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May 31, 2008

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Turkish Fishermen

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:04 AM

Next time you open a can of StarKist, thank Turkish fishermen:

Turkish tuna fishermen rammed their boat into a Greenpeace ship Friday and pelted it with lead fishing weights, the environmental group said. No one was injured.
The fishing vessel was among several that swarmed the Arctic Sunrise, which was carrying activists campaigning against overfishing in the Mediterranean. The boat rammed the Greenpeace ship at high speed, said Yesim Aslan, a spokeswoman for the group.
The barrage of lead weights damaged a helicopter that the activists had used earlier in the day to document the vessels' activities, Aslan said.

The Greenpeace militants are demanding that Turkey turn tuna fishing territory into a "marine reserve." The fishermen are demanding to be left alone so they can make a living and put food on people's tables.

No doubt the activists are enraged at the way big old tuna are squished into those tiny little cans.

Sorry, Charlie. Greenpeace can't stop people from eating you.

Hat tip: Free Republic; on a tip from Cheetah.

Banned in Britain: Doormats

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:33 AM

At last regulations are protecting citizens of Airstrip One from the menace of doormats:

Stanley Samuels was dumbstruck when he received a letter from a management company telling him to do away with his doormat because someone might trip over it.
The 79-year-old widower and other residents at Brookshill Gate in Harrow, London, received written notification from HML Hawksworth saying that they are no longer allowed to have front doormats as they are seen to be a trip hazard.
Mr Samuels said: "They hand delivered letters to all of us, they said that if we have got a mat they will throw it away. […] The whole world has gone mad if you think about it, all the things we used to be able to do we are not allowed to anymore."

Although there are few things British authorities won't ban, you'd think they could make an exception for doormats, which so perfectly symbolize the proper role of the citizenry under nanny state fascism.

Maybe if doormats were properly labeled…

On a tip from Oiao.

May 30, 2008

Ambitious, Arrogant, and Unscrupulous

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:57 AM

Charles Krauthammer quotes Czech President Vaclav Klaus:

The largest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity is no longer socialism. It is, instead, the ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism.

Ambitious, arrogant, and unscrupulous — that certainly sums up global warming hoaxers, as Krauthammer confirms:

If you doubt the arrogance, you haven't seen that Newsweek cover story that declared the global warming debate over. Consider: If Newton's laws of motion could, after 200 years of unfailing experimental and experiential confirmation, be overthrown, it requires religious fervor to believe that global warming — infinitely more untested, complex and speculative — is a closed issue.
But declaring it closed has its rewards. It not only dismisses skeptics as the running dogs of reaction, i.e., of Exxon, Cheney and now Klaus. By fiat, it also hugely re-empowers the intellectual left.
For a century, an ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous knowledge class — social planners, scientists, intellectuals, experts and their left-wing political allies — arrogated to themselves the right to rule either in the name of the oppressed working class (communism) or, in its more benign form, by virtue of their superior expertise in achieving the highest social progress by means of state planning (socialism).
Two decades ago, however, socialism and communism died rudely, then were buried forever by the empirical demonstration of the superiority of market capitalism everywhere from Thatcher's England to Deng's China, where just the partial abolition of socialism lifted more people out of poverty more rapidly than ever in human history.
Just as the ash heap of history beckoned, the intellectual left was handed the ultimate salvation: environmentalism. Now the experts will regulate your life not in the name of the proletariat or Fabian socialism but — even better — in the name of Earth itself.

Environmentalism is not about the environment. If the hoaxers really believed that CO2 is harmful, they would be pushing nuclear energy. Profiteers like Al Gore are in it for the money. As for bureaucrats and their lieutenants in the media: the global warming lie promises to deliver absolute power, just as communism did for Stalin and Mao.

Environmentalists are like watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside.

On tips from mega and Bergbikr.

Susan Sarandon Promises to Leave

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:10 AM

Here we go again. The election is nearly six months away and already Tinseltown Trotskyites are threatening to leave the country if we don't vote according to their commands. Susan Sarandon promises she will move to Italy or Canada if John McCain is elected.

Sarandon admits she has no idea what Obama actually stands for other than "for change and for hope," but she can't wait to find out.

Better make it Canada, Susan; Italy is showing signs of fighting back against moonbattery. Don't forget to bring Tim Robbins with you.

If only moonbats like Eddie Vedder, Alec Baldwin, Robert Altman, et al. had made good on their promises to go away if W was elected.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if she left and took all her friends?

On tips from Lyle and Rob B.

Keith Olbermann, Limousine Leftist Tax Cheat

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:22 AM

Al Franken isn't the only shrill leftist who doesn't like to pay his taxes. New York State has issued a tax warrant against MSNBC moonbat Keith Olbermann. A judgment was issued against Olbie just weeks before he closed on a $4.2 million luxury condo at Trump Palace.

No wonder Olbermann recently made a lame attempt to defend his fellow tax cheat Franken.

As Leona Helmsley, another supporter of Democrats, famously said, "Only the little people pay taxes."

Too late, Olbie. Someone already told.

On a tip from John R.

Metaphor Award

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:45 AM

Michael Long, chairman of New York's Conservative Party, reacts to philandering stand-in Governor David Paterson's unilateral decision that the state will recognize homosexual "marriages" performed elsewhere:

It's outrageous that the governor did what he did. He's for same-sex marriage, that's fine. I have no problem with that. To do this in the dark of night, through the back door, to begin the process of destroying the sanctity of marriage, is really wrong.

Through the back door? Heh. Heh heh heh.

On a tip from V the K.

Obamaniacs Use Officer Memorial as Toilet

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:26 AM

One thing that definitely would not change under an Obama Administration is the appalling unwillingness of moonbats to show respect where it's due. From their haven in Oregon:

Portland police officers have asked for an apology after they said organizers of a Barack Obama rally set up Porta-Potties on a memorial honoring fallen officers.

When Officer Thomas Brennan finally managed to extract a response to the issue from the Obama campaign, he was told that the Porta-Potties were put on the memorial because of a safety issue having to do with wheelchair access. Let's see who dares argue with that.

On a tip from Oiao.

Britain's Wheelie Bin Brownshirts

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:09 AM

Even just picking up our trash is far too much responsibility to entrust to the government. Give bureaucrats a small task, and they will use it as an excuse to tax you into the ground and worse, to micromanage your life. For example, a British council is now cracking down with a "zero tolerance" policy on garbage collection.

Households must name an individual to be held criminally responsible if wheelie bins are not put out for collection in accordance with exacting regulations. A legal scapegoat is required in case a passerby tosses a nonrecyclable item in the recyclable bin, or vice versa, and escapes before authorities can collect his scalp.

Personal information must also be provided, such as medical conditions, number of babies using disposable diapers, etc. Forms demanding this info are accompanied by letters threatening fines.

Comments Christine Melsom of the tax protest group Is It Fair:

My advice to people who get these letters is to throw them in the bin. Just make sure it's the right bin.

My own advice: Don't let government do anything it doesn't absolutely have to do.

Why garbage should be collected by private companies.

On tips from V the K and Oiao.

A Thrilling Glimpse into the Community-Based Reality

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:39 AM

Maybe the kooks at Daily Kos should give up on politics and try writing spy thrillers. Their latest conspiracy theory:

McCain's invitation to Obama to come see the progress we have been making in Iraq is actually intended to set BHO up for an assassination, no doubt carried out by Blackwater operatives. It will be blamed on the terrorists to whom Obama wants us to surrender, serving as a pretext to attack Iran on behalf of "Darth" Cheney's Israeli and Saudi puppet masters.

John le Carre, who shares the Kostards' moonbatty views, could turn this plot into a bestseller. No doubt George Clooney would star in the movie version.

B. Hussein's friends at the Kos keep him safe from devious plots.

On a tip from V the K.

May 29, 2008

Michael Pfleger: Yet Another Twisted Maniac from Obama's Closet

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:56 PM

Check out the wacky white preacher named Michael Pfleger, guest-raving about the evils of Caucasians at Barack Obama's black supremacist "church":

This is one sick insect. Here he is from an earlier rant, praising his fellow racist demagogues Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan:

Unsurpisingly, Pfleger is good friends with BHO. From a puff piece praising Obama during his run for Senate in 2004:

Friends and advisers, such as the Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church in the Auburn-Gresham community on the South Side, who has known Obama for the better part of 20 years, help him keep that [moral] compass set, he says.
"I always have felt in him this consciousness that, at the end of the day, with all of us, you've got to face God," Pfleger says of Obama. "Faith is key to his life, no question about it. It is central to who he is, and not just in his work in the political field, but as a man, as a black man, as a husband, as a father… I don't think he could easily divorce his faith from who he is."

That could be a problem, given that his faith is in Black Liberation Theology, a racist cult based not on any grownup's conception of divinity, but on violent hatred of white people.

Michael Pfleger, the Emimem of Black Liberation Theology.

Hat tip: Free Republic; on a tip from Cheetah.

Westchester Restaurant Nailed for Cooking with Forbidden Shortening

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:20 PM

Today a minor milestone was attained in the decay of American liberty. From suburban New York:

Westchester County health officials issued their first $250 fine for trans-fat use this morning to Yonkers restaurant caught frying with a banned shortening on April 17.
The Westchester County Department of Health summoned DiLegge & DeMeglio LLC, which operates Gianna's restaurant at 1034 N. Broadway in Yonkers, to an administrative hearing for several critical and minor food safety violations incurred on April 17.
The trans fat ban became law in Westchester County on Jan. 9, but the county's roughly 3,000 restaurants had a 90-day grace period through April 9 to discontinue using oils and shortening with trans fats. Enforcement of the law and fines began on April 10.
According to a county inspection report, Gianna's was caught during a routine county inspection using "Pro-Fry Liquid Shortening" that contained 2.5 grams of trans fat.

This is how our freedom dies — not with jackboots and martial law, but with a million tiny little regulations, individually too absurd to take seriously, that collectively tie us down like Lilliputians getting the better of Gulliver.

Mama's little baby better not try loving shortenin' bread in Westchester.

On a tip from Wiggins.

SF Schools to Impose Performance Equality

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:57 PM

Remember when liberals attempted to impose their depraved conception of equality by bussing children from nice neighborhoods into ghettoes, where they could be preyed upon by thugs and forced to waste their time in zoos instead of learning? It didn't work out too well. But that won't stop them from trying it again — and bussing is only the beginning of the insanity being imposed in San Francisco.

The school board voted 6-0 to pass a Stalinesque new plan by SF Superintendent Carlos Garcia. Schools are to be "fully integrated racially, ethnically and socio-economically." But to achieve the goal of equality of outcome between students of all backgrounds, bussing won't be enough. The only way to accomplish this is to limit achievement to the lowest common denominator.

The plan includes a "grading system" that will identify schools "that are failing to address the institutional racial inequities within their walls." That is, if white kids from nice families get better grades than ghetto denizens who don't know who their fathers are, heads will roll.

A school will be judged not by the students learning anything, but by how well it "serves each and every student based on that school's ability to disrupt the historically predictive power of racial, ethnic, linguistic and socio-economic student attributes." Whites and Asians will need to be prevented from trying so hard and making other ethnic groups look bad.

After performance homogeneity has been achieved, everyone will be like a blade of grass in a lawn, cut down to regulation height, indistinguishable from everyone else.

Equality of opportunity is what makes America great. Coerced equality of outcome is what makes communism evil; nothing could be more inimical to the human spirit.

On a tip from Oiao.

Denver Moonbat Has Alien Video

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:03 PM

It looks like Democrats picked the right town for their convention this year. Denver is home to Jeff Peckman, who managed to get 32% of the city to vote for this 2003 Safety through Peace initiative:

Shall the voters for the City and County of Denver adopt an Initiated Ordinance to require the city to help ensure public safety by increasing peacefulness — that is, by defusing political, religious and ethnic tensions, both locally and globally — through the identification and implementation of any systematic, stress-reducing techniques or programs, whether mental, physical, etc., that are (1) scientifically shown to reduce society-wide stress, as measured by reduced crime, accidents, warfare and terrorism, and also (2) shown to be of net financial benefit for the city.

A few weeks ago, he called for Denver to establish an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission to engage in diplomacy with aliens from outer space.

Now he's back in the news with an announcement that he has video of a four-foot tall, blinking alien peering in the window. I hope it wasn't an amorous Dennis Kucinich trying to sneak into his bedroom.

Peckman has a word with the Mother Ship.

On tips from Wiggins and Lyle.

British Universities May Crack Down on Jews

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:31 AM

Britain's Universities and Colleges Union is debating a measure that would ensure anti-Israel political orthodoxy among Jewish academics. The denizens of the Ivory Tower's ultra-left echo chamber are asked

to consider the moral and political implications of educational links with Israeli institutions, and to discuss the occupation with individuals and institutions concerned, including Israeli colleagues with whom they are collaborating… the testimonies will be used to promote a wide discussion by colleagues of the appropriateness of continued educational links with Israeli academic institutions… Ariel College, an explicitly colonising institution in the West Bank, be investigated under the formal Greylisting Procedure.

Some analysis from Melanie Phillips:

The implication is that, if they don't condemn Israel for the 'occupation', or practising 'apartheid', 'genocide' or any of the other manufactured crimes laid at Israel's door by the Palestinian/Islamist/neonazi/leftwing axis, they won't be able to work. Their continued employment will depend on their holding views which are permitted. The views they are being bludgeoned into expressing as a condition of their employment are based on lies, distortion, propaganda, gross historical ignorance, blood libels and prejudice. And this in the universities, supposedly the custodians of free thought and inquiry in the service of dispassionate scholarship.
What makes it all the more appalling is that it is Israelis and Jews alone who are being singled out for this treatment. No other group is to be barred from academic activity unless they hold 'approved' views; no state-run educational institution controlled by any of the world's numerous tyrannies is to be 'grey-listed'.

Yet Jewish voters will line up to vote for Hamas-endorsed Obama, out of loyalty to the same political Left that created National Socialism and continues to demand absolute conformity. Politics makes strange bedfellows, all right.

Those who don't learn from history…

On a tip from V the K.

Garrison Keillor Sneers at Patriotic Bikers

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:49 AM

On Memorial Day, Rolling Thunder bikers tipped their hats to America's heroes with a patriotic roll through the nation's capital. Public radio's Garrison Keillor turned up his nose in disgust:

A patriotic bike rally is sort of like a patriotic toilet-papering or patriotic graffiti; the patriotism somehow gets lost in the sheer irritation of the thing.

Anything patriotic is going to irritate moonbats like Keillor, who dismisses the bikers as "fat men with ponytails" and even accuses them of not showing their support "in a more tangible way" in Iraq — as if most of them weren't vets, apparently unlike Keillor himself. He sniffs that if the patriots really "cared about the war dead," they would be at home reading books.

According to Keillor, the "vulgarity" of patriotism "squats on you like an enormous toad," leaving a person exposed to it depressed for hours. Fortunately Keillor was able to escape into the National Gallery, where he found relief by gazing profoundly upon drab but highly cultured European paintings.

Keillor is why it would be better to flush a dollar down the toilet than let the government steal a penny for public radio.

Patriotism squats on Keillor like a fellow toad.

On a tip from Oiao.

Out-of-State Homosexual "Marriages" to Be Recognized in New York

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:47 AM

So much for the sanctity of marriage.

New York's second-string Governor David Paterson has instructed state agencies to recognize out-of-state homosexual marriages, which have now been established by judicial fiat in California.

In the short term, this is another step toward establishing homosexuality as officially "normal." Look forward to men kissing on prime time television and ever more homosexual adoption.

In the long term, the door has been opened to other perversions of marriage, such as marrying animals (who after all are persons too) and inanimate objects.

The end result is that marriage, the most fundamental institution in a healthy society, is reduced to a tasteless joke. Brick by brick, moonbats are dismantling civilization.

Only the State is sacred, not marriage.

On tips from Wiggins and Oiao.

Obama Gafforama

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:42 AM

The dinosaur media actually wants to install this clown as President. Too bad no Republican candidate is this clueless; imagine the fun the MSM could have, laughing him out from behind the podium.

Compliments of Oiao.

Object Marriage

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:09 AM

After homosexual marriage will come polygamy and then animal marriages. What next after that? Why not marrying inanimate objects, as is already done in progressive Germany?

Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer, whose last name means "Berlin Wall," was married to the Wall in 1979. Proving that her predilection is not a matter of choice but an innate condition, she supposedly fell in love with the structure when she saw it on TV at age 7.

As for the Wall coming down 10 years after her marriage:

What they did was awful. They mutilated my husband.

She has now shifted her affections to a nearby garden fence.

The cutting edge of avant-garde marriage.

On a tip from Freedom Now.

Maxine Waters Calls for Communism

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:59 AM

How far removed is America from banana republics like Venezuela, where even with massive oil revenues, there's no food on the shelves thanks to the economy being run by socialist goons? Maybe only one election.

We already have people in Congress who would nationalize oil companies, Hugo Chavez style. From the NY Times:

Representative Maxine Waters, Democrat of California, seized on the record $40.6 billion profit of Exxon Mobil in 2007. She pounded on the company's senior vice president, J. Stephen Simon, demanding to know if gas prices would be lower if the company earned a few billion dollars less.
At another point, Ms. Waters brazenly suggested that perhaps the American oil industry should be nationalized, acknowledging that it was an "extreme step" but one that might be necessary if outsize profits and exorbitant gasoline prices continued.

Crossing Wall Street has one small correction:

Last year, ExxonMobil didn't earn $40 billion, it earned $70 billion. Guess where that missing $30 billion went? I'll give you a hint: Rep. Waters' salary.

Nationalizing the oil industry would quickly result in rationing of gasoline — a wonderful development for power-mad liberal bureaucrats, who could then control who has mobility who doesn't. With an overwhelmingly Democrat Congress and Obama in the White House, this step would soon be characterized as inevitable rather than extreme. Other industries would inevitably follow.

Here's video of Comrade Waters in action:

People like her could be in charge soon.

The USA is the product of thousands of years of political development. But it might take only a few years to destroy it.

On a tip from General Jack D. Ripper.


Actually, the $30 billion was only income taxes. ExxonMobil also paid over $30 billion in "sales-based taxes" and over $40 billion in "other taxes and duties" (see page 16 here). The total take is $102.5 billion for government thugs, leaving $40.6 for the shareholders of the company that actually provides us with the oil. But this cut isn't fat enough for Comrade Waters et al. Why leave any of the pie for the people who baked it?

On a tip from Bryan J.

European Parliament Quashes Opposition

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:17 AM

Permitting opposition is not on the agenda of the new "united" Europe. The nondemocratic European Parliament is now moving to ban political opposition.

The European Union assembly's political establishment is pushing through changes that will silence dissidents by changing the rules allowing Euro-MPs to form political groupings.
Richard Corbett, a British Labour MEP, is leading the charge to cut the number of party political tendencies in the Parliament next year, a move that would dissolve UKIP's pan-European Eurosceptic "Independence and Democracy" grouping.
Under the rule change, the largest and most pro-EU groups would tighten their grip on the Parliament's political agenda and keep control of lavish funding.

Warns Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party):

Welcome to your future. This shows an EU mindset that is arrogant, anti-democratic and frankly scary.

Scariest of all, Europeans are turning over their freedom and their sovereignty without a shot being fired. T.S. Elliot was right: not with a bang, but a whimper.

The sun is setting on free Europe.

On tips from Rob B and mega.

May 28, 2008

Miami Streets to Be Patrolled by Black Fascists

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:58 PM

A $1 million Miami program intended to balance "outreach and enforcement" will pay members of the black supremacist, Islamofascist cult Nation of Islam to serve as "Peacemakers" and "function as a liaison between police and the community." Nation of Islamaniacs will patrol the streets, making their presence felt, just like brownshirts in 1930s Germany.

One objective is to "inspire black youth in need of role models." These "role models" regard Judaism as a "gutter religion" and Caucasians as "devils" and "beasts" who have yet to evolve into humans. The Death Angels, a NOI splinter group, murdered 71 people in the San Francisco area for being white. According to their religion, killing white people earns you points, redeemable by going to heaven. NOI paid for the legal representation of all but one of the killers.

The group's unhinged leader Louis Farrakhan is so outspoken in his hatred of Caucasians and America, he earned a lifetime achievement award from Barack Obama's spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

NOI thugs are overtly fascistic, ostentatiously modeling themselves on their white supremacist equivalents, Nazis. They are already patrolling streets in Detroit, most of which is now regarded as a no-go zone by non-blacks.

So much for "it can't happen here."

Farrakhan revs up his fellow black fascists.

On a tip from Kristy.

George Moonbat Jumps the Shark

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:30 PM

A little follow-up on moonbat scribbler George Monbiot's absurd boast that he would subject former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton to a citizen's arrest for being a war criminal. Here's how it turned out:

Security guards blocked the path of columnist and activist George Monbiot, who tried to make the arrest as Mr Bolton left the stage.
The former ambassador — a key advisor to President George W Bush who argued strongly in favour of invading Iraq — had been giving a talk on international relations to more than 600 people at the literary festival.
Mr Monbiot was blocked by two heavily-built security guards at the end of the one-and-a-half hour appearance, before he could serve a "charge sheet" on him.
After being released by the guards the columnist — a fierce critic of the 2003 American-led invasion — made a dash through the rain-soaked tented village in a failed attempt to catch up with Mr Bolton.
A crowd of about 20 protestors, one dressed in a latex George Bush mask, chanted "war criminal" as Mr Bolton was ushered away. […]
During Mr Bolton's talk, to a packed-out audience, Mr Monbiot had asked Mr Bolton what difference there was between him and a Nazi war criminal.

No word on whether Mr. Moonbat will be joining Code Pink the next time they show up in Halloween costumes and try to disrupt government hearings. The Guardian, having rather low personnel standards, continues to employ him.

Mr. Moonbat held at bay by a grownup.

On tips from Refuter Of Liberal Vermin and V the K.

Olbermann Leaves Even Time Magazine Behind

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:54 PM

Even some liberals are getting fed up with sanctimonious ultra-left blowhard and Obama attack poodle Keith Olbermann. Sorry if this sprays spittle on the inside of your computer screen — here goes Olbie's response to Shrillary mentioning RFK's assassination in June 1968:

Time blogger James Poniewozik (a confirmed pro-Obama moonbat) remarks:

Olbermann is edging ever-closer to self-parody, or, worse, predictability.

