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November 10, 2008

Rasmussen: Obama Ran as Reagan

Pollster Scott Rasmussen offers a ray of hope at the WSJ:

Barack Obama won the White House by campaigning against an unpopular incumbent in a time of economic anxiety and lingering foreign policy concerns. He offered voters an upbeat message, praised the nation as a land of opportunity, promised tax cuts to just about everyone, and overcame doubts about his experience with a strong performance in the presidential debates.
Does this sound familiar? It should. Mr. Obama followed the approach that worked for Ronald Reagan. His victory confirmed that voters still embrace the guiding beliefs of the Reagan era. …
Mr. Obama's tax-cutting message played a key role in this period of economic anxiety. Tax cuts are well-received at such times: 55% of voters believe they are good for the economy. Only 19% disagree and see them as bad policy.
Down the campaign homestretch, Mr. Obama's tax-cutting promise became his clearest policy position. Eventually he stole the tax issue from the Republicans. Heading into the election, 31% of voters thought that a President Obama would cut their taxes. Only 11% expected a tax cut from a McCain administration.

When those who were tricked into believing that a socialist would lower their tax burden discover otherwise, and that Chairman Zero is the absolute antithesis of Reagan, the backlash will open the door to a return of sound government after two decades of bloated mediocrity.

On a tip from V the K.

Posted by Van Helsing at November 10, 2008 8:33 AM


Obama ran a masterful campaign - with Nazi-like efficiency (Obama rallies would have been envied by Hitler, if he were still alive) - and having the media in his pocket insured his victory. Even so, its somewhat comforting that only 52% of the voters voted for him.

After all running against a President (Obama was running against Bush, not McCain) with a 25% approval ratings should have resulted in a 1984 type landslide with the only states being won by McCain-Palin being Arizona and Alaska.

But, along with full media support (not digging into his past), massive amounts of money (much of which is untracable due to the Obama website removing verification features), a curiously time banking collapse and massive voter fraud - it was all enough to Obama in the Whitehouse.

Posted by: Anonymous at November 10, 2008 8:46 AM

You may be right there, VH; I do wonder. One of the countless looming questions for me is whether, under the influence of a massively slanted, Pravda-like media, Moonbat Nation will even recognize that any of the likely economic declines to follow under Obama can in any way be blamed on Obama! They will be closely instructed that all negative circumstances to yet befall the nation are the result of evil Bush policies, playing themselves out despite the noble superhuman effort of their Messiah.

Posted by: Zack R at November 10, 2008 8:52 AM

The Demo formula is to run like Reagan, then govern like Carter.

Zack - I, too, wonder how the Omedia will spin the coming double digit unemployment, ballooning debt, and inflation. Even in states where Democrats have totaled the economy, Democrats manage to win elections because Democrats blame the businesses and the Republicans and the media collaborates.

The Dem game plan is obviously to set up George Bush as Herbert Hoover, and they will get away with it unless the Republicans articulate an effective response. Which I guess means, they will get away with it.

Posted by: V the K at November 10, 2008 9:23 AM

The ironic thing about Hoover, is that he raised taxes on the rich in 1930 (though Hoovers 63% is a bit higher than Obamas 40%) and promoted trade protectionism by signing Smoot Hawley tarriff bill in 1932.

Posted by: Anonymous at November 10, 2008 9:53 AM

It's gonna get real personal when they get their pink slips, energy prices inflate and they can't afford to heat their homes, food prices rise and they can't afford to feed their families and they're down to pennies in their pockets. The rich will hide their money and the middle class will be destroyed. There is not enough money to spread the wealth. I give it 3 years, tops, before we enter Barack Ocarter territory.

Posted by: hana1234 at November 10, 2008 7:31 PM

The guy walks into a crowd of Obama supporters celebrating while having a sword stuffed down his shirt. What a jackass. Of course this is disturbing the peace. He is the moonbat.

Posted by: Greg at November 11, 2008 5:51 AM

I am a proud american, I love Reagan and I love Obama. I consider myself a conservative but i voted Obama this year because I think he can unify america. You people on this website are trying to divide america, you are doing Al Qaeda's work! You are all closet Islamists!

Posted by: Anthony at November 19, 2008 6:57 AM