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February 11, 2009

Soon to Follow Porkulus: Gun Confiscation

Posted by Dave Blount at February 11, 2009 8:03 AM

What will be next for the Obamunists, after they have used the recession as a pretext to spend $trillions of our money in a bid to crush capitalism under mountains of government debt? Since people are already aware that yesterday's "stimulus package" was an extravagantly expensive fraud not even intended to help the economy, it won't be long before they start getting extremely angry. Fortunately for the government, it won't matter how mad we are, once our liberal masters have had us declawed.

For an idea of what's coming on the Obamunist wish list, have a look at The Obama Forum, which bills itself as "the forum for supporters of Barack Obama." Below are comments from a thread entitled "Gun Control & Confiscation President Obama's Plan For Disarming White America. Yes We Can!"

Anyone who doesn't want to turn in their guns is a racist Just admit it, if you don't want to turn in your guns you secretly harbor a dislike for blacks and want to kill them all, but don't worry you can redeem yourself by turning in your guns so what are you waiting for.
The fact that gun owners are racist is common knowledge. That's why we need the OYB (Obama Youth Brigade). Otherwise, the supporters of Obama will be defenseless against these bigots.

This is as close as you'll find to a voice of reason:

I can't be a racist, I'm black. Besides, I need it to defend myself when walking around my block.

To which another Obamunist responds,

Well naturally black people can keep their guns.

…and another chimes in,

We have to target law abiding gun owners, 99% of witch aren't black. This will be a perfect oppurtunity to disarm white america. Only then can we bring about change.

Soon the discussion goes completely off the rails.

Roy Rogers had guns with ivory grips… probably to match his pastey white wife's ass. I mean her face was whiter than that damn white ass horse Trigger. You know with a name like that you've got yourself some real life gun nuts there baby.

Getting back on track…

But guns shouldn't be the only thing confiscated. Racist books and magazines like the Turner Diaries should be confiscated and burned.

Maybe the whole forum is a parody; with Obamunism it's impossible to tell. But one thing is certain: like all socialist regimes, our current one will eventually seek to disarm us.


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