Edging ever closer? Olbermann went over the edge years ago. But it's nice to see that liberals are capable of perceiving this, however dimly. For some of them, there may still be hope.

On a tip from V the K.

Britain Cracks Down on Patriotic Displays

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:02 AM

As if in a purposeful effort to obliterate memories of Britain's recent greatness, authorities have been cracking down on displays on patriotism.

Ben Smith of Melksham was forced by police to remove an English flag from the inside of his car, lest it offend Muslim colonists.

Hatfield Broad Oak has been decorated with patriotic bunting for its village festival going back at least to 1907. But no longer, thanks to the tried and true safety pretext. As Janet Pugh of the festival's organizing committee laments:

The bottom line is that Essex Highways said we didn't have a license. We filled in application forms for a license but the red tape involved is so complicated.

As the Telegraph reports:

Old black and white photographs, thought to date back decades, show union flag bunting strung above dozens of villagers marching proudly through the village.

The bureaucrats running Airstrip One had better round up these photos and shove them down a memory hole, lest someone recall the days when it was permissible to take pride in being British.

Endangered species.

On a tips from mega and Ian from the EUSSR.

U.N. Takes Aim at Alcohol

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:32 AM

Prohibition was one of the earliest objectives of the progressive movement. Like everything else progressives (now called "liberals") have advanced, it failed miserably. But maybe that was only because there was no World Government in place to impose it. Now we have the U.N. and its insidious subsidiary the World Health Organization, which is drawing up a scheme to restrict alcohol on a worldwide basis:

The blueprint, to be presented in two years, should include a set of recommended national measures for states. These could cover guidance on the marketing, pricing, and distribution of alcoholic drinks and public awareness [i.e., propaganda] campaigns.

Step by step, the U.N. gains ever more leverage for imposing its "guidance" on formerly sovereign nations. Muslims and moonbats most be delighted to have found a cause they can agree on, other than hatred of Western Civilization.

On a tip from xdcc.

George Moonbat Threatens to Arrest John Bolton

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:12 AM

George Monbiot, the damp little rodent from whose name the term moonbat is believed to have been derived, has announced a bold plan to subject former UN Ambassador John Bolton to a citizen's arrest for imaginary "war crimes."

I would pay to see him try. If Bolton could stand up to terrorist dictators, backstabbing treasonous Democrats, and the snake pit known as the U.N., an effete kook like George Moonbat shouldn't be much of a problem.

George Moonbat: Not exactly imposing.

Hat tip: American Thinker, Weasel Zippers; on a tip from Oiao.

Environmentalist Cavemen Get Busted in Brussels

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:43 AM

Since just about everything that makes modern life possible is frowned upon by environmentalists, you might wonder just how they expect us to live. This video of Greenpeace activists making spectacles of themselves in Brussels offers a clue:

Apparently dressed as their favorite Flintstone characters, the moonbats were attempting to deliver to the European Parliament a stone tablet accusing lobbyists for the auto industry of causing climate change. I must say their grunts were unusually eloquent for Greenpeace types.

We'll be seeing more foot-powered vehicles and people living like cavemen if environmentalists continue to dictate our energy policy.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

Australia's ABC Helps Kids Calculate How Soon They Should Die for Gaia

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:56 AM

Anyone who doubts that liberalism is a death cult needs to check out the taxpayer-funded Australia Broadcasting Corporation's kiddy-oriented Greenhouse Calculator, which helps little kids calculate how soon they should die so as to stop being a burden on the planet.

Children are asked,

How big a greenhouse pig are you?

To find the answer, they need to answer questions like, "Do you recycle your waste and compost organic and green wastes?" and "How often do you eat meat?" The bigger the pigs they are, the sooner they deserve to die for Gaia. If you go with the default answers that presumably represent average people, ABC wants you dead at age 9.3.

The site accomplishes two tasks at once, instilling antihuman environmentalist propaganda, while at the same time establishing that authorities are in a position to determine how long you should live.

This is what moonbats present to children online, where their parents can see it. Imagine what they're teaching kids at school.

Australian tax dollars at work.

On tips from Oiao and V the K.

May 27, 2008

Bureauweenies Demand Lifeguard for Two-Foot Wading Pool

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:08 PM

Lourdes Maxwell of Portsmouth, England has been told by the local council that her two-foot wading pool cannot be allowed, unless she acquires insurance and a lifeguard. Gasps Maxwell:

I asked around for insurance and they just laughed at me. No one offers insurance for paddling pools.

She'll also need permission from the council before having a barbecue.

Few things are scarier than absolute safety, imposed by the authorities.

Hey you kids! Where's the lifeguard? Let's see your insurance!

On tips from Frank W and Pete H.

Germans Erect Monument to Oppressed Homosexuals

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 PM

Germany has erected a monument to homosexuals oppressed by the Nazis. It consists of a hideous, lop-sided concrete box, with a little window where you can peek in like a pervert at a peepshow and see pictures of homosexuals smooching.

The monument is only the beginning, according to noisily homosexual Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit, who proclaims:

Great efforts will still need to be undertaken before the sight of two men or women kissing here or in Moscow or elsewhere on the planet is accepted by society in general.

A German gay and lesbian association grouses that homosexuals have been denied commemoration and compensation. But that's sure to change, once various special interest groups become adept at hijacking the Holocaust.

Nazism was in part a reaction against decadence. The farther people like Wowereit push the pendulum, the harder it's going to swing back again — probably with some help from Islam.

At the memorial.

On tips from mega and Oiao.

Public Wi-Fi Violates Americans with Disabilities Act

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:20 PM

We are still only just beginning to learn how awful an idea it was to pass the Americans with Disabilities Act, a trial lawyers' bonanza that allows anyone who can claim to be in some way defective to sue anybody over anything. The ADA's latest application: forcing public buildings not to offer Wi-Fi.

A group in Santa Fe says the city is discriminating against them because they say that they're allergic to the wireless Internet signal. And now they want Wi-Fi banned from public buildings.
Arthur Firstenberg says he is highly sensitive to certain types of electric fields, including wireless Internet and cell phones.
"I get chest pain and it doesn't go away right away," he said.
Firstenberg and dozens of other electro-sensitive people in Santa Fe claim that putting up Wi-Fi in public places is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I get nausea every time I'm exposed to liberal politics. Maybe I should lawyer up.

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Obama's Uncle Served in Red Army (or, Obama Caught in Another Lie)

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:34 PM

Obama's hard-left connections just don't stop. Not only was he mentored in high school by rabidly anti-American Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, now it turns out he had a close relative in Stalin's Red Army.

Here's B.O. claiming that his uncle helped liberate Auschwitz:

The embellishment about the heroic uncle not coming out of the attic for six months afterward because we didn't have enough government programs to deal with his trauma was a nice touch. But O'Bigot misspoke when he said his uncle was in the American army. Auschwitz is in Poland. It was Russians that drove out the Germans, not Americans.

You can't blame Obama for not realizing that Poland is to the east of Germany. After all, according to the maps used in Obamaland, Kentucky is closer to Arkansas than Illinois.

History isn't his strong suit either. Remember when he claimed that his father was inspired by the Selma marches that started in 1965 to come to America and impregnate a white moonbat in 1960? Barack Senior was also inspired by the stirring words of John and Robert Kennedy, who instituted an airlift to import Africans; never mind that Eisenhower was still President at the time.

Apparently Obama's latest pratfall was intended to make it up to Jews that he hangs out with people who want to kill them.

Don't worry, Barry. The media will cover for you as always. At least you didn't misspell potato.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: There Is No Liberal Media

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:51 AM

You might want to put some cotton in your ears before pressing the Play button below; Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s unhinged ravings are delivered in a hysterical whine that sounds like a cross between a mosquito and rusty nails being pried from a board. He informs us that there is no liberal media, so consequently the "Fairness Doctrine" must be imposed, to put folks like himself in charge of which opinions can be expressed in public:

On behalf of his fellow moonbats, this repugnant kook wants to seize control of the media the way they do in banana republics after the latest coup. Obama is already laying the groundwork to make it happen.

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British Bureauweenies Bid for Total Control with Carbon Ration Cards

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:01 AM

Britain's move toward totalitarianism in the name of environmentalist fanaticism is picking up steam. MP Tim Yeo, previously on record as believing that only the elite should be allowed to fly, is pushing a scheme whereby all Britons would be forced to carry "carbon ration cards," without which they would not be allowed to purchase gasoline or airline tickets, or even pay their power bill.

There is already talk of expanding the program to food, with which authoritarian moonbats incessantly associate the completely harmless carbon emissions they have been exploiting to justify their bid for total control of every aspect of our lives.

The concept has been around for awhile, as seen in Revelation 13:16-17:

He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

For worshipers of the almighty State, this apocalyptic nightmare would be a dream come true.

Eco-hypocrite Tim Yeo, the face of 21st century totalitarianism.

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Obama Delegate James Yee, Pro-Terrorist Muslim

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:59 AM

Shrillary seems to be hoping that a survival instinct will kick in at the convention, and delegates will jump her way in horror of the consequences of letting the media install an adolescent, ultra-left, black supremacist as President. But given the character of some of Obama's delegates, she'd better not count on it. Take James Yee, for example.

Yee was a Muslim Army chaplain at Club Gitmo, until he was charged with spying for the terrorists vacationing there. Although cleared of the charges, he continues to make his pro-terrorist sympathies clear, mixing his praise for Obama with denunciations of the USA for allegedly being mean to pampered jihadists.

LGF has video of Yee inflaming his fellow Muslims with outlandish anti-American lies on Arab television. He even resurrects the discredited Newsweek fabrication about Korans being desecrated.

In an Obama Administration, vermin like Yee would infest the government top to bottom. Al Qaeda's goal of pulling off an attack that will dwarf 9/11, plunging the country into a depression, would become vastly easier to accomplish.

To quote Barack Hussein:

I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

If Obamunists end up running the government, you can count on winds shifting in the ugliest direction conceivable.

James Yee: Our next Director of Homeland Security?

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Like Biofuels, Not a Good Idea

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:18 AM

Biofuel boondoggles entail governments subsidizing the use of food for fuel, despite rising food prices, a ruinous effect on the environment, and marked energy inefficiency. If you consider this depraved, you won't be surprised at the ad campaign of Swedish bus company Flygbussarna, which is promoting its use of supposedly eco-friendly biofuel by showing children drinking out of gas pumps.


The ad implies that their rapeseed oil-based fuel is so environmentally wholesome, it's safe to drink. I wouldn't try it.

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Unenlightened Farmers Insist on Producing Food

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:34 AM

Soaring food prices have inspired British farmers to place increased production ahead of moonbattery. The Observer is not pleased:

Government-backed environment schemes (ELS, or entry level stewardship) are having to compete with market pressures on farmers as crop values escalate. […] The Observer can reveal that a survey by the National Farmers' Union shows that two-thirds of farmers who signed up to the schemes failed to renew them when contracts expired. They cited high commodity prices as well as 'disenchantment' with the way the schemes were now run.
At the most basic level, the schemes pay farmers £30 a hectare (2.49 acres) to replace cultivated areas with grassy margins, or to restore and manage hedgerows. At a higher level, larger payments are targeted at preserving rare and valuable features and species. The schemes have been hailed a huge success, improving farmland and wading bird numbers, restoring populations of rare stone curlews and cirl bunting, and protecting the traditional cornflower and small mammals such as the harvest mouse.

You read correctly: farmers are being paid with public funds to protect mice instead of grow crops.

Actually, it's the farmers who need protecting from rodents — and from the diseases with which they contaminate our food. That's why cats were domesticated.

What next, government programs to encourage exterminators to protect cockroaches?

Frets Tom Oliver, head of rural policy for the Council for the Protection of Rural England:

The problem is that the mindset of farmers will switch back to production, and it will become increasingly difficult to persuade them of the value of environmental intervention.

British bureauweenies ought to follow the lead of Zimbabwe. Just confiscate the land, and redistribute it to people who have no idea how to farm. That would put an end to all this awful food production, and allow the sacred mice and weeds to flourish.

Harvest mice spreading disease.

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Unfortunately, Britain isn't the only place where you will find bureaucrats willing to pay farmers to let the weeds take over their land to please Gaia. Here's the same story, except set in Wisconsin.

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May 26, 2008

Wright Place Wrong Pastor

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At last Obama comes clean and explains his relationship with his spiritual mentor, the America-loathing racist maniac Reverend Jeremiah Wright — and he does it to music.

Compliments of Todd D.

Castro Backs Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:24 PM

Barack Obama has yet another key supporter: communist goon Fidel Castro.

The Stalinist Methuselah, possibly the oldest living enemy of the USA, gushes that Obama is "from the social and human point, the most advanced candidate." But Castro has cleverly refrained from an official endorsement, because "if I defended him I would do a huge favor for his adversaries."

Once Castro egged on the Soviet Union to launch a nuclear attack on America. But now he realizes that the only way to destroy this country is from within.

Time to pass on the torch to a new generation of America's collectivist enemies.

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When Protected by Political Correctness, Anything Goes

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:28 PM

Touchy-feely political correctness may be nauseating, but since liberals usually mean well, how much harm can it do?

This story from last fall explains how much:

A homosexual foster couple were left free to sexually abuse vulnerable boys in their care because social workers feared being accused of discrimination if they investigated complaints, an inquiry concluded yesterday.
Craig Faunch and Ian Wathey were one of the first homosexual couples in the country to be officially approved as foster parents. They looked after 18 children in only 15 months.

After the mother of two of the children reported that they were taking pictures of the boys using the bathroom, bureaucrats responded by sending Faunch and Wathey exceptionally troubled kids, possibly thinking they would be all messed up for life anyway. Meanwhile, the rapists exploited the special status they earned by being homosexuals. According to an investigation into this debacle:

One manager described the couple as "trophy carers" which led to "slack arrangements" over placement. Another said that by virtue of their sexuality they had a "badge" which made things less questionable. The sexual orientation of the men was a significant cause of people not "thinking the unthinkable." It was clear that a number of staff were afraid of being thought homophobic. The fear of being discriminatory led them to fail to discriminate between the appropriate and the abusive.

Faunch and Wathey's victims included a 14-year-old autistic boy with a mental age of 7. But the important thing is that putting the most vulnerable of children into the care of homosexuals helps liberals feel self-righteous about how tolerant they are.

Craig Faunch and Ian Wathey, trophy carers.

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It's Nice Being More Equal Than Little People

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:09 PM

The righteous wisdom of Barack Hussein Obama:

We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That's not leadership. That's not going to happen.

Of course, he didn't say anything about letting our chauffeurs drive our SUVs:


Hat tip: Hot Air.

Zimbabwe Inflation Tops 1,000,000%

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:39 PM

We don't have to guess at the results of putting people like Barack Obama in charge of the country. Zimbabwe has already tried government by racist black socialists. Thanks to Robert Mugabe, who destroyed the economy by looting Caucasians to give to his supporters, inflation in what was once the civilized nation of Rhodesia has now reached 1,063,572%:

As stores opened for business Wednesday, a small pack of locally produced coffee beans cost just short of 1 billion Zimbabwe dollars. A decade ago, that sum would have bought 60 new cars.
And fresh price rises were expected after the state Grain Marketing Board announced up to 25-fold increases in its prices to commercial millers for wheat and the corn meal staple.

As even AP admits:

The economic decline has been blamed on the collapse of the key agriculture sector following the often violent seizures of farmland from whites.

"Social justice" doesn't come cheap — as we may soon find out.

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Moonbats Blur Distinction between Humans and Animals

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:34 PM

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has agreed to hear the case of Matthew, a chimpanzee whom animal rights fanatics want officially declared as a person — a crucial step toward the day welfare benefits can be collected on behalf of animals, not to mention human–animal marriages.

This might be a good time to review moonbat taxonomy:

A person:


Not a person:


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Moonbat Energy Policy Drives Farmers Back to Mules

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:52 AM

Our energy policy of restricting the drilling of our own oil and making it impossible to build new refineries or nuclear plants — while wasting massive amounts of taxpayer money on useless boondoggles like biofuels and alternative energy — is paying off as intended by environmentalists. From Tennessee:

High gas prices have driven a Warren County farmer and his sons to hitch a tractor rake to a pair of mules to gather hay from their fields. T.R. Raymond bought Dolly and Molly at the Dixon mule sale last year. Son Danny Raymond trained them and also modified the tractor rake so the mules could pull it.
T.R. Raymond says the mules are slower than a petroleum-powered tractor, but there are benefits.
"This fuel's so high, you can't afford it," he said. "We can feed these mules cheaper than we can buy fuel. That's the truth."

According to his, son Robert:

It's the way of the future.

That it is, if moonbattery continues to prevail. Al Gore, who has denounced the internal combustion engine as "a mortal threat … more deadly than that of any military enemy," will be delighted — so long as his own jet travels aren't interrupted.

But the heart bleeds to consider the plight of polar bears, whose ice floes might melt as a result of mule flatulence.

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McCain Backs Free Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:35 AM

Now that John McCain (aka Lettuce McAmnesty) has learned his lesson regarding closing the border so that our economy isn't crushed under an avalanche of invading Third-World colonists like something out of The Camp of the Saints, he's backing an ingenious scheme to keep illegal aliens out of the country — offer them free healthcare:

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) is backing the renewal of a $250 million-a-year program that will pay illegal immigrants' hospital bills.

If socialized medicine here turns out anything like it has in Britain, it ought to send illegals running for the border. Who says the country club Republican establishment has no ideas?

An alternative would be to have hospitals ask about immigration status in advance, so they can at least be deported after running up massive bills they have no intention of paying. That might even make them less likely to treat emergency rooms as free clinics, clogging them up with minor complaints.

But just handing the money over to hospitals with no strings attached is sure to make illegals think twice about planting anchor babies in a country run by lunatics.

Surprise: Obama supports the program too. Via Caption This!

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Socialized Medicine Costs Britain 32,000 Hospital Beds in 10 Years

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:51 AM

The nice thing about having an all-powerful government that can wave a magic wand and make healthcare free is that then we can have as much of it as we want. Or maybe not:

More than 30,000 hospital beds have been lost since Labour came to power, with record cuts in NHS wards last year.
The cutbacks mean increasing numbers of hospitals are going on "black alert" — which involves closing their doors to new patients because they are full.
Patients' groups described the loss of the beds, at a time when overcrowded wards have seen soaring rates of killer infections, as "a national scandal".
The reduction contradicts a pledge from Tony Blair at the turn of the century that there would be 7,000 more NHS beds by 2010. New figures, seen by The Telegraph, show that the number of health service beds fell more than 8,000 last year, as the NHS began a reorganisation process which will mean the closure of dozens of hospitals.
More than 40 per cent of maternity units turned away women in labour last year because they had no room.
Meanwhile, ambulances have been forced to queue outside overstretched hospitals, treating patients in car parks just yards from accident and emergency departments.

If the free healthcare promised by collectivists sounds too good to be true, that's because it is.

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Unelectable: A Tribute to Barack Hussein Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:17 AM

Compliments of B1bbet.

Colorado Constitution May Add Anti-Troop Sex Strike

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:08 AM

Colorado may amend its state constitution to include a sex strike to symbolize opposition to the war being fought against al Qaeda and Iranian-backed terrorists in Iraq. An initiative asks voters:

Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado: Shall there be a sex strike by the women only, January 1st, 2009, for one day in length, in support of the wife's [sic] and parents of U.S. combat troops receiving pay for support services rendered to the military, through an amendment to the Colorado Constitution?

Any Coloradoans unfortunate enough to be married to someone who would honor the sex strike can consider it a reprieve.

code pink babe
Sorry: you'll be getting none on 1/1/09.

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May 25, 2008

Iranian Regime Pulling for Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:11 PM

Barack Obama just keeps racking up endorsements. His latest: America's worst enemy for the last 30 years, Iran.

Raves Iranian diplomat Sadegh Kharazzi:

I should say, he is a phenomenon, based on what he has said so far.

Kharazzi says B. Hussein's "election as a president will be welcomed in Iran."

The state-controlled media agrees. Enthuses the daily Hamshahri:

Obama has adopted the friendliest strategies regarding Iran, because he believes that America should change its policy in dealing with Tehran, while other candidates have more hostile policies.

However, B.O. still has a few hearts to win over. Top bureaucrat Mohammad Ali Ramin grumbles that "All presidents in the U.S. are the stooges of the Zionist gangs." But a few well-placed knives in Israel's back should convince even Ramin that Obama is Iran's kind of stooge.

President Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is officially neutral, yet he sounds a lot like hatchet-faced NBC Obamunist Andrea Mitchell:

[T]he American ruling system will not let Obama be elected. Even if all Americans vote for him, the U.S. ruling system will not allow Obama to be president.

Seeds of paranoia grow best if planted well in advance. Apparently the lunatics running NBC aren't the only ones who would like to see riots break out if the catastrophe of an Obama Administration is averted.

Hat tip: Free Republic; on a tip from Cheetah.

Spreading the Lethal Diseases Americans Won't Spread

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:37 PM

At least the illegal aliens colonizing the Southwest are giving us something in return for the extravagantly expensive free healthcare we provide them at emergency rooms. Drug-resistant tuberculosis, Chagas disease (which causes organs literally to explode), leprosy, dengue fever, hepatitis A, polio, malaria, Kawasaki disease, gonorrhea, and syphilis are among their generous gifts:

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Church of England Bureauweenies Oppose Converting Muslims

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:20 PM

Michael Nazir-Ali is at it again, attempting to preserve Christianity in Britain, heedless of his responsibility as Bishop of Rochester to place moonbattery before all other gods.

In the past Nazir-Ali has ruffled feathers by identifying multiculturalism as a problem and calling attention to Britain's Muslim no-go areas.

Now he stands accused of encouraging the conversion of the Muslims colonizing Britain to Christianity. Naturally this affront to the sacred precepts of dhimmitude has ecclesiastocrats blowing smoke out their ears.

Sputtered Stephen Lowe, newly appointed Bishop of Urban Life and Faith:

Both the Bishop of Rochester's reported comments and the synod private members' motion show no sensitivity to the need for good inter-faith relations. […] This demand for the evangelization of people of other faiths contributes nothing to our communities.

