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February 13, 2009

There Won't Always Be an England — If Moonbats Have Their Way

Posted by Dave Blount at February 13, 2009 7:46 AM

Just as Americans have fireworks on the Fourth of July, the English celebrate their love of country with parades on Saint George's Day — unless bureaucrats forbid them.

England's biggest St George's Day parade is facing the axe after councillors said many of those attending it were racist.
For the last decade up to 15,000 have assembled in the town of West Bromwich under the slogan "Forever England, For Everyone."
Children and parents from all over the country parade through the Black Country town waving St George flags and marching to rousing anthems such as Jerusalem.

But no longer.

In a letter to the organisers, one councillor, Yvonne Davies, said the parade created an "unhealthy atmosphere" and inspired young boys to be racist.
She wrote: "It is not only the parade which is the problem, but the tribal excitement it creates."

Translated out of liberalese, this means the parade encourages the English to love England. We certainly can't have that, or they might get the idea of defending it from the moonbat–Muslim alliance that is systematically destroying it.

England's flag, the Cross of Saint George, is anathema to moonbats.

Hat tip: UP Pompeii, on a tip from Conservigilant.