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February 11, 2009

Obama Seizes Control of Census

Posted by Dave Blount at February 11, 2009 9:06 AM

If you thought blowing $1 trillion on liberal pork during a recession was audacious, try this: the White House has now seized control of the 2010 census, so that the numbers can be fudged to keep Democrats in control of Congress.

Chicago politics alumnus Rahm Emanuel, infamous for his bare-knuckle partisanship, now has responsibility for producing the desired census numbers. This will be done by using sampling to distort the actual population, under the farcical fig leaf of making sure sacred minorities aren't underrepresented. Look for the population of places like the South Bronx to explode as if by magic, requiring additional Congressional representation.

The next time Nazi Pelousy claims that 500 million American jobs will be lost for every month we don't do her bidding, she'll be able to back it up by pointing to the suddenly massive population of Detroit.

Fudging the census numbers not only facilitates congressional gerrymandering, but will assist Obama's reelection by affecting the Electoral College.

It will also help the regime to funnel goodies paid for by all of us to areas that support Obama. No doubt San Francisco will be found to need new infrastructure much more urgently than Provo.

Less than a month into this tragicomedy and it's already becoming clear that we will no longer be able to believe data coming from the government. How many people really live in America? No one will know, unless Emanuel keeps a separate set of books.

On a tip from Chad N.