Reverend Low then called upon a Higher Authority:

We have a mission-focused Christian presence in every community, including those where there are a large number of Muslims. That engagement is based on the provisions of Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which provides for freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

The Devil is winning the battle for Britons' souls be default — Nazir-Ali's noble gestures notwithstanding. If the Christian religion is to survive in Britain, the sacrilegious farce into which the Church of England has degenerated must be disbanded at once.

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Presence of American Troops in America Sends Pete Stark Over the Edge

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:59 PM

Of course Democrats in Congress support the troops. But that doesn't mean they have to tolerate being in the same building with them. From a letter an enraged Fortney Hillman "Pete" Stark, Jr. (D-CA) recently sent to the Secretary of Defense:

Yesterday, while voting on the war supplemental spending bill in the House of Representatives, I couldn't help but notice a contingent of approximately 20 flag rank Army officers sitting in the House Gallery watching the debate and vote for a couple of hours. I was looking from below so I thought they were Army, but there could have been other branches present.
It's possible they were on leave time or vacation. If so, I obviously have no concern. However, if they were doing this on military time, I want an explanation of why they were there.
At a time when our nation is at war, our troops are over-extended, and the Administration is literally asking for emergency military spending, what good to the "war on terror" is having US Generals and other top ranked officers — who were likely accompanied by staff and escorted by their chauffeurs — spending hours sitting in the gallery of the House of Representatives?
Please provide for me the name, rank, branch, and duties of each of these officers, as well as the number of additional staff and drivers that were used to facilitate their attendance yesterday.

Apparently Stark has enough of a conscience not to want American soldiers to witness their ongoing betrayal by his fellow Dems.

Stark discovers someone let an American soldier into the building.

Hat tip: Crush Liberalism; on a tip from b1bbet.

Aging Airhead Jessica Lange Denounces USA

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:08 PM

It's that time a year again, when universities drive home their indoctrination programs by subjecting graduates to the most sociopathic moonbats they can dredge up from the muck at the bottom of left-wing fever swamps. One favorite for commencement addresses is convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, but apparently he wasn't available, so Sarah Lawrence College had to settle for has-been actress Jessica Lange, who had these inspiring words to help send the next generation on its way into adulthood:

We are living in an America that, in the last seven and a half years, has waged an unnecessary war, established prison camps, condoned torture, employed corporate armies, eliminated the right of habeas corpus, practiced extraordinary rendition, and believe me, this is only a partial list.

How nice of her to tone down her vicious calumnies in honor of Memorial Day.

Jessica should be denouncing her plastic surgeon, not America.

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Australian Taxpayers to Fund 12-Year-Old Sex Change against Father's Wishes

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:37 AM

Josef Mengele, who conducted experimental sex change operations on children, would be delighted at the triumph of depravity in the medical profession. From Melbourne:

An Australian judge is permitting a 12-year-old girl to begin a gender reassignment procedure funded by taxpayers' money, officials said.
Justice Heather Carter of the Family Court of Victoria ruled the pre-teen be allowed to use a male name on applications for a new passport, birth certificate and Medicare card while starting hormone treatments for her sex change, the (Brisbane, Australia) Sunday Mail reported Saturday.

If taxpayer money can be used to kill children, there's no reason it shouldn't be used to make them into freaks.

This horrific crime against nature will take place over the objections of the girl's father. But he's probably just a heteronormative paternalistic oppressor who has failed to evolve.

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Moonbat Memorial Day Weekend

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:22 AM

Attention moonbats: Disgusted by all the patriotism on display over Memorial Day weekend? Today is your last chance to escape from it all at the "Building a New World" Conference in Radford, Virginia.

Highlights include a keynote speeches by convicted traitor Lynne Stewart, who is still running loose spewing moonbattery despite having been found guilty of helping Islamic terrorists conduct their operations from behind bars, and anti-American zealot Cindy Sheehan.

Session titles include:

  • End of Empire
  • Facing Fundamentalism
  • Venezuela: Leader of the 21st Century
  • Indigenous People Speak Out
  • Building a Movement Against Militarism
  • 9/11 Truth
  • Palestine
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Right to Health Care
  • Trial and Indictment of Bush et al
  • Food Not Bombs: Preparing for Food Independence
  • Why Cooperatives? Localization
  • Climate Change and Water Crisis
  • Revolution
  • Animal Rights
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Prevent Unwanted Presidencies: Election Fraud

There's even something on "Social and Spiritual Rehabilitation through Yoga." Whatever your taste in moonbattery, you'll find your favorite flavor. Best of all, you won't have to look at a single American flag — unless it's on fire or hanging upside down.

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May 24, 2008

Obama Lays Groundwork for Hushing Rush

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:17 AM

In light of renewed interest in the Orwellian "Fairness Doctrine" — aka the "Hush Rush bill" — Obama's latest blatherings are particularly ominous:

A certain segment has basically been feeding a kind of xenophobia. There's a reason why hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year. If you have people like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh ginning things up, it's not surprising that would happen.

The Obamination isn't just pandering to the illegal aliens overrunning our country, but also laying the groundwork for the sort of speech restrictions we will inevitably see with him in the White House and characters like Pelosi and Reid running the legislative branch. Of course they wouldn't shut down talk radio because it tends to oppose them politically; they would only do it to be nice, to save the put-upon undocumented Americans from "xenophobia" and "hate crimes."

Enjoy the First Amendment while you still can.

"Vee have vays of silencing xenophobes."

Hat tip: NewsBusters; on a tip from Oiao.

Abused Child Treated to McDonalds, Moonbat Enraged

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:47 AM

Sanctimonious moonbat John Mckie is outraged over the case of Felix Fritzl, a pint-sized product of incestual rape who until recently had spent his entire life in a makeshift dungeon in Austria.

Now that he's free at last, nurses took Felix to McDonalds for a treat. This is what upset Mckie, who fumes:

McDonald's Corp aggressively targets kids. They do tie-ups with all the big Disney and Pixar films to lure in the High School Musical market. Six-year-old Felix Fritzl is their ideal audience. Then they serve them saturated fats.

If only little Felix were back in the dungeon, safe from such horrors.

McDonalds is completely phasing out trans fats, not because this will have any measurable effect on children's health, but in an attempt to stave off Nanny State food Nazis and brownshirts like Mckie. It's not likely to do any good though, because the real problem moonbats have with McDonalds is that to them it represents America, land of capitalism, the economic manifestation of the freedom liberals loathe. As Mckie grumpily mutters of McDonalds:

They are as American as apple pie — and they do a pretty foul apple pie — which means imposing their idea of culture all around the world.

Maybe he should try a Happy Meal; it might improve his disposition enough for him to realize that without America "imposing" our idea of culture by helping fight off fascism and communism, a lot more Europeans would be spending time in dungeons.

At least Josef Fritzl didn't make his son/grandson Felix eat at McDonalds.

On a tip from Ian from the EUSSR.

Global Warming Gives Jupiter Acne

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:06 AM

Our selfish insistence on availing ourselves of modern technology is not just heating up Earth — it's inflicting global warming on the entire solar system. First Mars, then Neptune, now this:

For the last 300 years, a prominent feature of Jupiter has been a giant storm system known as the Great Red Spot. In 2006, another appeared. As can be seen in this photo, there are now three red spots:


According to the experts, "Jupiter's recent outbreak of red spots is likely related to large scale climate change as the gas giant planet is getting warmer near the equator."

By the time taxes can be raised high enough to put a check on this phenomenon, the polar bears of Jupiter may already be extinct.

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May 23, 2008

Another Lowlife Unearthed in Camp Obama: Greg Craig

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:41 AM

Just when I thought nothing revealed about the terrorists and vermin surrounding Barack Obama could shock me anymore, it comes to light that a top O'Bigot foreign policy advisor is Greg Craig — the slimy shyster who made a mockery of our judicial system by helping John Hinckley Jr. get away with shooting Ronald Reagan.

Craig employed the absurd insanity defense, according to which only those who cannot be characterized as emotionally disturbed are responsible for their behavior. Fortunately for murderers and attempted murderers like Hinckley, this would give pretty much all of them a pass.

Hinckley isn't the only monster Craig has taken on as a client. He defended Bolivian Defense Minister Carlos Sanchez-Berzain, who was responsible for the death of 67 people after turning the army loose on protestors.

Craig successfully represented Elian Gonzalez's father Juan Miguel Gonzalez — i.e., he represented Cuba's communist dictatorship. Thanks in part to Craig's efforts, Elian was returned to the slave state from which his mother died attempting to rescue him.

He currently represents Pedro Miguel Gonzalez-Pinzon, wanted for the 1992 murder of U.S. Army soldier Zak Hernandez Laporte and the attempted murder of another American soldier.

Other lowlifes represented by Craig include Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy (in a 1991 rape case) and notoriously corrupt former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan. He also helped Slick Willie establish that perjury is okay when important Democrats do it.

Looks like Obama has found the ideal Attorney General.

Greg Craig: The next Ramsey Clark.

Hat tip: Free Republic; on a tip from Cheetah.

More Toilet Tomfoolery

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:08 AM

A little more on the $multimillion toilets Seattle is abandoning because they quickly become clogged with garbage, and are used for prostitution and drug-dealing. Here's an amusing shot from the Seattle Times:


Original caption:

In Seattle's Hing Hay Park, busker Greg Spence Wolf performs while a person trying to use the public toilet pries open malfunctioning doors.

Or maybe the guy's just trying to get a peek at whatever sordid activities are going on inside.

The farce has been costing $360 per day per toilet. Andy Ryan of Seattle Public Utilities explains the "real problem":

The real problem we're having with [the toilets] is that there is a public perception we're not getting our money's worth.

Actually, the real problem is that we let bureauweenies spend our money for us.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jewish Voters Could Be Catching On

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:50 AM

Jews have no better friends than Republicans — and few worst enemies than Democrats. While Republicans steadfastly stand by Israel come hell or high water, Democrats cuddle with its terrorist enemies, which is hardly surprising, considering their rabidly anti-Israel base. With the media's promotion of Barack Obama, black surpremacists are becoming ever more central to the Party; their hatred of Jews is Hitleresque.

Nonetheless, virtually all Jews vote Democrat, apparently out of some misguided sense of loyalty. But maybe O'Bigot's first constructive accomplishment will be to change that. It's hard to get your head around Jews and Hamas backing the same candidate.

Here's a peek in the window of an Israeli immigrant's boutique on the Lower East Side, right around the corner from Katz's Delicatessen, arguably the heart of Jewish New York:


By going with Obama, the Dems could up their percentage of the black vote from 92% to 95%, at the cost of losing working class whites and freethinking Jews. That's a tradeoff I'm glad to see them make.

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Limousine Leftist John Cusack: Corporations Threaten New Deal by Torturing People

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:00 AM

As mentioned earlier, the squishy-soft socialist John Cusack is putting out yet another anti-Iraq movie. In the course of promoting it, he has made abundantly clear why actors should stick to reading their scripts and munching their caviar, and leave thinking to the grownups. A taste of his trendy ravings:

[M]aybe in the future congress won't even have to declare war, because it can just get private contractors and mercenaries and we can just exempt them from international law, right?
That's what is really happening right now in the country and they even outsource interrogation, which means they made interrogations a cost plus for profit business, so that means the torture is for profit. That is what is happening right now in our country, so I mean these people are insane and that's the truth of it. […] They are outsourcing what it means to be a state and what it means to be a government. That's not just destroying the new deal, that's destroying the country[…] There's that sense of "We have to accept this narrative about the way the world is" and this sort of sense of inevitability about the corporations and what they do. […Democrats ought to] shut down congress every day just to let it be known that American companies aren't allowed to just torture people.

Cusack had better watch his mouth. Corporate executives might sneak into his mansion at night to torture him. If they would threaten the New Deal with their sadistic activities, clearly nothing is too evil for them.

The voices tell Cusack that corporations are insane.

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May 22, 2008

Dem Bigwigs to Drive Around Denver in Coors-Powered Limos

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:15 PM

These days it isn't easy to find an affordable beer free of moonbattery.

Miller is clearly the worst. Current commercials feature a thug confiscating people's beer because their surroundings aren't sufficiently proletarian. Christmastime Miller commercials have featured houses lit up with giant peace signs like some hippy's acid flashback. Owned by a South African holding company, Miller is fond of sponsoring left-wing festivals like a four-day illegal alien rally in Chicago and the appalling Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, which featured sadomasochistic homosexual depravity performed in public while toddlers waddled around in black leather collars intended for dogs.

When Jesse Jackson mau-maued Anheuser-Busch execs by threatening to denounce Budweiser as racist, the result was a display of the courage we have come to expect of corporate America when faced with moonbattery: they gave his son a lucrative distributorship. Still more disgustingly, Anheuser-Busch donated as much as half a million dollars to the execrable professional racist Al Sharpton last year.

Refreshingly, Coors is hated by moonbats, who sputteringly accuse the brewer of being antihomosexual and worse yet, anticommunist. Joseph Coors donated money to the Contras, and was a founder of the Heritage Foundation.

Unfortunately, Coors merged with Canadian brewer Molson a few years ago. Now it's welcoming the Dems to its hometown by donating "beer fuel" to the convention in Denver, so that party bigwigs can prove how eco-sensitive they are by running their limos on ethanol made out of beer that flunked quality tests.

Coors is also supplying beer for events during the convention. If it's going over to the dark side, I may have to shell out for microbrews.

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Seattle's High-Tech Toilet Boondoggle

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:18 PM

In Seattle, yet another government solution fails miserably:

Seattle's $5 million experiment with high-tech toilets is over. The City Council decided Monday to remove all five of the public restrooms, saying the silver cylinders became a hideout for illegal drug use and prostitution.
"It has taken the unseemly behavior out of shadows of the alleys and put them under the glare of the public toilets," said Councilmember Nick Licata, who voted in 2001 to install the restrooms and now wants them removed.

The idea was that the fancy toilets would prevent bums from defecating in the streets, though portable toilets were available at the time. The new toilets were supposed to be fully automated. But they became clogged with trash.

The Downtown Seattle Association observed more, rather than less, human waste on the streets after the restrooms opened.

But maybe it's harsh to call the experiment a total failure:

Utility ratepayers paid for the toilets, which added $2.59 to the average $465 annual sewer bill for a single-family home. The removal of the toilets won't affect sewer bills.

If this means that the additional charge on each sewer bill remains in effect indefinitely, bureauweenies have found yet another source of revenue — like the phone tax meant to help pay for the Spanish-American War, which wasn't repealed for 108 years.

Remember, more of our money gobbled up by the government means less that we'll be tempted to waste on our own frivolous needs.

Apparently Seattle residents will be paying for this space-age toilet long after it disappears.

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Doctor Sued for $6 Million for Stumbling during Social Call

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:22 PM

Suing doctors is such a lucrative business, lawyers go after them even when they're not practicing medicine:

BOSTON — A Springfield woman who claimed her doctor permanently injured her after he fell on her during a drunken stumble has been awarded $6 million.
Elizabeth Nelligan, 24, sued Dr. Mark Radzicki in 2005, claiming that during a social visit to his house, Radzicki broke her foot after he knocked her over while he was intoxicated. On Monday, a jury in Hampden Superior Court in Springfield awarded Nelligan $5 million. An additional $1 million in interest was awarded by the court.

Radzicki was dating Nelligan's mother at the time. Her attorney admits that x-rays taken the day after the expensive stumble did not show a broken bone. But weeks later they revealed a healing fracture, enabling her to loot the doctor for more money than most people could make in several lifetimes.

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San Francisco Imposes Fee on CO2

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:20 AM

As energy prices soar and the economy stalls, San Francisco bureaucrats provide their solution. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District's board of directors voted 15-1 to impose fees on businesses that emit carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is a harmless gas that is highly beneficial to plant life. It is produced by literally all human activities, including breathing.

But not to worry: NBC says the fee is "modest" — though it "could serve as a model for regional air districts nationwide."

Ominously, "renewable energy expert" Daniel Kammen of U.C.-Berkeley gloats:

It's not enough of a cost to change behavior [i.e., prevent economically productive activity], but it tells us where things are headed.

The Soviet Union is going to look like a libertarian's dream of freedom and wealth compared to the dystopia being incrementally imposed on us in the name of the global warming hoax.

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Obama's Opening Act Plays Soviet National Anthem

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:38 AM

The unlistenable indy band The Decembrists was an excellent choice to perform for the Obama campaign in Portland last weekend. Not only is it jejune, pretentious, and grating on the ears, it's known to open its acts with a rendition of the Soviet national anthem.

The name "Decembrists" refers to a revolt against the Russian monarchy, which was eventually replaced by a genocidal communist slave state based on economic views strikingly similar to Obama's.

This Decembrists video putting down the USA may explain why O'Bigot doesn't like flag pins:

No one will be able to say we weren't warned where Obama Nation was coming from.

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Follow the Money

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:04 AM

It isn't just knee-jerk leftists in the media and power-mad bureaucrats who are riding the global warming hoax. Big business and investors have climbed aboard too. To understand why, just follow the money:

Investors managing more than $2.3 trillion urged the government on Tuesday to enact strict laws to cut greenhouse gas emissions[…] Legislation that promotes new and existing clean technologies on the scale needed to dramatically cut down pollution is needed, they said.
Investors said the lack of strong federal laws may hurt U.S. competitiveness because it is preventing companies from making large-scale capital investments in clean energy such as solar and wind power and other low-carbon technologies and practices.

If the "solar and wind power and other low-carbon technologies" that these investors are presumably investing in made any economic sense, they would not need to ask the government to impose them by force. Likewise GE, makers of those overpriced, curlicue light bulbs full of toxic mercury, uses its subsidiary NBC to spew global warming propaganda and has actively lobbied to get normal light bulbs banned. The grand-daddy of global warming pioneers, Al Gore, has been investing heavily in "green" technology that he hopes will be mandatory.

This isn't about polar bears. It's about a few greedy profiteers getting outlandishly rich at the expense of everyone else's standard of living.

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Posted by Dave Blount at 8:07 AM

Attention, moonbats: there's a product that will fill you with hope and change and make your wretched lives complete at last. It's called OBAMAir:

Does Barack Obama leave you breathless and gasping for air? Now you can let him return the favor. Refill your depleted lungs today with OBAMAir, actual particles of expired breath from the chest cavity of the junior senator from Illinois.
Our certified breathologists have carefully harvested Barack Obama air samples from recent campaign stops in Oregon, added generous amounts of crisp, clean Pacific Northwest air, and packaged it exclusively for worldwide distribution and substantial consumer benefit.

In addition to sucrose and glucose, breath of the Obamessiah contains microparticles of gold, myrrh, and frankincense. Since Obama supporters often find themselves over their heads, they'll be pleased to note that a bag of OBAMAir can also be used as a flotation device.

Buy a bag today!


Oriana Fallaci Square Replaces Mosque

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:00 AM

Following Silvio Berlusconi's return as Prime Minister, Italy has taken another step in the right direction. Gates of Vienna offers a translation from La Repubblica:

VERONA — Goodbye mosque. In its place, Oriana Fallaci Square.
This decision was taken by the committee of Oppeano (Verona), where yesterday morning a building used by Muslims for prayer was bulldozed. In its place, the Municipality will create a public square named after the writer of The Rage and the Pride, which promoted a bitter campaign against Islam.
The decision to raze the structure which had been opened by ONLUS [translator's note: Organizzazione Non Lucrativa di Utilita' Sociale, a non-profit registered Italian charity] "For the success of Muslims", was taken by the municipal administration, which acquired the area for €70,000 in order to transform it into an open area for parking and green space.

During WWII, Oriana Fallaci fought with partisans against totalitarianism. Later she continued the struggle by calling attention to the Islamization of Europe. She was rewarded with jail time for criticizing Islam, and by having her books banned by City Lights.

Tragically, she died of cancer in 2006. But Italy is still alive. It's starting to look like it plans to stay that way.

Oriana Fallaci, deservingly honored.

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May 21, 2008

Andrea Mitchell: Election Will Be Stolen from O'Bigot

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:55 PM

The hard-left ideologues at MSNBC are already laying the groundwork for another "stolen election" charade should their candidate Obama not prevail in November. Even for Andrea Mitchell, this is some shockingly irresponsible tinfoil-hat moonbattery:

There are, you know, Republican governors and Secretaries of State, if you will, Katherine Harris-type election officials in those states. So, even though he may have won primaries or caucuses in those states, he has to go up against the establishment, which would be Republican, and he has to figure out a way to get a fair vote if he's the nominee in those red states.

In other words, if Obama doesn't win in conservative states, it won't be because conservatives are highly unlikely to vote for an unqualified, America-loathing, Marxist black supremacist, but because the election officials cheated.

Judging by the Florida fiasco in 2000 and the Diebold crapola in 2004, many of Obama's supporters are probably sufficiently paranoid and gullible to take charges like this seriously. Maybe MSNBC thinks some race riots will help pull its ratings out of the dumps.

Mitchell: Either retarded, or trying to lay the groundwork for riots.

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Cop-Killing Illegal Alien Juan Leonardo Quintero Evades Death Sentence

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:29 PM

If you're wondering what happens to all the $trillions siphoned out of our paychecks by the government, some will go to providing Juan Leonardo Quintero free room and board for the rest of his life, as well as the many other amenities felons receive.

Readers will recall that the illegal alien Quintero was kicked out of the country for committing indecency with a child. Because our government steadfastly refuses to justify its existence by defending the border, Quintero found it easy to return. When he was subsequently arrested for speeding and driving without a license, he shot Houston police officer Rodney Johnson four times in the head.

Johnson was a highly respected officer who had received a commendation for valor for rescuing children from a burning building.

At least Quintero had a fashionable excuse for his crime: Johnson was being racist by arresting him.

There was no question of Quintero's guilt. Apparently defense lawyers spared him from death row by convincing the jury that he's a troubled guy — as if most cop killers were well adjusted. I hope the wife and five children Johnson left behind weren't in the courtroom to hear slimy lawyers bleating about how his killer too is a victim.

Quintero: All smiles.

