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February 8, 2009

Al Franken: Yet Another Tax Cheat Democrat

Posted by Dave Blount at February 8, 2009 12:05 PM

If Al Franken's brazen bid to cheat his way into the Senate is blocked, he could always join the Obamination Administration. He has shown the appropriate contempt for paying the taxes Democrats are so eager to raise:

Overlooked in coverage of Tim Geithner's and Tom Daschle's unpaid taxes is the $70,000 that Minnesota Democratic senatorial candidate Al Franken has admitted to owing in back taxes, interest, and penalties.
Last April, the California Tax Franchise Board revealed that Franken owed the state $5,800 in taxes, fines, and penalties because he did not file returns in 2003 through 2007. Franken then admitted that he owed more than $50,000 in back taxes to 17 states.

Democrats stand resolutely not only for high taxes, but also for the working man. Given their characteristic hypocrisy, this is no surprise:

On top of failing to pay taxes in 17 states, the New York State Workers' Compensation Board hit Franken's corporation with a $25,000 penalty for failing to carry worker's compensation insurance for his employees in New York.

In light of tax cheats Daschle and Nancy Killefer going under the bus, maybe our Democrat rulers have pushed their arrogance as far as it can go. But if the corrupt, obnoxious, unelected, and outrageously unqualified Franken is actually seated in the Senate, we'll know there are no limits.

If they can seat this lowlife, anything goes.

On a tip from Wiggins.