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February 19, 2009

Hopey Change Won't Help MSNBC's Ratings

Posted by Dave Blount at February 19, 2009 9:58 AM

The rise of the Moonbat Messiah is bad news for everyone — even the left-wing propagandists who put him in power. From the Western Center for Journalism:

You won't hear executives at MSNBC chanting "yes we can." The network that they cobbled together as a TV version of the left-wing screed Air America is in the ratings dumper. Advertising dollars that have never been easy are getting thinner. …
Keith Olbermann may need to go back to sports. MSNBC is in big trouble without Bush to bash. Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and even Chris Matthews have filled their shows with nothing but anti-Bush hysteria for the last year. Now that their punching bag-in-chief has left Washington, they are lost.

Chris Matthews famously yelped that he gets a thrill up his leg whenever Chairman Zero reads a teleprompter, and considers it his job to ensure the success of the new regime. But he clearly considered it his job to ensure the failure of the Bush Administration, which he mocked and insulted relentlessly.

Co-cockroach Keith Olbermann's Bush Derangement Syndrome is arguably severe enough to justify institutionalization. As an example, he tried to get viewers to believe that Pat Tillman was not killed by friendly fire, but murdered on W's behalf.

Another commentator who loves to hate Bush, liberal activist Rachel Maddow, said on her show following [Bush's] farewell address, "this is the start of the part where we don't have President Bush to kick around anymore… there can be no promise that we won't be compelled to try to keep on with the kicking around." She spoke with the caption, "goodbye and good riddance," situated behind her. She then proceeded to kick Bush around for ten minutes straight, blaming him for everything from Katrina, 9/11, the existence of Hamas, the recession, and "two worthless wars." She had practically filled her show with anti-Bush rants and guests. After January 20, she has struggled to find new material.

Call it the lunatic left's answer to "fair and balanced." The network is staffed by such childish and unprofessional moonbats that switching from their 24-hour version of the Two Minutes Hate to reporting factual news is out of the question.

Presumably they'll devote the next four years to nibbling cuticles from Chairman Zero's toes. When advertising drops off to nothing, they'll be well positioned for a bailout.

Make that "The Power of Hopey Change."

On a tip from Murff.