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Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Joe Bastardi

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:14 AM

Not everyone in the weather/climatology business has been corrupt enough to climb aboard the global warming bandwagon. Highlights from an open letter to the presidential candidates from's senior meteorologist Joe Bastardi:

Mr Obama, can the Al Gore as an advisor on the environment. Mr. McCain, quit succumbing to pressure because you want to look nice or moderate. […] Within the first 100 days of office, get the top five SCIENTISTS on both sides of the issue in front of you in the oval office and let them argue it out. No cameras, no press, just you, your closest advisors, and the people that are qualified to do this. Have trusted members of both sides of the aisles, but get the politics out of it.
The polar bear situation should push Americans over the edge. The long term population has increased. In addition, the cold this winter may simply be a preview of what is coming. That we are basically going to make it illegal to get oil, from an area that can perhaps help us get off foreign oil, because of yet another problem that may not exist, should be enough to clear the air and reveal that there are a lot of people supporting this position that are not driven by the science, but what may be an almost fanatical madness, and that should resonate with people.

True enough, there is a real opportunity for a conservative to come in and side with humanity's best interests against the profiteers, totalitarians, and antihuman kooks pushing the global warming hoax. Maybe one will emerge in 2012, if elections aren't suspended that year on behalf of the polar bears.

No hoaxers kick sand on Joe Bastardi.

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Moonbat Sex Tips

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:08 AM

Nerds Do It Better offers 27 ways to a moonbattier sex life. Here are just a few:

Most importantly, don't forget the vegan condoms. The last thing this world needs is any more moonbats.

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New York Times Spins McCain's Vietnam Heroism

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:36 AM

Despite John McCain's many serious flaws on issues like border defense, free speech, and the potentially disastrous global warming hoax, there is one thing no one can fail to admire: the awe-inspiring heroism he demonstrated in Vietnam, where he essentially volunteered for years of torture at the hands of communist goons.

Did I say no one? I forgot about the New York Times, which tries to spin McCain's service against him:

McCain's comrades in the Senate will not talk about this publicly. They are wary of seeming to denigrate McCain's service, marked by his legendary endurance in a Hanoi prison camp, when in fact they remain, to this day, in awe of it. And yet in private discussions with friends and colleagues, some of them have pointed out that McCain, who was shot down and captured in 1967, spent the worst and most costly years of the war sealed away, both from the rice paddies of Indochina and from the outside world. During those years, McCain did not share the disillusioning and morally jarring experiences of soldiers [and moonbats] like Kerry, Webb and Hagel, who found themselves unable to recognize their enemy in the confusion of the jungle; he never underwent the conversion that caused Kerry, for one, to toss away some of his war decorations during a protest at the Capitol. Whatever anger McCain felt remained focused on his captors, not on his own superiors back in Washington.

In other words, McCain was so distracted by the communists breaking off his teeth at the gumline that he didn't notice that America is the bad guy. Those communists' ally John Kerry, who piddled around in Vietnam for a few months, then went home to denounce American soldiers as war criminals, suffered no such distractions.

Liberals are right that no one should question their patriotism. Their lack of it is beyond question.

Nothing worthy of respect goes un-spat-upon by moonbats.

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British Child Arrested for Insulting Scientology

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:05 AM

It isn't just Islam that gets special protection from the State in the remnants of Great Britain. A teenage boy is facing criminal prosecution for insulting Scientology.

The kid was at a demonstration, holding a sign reading

Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult.

He was run in under section 5 of the Public Order Act, which forbids signs that are "threatening, abusive or insulting."

The most dangerous cult in Britain isn't Scientology or even Islam, but the politically correct Statolatry that has reduced the cradle of individual liberty into a rotting socialist nanny state that arrests children for expressing their opinions.

No wonder 2 million have bailed out in the last 10 years. Will the last European to escape Britain please leave the lights on for the Muslims?

Tom Cruise
This is your brain on Scientology.

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Not Campaigning, Just Claiming What They're Owed

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:41 AM

Nathan Mathews explains why Barack O'Bigot is enraged that anyone would respond negatively to the nasty things his wife says while campaigning:

Obama wasn't aware that he was "running" for president. After having everything handed to him and his wife for so long, they naturally believed they were simply being "given" the role of president and first lady. They were not aware that the little people, those "nasty voters" would have any say in the matter.

Normal campaign rules don't apply to the Obamas, any more than normal admission requirements applied when they were getting into their tony Ivy League schools.

Think of how easy it will be to push through his Marxist agenda if rules continue not to apply when they're in the White House. Who's going to want to be labeled a racist for trying to resist? It will be remembered as the world's first affirmative action dictatorship.

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Obamaniacs Try to Hedge on Meeting with Mad Mahmoud

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:06 AM

How racist of people to think Barack Obama is enough of an idiot to meet with state terrorists like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions. According to his foreign policy adviser Susan Rice, he only said he'd play footsy with "appropriate Iranian leaders" — not necessarily the terrorist Mad Mahmoud. Time Magazine's risible Joe Klein chips in that the real guy to talk to over there is Ali Khamenei — the peace-loving ayatollah who says of our ally Israel:

We have repeatedly said that this cancerous tumor of a state should be removed from the region. […] No one will allow a bunch of thugs, lechers and outcasts from London, America and Moscow to rule over the Palestinians.

More idiocy soon followed from the Obamaphile Klein:

I promised to check into whether Obama had ever said that he would negotiate — specifically, by name — with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Indeed, according to the crack Time Magazine research department and the Obama campaign, he never has.

Unhindered by the limitations of Time's crack-headed research department, Michael Goldfarb quickly found this:

There is one positive aspect of the Obama campaign — it provides lots of laughs as we watch his liberal apologists twist themselves into knots in their efforts to make the Obamessiah look like a credible candidate.

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May 20, 2008

Muslim Enraged over Transsexual Driving Instructor

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:01 PM

The marriage of convenience between Muslims and moonbats promises to be a rocky one.

A Religion-of-Peacenik from Sheffield, England is threatening to sue the Laugh 'n' Pass driving school because after he booked a female instructor to teach his wife how to drive, he was provided instead with Emma Sherdley, a transsexual formerly known as Andrew.

Yelled the disgruntled husband:

You have sent me a man. Send me a proper female. How dare you send a man with a deep voice.

Miss Sherdley found the Muslim's comments "hurtful, offensive, and deeply upsetting."

It's true that Sherdley hasn't yet undergone "final surgery." But he really is a woman. It says so right on his birth certificate. He even has a "gender recognition certificate" to back it up.

Miss Sherdley.

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Dems Want to Sue OPEC

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:37 PM

In a country run by liberal lawyers, it almost makes sense that our energy policy, as dictated by House Democrats, now calls for suing OPEC members into lowering the price of oil.

There's no need to stand up to environazis and drill for our own oil. If you want something, you don't have to create it or work for it; all you have to do is sue.

Next will come a lawsuit forcing Detroit to make cars that run on pixie dust.

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Catholic School Sued for Asking Students to Speak English

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:31 PM

So much for even a pretense of assimilation. Spanish-speaking colonists are suing a Catholic school in Kansas for requiring that kids speak English:

Four Wichita families filed a discrimination lawsuit Monday in federal court against St. Anne Catholic School over a policy that requires English to be spoken at all times during the school day. The lawsuit calls for an end to St. Anne's policy, an order barring English-only or similar policies at other diocese schools and $75,000 for court and other costs.

Bleats diocese spokesman Fred Solis:

We have to disagree with the notion that the church, or the diocese or St. Anne for that matter is or has discriminated against any member of a minority group given our history, and the many ways that, even today, we go about to speak out on behalf of immigrants, minorities and the many services we offer to those groups of people.

The Catholic church certainly has gone out of its way to pander to political correctness, and to enable illegal immigration. Being thanked with lawsuits is entirely predictable.

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Most Demented Headline Award

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:55 AM

The most demented headline in recent memory comes from a Los Angeles Times hagiography of a dead abortionist:

Harvey Karman, 84; Invented Device for Safer, Easier Abortions

Safer abortions? Does that mean, abortions where the baby lives?

Harvey Karman, deified by La Times for helping kill babies.

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Obama's Global Poverty Act

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:32 AM

Awful as the Carter Administration was, America survived it. The same might not hold true of an Obama Administration. Even as a junior Senator, Obama has already tried to break the back of our economy by putting the entire planet on American welfare:

The Global Poverty Act (S.2433) would require the United States to spend $845 billion ($845,000,000,000.00) on welfare to third-world countries. This amounts to a tax of over $2,000 on each man, woman and child in the United States. The foreign aid budget now stands at $300 billion; the Act would add the additional expenditure to the already huge amount allocated to assist the world.

From there it would grow, like all government programs.

As we have learned the hard way, welfare does not alleviate poverty; it subsidizes it. But the point isn't to give money to barefoot peasants, or even to the Third-World tyrants who would actually receive it. The point is to take it from you, because the less wealthy you are, the easier you are to control.

The act also undermines American sovereignty by controlling how money expropriated from American taxpayers will be spent:

The bill requires the President: "acting through the Secretary of State, and in consultation with the heads of other appropriate departments and agencies of the United States Government, international organizations, international financial institutions, the governments of developing and developed countries, United States and international nongovernmental organizations, civil society organizations, and other appropriate entities, shall develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further… the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal".
The "international organizations" and "international nongovernmental organizations" and "other appropriate entities" are of course the United Nations; the same institution that has a record of corruption, bad judgment and anti-Americanism.

The "Millennium Development Goal" is a communist doctrine — basically a blueprint for the subjugation and looting of America by the Third World via the United Nations.

If control of this country is offered over to those who hate it, America will not survive. Our soldiers throughout the generations will have fought and died in vain if we let our enemies conquer us from within.


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Oakley Goes Moonbat

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:12 AM

Oakley is famous for making high-end sunglasses, ski goggles, and frag-resistant sunglasses used by the military and law enforcement. Last year they were bought out by the Italian company Luxottica, which also owns Ray-Ban. Apparently they are positioning their product for the moonbat end of the marketplace:


Nearly 20 years after he left office, moonbats still think it's daring to stick out their tongues at Ronaldo Maximus. Oakley's site explains the moronic ad as

a fiendish satire of authoritarianism, jingoism and a few more "-isms" we'd have to look up.

Incredibly, the guy who stood down communist totalitarianism, and whose philosophy was best summed up in his famous quote "government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem," is still passed off as the personification of authoritarianism.

There is nothing you can't get an idiot to swallow by telling him it's trendy — which explains the success of the Obama campaign.

Hat tip: Free Republic; on a tip from Oiao.

May 19, 2008

DNC Inflicts Totalitarian Moonbattery on Its Own Convention

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:06 PM

The Democratic National Convention will offer a glimpse of future life in America if Dems are able to impose their absurd yet increasingly repressive liberal fascism:

Fried foods are forbidden at the [Denver 2008 Host Committee's] 22 or so events, as is liquid served in individual plastic containers. Plates must be reusable, like china, recyclable or compostable. The food should be local, organic or both.

Denver is semi-arid and up in the mountains. Local produce consists of Coors and pine cones.

It gets even crazier:

And caterers must provide foods in "at least three of the following five colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple, and white," garnishes not included, according to a Request for Proposals, or RFP, distributed last week.

Why not? If Dems weren't pathologically obsessed with color, Obama wouldn't be on the ballot.

On a tip from V the K.

Why Our Enemies Are Rooting for Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:43 PM

The Avatar of American Decline lays out his plan for keeping America strong in a threatening world:

Compliments of Oiao.

Dr. Norman Spack, Grade School Sex Change Specialist

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:51 PM

Abortionists may be the lowest the medical profession can sink, but Dr. Norman Spack manages to give them competition. Spack, of Boston's Children's Hospital, specializes in sex change procedures for children as young as 7.

By further deranging maladjusted children with moonbatty counseling, and by deforming their development with drugs, Spack sets the table for later surgical procedures. His bag of tricks includes hormone therapy, the effects of which are irreversible. One result is permanent infertility.

Josef Mengele also performed sex change experiments on children. Maybe the Angel of Death was just ahead of his time.

Norman Spack: So much for "First, do no harm."

On tips from mega and Wiggins.

Global Warming Hoaxer Calls for Filling Sky with Sulfur

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:20 AM

It isn't just the economy, our national sovereignty, and individual liberty that are menaced by the global warming hoax. The very planet is threatened. The latest from Professor Tim Flannery, the hoaxer who was named 2007 Australian of the Year:

Professor Flannery says climate change is happening so quickly that mankind may need to pump sulphur into the atmosphere to survive.
Australia's best-known expert on global warming has updated his climate forecast for the world — and it's much worse than he thought just three years ago.
He has called for a radical suite of emergency measures to be put in place.
The gas sulphur could be inserted into the earth's stratosphere to keep out the sun's rays and slow global warming, a process called global dimming.
"It would change the colour of the sky," Prof Flannery told AAP. "It's the last resort that we have, it's the last barrier to a climate collapse."

Flannery says we have 5 years before we need to start turning the Earth's atmosphere into something out of Dante. He also wants to reduce the human population by one third.

Temperatures have pretty much leveled off over the last 10 years. Imagine how hysterical Flannery will get when natural climate fluctuation resumes.

It won't be long before kooks like this are calling all the shots.

Evil and insane: Tim Flannery wants to create hell on earth.

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Vegetarians Take to the Streets for "Poop Chute" Protection

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:30 AM

Why should militant homosexuals have all the fun when it comes to extravagant public self-riducule? Yesterday the first Veggie Pride Parade hit New York City:

"We're putting the meat business on notice," said parade organizer Pamela Rice. "We're watching them now."
She was one of several hundred vegetarian and vegan activists who assembled on a plaza down the street from the Hog Pit BBQ restaurant for a march to Washington Square Park to promote the environmental, ethical and health advantages of a meat-free diet.
After the walking carrot and pea pod at the front of the procession came a couple in banana costumes, holding hands as they marched, and then a man in a "Super Vegan" costume with a blazing "V" on his chest and a woman waving a hot pink tinfoil pig with a plaintive sign reading, "Save me."
Bringing up the rear of the march were the ecofarmers with a long tube of pink netting representing a meat-eater's colon. It had signs pointing to "butt cancer," "polyps" and a large plastic "colostomy bag" filled with plastic poop.
"Protect your poop chute," said Jenny Brown of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary as marchers handed pamphlets to the Sunday brunchers at sidewalk cafes.

If anywhere needs poop chute protection almost as much as San Francisco, it's NYC.

Vegetarians on the march in Manhattan.

On a tip from Oiao.

Thousands of Scientists Rallying against Global Warming Hoax

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:15 AM

Let's see how much coverage this gets from the MSM:

The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM) will announce that more than 31,000 scientists have signed a petition rejecting claims of human-caused global warming. The purpose of OISM's Petition Project is to demonstrate that the claim of "settled science" and an overwhelming "consensus" in favor of the hypothesis of human-caused global warming and consequent climate damage is wrong. No such consensus or settled science exists. As indicated by the petition text and signatory list, a very large number of American scientists reject this hypothesis.
It is evident that 31,072 Americans with university degrees in science — including 9,021 PhDs, are not "a few." Moreover, from the clear and strong petition statement that they have signed, it is evident that these 31,072 American scientists are not "skeptics."

No doubt all 31,000 are in the pay of Big Capitalism.

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British Quislings Shoot the Messenger

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:58 AM

The crackdown on Channel 4's Undercover Mosque documentary by Anil Patani, Assistant Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, offers an alarming indication of how aggressively fifth-columnists among British authorities side with Islamic colonists against the native population.

The programme recorded preachers at the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham making remarks that were not only bigoted and full of hate but also bordered on incitement to murder. Abu Usamah, one of the main preachers, was shown saying: "Osama Bin Laden, he's better than a thousand Tony Blairs, because he's a Muslim"; "Allah has created the woman, even if she gets a PhD, deficient. Her intellect is incomplete"; and advocating that homosexuals should be "thrown off" mountains. Mr Patani's reaction? To refer the programme makers to the Crown Prosecution Service for inciting racial hatred.
He also referred the programme to Ofcom, the TV regulator, sending out a press release as he did so. Mr Patani's press release claimed that "those featured in the programme had been misrepresented" and that it had "undermined community cohesion". Those claims were blatantly false, as the Ofcom investigation itself made crystal clear.

Ironically, The Telegraph explains Patani's behavior by claiming he's "in denial" about the threat of radical Islam. It's actually The Telegraph that's in denial if it thinks Patani isn't perfectly aware that he is siding with Britian's Islamic conquerors.

Anil Patani.

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Freegan Freaks Exploited by European Media

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The European media isn't likely to miss an opportunity to mischaracterize the USA as teetering on the verge of abject poverty. Here's how The Times spins the garbage-scarfing moonbats who call themselves freegans:

Soaring food prices have led to a growing number of middle-class New Yorkers joining an unusual organisation that "dumpster dives" in rubbish bins for food.

Actually, freegans eat garbage because it suits them, not because of what the biofuel boondoggle has done to food prices. The idea is to avoid taking part in the capitalist system, without which all of us would be eating like freegans.

To The Times' delight, a moonbat paws through some garbage.

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Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Patti Patton-Bader

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Thankfully, a little bit of the great General George Patton lives on. His great-niece Patti Patton-Bader was just named "America's Favorite Mom" for her work with Soldiers' Angels, a mission devoted to the motto, "May No Soldier Go Unloved."

Here's what the group is about:

We are a continually-evolving, grassroots organization comprised of nearly 200,000 volunteers in over twenty different teams and programs who have developed unique and effective ways to support members of the U.S. military. To date, our volunteers have sent tens of thousands of care packages and hundreds of thousands of letters to deployed service members; we have supplied the wounded with our First Response Packs directly at the Combat Support Hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan and the major military hospital in Germany, as well as provided care and comfort to those in stateside military and VA facilities; we have provided emergency aid to military families in need; we have partnered with the Department of Defense to provide voice-controlled/adaptive laptops to over 2,600 severely-wounded servicemembers; we have provided flights to soldiers on leave or in emergency situations, and to their families wanting to be with them upon return from overseas; we have provided Level III KEVLAR armored blankets to give personnel extra protection in their vehicles when it was needed; we help to honor and uphold the families whose loved ones have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and safety. With the assistance of our generous supporters, the many volunteers of Soldiers' Angels have accomplished this and much, much more on behalf of the grateful citizens of the United States of America.

John Kerry and Stephen King may get more press. But in the end, it's folks like Patti Patton-Baden who count.

Patti Patton-Bader receiving the Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service.

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May 18, 2008

Consistency Is the Hobgoblin of Sane Minds

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said that "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." But even though Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) is foolish and has a little mind, consistency does not pose a problem for him.

According to Harkin, Dick Cheney is bad, because he wasn't in the military:

On Monday the Iowa Senator lashed out at Dick Cheney, claiming the Vice President had no right to criticize Mr. Kerry's policies for the war on terror because Mr. Cheney had a deferment back then: "When I hear this coming from Dick Cheney, who was a coward, who would not serve during the Vietnam War, it makes my blood boil."

Also according to Harkin, John McCain is bad, because he was in the military:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain's family background as the son and grandson of admirals has given him a worldview shaped by the military, "and he has a hard time thinking beyond that," Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Ia., said Friday.
"I think he's trapped in that," Harkin said in a conference call with Iowa reporters. "Everything is looked at from his life experiences, from always having been in the military, and I think that can be pretty dangerous."

Before you judge Harkin too harshly, keep in mind that he lives in a bizarre alternate reality, in which he both did and did not fly combat air patrols in Vietnam.

In some respects, Harkin's reality is an improvement over the original. For example, in his world, nothing bad happened after his fellow liberals handed a victory to the communists in Southeast Asia:

We can look forward to the same sort of revisionism following our catastrophic pullout from the Middle East if Obama gets into the White House.

Hat tip: Ed Driscoll; on a tip from Wiggins.

Mexican Muslims Announce Takeover of American Southwest

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Moonbats on the streets of Los Angeles provide a few laughs:

No doubt Obama can count on their votes.

Compliments of anon.

Now Global Warming Doesn't Cause Hurricanes

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Remember how leftist totalitarians and enviromoonbattery profiteers exploited Katrina by screaming that it was caused by the mythical global warming crisis? In light of the conspicuous absence of hurricanes over the last two years, we are now treated to a different tune:

Global warming isn't to blame for the recent jump in hurricanes in the Atlantic, concludes a study by a prominent federal scientist whose position has shifted on the subject.
Not only that, warmer temperatures will actually reduce the number of hurricanes in the Atlantic and those making landfall, research meteorologist Tom Knutson reported in a study released Sunday.

Nutson is known for guzzling the global warming Kool-Aid, and for bellowing from atop his soapbox at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that W has been silencing him. If we get another bad hurricane this year, don't be surprised if he revises his opinion again.

As always, we're left with two possibilities: 1) the climate scientists with access to the media have no clue what they're talking about; or 2) they have been lying through their teeth.

The convenient lie may need some new artwork.

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Clear and Present Danger

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This thriller's a little too scary:

Compliments of Oiao.

Moonbat Quote of the Day

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Barack Obama, the personification of liberal fascism:

We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That's not leadership. That's not going to happen.

On behalf of "other countries," President Obama will exert totalitarian control to prevent us from driving the cars we chose, eating until we're not hungry, and keeping our homes comfortable. The depravity of self-hating liberals has reached the point where they will vote for him anyway.

Robert Mugabe
Barack Obama, the face of modern fascism.

Sorry, that was Robert Mugabe. I'll try again:

Barack Obama, the face of modern fascism.

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May 17, 2008

Fat People Cause Global Warming

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If you're packing extra pounds, I hope you're pleased with yourself for what you've done to the flourishing but officially threatened polar bears. British scientists have managed to link what moonbats regard as the two greatest crises facing their country: the global warming farce and the fact that not everyone's weight conforms to official expectations.

Overweight people use up more fuel for transport and consume more food, thereby producing more dreaded carbon emissions. They also contribute to the food shortage (caused largely by biofuels) and the oil shortage (caused largely by drilling restrictions).

The researchers used models to discover that 40% of the global population is obese. Anything is possible with scientific models, which also predict chaos and destruction as a result of the imaginary global warming crisis.

We had better put the U.N. in charge of each human being's daily calorie intake, before obese people reach 101% of the population, and scientific models predict the Earth's crust collapsing beneath their weight.

On a tip from Ian from the EUSSR. Cross-posted at Right Wing News.

