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February 24, 2009

Obama to Put bin Laden Associate in Charge of National Intelligence Council

Posted by Dave Blount at February 24, 2009 2:30 PM

This shouldn't come as a surprise:

Amid the criticism that has already emerged about President Obama's reported pick for the powerful position of chairman of the National Intelligence Council, there is a yet unmentioned problem that is likely cause even bigger troubles: He had business ties to the bin Laden family after 9/11.
Charles "Chas" Freeman, a former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, had business connections with the bin Laden family and their Saudi Binladin Group, a multi-billion dollar construction conglomerate founded by the father of Osama bin Laden. As chairman of Projects International, Inc., a company that develops international business deals, Mr. Freeman asserted in an interview with the Associated Press less than a month after September 11 that he was still "discussing proposals with the Bin Laden Group — and that won't change."

Also, Freeman's think tank Middle East Policy Council has raked in tens of $thousands per year from the bin Laden family. He opines that bin Laden is still "a very honored name" in Saudi Arabia, but the extent to which Osama's activities have alienated him from the rest of the family is highly disputable.

Freeman has established his liberal bona fides by denouncing America's successful antiterror policy, siding with Arabs against Israel, sympathizing with Jewish conspiracy crapola, publicly comparing W with Caligula, and donating $1,000 to Chairman Zero's campaign.

We have only just begun to pay the price for letting our country's worst enemies take over our government.

Chas Freeman may soon take the helm of the NIC.

On a tip from Ashley R.