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April 15, 2009

Texas: The New Quintessential Terror State

Just as our new government has redefined a terrorist as someone who holds conservative views, it needs to redefine a terror state. Clearly Iran no longer fits the bill. But Texas does.

Governor Rick Perry has betrayed the Lone Star State's terrorist inclinations by objecting to the federal government's noble efforts to save us from the perils of liberty. Listen to his radical rhetoric:

I believe that our federal government has become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of our citizens, and its interference with the affairs of our state. That is why I am here today to express my unwavering support for efforts all across our country to reaffirm the states’ rights affirmed by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Perry supports the counterprogressive bill HCR 50. From his official website:

A number of recent federal proposals are not within the scope of the federal government’s constitutionally designated powers and impede the states’ right to govern themselves. HCR 50 affirms that Texas claims sovereignty under the 10th Amendment over all powers not otherwise granted to the federal government.
It also designates that all compulsory federal legislation that requires states to comply under threat of civil or criminal penalties, or that requires states to pass legislation or lose federal funding, be prohibited or repealed.

Using Nappy's new report as a guide, Perry isn't the only Texan to qualify as a terrorist — the typical voter does. American Thinker lists the state's telltale characteristics:

Anti-abortion — check
Pro-Gun — check
Anti-gun control — check
Predominantly Christian — check
Military bases — check
Returning soldiers — check
Against high taxes (no state tax in Texas) — check, check
Anti-illegal immigration — check
Against an overreaching federal government — check
Conservative — check
Extreme right-wing (according to Democratic Party standards) — check
Understands Article 1, Section 8 — check
Understands the 10th Amendment — check
Rejects federal authority in favor of state or local authority — check

Texans have made trouble before. Remember the Alamo. Clearly sanctions are in order.

In liberal upside-down world, Texas is a terror state.

On a tip from Byron.

Posted by Van Helsing at April 15, 2009 9:45 AM


Some folks in Texas have been looking for a reason to secede. Maybe this is it.

Posted by: on-the-rocks at April 15, 2009 9:53 AM

If I didn't have this house I just bought, I would so be in Texas right now.

Posted by: Karin at April 15, 2009 10:10 AM

What Chairman Zero calls "extremists," we call Patriots.

Posted by: Gregory of Yardale at April 15, 2009 10:41 AM

The LONESTAR STATE will always be that and tavans dont like moonbats making stupid rules

Posted by: SPURWING PLOVER at April 15, 2009 11:41 AM

As a Native Texan, I have to say that the spirit of Texas is alive and well. Even here in the People's Democratic City of Austin, over 1,500 people turned out for the Tea Party in the middle of a workday when the organizers were only expecting about 400. Just a few facts about my state for those thinking about moving here. Texas has the 15th largest economy in the world. We have our own electrical grid, not tied to the rest of the country. We have more Fortune 500 company headquarters here than anywhere else in the US, even more than New York City. We have no state income tax. We lead the nation in job creation. We are all about the freedom to lead everyday lives without government intervention. So, all you DHS patriots who believe in the military, working for a living, and think the Constitution is worth keeping around, come on to Texas! We'll be glad to see ya!

Posted by: gordo at April 15, 2009 11:55 AM

As a resident of Texas, I'd proud to see Gov. Perry's testicles finally descend.


Posted by: Naqamel at April 15, 2009 12:10 PM

i'm looking to get the hell out of NY within the next 10 years.

i'm seriously thinking to live in texas, or arizona.

Posted by: furballz at April 15, 2009 12:14 PM

Just got back from my small Texas town tea party and it was a smashing success!! I heard on the radio on the way home that Governor Perry said maybe Texas should secede if things don't improve in DC (tho he later said it wasn't something we were looking to do now, just to keep DHS off his back).

Furballz - I lived in Arizona for 2 years, 2 months 2 long (Tucson, extreme liberalism and an all-out crappy location) and would pick Texas over any other state and am so glad to be home!

(But I'm a native Texan, so my opinion is biased.)

Posted by: Joycer at April 15, 2009 12:26 PM

Damn, I wish I were from Texas!

Posted by: bah_humbug at April 15, 2009 1:10 PM

Back in the early nintys there was roumers of trouble and some people in Florida started whispering about if we could sucessfully secede. We thought that Alabama would probably join us out of spite and Georgia has always suppored Florida in the past and may do so again. I thought that Puerto Rico would join as a solution to their "territory or statehood" question.

So don't dismiss secesion, it just might happen!

Posted by: KHarn at April 15, 2009 2:57 PM

Interesting thoughts there... I'd never before considered living in TX, but maybe I ought to reconsider that.

Anyone else got any opinions on where maybe the top 5 NON-MOONBATTY states would be? (I'm job hunting & would certainly considering relocating).

Posted by: Ex-Bat at April 15, 2009 3:06 PM

As a native Texan, now living in equally beautiful East Tennessee (lots of rabid-dog, terror-promoting Republicans in these parts, I'm proud to say!), recall that Texas, along among the states, was once it's own republic. In my humble opinion, Texas should vote to form its republic again, secede (technically) from the union it joined voluntarily, and declare Gov. Perry the president of the New Republic of Texas.

You all can still trade with the rising Moonbat nation that is now America, and will always have close ties such as language and culture, but you will escape the ravages of the next four looooooooonnnnnnnnnng years of Hell the rest of us will be going through.

Texas now and forever! Remember the Alamo! And if Obambi decides to come for you, remember Sam Houston and that April day in 1836 at San Jacinto . . .

Posted by: jc14 at April 15, 2009 5:13 PM

I could have moved anywhere I wanted with this job and I chose TEXAS! This is one of many good reasons to be Texan.

Posted by: 6Kings at April 15, 2009 9:03 PM

They dont call it the LONESTAR STATE for nothing and those brave soles who ised at the ALAMO didnt die so a bunch of illegal aliens could take over

Posted by: Flu-Bird at April 15, 2009 9:16 PM

I grew up in Dallas and am a proud Texan. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I now live in the Peoples Republic of Chicago, land of the Messiah.

Gawd, I wish I were home again. God bless Texas!

Posted by: Shayne at April 15, 2009 10:46 PM

I live in Oklahoma but if Texas stands up to the Federal goons I will move there and stand toe to toe with the longhorns.

Posted by: Ronnie at April 17, 2009 8:40 PM