Dutch Dhimmis Imprison Cartoonist

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Formerly tolerant Holland is well on its way to becoming a police state, at the behest of its Islamic conquerors. From yesterday's Brussels Journal:

The Dutch authorities have arrested the cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot (a pseudonym. Nekschot means deathblow, litt: "shot in the back of the neck" [An interview with Nekschot here]). The judicial authorities in Amsterdam said yesterday that the cartoonist was arrested as a suspect for the criminal offense of "publishing cartoons which are discriminating for Muslims and people with dark skin."
The cartoonist was arrested on Tuesday, while the police searched his house for "discriminating evidence." His computer, backups, usb sticks, mobile phone and a number of drawings were confiscated. Nekschot was released two days later but it is possible that he will be charged following a complaint in 2005 by the Dutch imam Abdul Jabbar van de Ven, an indigenous Dutchman who converted to Islam.

Nekschot has been going by a pseudonym so as not to end up like his friend Theo Van Gogh. But as authorities were evidently pleased to inform him, he has lost his anonymity. This means that any prison term is a death sentence, as the peace-loving Muslims who are taking over Holland will kill him at the first opportunity for not embracing dhimmitude like the country's quisling leaders.

Holland wasn't any worse off under the Nazis than where it seems to be headed. Jews and other infidels are advised to get out while they can.

In Holland, pictures like this can get you killed.

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May 16, 2008

And for the Other Side of the Bumper…

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This will be of interest to moonbats who don't want their Obamafish to get lonely:


Via Blogtopus.

No Moonbatmobile Is Complete Without One

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Coming soon to every Prius and Volvo in the parking lot:


Via Exurban League and Ace of Spades HQ; on a tip from V the K.

Obama Repackages Himself as Christian for Kentucky

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Despite downplaying expectations regarding the May 20 primary, Obama is making a big push for Kentucky. Here's how he's marketing himself to the locals, who are evidently suspected of clinging to their Bibles like they do in rural Pennsylvania:


Apparently they couldn't think of a way to work a gun into the picture — or to get the arrogant sneer off Obama's face.

Passing off the abortion-friendly Obama as a Christian candidate is particularly risible in light of his religious background. Raised a Muslim, he was converted to Black Liberation Theology by Jeremiah "God damn America" Wright.

Although Black Liberation Theology adherents may call themselves Christians, their pernicious cult is distinguishable from Nation of Islam mainly by its emphasis on leftist economics. They worship not Christ, but Marxism and their hatred of white people. To quote Wright's hero James Cone:

What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world.

They work in Jesus by blaming Caucasian Romans for the Crucifixion. I doubt many churchgoers in Kentucky would recognize Obama's black supremacist Christ.

God help white people if Obama's version of Jesus were real.

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Horseplay Redefined for a New Age

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It's a good thing we have our massive and explosively growing Government to protect the oppressed, because racist tweens have been running wild:

Four white students at Central York Middle School were charged with harassing and using racial slurs against a black student on a school bus Friday. The 13-year-old boys were charged Wednesday with harassment, ethnic intimidation and disorderly conduct by Springettsbury Township Police.
One of the boys was also charged with terroristic threats and open lewdness, police said. The boy simulated an inappropriate gesture involving his genitals and made vulgar comments, Lt. Scott Laird said. […]
The boys face fines, community service and time at the juvenile detention center, police said. The students were also disciplined by the school, according to school officials.

When I was 13, events like this were resolved by the bus driver shouting, "Hey you kids, pipe down." The next day all the kids involved would be out playing ball together. But that was before we learned how to create racial grievances.

The black kid will go away believing he's been discriminated against, and the white kids will know they really have been discriminated against, since when the racial roles are reversed, no one gets in trouble. Social harmony will not be enhanced. But of course, the objective of political correctness is to pit us against each other, not to create social harmony.

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Obama's Feathers Ruffled by Reference to Terrorist Appeasers

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Despite the many disappointments of his administration, W does deliver some fine speeches. Here he is in front of Israel's Knesset:

Some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along. We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: "Lord, if I could only have talked to Hitler, all this might have been avoided." We have an obligation to call this what it is — the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history.

Possibly because his media adulators have him convinced that he's the center of the universe, Barack Hussein Obama assumed Bush was talking about him:

It is sad that President Bush would use a speech to the Knesset on the 60th anniversary of Israel's independence to launch a false political attack. George Bush knows that I have never supported engagement with terrorists, and the president's extraordinary politicization of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American people or our stalwart ally Israel.

Easy now, BHO. Bush was talking about all idiot appeasers, from Neville Chamberlain to Jimmy Carter — not just you.

Meanwhile, Palestinians in Hamas-controlled territory run phone banks to convince Americans to vote for Obama.

If the shoe fits… Via Political Party Poop.

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Death by Moonbat Economics

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The laws of supply and demand are so simple, you would think even moonbats could grasp them. Yet they think that by the magic of government coercion, they can set the price of healthcare — a limited resource for which there is infinite demand — to free.

The inevitable result is rationing. Since healthcare can no longer go to those who have earned the money to pay for it, Britain has been doling it out by postcode lottery.

If you're dying of cancer, you might be saved by new drugs like Sutent. But only if you're a lucky winner — or if government bureauweenies decide your impending death counts as "exceptional circumstances."

You can't pay for these drugs with your own money, or the government will withdraw all healthcare — even after you've paid for it your whole life through exorbitant taxation.

Don't bother to work, to invest, to save. Life is free if you happen to win the lottery or find official favor. If you don't, you die. Liberals apparently regard this as fair.

The irresponsible demagogues that make up our Democrat Party have been attempting to apply similar principles to our oil supply. If they manage to have their way with Big Oil, we may soon have postcode lotteries over here, to see who gets to put gas in their car.

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Eurocrats Go After Car Ads

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While their chauffeurs sit out front in oversized limos with the engines running so they can keep the heat going in the winter and the AC in the summer, Brussels Eurocrats have been dreaming up ways to prevent commoners from soiling Gaia by driving the wrong automobiles.

Soon all car ads in Europe will have to highlight gas mileage and allegedly harmful CO2 emission in large type. References to sportiness are to be "frowned up." With typical grandiose arrogance, Euroweenies announce they will be "rebuilding society" and "changing habits in consumption and production" by dictating the content of car ads.

As usual when it comes to bureaucratic moonbattery, the French come out on top, as they tend to make wobbly little death traps with high mileage and low sportiness. German manufacturers, which produce cars that people actually want to drive, are getting the short end.

Even the libs at Der Spiegel are fed up:

From breakfast cereal to Coca-Cola, everything is being classified as being either good or bad for citizens, who apparently have lost the ability to make that judgment on their own. Brussels, says advertising executive [Volker] Nickel, is staging "a gigantic reeducation program for consumers and producers."
Last summer, for example, complex rules were introduced to regulate the way food producers advertise their products. A central register with officially-sanctioned phrases is even in development for language that includes health claims, such as "Builds Immunity" or "Keeps you in Good Shape." Once the register is complete, alternative expressions will no longer be allowed.
Wernhard Möschel, a law professor at the University of Tübingen in southwest Germany, is incensed over the way the EU's producers of rules and regulations treat the consumer "as a pathological idiot in need of supervision, as someone who can't tell the difference between red and white wine."

Get used to it, Herr Möschel. The forced infantilization of Europe is well underway.

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May 15, 2008

California Goes over the Edge

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:46 PM

To no one's surprise, the militant moonbats running the courts in the Land of Fruits and Nuts have declared that homosexuals can become legally married.

Liberals have been laboring mightily to destroy the family, the foundation of human civilization. This should be a major victory for them. However, by attempting to make a mockery of marriage, Californian kooks may be holding only themselves up for derision.

If decent people still constitute a majority in the state, a constitutional amendment will put an end to this travesty. If not, California has officially jumped the shark. A state clearly sinking into self-induced decline won't be setting the trends forever.

"It's about human dignity," bleats a triumphant Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco. It sure is. Our innate dignity will prevent us from following California over the edge and into an abyss of moonbatty degeneracy.

"It's all about dignity."

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British Convicts Live Better on the Inside

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:49 AM

A few people actually benefit from moonbattery. For example, as a consequence of liberalism gone wild, British convicts live better in prison than on the outside.

Wesley Crawford was sentenced to 12 years for robbery. After escaping from Sudbury "open prison" in Derbyshire, he came back and pleaded to be let back in, so he could continue to enjoy unlocked doors, a TV, a wide choice of food, a gym, snooker and ping-pong facilities, etc.

According to a Sudbury prison source:

He basically said that it was much more cushy being inside prison than it was on the outside. And he still believes that — even though he has now been sent to a closed prison.

No wonder the number of prisoners absconding is at its lowest level in 10 years, even as the prison population increases.

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Eco-Friendly Underwear

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There isn't much that hasn't been greenwashed in an attempt to capitalize on the enviromoonbattery craze — including underwear.

Triump International Japan has unveiled an environmentally friendly "Solar Power Bra" that allegedly generates enough electricity to charge a mobile phone or iPod. Unfortunately it requires direct sunlight, and women tend to wear clothes over their bras. But as with all things environmental, it's the gesture that counts, not actual effectiveness.

Testifies model Yuko Ishida:

It is very comfortable and I can really feel involved in eco-friendly efforts as well.

The company also markets a bra that serves Gaia by converting into a reusable shopping bag.

Yuko proudly models the solar-powered brassiere.

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Ruben Navarette Explains Why You're a Racist if You Don't Vote for Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:27 AM

While confirming that we are politically obligated to vote for Barack Obama because he is a mulatto, moonbat columnist Ruben Navarette Jr. helpfully explains why it isn't racism that virtually all blacks vote for the absurdly under-qualified black guy, but it is racism if most white people don't:

The answer has to do with history. Over the decades, black Americans have had plenty of opportunities to vote for white people for president. And they have done so. But this is the first time that white Americans have a chance to vote for an African-American with a shot at the presidency.

In today's political climate, a cretin like Navarette passes for an intellectual. Like Obama, he does have ethnic credentials, and that's the important thing.

Vote like Ruben wants or you're a racist.

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May 14, 2008

Government Moves toward Total Control with Phony Polar Bear Listing

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:29 PM

They are actually doing it: listing polar bears as a "threatened" species.

Polar bears are not the least threatened. Alarmingly, the numbers of these human-hunting monsters have been on the rise. Their population has more than doubled since 1960.

But according to global warming doctrine, even as their numbers swell, polar bears qualify as oppressed, because if all the polar ice were to melt, it would interfere with their seal-hunting methods.

The ice is not going to melt any time soon. The slight warming trend profiteers like Al Gore are exploiting ended ten years ago. Even if it did melt, polar bears have survived interglacial periods before.

But facts like these apply only to reality, not to the 2+2=5 world of hard left politics.

In the unholy alliance between government bureaucrats and leftist environmental groups, both have their own objectives. The bureaucrats want absolute control: a level of totalitarianism undreamt of by Hitler and Stalin. Leftist environmentalists want to strangle capitalism and radically curtail the human race.

Now that the government has officially endorsed the preposterous notion that CO2 emitted anywhere in the world is harmful to sacred polar bears, there is no constructive activity — literally including breathing — that is not vulnerable to increasingly repressive regulation and lawsuits.

In the future, we will live in a grim, socialist world, where personal initiative will be not only senseless but illegal. Individual liberty will not exist, less someone emit more than their allotted share of harmless CO2. Our standard of living will collapse. Humans will be forced to live like animals in a zoo, every aspect of our lives under strict control.

Polar bears will not benefit from this in any way, as if it would matter if they did. But the John McCains and Robert Kennedy Juniors of the world will be riding high.

These nasty creatures won't even benefit.

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Senate Dems Stand Firm: No Relief from High Gas Prices

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:16 AM

Want gas prices lowered? Want to stop pouring $billions into terror-supporting Islamic regimes? Then vote to throw out the moonbat Democrats running the Senate:

[T]he Senate rejected, 56-42, a broader Republican energy plan that called for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and some offshore waters that are now off limits to oil development.
Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said more domestic oil production is needed to keep prices in check and to reduce U.S. dependence on oil imports. But opponents said the Alaska wildlife refuge and coastal waters that have been off limits to drilling for 25 years ought to remain out of bounds to oil companies.
"We can't drill our way to lower prices," said Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill.

Turban — the same liberal jackass who compared our army to Pol Pot's thugs — didn't explain how else we would lower prices, increasing supply being out of the question so long as Democrats and their RINO accomplices run Washington.

Durbin: Oil is for buying from Muslims, not for drilling.

Hat tip: Free Republic; on a tip from Cheetah.

San Franfreakshow Introduces Parking Meters for Bums

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:48 AM

As if concerned that even a quarter dropped in a derelict's coffee cup might challenge bureaucratic hegemony, San Francisco is taking control of micro charity with parking meters for homeless people.

Instead of giving your change to a person, you put it in a machine, so the bureaucracy can dole out the right amounts to the right constituencies.

SF's "homelessness czar," Dariush Kayhna, modestly admits:

This is not going to solve poverty. But it is another strategy to see if we can save lives out there.

Homeless advocates upped the absurdity ante by whining about stereotypes. Who says bums blow all their free change on drugs and alcohol? Wails Sister Bernie Galvin of Religious Witness with Homeless People:

Forget the children, forget the mothers who are struggling to raise their family homeless or in inadequate housing. Will the city never give up on trying to find ways to make the lives of homeless people harder?

In counterpoint to Sister Bernie's bleeding-heart rhetoric, San Francisco's moonbatty policies have attracted bums from all over the world, causing the city to be so overrun with them that even liberal bureaucrats, who exploit derelicts as justification for socialist policies, want to lower their numbers.

San Francisco panhandlers echoing Obama's call for change.

On a tip from V the K.

British Bureaucracy Puts the Screws to Elderly Vet over Ketchup Bottle

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:56 AM

Growing ever more arrogant and intolerant as they expand their power under cover of the enviromoonbattery craze, for two weeks British bureaucreeps refused to pick up the trash of Lenny Woodward, a former Desert Rat, because the nearly blind 95-year-old vet accidentally put a ketchup bottle and a coffee jar in the wrong bin.

Comrades are to use the blue wheelie bin for cans and cardboard, a green box for glass, and a black wheelie bin for everything else. The lawless Mr. Woodward put his ketchup bottle and coffee jar in the blue bin, heedless of the disastrous impact this could have on the biosphere.

Actually, recycling is an ineffective waste of time except in the case of aluminum cans. But obeying the government is its own reward.

Mr. Woodward tries to figure out the pointless regulations.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin; on tips from wz, Burning Hot, Cheetah, and essemess.

May 13, 2008

The Obamessiah and His Cheesy White Steed

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:19 PM

As I was just saying about the Obama phenomenon going beyond parody…

This picture, evidently with no sarcasm intended, accompanied an endorsement of B.O. by the Oregon newspaper Willamette Week:


Just try exaggerating the absurdity of Barack O'Bigot and his moonbat supporters. It cannot be done.

Via The Stranger, Ace of Spades HQ, and Caption This!

Palestinians Running Phone Banks for Obama

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:58 PM

The notion of Barack Obama becoming President is so preposterous, it cannot be parodied. This al-Jazeera report about Palestinians in Gaza — the folks who elected the terror group Hamas to run the government — appears to be completely on the level. The same folks who passed out candy in celebration on 9/11 are running phone banks in support of their hero Obama.

Via The Campaign Spot; on a tip from Oiao.

Islamic Horde Runs Rampant in Britainistan

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:39 PM

It used to be that the sun never set on the British Empire. But with terrifying speed, moonbattery has reduced it to a tragic remnant of its former glory — a sickly, dying nation that can no longer keep out foreign enemies or even maintain order on its streets.

Via Glen Jenvey, on a tip from AC.

Envirokook Paul McCartney's Hybrid Limo Delivered by Jet

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:19 PM

Like many tired old pop stars with nothing better to do, Paul McCartney has ostentatiously embraced the phony environmentalism craze. Like the rest of them, his "carbon footprint" remains many times larger than those of us peasants, especially after his new $164,000 hybrid Lexus limousine was delivered by jet, creating 100 times more of the carbon emissions moonbats fret about than if it had been shipped.

The point of the car is that it will supposedly reduce these same harmless emissions. How emblematic of the entire pointless fad.

McCartney is said to be furious. But if he wants to make it up to Gaia, all he has to do is stop living like a Czar for a few days.

Paul McCartney, zillionaire eco-chump.

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Kudos from Count Dracula to Count Baracula

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:00 PM

You have to hand to Barack O'Bigot: it can't be easy, especially following his denunciation of flag pins, to actually put one in his lapel in hopes of duping idiots into believing that, unlike everyone he's surrounded himself with since he was a small child, he doesn't hate this country. Even Count Dracula acknowledges the will-power it must take:


Compliments of Burning Hot.

Britain's Pagan Prisoners Must Be Allowed Magic Wands

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:01 AM

It isn't just Muslims who qualify as special in British prisons. Pagan inmates must be allowed to keep twigs in their cells to use as magic wands:

Officers have been told to allow prisoners to collect and decorate the twigs which they need for their rituals.

No one seems to have thought of the havoc that will ensue if the pagans wave their magic wands and make all the doors come unlocked — or the more likely scenario of a magic wand ending up in a guard's eye.


Hat tip: Ghost of a flea; on a tip from V the K.

Post-Gazette Applies the "Assimilate or Be Called a Racist" Strategy

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:36 AM

Obama Nation's strategy of caricaturing any opposition as "racist" is on ignoble display in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which throws an unseemly tantrum over O'Bigot's expected drubbing in West Virginia.

Shrillary's undisputable observation that working class white people aren't going to be enthused about voting for an arugula-munching black supremacist are depicted as an attempt to pander to alleged Dixieland racism, as if West Virginia were part of the Confederacy, and not a state explicitly created to split off from the South. Comparisons to Jesse Jackson are "coded speech." The childish looks of horror that contort Chris Matthews' huge yellow head whenever someone fails to kneel at the altar of Obamamania are confirmation of the racist iniquity of those who would resist assimilation.

Sneers the PG:

So, tonight the polls will close and Mrs. Clinton will have easily collected 99 percent of the white vote in West Virginia. She will crow about her electability in a smug but meaningless victory speech on a stage featuring dozens of "hard-working Americans, white Americans" standing behind her waving flags. […] While no Confederate battle flags will be visible, they will feel it in the air. Mrs. Clinton's greatest victory will be a triumph of the kind of identity politics that makes a nation smaller.

No mention is made of the 99.9999% or so of blacks who support Obama. Remember, supporting him because he's a mulatto is transcending race.


On a tip from General Jack D. Ripper.

Undercover Agents Protect America from Unlicensed Taxi Menace

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:06 AM

When 78-year-old Rosco O'Neil walked into a Winn-Dixie in Miami Gardens, Florida, he was accosted by a woman who asked if he was running a car service. He told her no, but after she persisted that she needed help getting her groceries home, agreed to give her a ride when she was finished shopping. He never brought up payment, but the woman insisted on a price.

It was a clever sting operation. After he dropped her off, police closed in, issuing him two citations and impounding his minivan, which it cost him $400 to recover, on top of $2,000 in fines.

There were no prior complaints of O'Neil providing taxi service without shelling out for official government accreditation. But these things have to be nipped in the bud, before free enterprise starts breaking out all over the place.

Let this be a lesson to Good Samaritans. No good deed not imposed by government bureauweenies goes unpunished.

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General Patton Returns

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A few inspiring words from the ultimate countermoonbat:

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Obama's 57 States Notion Explained

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My apologies: I goofed when I ridiculed Barack Obama for claiming he had campaigned in 57 states. I thought he was referring to American states — which in Obama's case was a truly foolish assumption. I should have realized that the Organisation of the Islamic Conference is made up of 57 states.

Speaking of Obama's Islamic background, his cheerleaders at the New York Times have surprisingly acknowledged that he is a Muslim apostate, which is punishable by death according to the Religion of Peace. This could become awkward when he tries to implement his "talk to the terrorists" foreign policy agenda.

But is he really an apostate? Islam as practiced in America is generally based on hatred of white people, just like the Black Liberation Theology "church" into which Jeremiah Wright recruited Obama. Reverend Wrong even awarded Whitey-Hater-in-Chief Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam with the highest honor he could, the Lifetime Achievement "Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Trumpet" Award. This suggests that Obama's race-based perversion of Christianity does not represent any apostasy at all.

Obama the Muslim
Still a Muslim in his heart where it counts.

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Those Who Won't Join the Obamaborg Are Racist

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Get used to this, because we will be fed a relentless diet of it from now until November. Voting for Obama because he's black means you have transcended race. Not voting for him for any reason makes you a racist.

Obama Mania campaign worker Danielle Ross whines that Obama's message that America stinks and needs to changed into some different country didn't resonate in the Indiana Heartland:

"The first person I encountered was like, 'I'll never vote for a black person,' "recalled Ross, who is white and just turned 20. "People just weren't receptive."

Sure. Someone walked up to her and said, "I'd vote for Obama. Except he's a mulatto, and I'm a racist."

Another campaign worker claims someone said of Obama, "Hang that darky from a tree!"

The Washington Post seems to believe it. Anyone who opposes having an unqualified, ultra-Left jackass run the country is a racist, if said jackass is part African. After having the media drill this message through your head for the next six months, maybe you'll believe it too.

Interestingly, WaPo reports that vandals spray-painted "Hamas votes BHO" and "We don't cling to guns or religion. Goddamn Wright," spinning this as racism having escalated into violence. In other words, objecting to a president who would likely side with Islamic terrorists against the West is racist. Objecting to being insulted by a condescending bigot like Obama is racist. Not liking Reverend "God damn America" Wright is racist. In short, not supporting Obama is racist.

Barack Obama
Obama spots a racist who won't vote for the black guy.

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May 12, 2008

Dhimmitude in Minnesota

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When the rights of the disabled come up against the intolerant dictates of Islam, which do you suppose will come out on top in Minnesota, land of our first Muslim Congressman? Tyler Hurd found out when he was forced to leave a teacher-training program at Technical High School in Saint Cloud after a Muslim from Somalia threatened to kill his service dog.

Dogs are on the extremely long list of things Muslims don't like. Therefore people who need dogs to assist them with medical conditions will have to make themselves scarce. After all, we need to accommodate the nice Muslims. They'd do the same for us, right?

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Stupid Media Question of the Day

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A pair of Mexicans in a car accident in Illinois ran off, leaving dead and critically injured children behind. A puzzled Daily Herald wants to know:

How could they flee when five others in their car were lying on the ground so seriously hurt?

