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February 27, 2009

31% of Dems Approve of Occupying Homes

Posted by Dave Blount at February 27, 2009 10:30 AM

It would be nice to think that Democrats voted for Obama by some terrible mistake, having been duped by the hardcore leftists running the media into thinking he was the kind of guy who might uphold the liberties on which this country was founded. But according to a recent Rasmussen poll, an alarming 31% of them favor the ACORN policy of encouraging people to occupy foreclosed homes, in direct violation of the property rights without which non-totalitarian civilization cannot function. Only 35% of Dems are opposed, with the rest too clueless to make up their minds.

Once again media radicals have skewed the numbers by casting as put-upon saints those who take out mortgages they can't afford and then expect to stay in other people's houses for free, while the rest of us work hard and play by the rules. But the number of liberals who are in effect actual communists may be high enough to prevent them from turning on the new administration, even as its true nature becomes obvious.

Hat tip: Teh Resistance Blog, on a tip from V the K.