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June 25, 2009

Teens Paid by State Not to Get Pregnant

Comrade Obama's friends in the abortion industry aren't going to like this. North Carolina taxpayers are giving teenagers $1/day to refrain from getting pregnant:

The group College-Bound Sisters was founded at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro by Hazel Brown, a maternity nurse who thought too many teens were having babies.
Brown said she hopes the program, which pays $1 each day to 12-to-18-year-old girls, will keep them from getting pregnant. In addition to remaining pregnancy-free, the girls must also attend weekly meetings.
The program is funded by a four-year grant from the state. …
Some recent graduates earned more than $2,000 and are an inspiration to those still in the program.

A drawback is that the program is only affective with those too clueless to realize that the government will pay you hundreds of dollars a week if you do get pregnant, so long as you aren't foolish enough to become married or employed.

Morality was a lot cheaper than moonbattery. But it is irrelevant in the Age of Obama, because it can't be purchased by the government with our money.

On a tip from nancz.

Posted by Van Helsing at June 25, 2009 7:04 AM


mo' money - mo' money - mo' money!

Posted by: nancz at June 25, 2009 7:26 AM

What do boys from ages 12-18 get for not getting anyone pregnant?

Posted by: GeronimoRumplestiltskin at June 25, 2009 8:07 AM

a headache?

Posted by: nancz at June 25, 2009 8:21 AM

A medical condition known as "blueskie ballskies".

Posted by: Farmer Ted at June 25, 2009 8:38 AM

In fairness to Obama (I can't believe I just said that), stupid government programs like this predate him by at least 70 years. It's not like the government hasn't tried to buy morality before.

Besides, what is it they wish to stop? Teens having sex, or teens getting pregnant? Apparently the sex part is OK with them.

Posted by: CoderInCrisis at June 25, 2009 9:44 AM

They should be required to wear chastity belts where only the government has the key or they dont get paid.

Guys would also be elibible.

Posted by: Anonymous at June 25, 2009 9:49 AM

Too stupid for words.

Posted by: KHarn at June 25, 2009 10:04 AM

I have a simpler solution: you don't get welfare or other benefits by having a child. You're on your own; if you don't cope, we'll take the child into care, and garnish your wages, if any. End of illegitimacy problem.

Posted by: Jay Guevara at June 25, 2009 11:22 AM

On a serious note. It's pretty damn sad when you have to bribe an underage girl not to get pregnant.

Posted by: Farmer Ted at June 25, 2009 11:42 AM