Could it be they're in the country illegally, and don't want all the trouble of having to sneak back in again after they're deported? Might they have figured that it would be most convenient to let American taxpayers deal with their dead and injured children, as with all their other healthcare issues?

Nah. They must have been worried the racist cops would profile and oppress them.

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California Bureauquislings Nix Minutemen Adopt-a-Highway

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The praiseworthy Minutemen, volunteers devoted to drawing attention to our disastrous invasion and colonization by Mexico's dregs, showed their civic spirit by sponsoring litter cleanup on San Diego roads. Appropriately, they were given an Adopt-a-Highway stretch near a Border Patrol checkpoint on I5, the main artery for shipping illegal aliens into California.

But then the quisling bureaucrats in California's legislature found out. The sponsorship has been rescinded, and the sign above removed. The excuse was that Reconquistadors might become angered by the sign and create safety hazards. We certainly wouldn't want illegal aliens — famous for killing people as they drive blind drunk on our roads — to create safety hazards.

Ironically, illegal aliens are also famous for strewing massive amounts of the trash the Minutemen are trying to clean up.

Among illegal aliens' contributions to America.

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Barack Obama Lapel Pin

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Now at last there's a lapel flag that even Barack Obama might wear, with a star for each of the 57 states he's campaigned in:


I hope his friend and enabler Bill Ayers doesn't stomp on him if he wears it.

Bill Ayers won't like his friend's pin.

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Mississippi Gets the Better of Looting Lawyers

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Mississippi has been the canary in the coalmine of runaway lawsuit moonbattery. As the WSJ notes:

For most of the past 30 years, Mississippi has ranked as one of the poorest as well as one of the most litigious states. The two statistics are related.

Due to a legal climate easily exploited by pathologically greedy John Edwards types, businesses have given Mississippi a wide birth — as have doctors, whose malpractice premiums were going up by 25% a year.

One of the worst places, in term of frivolous lawsuits, was Jefferson County. It became renowned as the lawsuit capital of the country, with more plaintiffs than residents. This is the infamous county where one pharmacist was named in more than 1,000 lawsuits. In one legendary case against a pharmaceutical company that sold the diet pill Pondimin (part of the weight-loss combination known as fen-phen, which was later banned), a Jefferson County jury awarded $1 billion to the family of a woman who had taken the drug.

Wonderful as the notion of free fortunes may sound to some, given a choice between lawyers on one hand or employers and doctors on the other, sooner or later anyone in his right mind will turn away from the former. Mississippi wised up and "transformed itself from judicial hell hole to job magnet":

The law that eventually passed was every trial lawyers' worst nightmare. It capped awards for noneconomic damages, and prevented the popular practice whereby a plaintiff attorney seeking to bring a class-action shops around for a court where he'll be likely to get a favorable ruling or judgment.
Almost overnight, the flow of lawsuits began to dry up and businesses started to trickle in. Federal Express invested $1 billion in a new facility in the state. Toyota chose Mississippi over about a dozen other states for a new $1.2 billion, 2,000-worker auto plant. The auto maker has stipulated that the company would pull up stakes if the tort reforms were overturned by the legislature or activist judges.

A drastic drop in lawsuits has cut medical malpractice insurance costs by 30–40%, stemming the flow of doctors out of the state and making healthcare more affordable for everyone.

There's even better news:

Fewer Mississippians are heading to law school and more are looking at business school as the best way to get rich. Many in the younger generation are pursuing a career path that will make them wealth creators, not wealth redistributors.

Unfortunately the country as a whole may not learn from Mississippi's lesson. Democrat gains in state legislatures could spell the repeal of the modest tort reform laws Republicans have managed to get through. Again we see how crucial it is to vote, even for those who can't bring themselves to pull the lever for Lettuce McCain.

Ambulance-chasing looters are heading out of Mississippi.

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Connecticut Strikes a Righteous Blow against Hate

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Apparently inspired by the belief among moonbats that only black people have been subjected to hanging, Connecticut has passed "An Act Concerning Hate Crimes" making it illegal to display nooses.

Next up for a ban: white sheets.

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Duke's 88 Moonbats Continue to Make Fools of Themselves

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Remember the Group of 88, the collection of grossly irresponsible Duke University professors who assumed the lacrosse players had to be guilty in the Crystal Mangum rape hoax, and who signed a petition denouncing the innocent athletes and the political incorrectness they were made to personify? The public has now been called to account for daring to question the wisdom of these noble scholars.

The true victims of the drunken stripper's little hoax were not the lacrosse players, who as Terry Moron could tell you, deserved what they got just for being white. Here some of the Group of 88 explain the far worse indignities they were made to suffer:

[T]he most extreme marginalization was reserved for the faculty whose professional expertise made them most competent to engage the discourses on race and gender unleashed by the inaugurating incident — scholars of African American and women's studies. Instead, administrators, like the bloggers themselves, operated under the assumption that everyone was an expert on matters of race and gender, while actually existing academic expertise was recast as either bias or a commitment to preconceived notions about the legal case.

The impertinence of little people claiming a right to have opinions on matters of race and gender! Only the cognoscenti are capable of discerning innocence and guilt, which the unwashed public is unenlightened enough to cast in bourgeois terms of evidence and factual reality.

The authors also whine about being called communists, though one of them (literature professor Michael Hardt) evidently describes himself as a "joyful communist" and demands an end to the capitalist "empire."

Here I was thinking of Crystal Magnum and Mike Nifong as the scum at the bottom of the barrel. But Duke's liberal studies professors prove that if you scrape a little, you can always find something lower down still.

Down below Crystal Magnum, you'll find moonbat liberal arts professors.

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Harvard Discovers Downside of Taxation

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Isolated as they may be in their bubble of elitist moonbattery, even the educrats running Harvard are capable of grasping some of the basic facts of the world the rest of us live in. For example, now that Massachusetts might levy a 2.5% tax on colleges with endowments over $1 billion, Harvard's associate vice president for government, community, and public affairs Kevin Casey gasps:

You can't do that. You'd be taxing success.

No kidding. When you tax something, you get less of it. Success is to be reined in, because it creates challenges to government power. Punishing success is one of the purposes of our progressive taxation system. Harvard types would normally describe this as "social justice" — except when they're the ones getting looted.

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May 11, 2008

U.N. Tries to Squash a Bridge in Dresden

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Germany's sovereignty survived the loss of two world wars. Let's hope it can endure the U.N.'s endless grasping for control.

With the approval of its residents, Dresden is building a bridge across the Elbe to ease traffic congestion. Bureauweenie Francesco Bandarin of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization is enraged.

Earlier this year, UNESCO rejected a revised bridge design presented by Dresden, arguing that any bridge in the city’s famed Elbe River Valley would destroy the landscape and ruin the views of Dresden's famous landmarks. UNESCO says the only acceptable solution is for Dresden to build a tunnel under the river.
Bandarin said unless Dresden immediately halted work on the bridge, it was impossible to seek any compromises. Bandarin also urged politicians in Dresden and the state of Saxony to hold a second referendum on the issue, even if it took two years to realize it.

If it doesn't stop being impertinent and obey the will of the world community as decreed by U.N. chair-warmers, Dresden will lose its allegedly precious World Heritage status.

Worse things have happened to the city.

Sorry Dresden. The U.N. says you've got enough bridges.

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Obama Advisor Robert Malley Was in Regular Contact with Hamas

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Who would have thought that less than seven years after 9/11, we would consider electing a president with a Muslim background and ties to Islamic terrorists?

The latest hint of what America would be in for under an Obama regime came when his Middle East policy adviser Robert Malley let it slip that he has been in regular contact with the bloodthirsty terrorist group Hamas.

O'Bigot learned something from the Reverend Wrong scandal — instead of waffling, he threw Malley under the bus immediately. Yet nothing Malley did is inconsistent with Obama's "talk to the terrorists" mentality. Nor is this the only tie between Obama and terrorists: his friendships with Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and the PLO's Rashid Khalidi come immediately to mind.

Other Obama advisors have included Samantha Power, who equated waterboarding terrorists with genocide; Jeremiah Wright, who used his church newsletter to publish Hamas propaganda and considers it a "great honor" to be designated a terrorist state by the USA; and Merrill McPeak, who thinks Iran would be our friend except George Bush hurt its feelings.

Anyone who thinks Obama would take the side of Western Civilization against Hamas and other Muslim terror groups has not been paying attention. His election would be more or less the equivalent of America being conquered by a hostile foreign power.

CNN won't be the last to confuse Obama with Osama.

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Obamamania Hits Dilworth, Minnesota

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Obama would be proud:

Fourteen-year-old Bishop Edens was suspended from school Friday because he wouldn't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, but he was quickly invited back once his principal learned that rule might be unconstitutional.

Bishop's bold stand against patriotism came in response to three other students at the school being disciplined for not standing during the pledge. I think I know who his parents will be voting for.

Obama grudgingly endures our National Anthem.

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May 10, 2008

Al Sharpton Is $1.5 Million Behind in His Taxes

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Professional racist Al Sharpton ruined careers with the Tawana Brawley hoax, got Yankel Rosenbaum killed by inciting riots in Crown Heights, and provoked the murder of seven people at a "white interloper's" store in Harlem. Just this week, he shut down New York City's bridges and tunnels with yet another of his self-serving publicity stunts. Rather than the contempt and derision he deserves, Sharpton has been rewarded with a position of great prominence in the Democrat Party, and treated with absurdly inappropriate respect by the media.

But there may be one sin for which he will be called to account: he's $1.5 million behind in his taxes.

Naturally Sharpton is spinning expectations that he pay his taxes like everyone else as another example of the white man's oppression. We'll see if this strategy also works with his National Action Network's failure to properly maintain workers compensation and unemployment insurance.

An incorrigible lowlife, Sharpton has been sued for not paying his bills many times before. But now he's under federal investigation by the FBI and IRS, and ten of his associates have received grand jury subpoenas. However, Sharpton has managed to beat the rap for tax fraud in the past by pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges.

At least this might be enough to derail a Supreme Court nomination if by some tragedy the MSM is able to install his identity politics colleague Barack Obama in the White House.

Obama Sharpton
Sharpton may have to pass on his torch to another racist.

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Dems' Affirmative Action Candidate Thinks There Are 60 States

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Who says Barack Obama doesn't like America? He's so fond of it, he's visited 57 of the 60 states:

No wonder he refuses to wear a flag pin; he can't find one with all 60 stars.

Actually it's not too surprising that he wouldn't know how many states there are, considering that he seems to have learned all he knows about America from a guy who spells "USA" with three K's.

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May 9, 2008

Global Warming Inflicted Cool April

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Uh oh: It looks like global warming is causing global cooling, just as we were warned. From the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration:

The average temperature in April 2008 was 51.0 F. This was -1.0 F cooler than the 1901-2000 (20th century) average, the 29th coolest April in 114 years.

If it gets any hotter, we'll all freeze. I suggest giving the United Nations absolute authority to dictate the weather before it's too late.

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Even Homeless Will Have to Lower Their Standard of Living

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In honor of the global warming farce, both O'Bigot and Shrillary have declared we must lower America's harmless carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. To get an idea of how large an effect this would have on our standard of living, consider that the average American could produce no more than 2.5 tons. Right now, derelicts who eat in soup kitchens and sleep in homeless shelters emit 8.5 tons.

They'll have to cut back their sumptuous lifestyle considerably. Fortunately by 2050 our increasingly powerful government will be in a position to make sure they tread lightly upon the Earth, because otherwise some might be too selfish to give up their luxuries for Gaia.

Emitting way too much carbon with his cushy lifestyle.

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Chef Gordon Ramsay Calls for Gastronomic Totalitarianism

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There isn't much that moonbats wouldn't place under the control of the State — including which fruits and vegetables we eat:

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay says British restaurants should be fined if they serve fruit and vegetables which are not in season. He told the BBC that fruit and vegetables should be locally-sourced and only on menus when in season. Mr Ramsay said he had already spoken to Prime Minister Gordon Brown about outlawing out-of-season produce.

Regulating when we can eat which fruits and vegetables would allegedly reduce harmless carbon emissions, which is the justification-du-jour for most every pointless encroachment on individual liberty.

Dictates Ramsay:

I don't want to see asparagus on in the middle of December. I don't want to see strawberries from Kenya in the middle of March. I want to see it home grown.

Tough luck for Kenyan farmers. But then, if moonbats could care less what happens to Africans, they wouldn't restrict DDT, which used to save millions of them from death by malaria.

As he shoves his way toward the front of the fashionable envirofascism train, Ramsay bemoans that Britain follows trends and fads when it comes to food. Carried away by his stylish rhetoric, he gasps:

There should be stringent laws, licensing laws, to make sure produce is only used in season and season only. If we don't restrict our movements within this industry of seasonal-produce only, then the whole thing will spiral out of control.

Clearly we'll need to impose martial law if people don't stop desecrating Gaia with those Kenyan strawberries.

Ramsay will be coming for those who eat asparagus in December.

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Marine Recruiting Office to Be Besieged by Witches

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:52 AM

Attention skanky, middle-aged moonbats with nothing better to do than relive your spoilt childhoods! The following call has been issued by the Bay Area chapter of Code Pink, which continues its siege of the Marines recruiting office in Berkeley:

Witches, Crones, Sirens come to the MRS [Marines recruiting station] today to cast spells, weave magic, invoke the foremothers, share wisdom, lead rituals to banish war and violence and to bring peace to the MRS, to protect our youth from the powerful spells of pro-war forces, to lead the men of the marine recruiting station off into the oceans of peace! Some witches, crones and sirens are willing to risk arrest, others are not. We call on all crones, witches and sirens to come to the MRS, to bring your energy, your wisdom, your fierce determination to end war now and bring peace to our world. Contact Kali at or Marie at

Code Stink stunts have been poorly attended lately. Calls for us to surrender a war we're winning don't seem to resonate. But today's crowd may be a little more impressive, because Move America Forward will be joining in with an event of its own:

We're calling it a "Witch-Hunt" and we ask you to join us this FRIDAY, May 9th at the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center. We'll be out there from 8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon and ask you to come and join us for part of the time, or all of the time if you can spare the time.

Hunting witches at a Code Pinko rally doesn't sound like much of a challenge, but it still ought to be fun. Too bad they don't do the thing with the stakes anymore.

Code Pink witches.

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May 8, 2008

Moonbat Still

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Enterprising capitalists continue to exploit the enviromoonbattery craze. The latest ingenious new product is The Micro Fueler:

This morning, the E-Fuel Corporation, a Silicon Valley startup, introduced the first ethanol refinery system designed for home use. The Micro Fueler, a backyard fueling station, can create pure E100 ethanol from sugar feed stock. "It's third-grade science," says Thomas Quinn, founder and CEO of E-Fuel. "You just mix together water, sugar and yeast, and in a few hours, you start getting ethanol." The $9995 Micro Fueler […] can fill its own 35-gallon tank in about a week by fermenting the sugar, water and yeast internally, then separating out the water through a membrane filter. […] The Micro Fueler can produce a gallon of ethanol from about 10 gallons of sugar.

Quinn proclaims that ethanol "is really the people's fuel." But outside of Washington and Hollywood, he'll find few people wacky enough to trade 10 gallons of sugar for one of subpar fuel.

At least you could use it to make moonshine.

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The Magic of Staging

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Check out the big crowd Barack O'Bigot drew at the Reynolds Coliseum at North Carolina State. The place holds 12,400!


Now check it out from a perspective the MSM would rather you not see.


A gaping chasm between the artfully suggested and the actual sums up the Obama campaign.

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Environmental Doomsayers Have Been Wrong Many Times Before

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Every day the media screams about some new terrifying prediction having to do with the nonexistent global warming crisis. Although the smart hoaxers predict catastrophes far down the road, quite a few doomsday prophesies have already proven false. Walter E. Williams lists a few:

At the first Earth Day celebration, in 1969, environmentalist Nigel Calder warned, "The threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind." C.C. Wallen of the World Meteorological Organization said, "The cooling since 1940 has been large enough and consistent enough that it will not soon be reversed." In 1968, Professor Paul Ehrlich, Vice President Gore's hero and mentor, predicted there would be a major food shortage in the U.S. and "in the 1970s … hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death." Ehrlich forecasted that 65 million Americans would die of starvation between 1980 and 1989, and by 1999 the U.S. population would have declined to 22.6 million. Ehrlich's predictions about England were gloomier: "If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000."
In 1972, a report was written for the Club of Rome warning the world would run out of gold by 1981, mercury and silver by 1985, tin by 1987 and petroleum, copper, lead and natural gas by 1992. Gordon Taylor, in his 1970 book "The Doomsday Book," said Americans were using 50 percent of the world's resources and "by 2000 they [Americans] will, if permitted, be using all of them." In 1975, the Environmental Fund took out full-page ads warning, "The World as we know it will likely be ruined by the year 2000."
Harvard University biologist George Wald in 1970 warned, "… civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind." That was the same year that Sen. Gaylord Nelson warned, in Look Magazine, that by 1995 "… somewhere between 75 and 85 percent of all the species of living animals will be extinct."

Fortunately for global warming hoaxers, the liberals who drink their Kool-Aid are not known for their ability to learn from experience.

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Moonbats Attempt to Explain Why Conservatives Are Happier

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:30 AM

A pair of moonbats at New York University conducted a study to discover why conservatives are so much happier than liberals.

Is it because conservatives believe in a meaningful universe, not the bleak, random, nihilistic void of Darwinism? No.

Is it because conservatives haven't psychologically crippled themselves with learned helplessness, instead accepting responsibility for their own success or failure? No.

Is it because conservatives can aspire to their dreams, without incessantly wallowing in neurotic guilt? No.

Is it because conservatives don't hate themselves for being Caucasian, or for living in the greatest country in the history of the world? No.

Is it because conservatives generally don't have to live with themselves after killing their own children? No.

Is it because conservatives understand that being human means they have intrinsic value, unlike liberals who can't tell a human from an animal or even a plant? No.

Here's why:

Conservatives rationalize social and economic inequalities.

In other words, conservatives are happy because they're too evil to care about the poor. Maybe in their follow-up research, these mopey idiots can explain why conservatives give much more to charity than liberals do.

Moonbats are sanctimonious even about their misery.

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Detroit Mayor Denies Cross-Dressing Performance

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As if New Mogadishu Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick didn't have enough scandals with his perjury charges, attempts to bribe whistleblowing cops, and the dead stripper Tamara Greene, he's now created a new one by vociferously denying that he dressed as a girl in a school play in 1984.

Kilpatrick is the one in the red dress with the plunging neckline, fourth from the left:


His stirring performance in "Little Annie" at Dwight Rich Middle School in Lansing is still remembered by some. His name appears on the playbill. Yet mayoral spokeswoman Denise Tolliver denies he appeared in the play, and has threatened to sue The Hill for bringing the whole thing up, thereby assuring that the story gets wider media coverage. The technical term for this among public relations experts is "trying to put out fire with gasoline."

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Senate Jacks Up Gas Prices

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:25 AM

Think gas prices are too high? If so, it's a shame you're not in the Senate, which instead of lowering prices by lifting unnecessary drilling restrictions is effectively jacking them through the ceiling by raising taxes on oil companies:

Democrats in the Senate Wednesday unveiled a new energy package that would revoke $17 billion in tax breaks extended to big oil companies like Exxon Mobil Corp and slap a 25 percent windfall profits tax on firms that don't invest in new energy sources.

This is Harry Reid et al.'s idea of moving to lower prices. How stealing oil companies' profits and forcing them to pour what they have left down alternative energy rat holes will lower prices is left for voters to figure out.

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May 7, 2008

Raising the Bar

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:00 PM

Byron York reports on a recent Michelle Obama speech in Charlotte. She explains why Obama Nation should share her bitterness toward America, and lays the groundwork for a massive tantrum if voters dare choose national survival over putting her nutty and underqualified husband in the White House:

Walking onstage to chants of "Yes, we can!" and "Fired up — ready to go!" she quickly gets to the heart of her message: There are forces out there who are trying to take away everything Barack has worked for. They — she doesn't mention anyone in particular but does refer to one "brand name politician" — are trying to win this election for themselves and thereby deny Obama the opportunity to move America to the mountaintop of hope. And they must be stopped.
"We've learned that we're still living in a time and in a nation where the bar is set, right?" she tells the crowd.
"That's right."
"They tell you all you need to do is do these things and you'll get to the bar — "
"So you go about the business of doing those things — "
"Yes — "
Her husband has been doing just that, Obama explains — raising money, building an organization, winning caucuses, winning primaries, and amassing a large number of delegates. And yet he still hasn't won, because nothing is ever enough for those unnamed adversaries.
"You start working hard and sacrificing, and you think you're getting closer to the bar, you're working and you're struggling, you get right to that bar, you're reaching out for the bar, and then what happens?"
"They raise the bar!"
"They raise the bar. Raise the bar. Shift it to the side. Keep it just out of reach."
"And that's just what's been happening in this race."
Mrs. Obama begins a long riff about how that is happening not just to her husband but to Americans as a whole, who are working hard only to find the benefits of their work kept just out of reach. "You know what happens when you live in a society where the vast majority of people are struggling every day to reach an ever-shifting and moving bar?" she asks. "You know what happens in that kind of society?"
"THEY GET FRUSTRATED!" yells a man in the audience.
That's right, Obama says. And that frustration leaves people isolated and afraid, and then "we pass on all that negative energy to the next generation."

A less constructive message would be difficult to imagine.

Michelle Obama admits that her test scores did not warrant her admission to Princeton, from where she moved on to take her comfy position among the wealthy elite. Presumably she owes her career to the mentality of affirmative action, without which no one would take Barack Obama's presidential bid even half seriously.

Many have worked hard to create the American Dream, so that the Obamas could have it handed to them as a reward for their politically correct ethnicity. But Michelle is still bitter, because it's not enough. The bar is raised, all right. Even if we turn over the country to Obama's band of racist neo-Marxists, we will still have to do more to expiate the sin of being Caucasian, and more and more and more, until we have nothing left to give.

A nasty parasite raises the bar.

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What Do You Mean, Weird?

