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February 24, 2009

Army Officer Sues to See BHO's Birth Certificate

Posted by Dave Blount at February 24, 2009 7:24 AM

No wonder Obama has plans to create his own Gestapo-style domestic army with a budget as large as the military. The imposition of socialism hasn't even required him to order soldiers to fire on fellow Americans yet, and already there is dissent in the ranks. As an Army officer, Scott Easterling is required to follow orders from a sitting president — so he insists on knowing whether Obama is qualified to hold the post.

Normally candidates are vetted by the media. But since Obama was effectively installed by the media, he managed to evade this unpleasantness, to such an extent that we still don't know for sure that he was born in this country, since he won't release a vault copy birth certificate. If he was born in Kenya as African relatives have claimed, he is not eligible to be President, per the Constitution. Easterling has taken the matter to court, so that he can know that when he faces terrorist bullets in Iraq, he's doing it on orders passed down from a legitimate authority.

Obama's version of "transparency" isn't inspiring the loyalty he will need to stay in the saddle when his suicidal economic policies lead to social unrest.

Obama learns people still want to see his birth certificate. Via Caption This!

On a tip from Conan.