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February 23, 2009

The Island of Doctor Moreau Revisited

Posted by Dave Blount at February 23, 2009 8:37 AM

The moonbattery that has poisoned academia is leading us toward a nightmarish science fiction dystopia. As evidence, I present "All Together Now: Developmental and Ethical Considerations for Biologically Uplifting Nonhuman Animals," an article published in the Journal of Evolution and Technology. From the abstract:

As the potential for enhancement technologies migrates from the theoretical to the practical, a difficult and important decision will be imposed upon human civilization, namely the issue as to whether or not we are morally obligated to biologically enhance nonhuman animals and integrate them into human and posthuman society. … Through the application of Rawlsian moral frameworks, and in consideration of the acknowledgement of legally recognized nonhuman persons, it can be shown that the presence of uplift biotechnologies will represent a new primary good and will thus necessitate the inclusion of highly sapient nonhumans into what has traditionally been regarded as human society.

"Rawlsian" refers to moonbat navel-gazer John Rawls, who "revitalized the social-contract tradition, using it to articulate and defend a detailed vision of egalitarian liberalism."

Too bad Travis's estate won't be able to sue the cops for using excessive force, which no doubt it would in the future. But then, the "biologically enhanced" animals of the future may be able to hold off the police with machine guns.

Abortion is only the beginning of the horrors liberals have made possible by denying the fundamental difference between humans and animals.

Enhanced animals will of course be eligible for food stamps.

On a tip from Matt L.