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:49 PM

From suburban New York, another inspirational tale of transsexual freakiness:

It wasn't a spur-of-the-moment decision that drove Brewster High School student Michael Loscalzo to go to school dressed as a girl.
"Years of taking judgment made me decide to stick up for myself," said Loscalzo, 17. "All my life, people either said I was weird or that I was gay."
The Brewster High School sophomore recently revealed his secret about his desire to become a woman by going to class wearing makeup and feminine attire.

People thought he was weird or gay? Well, at least now they know better.

As a service to transsexual readers, a few fashion tips:

Yesterday, he had on a lace-trimmed tank top with a cropped sweater, jeans and women's boots that he accessorized with a green choker, matching bracelets and heavy black eyeliner. A bra could be seen under the spaghetti-strapped top that he stuffs with gel-like pasties.

School officials hastily deny that Michael would be suspended for showing up at school looking like Dr. Frank-N-Furter, although he did get a talking-to for wearing an "inappropiate" camisole. They haven't contacted his mom about the issue.

Great eyebrows.

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Politically Correct Bureauweenies Continue to Water Down What They Say

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There's more on Washington's strategy of fighting Islamic terrorism by crossing out words in the Newspeak dictionary.

Not only have the words "jihadist" and "Islamofascism" been banned, bureaufools aren't even supposed to say "caliphate." Reestablishing the caliphate — a vast totalitarian empire under the thumb of Islamic law — is the ultimate objective of the Islamic terrorists from whom our government is supposed to protect us. The term "global totalitarian state" is to be used instead.

Now for the punch line. Squeaks Daniel Sutherland of the Department of Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties:

This is in no way an exercise in political correctness … we are not watering down what we say.

If they don't want to water down what they say, maybe they should erase "bureaucrat" from their lexicon and instead say "sniveling, lying, cowardly, useless invertebrate."

Daniel Sutherland.

Hat tip: Jihad Watch, on a tip from Refuter of Liberal Vermin.

Job Openings at the Brown Berets de Aztlan

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Racist thugs of the Hispanic persuasion are welcome to send their resumes to the Brown Berets de Aztlan, who are actively recruiting more "soldiers":

The Brown Berets de Aztlan have undertaken an active campaign to recruit more soldiers and form new chapters throughout Aztlan," said Chairman David Rico yesterday. "We will be having a series of presentations throughout the Southwest starting in San Diego on May 8, 2008," he added. […] After the recruitment campaign, the Brown Berets de Aztlan will be organizing caravans to the state of Arizona where our community is presently under siege by racists and other anti-immigrant elements.

The irony of a violent cult denouncing anyone who resists their race-obsessed agenda as "racist" is amusingly lost on militant moonbats.

At least we know John McCain is no racist. He will be attending this year's national convention of La Raza, a group that shares the Brown Berets' goal of purging Aztlan (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah) of pasty-faced gringos and splitting it off from the USA.


Hat tip: Red Alerts.

Emissions Trading Schemes: A Few of the Costs

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:28 AM provides an Australian perspective on some of the extravagant costs that will be imposed by emissions trading schemes (ETS). Highlights:

Staggering estimates of the costs of forcing industry to purchase permits to emit CO2 are just starting to emerge: Germany (100 billion euros), Australia (up to $22 billion), New Zealand ($4.5 billion). The amazing fact is that even though consumers in many countries will bear oppressive costs, there may be no reduction whatsoever in CO2 emissions, and no beneficial effects on the world climate.

That's only the direct cost.

But to administer the whole complicated scheme, with tentacles into every business in the land, will require a stifling bureaucratic overhead of administrators, consultants, regulators, statisticians, tax collectors, auditors, inspectors, enforcers and prosecutors. At a time when real industry is suffering from a shortage of labour and services, all of these people and resources will be sucked into an ETS black hole. This bureaucratic burden is yet another hidden tax.
Then to cope with the vast increase in green/red tape, the business world will build a matching unproductive empire of corporate bureaucrats charged with complying with all the new laws, statistics, reports, taxes, regulations and audits. All these morbid results will be followed by the growth of a parasitic class of traders, speculators and bankers already gearing up to profit from the creation of paper carbon credits — another addition to the hidden ETS tax burden paid for by consumers, taxpayers or shareholders.

Government's greenwashed greed will continue to hit us in the stomach:

The Ethanol Obsession is already diverting grains and other foods to produce motor fuel. This stupid policy of subsidising or mandating the use of ethanol and biofuels will gobble up rapidly increasing quantities of corn, wheat, oils and sugar. Farmers all over the world are diverting land from food production and destroying forest land to produce motor fuel.
An even more ominous threat to future food supplies is the growing plague of sterile carbon-credit plantations which are already smothering food farm land and native pastures at an alarming rate. Every farming community is watching with increasing alarm as families leave, food production ceases, farm houses are abandoned and the land is covered by a monoculture of unproductive artificial plantations. Once the ETS becomes operational, this destructive process will multiply. Some hungry future generation will have the job of eradicating this crop of woody weeds for a new race of pioneering farmers.

There is also the danger that emissions caps really will lower carbon emissions:

Even more insidious is the fact that schemes like carbon sequestration and carbon credit plantations will rob the atmosphere of the life-producing carbon dioxide. For 100 years, the green revolution has produced more food from the same land, partly because of the free carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere by burning carbon fuels.

An emphasis on inefficient power technology (biofuel, wind, solar, etc.) will lead to higher prices for electricity, essentially another tax. The economy will further suffer from the economic enterprises that are scrapped or mothballed because carbon taxes render them unprofitable.

Since international carbon trading schemes deliberately transfer money from productive countries to the Third World, those who are forced to pay for them will receive no benefit whatsoever — until their own economies have been reduced to Third World levels. Then we can all rejoice in our equality.

Hat tip: Dissecting Leftism.

Barney Frank Promises to Cut Troops' Air Hose

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Remember what the Dems did to our allies in South Vietnam? By cutting promised funding, they facilitated a communist takeover, leading the way to the boat people, the Killing Fields, and millions of deaths. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), chairman of the House Financial Services committee, promises that if his fellow Dems win in November, he'll do the same to our troops fighting al Qaeda in Iraq.

Lisps Frank:

I will move to cut funding immediately. I have already done that. I voted against the war and voted to cut the funding. I would hope a Democratic president would put in place a plan that would begin a total withdrawal.

No serious person denies that the consequences would be catastrophic. But with the media's help, they can be hung around the neck of Republicans.

Frank and friend.

Vegan Bondage Gear

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Much as moonbats may hate capitalism, they can't help but participate in it by exploiting their own wacky fads for monetary gain. For example: manufactures hand-crafted vegan bondage gear, whips, belts, harnesses, and other vegan leather (a.k.a. "pleather") items. We also sell vegan condoms and other sex products. By vegan, we mean 100% vegetarian, in that none of the items we sell contain animal products, were tested on animals, or whose production directly contributed to the suffering of animals.

A fortune awaits the first entrepreneur to sell bondage gear guaranteed not to cause global warming.

I hope the matching earrings are pleather too.

Why Not Try Stalinism?

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Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) knows just how to lower gas prices without increasing supply or strengthening the dollar: expropriate "windfall profits" and then impose a Soviet-style government commission to regulate how much profit oil companies can make. In case the absurdity of this proposal isn't self-evident, Colin McNickle helps explain:

First, the more you tax something, the less you get of it. In this case, that means less domestically discovered and procured oil and refined gasoline and more foreign oil. Right-wing theory? Hardly. Review the data from the 1980s, the last time "windfall" oil profits were taxed:
Domestic production dropped between 3 percent and 6 percent and dependence on foreign oil increased between 8 percent and 16 percent, reported the Congressional Research Service. […]
Second, an analysis by the Tax Foundation (in 2005) found that, since 1977, governments collected tax revenues "more than twice the amount of domestic profits earned by major U.S. oil companies." Of course, Congressman Kanjorski's "windfall profits" levy would not apply to the only true "gouger" in this equation — state and federal governments.
Third, there are many other industries whose profits per dollar of sales equal or exceed those of Big Oil; they're not targeted by Kanjorksi. Apparently, "windfall" is in the blind eye of the tax 'em beholder, usually holding a lifetime membership in The Club for the Economic Ignorami.
Fourth, this concept of a "Reasonable Profits Board" is an incredibly slippery slope that, when applied by slippery politicos, could leave no business standing. Today, Big Oil; tomorrow, Big Software. Why risk any investment when the extent of your rewards is either predetermined by government or trampled by government when your enterprise is "too successful"?

The solution, as usual, is for the government to get out of the way:

Greater domestic drilling and refining capacity would go a long way to start fixing the problem. It also would send a strong message abroad and bolster the weak dollar, said to account for about $40 of each barrel of crude.

Once again the wisdom of Ronaldus Maximus is confirmed:

In the present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.
The problem personified: congressional kleptocrat Paul Kanjorski.

On a tip from V the K.

AP's Notion of the "Far Right"

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So far the most alarming thing about the absurd yet menacing Obama campaign is the insight it provides into the extreme left-wing ideology of the "mainstream" media that is trying to install this unqualified fanatic in the White House. As the media emerges from the closet in its tie-dyed T-shirts and Mao Zedong hats, it's becoming almost unsurprising that AP would imply that anyone who disagrees with the outlandish Roe v Wade decision is "the far right":

McCain, the eventual GOP nominee, promised to appoint judges in the mold of Roberts and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, saying they would interpret the law strictly to curb the scope of their rulings. While McCain didn't mention abortion, the far right understands that such nominees would be likely to limit or perhaps overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

Roe v Wade is among the most blatant examples in our history of the Supreme Court seizing power to which it is not entitled and legislating from the bench. It risibly claims that the Founding Fathers granted us a "right" to kill our own children. The disastrous decision has resulted in tens of millions of deaths, and has undermined the democratic nature of our government. Yet if you oppose it, whether on humanitarian or constitutional grounds, you're the one who's a fanatic — according to the extremists who run the media.

Soon "the far right" will become even more outrageous by objecting to the Obama regime seizing property from Caucasians, as is already done back in his ancestral and ideological homeland.

Obama Sharpton
To pass this off as acceptable, everything else has to be made "far right."

Hat tip: NewsBusters, on a tip from Cheetah.

Trinity United Kids Activity Book

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Doug Ross @ Journal has acquired a copy of a Kids Activity Book from Barack Obama's deranged church. A couple of sample pages:



With all the fun Reverend Wrong has had — hopping around in front of his adoring audience, waving his arms and screaming "God damn America" — it's nice to see the younger children are enjoying themselves too.

On a tip from Burning Hot.

May 6, 2008

First Efforts to Repeal Biofuel Boondoggle

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Just last Christmas, Congress passed another bill ramming more ethanol down our throats. But already some pols are trying to reduce the new requirements in light of the skyrocketing food prices that unsurprisingly resulted from forcing us to give our food to our cars.

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) is going to introduce a bill to abandon last year's ethanol bill. Unfortunately, it has no chance of passing:

House Democratic leaders have given no indication of retreating from the ethanol requirement.

Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) is regrettably chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. The reason he opposes lightening up on new ethanol requirements is priceless: it could "lead to unintended consequences."

Too bad clowns like Dingleberry didn't think of unintended consequences before they started imposing biofuels in the first place.

When people get hungry enough, the boondoggle will end. Similarly, gas will eventually become so expensive that the restrictions on drilling that have been imposed to appease envirowackos will be lifted. It might take a large mob of villagers closing in on Capitol Hill with torches ablaze, but it will happen.

On that joyous day, environmental mania will be over. If only we could just end it now, before the unnecessary hardship becomes extreme.

Dingleberry: "Huh? Something about food prices?"

On a tip from mega.

Moonbat Quote of the Day

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Rosie O'Donnell on the ravings of Barack Obama's spiritual mentor and "sounding board" Jeremiah Wright, best known from screaming "God damn American," accusing America of inventing AIDS to oppress blacks, and triumphantly crowing that America got what it deserved on 9/11:

I listen to him, and frankly, it made sense to me. I totally understood what he was saying.

Once again we see that Obama's base has no problem with Reverend Wrong. No wonder it took Obama's handlers so long to get him to throw his old friend overboard.

Clearly on Reverend Wrong's wavelength.

Global Warming Will Kill Bugs and Make There Be Too Many of Them

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Not only polar bears are oppressed by the nonexistent global warming phenomenon, but also bugs. The BBC claims that in warmer latitudes, bugs will die from the heat, which will be bad. It will also cause there to be more bugs at higher latitudes, which will also be bad.

As with temperatures, bug demographics must never fluctuate if they are to meet with the approval of the Beeb.

The trouble will occur when bugs

struggle to cope with the 5.4C rise in tropical temperatures expected by 2100.

No attempt is made to support the 5.4°C temperature stat. Maybe they should master predicting the weather next weekend before telling us what it will be in 92 years.

A bug.

On a tip from conservativeteen.

Daily Mail Outs Hippy-Crites

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:07 AM

Outing all the celebrity hypocrites who live lives of conspicuous overconsumption while calling on the rest of us to subsist like medieval peasants is a task fit for Hercules. The Daily Mail rolls up its sleeves and gets started:

Trudie Styler demands we eat more locally grown vegetables. She recently ordered her personal chef to travel over 100 miles to make a bowl of pasta. She and her hubbie Sting have a carbon footprint 30 times the British average.

John Travolta says that the global warming farce is "a very valid issue" and that "everyone can do their bit." Everyone but him, that is; he owns five private planes, including a Boeing 707 that can carry 150 passengers, but that he flies with no one on board.

Coldplay singer Chris Martin ostentatiously ordered 10,000 mango trees to be planted to offset the carbon supposedly emitted by one of his band's albums. Meanwhile, he flies home between gigs on his private jet, allegedly traveling 100,000 miles per year. Many of the mango trees died.

Leonardo DiCaprio spent $millions on The 11th Hour, an environmentalist schlockumentary apparently styled after A Convenient Lie. He drives a hybrid, and brags about the solar panels on his mansion. But he's known as "Leonardo the Learjet Liberal" for refusing to stop flying his family around on a private jet.

Brad Pitt drives a hybrid and opines that "There's a lot of problems in the world right now because of our dependency on oil." Pitt himself is dependent on it to fly all over the planet in a private jet.

Barbra Streisand nags us to use compact fluorescent light bulbs and clean the condenser coils on our refrigerators to save energy. Despite earlier promises to be touring for the last time, she went on the road again last year. The vehicle list included "13 53ft semi-tractor trailers, four rental vans, 14 crew and band buses and one limousine."

Madonna headlined the London segment of last year's Live Earth crusade, which Matt Bellamy of Muse referred to as "private jets for climate change." She has over £1 million invested in oil exploration, mining, and other economically crucial but environmentally incorrect projects. She too flies around on her own jet.

Prince Charles rousingly declared:

I don't think there is a more urgent issue for any of us to be addressing at work, at home and indeed in every facet of our lives, than climate change.

He flew a team of 14 from England to New York to collect an environmental awareness award, then made up for it by traveling around in a luxurious £50 million greenwashed yacht.

Clowns like Sped Begley, who makes toast with a bicycle-powered generator, and Daryl Hannah, whom police have had to extract from other people's trees, are nutty enough to believe in the trendy cult of environmentalism. But to their credit, most of the glitterati seem able to see through it, their sanctimonious posturing notwithstanding.

John Travolta International Airport.

On a tip from V the K.

Obama's Communist Backers

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:16 AM

Nice Deb gives a little background on some of the communists who keep black supremacists company in Barack Obama's closet:

Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's childhood mentor, was a racist kook and member of the Moscow-controlled Communist Party USA. The poetry he would read to young Obama included lines like "Smash on, victory-eating Red Army." Davis believed that American and British "rich industrialists" wanted Hitler to win WWII, so that communists could be oppressed. Nonetheless, the Hitler-Stalin pact did not cause him to leave the Party. His poetry documents his vehement hatred of Caucasians, capitalism, Christianity, and America. In Dreams From My Father, Obama quotes Davis's advice not to "start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that ####."

Sam Graham-Felsen runs Obama's blog. As noted earlier, he is a communist who shares Obama's philosophy of keeping the rhetoric toned down until power has been seized.

Tim Wheeler is a member of the Communist Party USA National Board and was editor of the party paper People's Weekly World for over a decade. He's an active member of the Obama campaign in Baltimore.

Barack Senior, the father who abandoned his kooky anthropologist mom, was a role model whose ideals Obama openly aspires to emulate. He was a communist, who believed in 100% taxation, communal farms, the nationalization of businesses not owned by ethnic Europeans and Asians, and most ominously of all, "active" measures to bring about a classless society — i.e., a totalitarian slave state.

Socialists for Obama wants to "change this country from the current capitalist unfair system, into a real socialist, democratic system for all." What "democratic" means in this context, only a moonbat could tell you.

Marxists/Socialists/Communists for Obama supports Obama because "under Karl Marx's writings we are to support the party with the best interests of the mobilization of the proletariat" and because Obama "knows what is best for the people!"

Communist Party USA crows:

Barack Obama's campaign has so far generated the most excitement, attracted the most votes, most volunteers and the most money. We think the basic reason for this is that his campaign has the clearest message of unity and progressive change, while having a real possibility for victory in November.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is not a Democrat but an actual Socialist. Nonetheless, even his voting record is to the right of Obama's. But he does support Obama, to the extent of calling him "one of the great leaders of the United States Senate," though Obama had only been a Senator for two years.

Jeremiah Wright's "religion," Black Liberation Theology, to which he recruited Obama 20 years ago, doesn't just stand for hatred of Caucasians, but also for Marxism. As Reverend Bob Schenck of the National Clergy Council explains:

Reverend Wright is absolutely committed to what he calls "black liberation theology." Well, "liberation theology" has its roots in Latin American liberation theology. And if you ask the average Christian leader in this country, it is way, way outside the mainstream of Christian belief, and, in fact, it's based in Marxism. At the core of his theology is really an anti-Christian understanding of God, and as part of a long history of individuals who actually advocate using violence in overthrowing those they perceive to be oppressing them, even acts of murder have been defended by followers of liberation theology. That's very, very dangerous.

Michelle Obama describes her economic philosophy:

[S]omeone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.

William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who traded their careers as leftist terrorists for still more damaging ones in academia, are of course communists. Obama's political career was launched at their house. A sample of Ayers's wit and wisdom:

Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents.

Here's how Dohrn responded to the Manson Family's murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and friends:

Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim's stomach! Wild!

Communism — an ideology in whose name over 100,000,000 people have been killed by their own governments — is a natural haven for psychotic freaks like Obama's friends Ayers and Dohrn.

Daniel Ortega, being an old enemy of the USA, naturally endorses Obama.

Obama lackey Bill Richardson implies that Hugo Chavez, probably America's most obnoxiously bellicose enemy, also endorses Obama.

If the leftist ideologues running the establishment media are successful in their campaign to install Obama in the White House, no one can say we weren't warned of the disaster that will ensue.


On a tip from V the K.

Stephen King Insults Troops, Rallies Nutroots

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:46 AM

Has-been horror hack Stephen King wrote some good tales back in the 70s, but for the last few decades has been known mostly for his self-indulgently bloated writing style and wince-inducing political correctness. Following the example of fellow New England moonbat John "Botched Joke" Kerry, King has denounced the American military as being the last refuge of those too uneducated to find a better job.

The original Kerry quote:

You know education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. And if you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.

Stephen King's echo, delivered to a group of high school students at the Library of Congress last month (via NewsBusters):

I don't want to sound like an ad, a public service ad on TV, but the fact is if you can read, you can walk into a job later on. If you don't, then you've got, the Army, Iraq, I don't know, something like that. It's, it's not as bright. So, that's my little commercial for that.

Instead of attempting to pass off his nasty and treasonous slander as a "botched joke" like Kerry did, King tried to rally readers to take revenge on NewsBusters' Noel Sheppard for reporting it. On his website, King commanded the remnants of his fan base to "find Sheppard on the internet" — with an embedded link to Sheppard's blog so they wouldn't have to wear out their minds looking. Loyal moonbats were instructed to write "Hi, Noel — Stephen King says to shut up and I agree."

Remember "They're Creeping Up on You," the story King wrote as a segment in Creepshow? Evil capitalist E.G. Marshall is besieged by legions of cockroaches. At the end he's just lying there dead, but then all the roaches come bursting out of his corpse. Apparently this is the fate King was trying to inflict on Sheppard.

PS: King says he supports the troops.

Set upon by King's loyal fans.

On a tip from Cheetah.

May 5, 2008

No, I Meant Expropriate Someone Else's Money

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:00 PM

Amazon is going to court to prevent greedy liberals like Governor David Paterson from charging New York State sales tax on the products sold by the Washington-based company.

Here's hoping Amazon wins the suit — and that its founder and supreme leader Jeff Bezos learns from the experience. The multibillionaire Bezos donates generously to leftist politicians, including such vociferous moonbats as John Conyers, Patty Murray, and Patrick Leahy, none of whom are ever likely to run on a platform of letting people keep their own money.

Bezos discovers that what goes around, comes around.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Able-Bodied White Males Need Not Apply

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:28 PM

AT&T recognizes the importance of diversity, blah blah blah, and therefore discriminates against suppliers on the basis of race, gender, and disability.

Those officially listed as targeted for preferences include Women Business Enterprises, Minority Business Enterprises, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Asian-Indian Americans, and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises. Wordy definitions are given for each privileged group.

It would save a lot of verbiage if AT&T just stated, "We don't do business with able-bodied white males." But then homosexual able-bodied white males would probably sue.

On a tip from Dave D.

Give Peas a Chance

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:31 PM

It looks like the Arrogant Worms are on board with the campaign to establish human rights for plants:

On a tip from Lyle.

Public School Helps Parents Create 9-Year-Old Transsexual Freakazoid

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:53 AM

It's come to this in suburban Philadelphia:

Parents of a third-grade student at Chatham Park Elementary School approached the administration on April 16 to ask for help in making a "social transition" for their child.
The Haverford School District consulted experts on transgender children, then sent letters to parents advising them that the guidance counselor would meet with the school's 100 third-grade students to explain why their classmate would now wear girls' clothes and be called by a girl's name.

With help from moonbatty parents and educrats, childhood gender delusions can be nurtured into full-blown psychoses. The kid had better go into a lucrative profession, because he's going to have hefty psychiatrist bills for the rest of his life.

On a tip from Oiao.


Posted by Dave Blount at 11:11 AM

Great news for guilt-ridden neurotics: driving a car can now alleviate the nonexistent global warming crisis. Of course, you'll have to pay more.

