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February 23, 2009

Bill Moyers, Hypocrisy Incarnate

Posted by Dave Blount at February 23, 2009 10:22 AM

Even at coercively funded PBS, no one crawls with their belly lower to the ground than moonbat propagandist Bill Moyers, the utterly unhinged liberal twit who as noted earlier has furtively raked in over $20 million of taxpayer money through the malignancy known as public broadcasting. Moyers was a top thug in the same LBJ administration that featured anti-American gadfly Ramsey Clark as Attorney General, orchestrating the disgraceful 1964 campaign against Barry Goldwater. The Wall Street Journal highlights some new revelations regarding his relationship with J. Edgar Hoover in those days:

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Washington Post has obtained a few of the former FBI director's secret files. According to a Thursday front-page story, Hoover was "consumed" with exposing a (nonexistent) relationship between a gay photographer and Jack Valenti, the late film industry lobbyist who was then an aide to Lyndon Johnson. Hoover's M.O. was to amass incriminating personal information as political blackmail.
But as the Post reports in passing, the dossier also reveals that Mr. Moyers — then a special assistant to LBJ — requested in 1964 that Hoover's G-men "investigate two other administration figures who were 'suspected as having homosexual tendencies.'"
This isn't the first time Mr. Moyers's name has come up in connection with Hoover's abuse of office. When Laurence Silberman, now a federal appeals judge, was acting Attorney General in 1975, he was obliged to read Hoover's secret files in their entirety in preparation for testimony before Congress — and as far as we know remains one of the only living officials to have done so. "It was the single worst experience of my long governmental service," he wrote in these pages in 2005.
Amid "bits of dirt on figures such as Martin Luther King," Judge Silberman found a 1964 memo from Mr. Moyers directing Hoover's agents to investigate Barry Goldwater's campaign staff for evidence of homosexual activity. A few weeks before, an LBJ aide named Walter Jenkins had been arrested in a men's bathroom, and Mr. Silberman wrote that Mr. Moyers and his boss evidently wanted leverage in the event Goldwater tried to use the liaison against them. (He didn't, as it happened.)

Once again we see that right vs. left is really more a matter of high vs. low. The WSJ further notes:

Memories are short in Washington, and Mr. Moyers has gone on to promote himself as a political moralist, routinely sermonizing about what he claims are abuses of power by his ideological enemies. Since 9/11, he has been particularly intense in criticizing President Bush for his antiterror policies, such as warrantless wiretapping against al Qaeda.
Yet the historical record suggests that when Mr. Moyers was in a position of actual power, he was complicit in FBI dirt-digging against U.S. citizens solely for political purposes.

A devastating argument against socialized media can be made in two words: Bill Moyers.

Your tax dollar at work.

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