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July 24, 2008

Liberal Media Tilt Approaches 100-to-1

You have to hand it to the liberals who run the media: at least they put their money where their mouths are. Not content to gush an endless servile torrent of pro-Obama propaganda, members of the press corps are donating their own money to the cause they so slavishly serve — often in violation of the terms of their employment. Via IBD Editorials:

The contributions of individuals who reported being employed by major media organizations are listed in the nearby table.
The contributions add up to $315,533 to Democrats and $22,656 to Republicans — most of that to Ron Paul, who was supported by many liberals as a stalking horse to John McCain, a la Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos with Hillary and Obama.
What is truly remarkable about the list is that, discounting contributions to Paul and Rudy Giuliani, who was a favorite son for many folks in the media, the totals look like this: $315,533 to Democrats, $3,150 to Republicans (four individuals who donated to McCain).
Let me repeat: $315,533 to Democrats, $3,150 to Republicans — a ratio of 100-to-1. No bias there.


Anyone whose local affiliate is as moonbatty as the one in Phoenix will be unsurprised by the Fox News numbers.

Nothing could be more absurd than to expect objective political information from the mainstream media. It is a political institution — for all intents and purposes, the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. Without its efforts, there is no way a left-wing radical with no serious credentials could threaten to become President of the United States.

Hat tip: Say Anything.

Posted by Van Helsing at July 24, 2008 6:47 AM


What, only 100-to-1? I doubt it's really even that close. Those are just the ones that contributed to political hacks campaigns. If someone told me the actual ratio was an order of magnitude higher than that, I wouldn't be surprised.

Posted by: CoderInCrisis at July 24, 2008 11:11 AM

I think it goes to show just how generous liberals are and how stingy conservatives are.

How could you possible take anything else away from this survey???


Posted by: Lyle at July 24, 2008 5:13 PM