 19, 2009 1:28 AM

"Paul murdered an old lady in 1987, soaked her body in gasoline, and buried her in a flower garden. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity..."

Yet he was sane enough to plan the murder and hide the body. The insanity defence is SUPPOSED to be invoked if the accused doesn't understand that the crime WAS a crime. His taking such pains to hide the murder says otherwise.

Posted by: KHarn at September 19, 2009 7:28 AM

Remeber the time they released JOHN HINKLEY to visit his parents on easter? SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE PLUGGED HINKLEY RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES

Posted by: Flu-Bird at September 19, 2009 7:41 AM

Don't blame the Washington state liberal nutz on California. California was way ahead of the northwest long before anyone discovered the refugees from the Appalacian hills had moved to Washington.

Posted by: Jane at September 19, 2009 8:46 PM

Want to have some more fun? Go to the local paper, the Spokesman-Review, and read the comments on the escape. Start about halfway down, with nickgb. Grateful I am that I live in Georgia, about as far away as you can get from Washington State and still stay in the US.

Posted by: wagnert in atlanta at September 20, 2009 3:21 PM

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