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July 28, 2008

Pseudo-Scientific Snobbery: Last Gasp of the Liberal Elite

Posted by Dave Blount at July 28, 2008 9:23 PM

Brendan O'Neill has noticed a remarkable coincidence. Many aspects of our society that have been denounced as eco-sins were despised by left-leaning snobs even before the plight of allegedly menaced polar bears became their primary concern.

We're now told that wanting the things we can buy if we work hard is bad because making the stuff causes global warming. It used to be bad because it represented bourgeois vulgarity. Tourism was an blight because it meant the upper crust had to face beaches and museums polluted with riffraff. Now the blight is caused by the harmless CO2 emitted during travel.

The archetypal elitist moonbat, George Monbiot, once denounced supermarkets on the pretext that they put small grocery stores out of business. Now, supermarkets exacerbate the imaginary climate crisis by offering foods transported from all over the world. No doubt Moonbat's real problem with supermarkets is his distaste for the unwashed masses who shop in them. Even less do snobs like rowdy sports fans. Conveniently, it's found that soccer matches create a massive carbon footprint.

In addition to consolidating government power and allowing corrupt individuals (Al Gore) and corporations (GE) to make a killing at everyone else's expense, the global warming hoax also permits its practitioners to "scientize" their stuffy prejudices — just as the theories of Marx and Engels allowed them to brush a scientific gloss on their dreams of totalitarian control. But the more our ruling class relies on environmental fanaticism, the weaker it shows itself to be:

It suggests an elite that has lost the nerve and the will to say what is morally right and wrong, and that instead continually hides behind dubious "facts" to justify its agenda.

These facts consist mainly of preposterous lies, repeated with increasing shrillness. No one can lie about the weather indefinitely. With the last shreds of its credibility squandered on farces like the climate change crisis and the Obama candidacy, the liberal elite is going to have increasing trouble imposing itself on the hoi polloi.

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