Customers of Enterprise, Alamo, and National are now asked to pay $1.25 extra for an eco-indulgence to make up for driving the car they rent. The money will allegedly be matched and then handed over to the brazen enviroswindlers at TerraPass.

Fortunately for the plant life that requires CO2 for photosynthesis, the greedy scam is unlikely to have any measurable effect on carbon emissions.

On tips from Wiggins and Matt L.

Witness Sues over Having to Look at Crime Scene

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:48 AM

Another lunatic lawsuit from suburban New York:

A van driver who claims he is suffering post-traumatic stress after he was forced to stay near the uncovered body of slain Mount Vernon Police Officer Christopher Ridley is planning to sue White Plains and Westchester County.
Antonio Howard saw four Westchester County officers shoot Ridley on Jan. 25 outside county office buildings on Court Street in White Plains. He says that he then was kept in his van by White Plains police for about an hour as they investigated the shooting and that he since has suffered panic attacks, insomnia and other mood changes that have damaged his personal life and left him unable to work.

Ridley, who was off duty, was shot by mistake when he failed to identify himself as an officer or put down his gun. There will of course also be a wrongful death lawsuit. Whenever anything happens, taxpayers get sued.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Hoaxers Examine Their Tea Leaves

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:32 AM

Ninety percent of the world's ice is in Antarctica, where it has been thickening. Global warming hoaxers have been twisting themselves into pretzels, attempting to reconcile this fact with their hysterical lies about melting ice spelling doom for the planet.

James Overland of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claims that an ozone hole over the Antarctic is masking conditions there, keeping temperatures low. Later the ozone hole will close up, so we're still doomed.

Gareth Marshall of the British Antarctic Survey floats this one: climate change causes Antarctic winds to blow harder, trapping colder air. But this will decrease at an undisclosed future date, so we're still doomed.

Gabbles Marshall:

The tea leaves point to a minimal amount of sea ice next September, that would be the same as we had last summer, 40 percent loss compared to 20 years ago.

At least tea leaves are an improvement over the phony computer models they've been using to find their predetermined results.

On a tip from hiram13pm.

Obama Pal Bill Ayers Stomps on Old Glory

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:44 AM

Here's a shot of Obama's friend Bill Ayers, the guy at whose house his political career was launched.


You might recognize the flag under his feet: it's ours. The picture is from 2001, when Ayers was serving on the board of the Woods Fund with Obama. He gave $200 to Obama's State Senate campaign fund that year, and in the September 11 New York Times announced,

I don't regret setting bombs; I feel we didn't do enough.

Ayers was extensively involved in terrorist activity directed against the USA, but got off on a technicality and is now a revered figure in the education establishment. His views do not seem to have changed.

Despite being a member of Barack Obama's circle, Ayers actually has something nice to say about America:

Guilty as sin, free as a bird, it's a great country.

If the MSM is able to install his colleague Obama in the White House, it will soon be an even greater country for those who hate it, though significantly less great for the rest of us.

Hat tips: Marathon Pundit, Backyard Conservative; on a tip from V the K.

Next on the Moonbat Agenda: Plants Rights

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:10 AM

"Stay Off the Grass" signs may take on new import in light of European efforts to extend human rights to plants:

At the request of the Swiss government, an ethics panel has weighed in on the "dignity" of plants and opined that the arbitrary killing of flora is morally wrong. This is no hoax. The concept of what could be called "plant rights" is being seriously debated.
A few years ago the Swiss added to their national constitution a provision requiring "account to be taken of the dignity of creation when handling animals, plants and other organisms." No one knew exactly what it meant, so they asked the Swiss Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology to figure it out. The resulting report, "The Dignity of Living Beings with Regard to Plants," is enough to short circuit the brain.
A "clear majority" of the panel adopted what it called a "biocentric" moral view, meaning that "living organisms should be considered morally for their own sake because they are alive." Thus, the panel determined that we cannot claim "absolute ownership" over plants and, moreover, that "individual plants have an inherent worth."

This is a natural progression of the depraved lunacy resulting from the disavowal of the human soul. According to liberal dogma, human life is just a random, meaningless accident. Therefore, it's okay to kill your baby, and as PETA's Ingrid Newkirk puts it,

A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.

Now we can add to that, "is a clump of crabgrass."

One of the near-term consequences of this latest advance in moral depravity is the likely finding that the genetically modified crops we need to combat world hunger would compromise "plant dignity" by causing plants to "lose their independence." Feeding the hungry may turn out to be immoral, according to our elitist priesthood of militant moonbat nihilists.

Ingrid Newkirk's depravity has been surpassed.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin; on tips from ToddonCapeCod and Burning Hot.

Australian Liberal Party Leader Survives Seat-Sniffing Confession

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:15 AM

Liberals certainly do have some interesting proclivities. Troy Buswell of the Liberal Party has survived a challenge to his position as Western Australian Opposition Leader after admitting to sniffing the chair of a female colleague.

Grovels a chastised Buswell:

I'm certainly focused on making sure that I improve my behavior as required.

Fortunately for Buttsmell, his loyal wife defends his seat-sniffing indiscretion. But former Liberal Party lead Paul Omodei warns there are more Buswell revelations to come.

Buswell is also known to have chased the same female colleague around his office on his hands and knees. No doubt Slick Willie feels his pain.

Mr. and Mrs. Buttsmell.

May 4, 2008

Curse of the Hilldebeast Claims Eight Belles

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:41 PM

If you're ever at the track with Shrillary and you see her lay down a bet, lay down yours on some other horse.

After she ordered Chelsea to put money on Eight Belles at the Kentucky Derby yesterday, the filly broke both front ankles and had to be euthanized right on the track.

Maybe the Hilldog should try betting on Obama…

On a tip from heckrules.

Global Warming Causes Shark Attacks

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:29 PM

Even the hoaxers are admitting that it isn't getting warmer and probably won't for years. But that's no reason not to panic. The nonexistent global warming phenomenon is now causing shark attacks.

There have been four fatal shark attacks already this year, after only one last year. Sure it could be due to more people in the water, an overabundance of seals resulting in an overabundance of sharks, or most likely, random chance. But the Guardian reports:

Another contributory factor to the location of shark attacks could be global warming and rising sea temperatures.

There it is at last: evidence that global warming hurt someone.

If only they'd used compact fluorescent light bulbs.

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Change They Can Believe In

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LA Do-Gooder Bureaucretin Hands Out Money to Gangbangers

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Via This Goes to 11, an appalling report on Janice Hahn, the Los Angeles Councilwoman who is handing out taxpayers' money to vicious gang members:

Not all of the free cash showered upon felonious "gang intervention workers" is stolen from taxpayers. Some is provided by trendy Tinseltown sociopaths who donate to Unity One, through which public money is funneled into criminals' pockets. Donors include Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, and Mike Farrell — all of whom have pushed the envelope of moonbattery right over the edge.

Basically LA's local government is forcing normal citizens to spend their money the way unhinged moonbats who have too much of it spend theirs.

One day gangsters will be running this country, the way they ran Iraq until a few years ago — after liberals have handed it to them.

Reverend Wrong Stole Parishioner's Wife

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Recruiting Barack Obama to the racist cult of Black Liberation Theology isn't Jeremiah Wright's only notable accomplishment. He also managed to steal the wife of a parishioner who sought his help in saving his troubled marriage.

Reverend Wrong allegedly "moved in on" Delmer Reed's wife Ramah while counseling the couple. The counseling resulted in a divorce, followed by Wright marrying Ramah.

The nice thing about a "religion" based not on morality but on hatred is that anything goes, so long as you denounce America and stick it to Whitey.

Delmer Reed isn't giving details because

I don't want my kids to hear anything negative about their stepfather.

But by now the whole country has heard plenty negative about Reverend Wrong — to the chagrin of Barack O'Bigot and his MSM enablers.

"Out of the way, sister. This next one looks nicer."

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Want Gas Taxes Cut? Then You're Stupid

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As the MSM would rather you not know, the government takes much more in taxes than energy companies do in profits on the gas you buy. The fastest way to lower gas prices is to cut taxes, which McCain has proposed. Shrillary climbed aboard, screeching that she wants to cut gas taxes too; she'll make up for the tax shortfall by looting oil companies.

You would think her Marxist/Leninist version of a tax cut would find favor with the MSM. But no tax cut is a good tax cut according to Fourth Estate. If you disagree, it's because you're too stupid to listen when liberal newspaper editorialists attempt to enlighten you.

MSNBC's Jonathan Alter explains (via NewsBusters):

[Shrillary & Co. are] essentially assuming that people are too stupid to realize that this is a bad idea [… But Shrillary might convince voters to go for it] because there are a lot of what are called "low information" voters. You know, they're really not reading the unanimous, unanimous newspaper editorials against this. They're not talking to the environmentalists, the economists, everybody who unanimously believes this is a bad idea.

"Everybody" means everybody with a seat at the table of the liberal establishment — not counting those less fanatical than MSNBC.

Alter does like the part about looting the oil companies with a "windfall profits" smash and grab; he just doesn't want any tax relief for consumers. Speaking of stupid, one of the reasons he opposes it is that affordable gasoline would allegedly exacerbate the nonexistent global warming crisis.

Rogaine owes Alter a refund.

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May 3, 2008

Teenage Muslim Murdered by Father for Talking to Infidel

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The latest from the Religion of Peace:

An Iraqi teenage girl was brutally murdered by her father in an "honour killing" after she fell in love with a British soldier in Basra.
Seventeen-year-old Rand Abdel-Qader told her best friend how she had fallen for Paul, a 22-year-old she met at a charity where she worked as a volunteer.
When her father learned she had been seen speaking to a foreigner he rushed home and butchered her, strangling and stabbing her while screaming that he was "cleansing his honour".
He was arrested, but Iraqi police took no action.

There was no suggestion of a physical relationship. Just talking to an infidel is crime enough. Her two brothers assisted in Rand's murder, which was accomplished by standing on her throat and stabbing her.

Police released the father after two hours. After all, he was only cleansing his honor.

This is the culture Europe is allowing to supplant its own in the name of multiculturalism.

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Corzine Puts the Screws to New Jersey Businesses

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Businesses fleeing New York to New Jersey to escape onerous regulations might want to reconsider in light of family leave legislation Governor Jon Corzine just signed into law.

Those trying to do business in New Jersey are now required to provide up to six weeks per year of paid leave for employees with newborns, newly adopted children, or sick relatives. This comes in addition to maternity, disability, and sick leave, not to mention vacation.

New Jersey lost 10,500 private sector jobs in the first quarter. Now businesses have another strong reason not to hire unless absolutely necessary. But the fewer people who work for a living, the better the election prospects of Democrats like Corzine.

Corzine with a fellow leftist.

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Obama/Wright Mentality Catching on in Elementary School

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The political mentality of Barack Obama and his temporarily sidelined mentor Jeremiah Wright has found fertile soil at a Brooklyn elementary school:

Disturbing, gang-like graffiti is cropping up all over a Brooklyn elementary school, marring a playground, classrooms and two teachers' cars, authorities said.
The troubling words "Jump White People" and abbreviation "JWP" have appeared at Public School 224 in East New York about a dozen times in the past three weeks, and some teachers are concerned that it's not being taken seriously.

One day this may be the national motto, like it probably is in Zimbabwe.

Obama captures the grade school demographic.

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May 2, 2008

Pervert Barbarians Shut Down Free Speech at Smith College

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The concept of free speech remains very much out of favor on liberal-dominated college campuses. reports:

Dozens of lesbian activists at Smith College climbed in through windows and stormed the podium in a riot scene shortly after Ryan Sorba began a speech on his upcoming book, The Born Gay Hoax. The melee forced an end to the speech before a packed hall in the library on the Northampton campus. Uniformed police officers and a plainclothes security guard were in the room but mostly just stood and watched. Rather than take action against the rioters, the officers and a university official walked to the podium and ordered Sorba to leave the room "for his own safety."
There were no arrests and no charges of disorderly conduct. This would seem to be a clear violation of the Massachusetts' Civil Rights statutes. offers thorough documentation of this appalling chapter in our civilization's decline, including videos of militant homosexuals banging pots and pans, carrying on like monkeys, and finally assaulting the podium as security stands around tacitly approving.

This is one way the radical Left manages to maintain its total hegemony over "higher" education. Both Stalin and Gramsci would be delighted.

What civilization is up against.

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Mr. Gay U.K. Goes Jeffrey Dahmer

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In alternative lifestyle news:

The first winner of the Mr Gay UK contest has been charged with murdering a man amid fears he planned to eat the corpse.
Anthony Morley, 35, was held after Damian Oldfield's body was found at a house in Harehills, Leeds, with a chunk cut out of the right leg.
Police are said to have found human flesh diced as though "for cooking".
Officers are now having to consider the possibility that the killer had "eaten some of the flesh."
They were alerted after a man, covered in blood and wearing a white nightgown and slippers, went into a nearby kebab shop.

As Ace comments, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

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Olympian Moonbats Celebrate May Day

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The traditional communist holiday May Day is very special in moonbat-infested Olympia, Washington. A few pictures of yesterday's festivities:

Knowing they'd have to touch hippies, cops wisely wore gloves.

A Fidel Castro wannabe blocks the Governor's office.

A rock-throwing moonbat breaks a bank window.

Moonbats leave their mark on the state Capitol.

We don't need oil when we can just travel by skateboard.

Even Death took part in the fun.

Won't it be wonderful when these folks have their candidate Obama in the White House, and we can watch their vision for America's future unfold?

Hat tips: Caption This!, Knowledge Is Power.

Living Large on the Taxpayers' Dime

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Congressmen have been traveling in style, driving extravagantly expensive luxury cars and leaving it for us to pay the bills — including not only the leases but gas, insurance, and registration.

Congressman Charles Rangel was recently seen getting out of his Cadillac DeVille, which he leases for $774 per month. Then there was Congressman Jose Serrano, getting out of his Buick LaCrosse, which he leases for $317 per month. And how about this one: Congressman Gregory Meeks was recently seen waiting for Congressman John Conyers to step out of Meeks' Lexus LS460, which Meeks leases for $998 per month.

As you might have surmised from the suppression of party affiliation, all of these parasites are Democrats.

Charlie Rangel explains himself:

The car isn't just a vehicle for getting around; it's an important part of doing my job and my constituents appreciate it.

Rangel is the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. He's in charge of how the money expropriated from your paycheck gets flushed away. It's nice to know people appreciate it.

Rangel: "My constituents appreciate it."

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Home Mortgage Crisis Claim High-Profile Victim

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The home mortgage crisis has claimed another victim: motor-mouthed former baseball player Jose Canseco, who deliberately walked away from his $2.5 million mansion because he didn't feel like paying for it. Explains Canseco:

I do have a judgment on my home and it to me is very strange because it didn't make financial sense for me to keep paying a mortgage on a home that was basically owned by someone else.

Some might think that because Canseco was paid $millions upon $millions to play baseball, he could afford to pay his bills. Not true:

You know my life, this financial thing, is a very complicated issue. Obviously, when you make all that money, people think, "OK, let's assume it is $35 million." People have to understand that $35 million, you're paying the government 41 percent. That leaves you with about $17 or $18 million, not even. Then you're taking care of your whole family.

Speaking of family, he says a couple of divorces have cost him $7 or $8 million.

Let's bring in the federal government, so that those of us who pay our own way can bail out poor Jose and others who don't like it when the bills come due.

True he's a zillionaire — but steroids aren't cheap.

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Heidi Cullen Openly Advocates Using Weather Channel for Propaganda

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At least the Weather Channel's leftist "climate expert" Heidi Cullen is forthcoming about her belief that even weather reports and Google Earth should bend to her political agenda.

At a circle jerk entitled "Covering a Changing Climate: The Media Challenge," Cullen announced that TWC's is "the most powerful tool that exists" for duping the gullible into believing in the global warming hoax. She wants to use Google Earth to simulate the catastrophic changes that would allegedly occur if the hoax were real.

The Weather Channel's founder John Coleman has loudly denounced the increasingly preposterous hoax, even pointing out that Al Gore ought to be sued for fraud. But the outfit has been taken over by moonbats like Cullen, who is "horrified" that her objectivity has been questioned, despite being such a bare-knuckle ideologue that she called for meteorologists who won't play along with the hoax to be silenced with decertification.

Meanwhile, desperate hoaxers have been forced to admit there won't be any global warming for the next seven years — but after that we're really in trouble unless we cough up more money now.

Cullen proves that with moonbats, even the weather is a lie.

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Good News from U.K.

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Could it be that a survival mechanism is starting to kick in among British voters? The Beeb grieves:

Gordon Brown says it has been a "bad and disappointing" election for Labour, as the party suffers its worst council results in at least 40 years. BBC research suggests Labour won 24% of votes cast in England and Wales, behind the Tories on 44% and Lib Dems on 25%. So far Labour has lost 297 councillors and key councils like Reading. Tory gains include Bury and North Tyneside.

Now if only we could count on British conservatives to actually be conservative, in contrast to our own increasingly moonbatty Republican Party.

Labour's Gordon Brown.

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Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Gina Elise

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Not all of the heroes in our current war take up arms against Islamic terrorists. Take Gina Elise for example:

A few years ago, I started seeing news articles about under-funded Veterans' healthcare programs. Then, there were stories about older Veterans who lay in bed day after day, never receiving any visitors. Reports started surfacing on TV about the severe injuries sustained by our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The more I heard about the uphill battles of our Wounded Warriors, the more convinced I was of the need to produce a project that would bring in funds to support all of our hospitalized Veterans.

Rather than yelp to the government, Gina rolled up her sleeves and got to work herself.

My late Grandpa Lou served in the army for 4 years during World War II. I wanted to do something to honor his name. I always loved the romance of those bygone eras — especially the 1940's — and I drew inspiration from the World War II pin-up girls, whose photos and paintings boosted morale for our soldiers fighting overseas.

Her pinup calendars certainly do boost morale. The proceeds go to help hospitalized vets. In addition, free calendars go to ill or injured vets and to troops out in the field, as reminders that not all Americans support the troops by demanding they surrender.

Get your calendar here. No one can say it isn't for a good cause.

Where do I sign up?

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May 1, 2008

Hollyweird Spits Up Yet Another Anti-War Movie

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Failure after failure after failure is no reason for Tinseltown to stop cranking out one anti-war movie after another. By now it's obvious the glitterpigs aren't even trying to make money. They just want to demoralize our troops and bask in the approval they lavish on each other for being obnoxious and seditious.

The latest is War, Inc., featuring the squishy, damp little mollusk John Cusack, who shares his political wisdom:

(The movie) was just a reaction to the war and all the insanity behind using the 9/11 attacks to make an imperial land grab in the Middle East. We really wanted to channel our outrage a little bit into something creative.

Journalists, college professors, and Arab terrorists will love War, Inc.. Normal Americans will ignore it, just like they ignored Stop Loss, Redacted, Rendition, Lions for Lambs, In the Valley of Elah, Badland, and Cusack's previous anti-American flop, Grace Is Gone.

Grace is gone, all right. So are patriotism, decency, and a post–junior high understanding of what's going on in the world — from Tinseltown, anyway. Unfortunately the money isn't gone, and until it is they will keep right on rubbing their diminishing audience's faces in enemy propaganda.

Outraged by America.

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Baltimore Bureauweenie Compares Plastic Bags with Holocaust

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Liberals would be hard pressed to push moral equivalence any farther than Baltimore City Councilman James Kraft, who has equated failure to ban plastic shopping bags with the Holocaust.

Squeaks Kraft:

We don't want to be criticized by future generations for not doing enough now as were those who dealt with the Germans then.

Although they are cheaper and require less energy to manufacture than paper bags, plastic bags are deemed by moonbats to be an affront to Gaia. Banning them would further raise the price of buying food. But that's a small price to pay for preventing an environmental Holocaust.

Via Lazer Beams, the moral equivalent of not banning plastic shopping bags.

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Kangaroo Court Finds Port Authority More to Blame Than Terrorists for 1993 WTC Bombing

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It took awhile, but the lunatic asylums that pass for our courts have figured out who was to blame for Islam's first attempt to bring down the World Trade Center in 1993. The culprit wasn't Muslim terrorists. It was the Port Authority.

A state appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the Port Authority was liable for damages caused by the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, because it knew about but chose to ignore "an extreme and potentially catastrophic vulnerability that would have been open and obvious to any terrorist who cared to investigate and exploit it."
The ruling unanimously upheld a jury's verdict that the agency was 68 percent liable for the bombing and the terrorists 32 percent liable. Under state rules, because the Port Authority's liability was more than 50 percent, it can be forced to pay all the damages to injured survivors and to relatives of those killed.

This makes perfect sense in light of how difficult it can be to collect massive settlements when suing terrorists. How convenient for terrorists that even when their bombs don't bring a building down, they can just sit back and wait for us to destroy ourselves with lawsuits.

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Feminazis Strike a Blow against Equality

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Feminist moonbattery has struck another blow against the unstylish notion of equality before the law. In Australia:

A woman meets a man in a bar or at a party. She likes the man. He likes the woman. She may not normally be a sex on the first night kind of girl. But they have a number of drinks. Fuelled by alcohol, they put aside their inhibitions. The woman goes home with the man. She says yes to sex. In the morning, the man makes it clear it was a one-night stand. The woman is deeply offended and regrets her drunken decision. She claims rape. Under new rape laws introduced in NSW this year, that man is likely to be convicted as a rapist. He is likely to go to prison.

To bring about a more politically correct society, the rules have been changed:

Now, in a contest between he said it was consensual and she said it was rape, a jury may be forced to convict the man of rape without any further corroborating evidence.
The new laws say that if a woman is "substantially affected" by alcohol, she may lack the capacity to consent to sex even if she says "yes" to sex. More disturbing, even if a man honestly believes consent was given, his state of mind is now irrelevant. Now, the man is effectively deemed to have knowledge of lack of consent if there are no reasonable grounds for believing consent was given. And it gets worse. When asked to determine whether the man had no reasonable grounds for believing the woman gave consent, the jury must ignore the fact that the man was drunk.
In other words, the fact that the woman who says "yes" to sex is drunk is highly relevant: it may vitiate her consent. But the man's intoxication must be ignored when working out whether he had "reasonable grounds" for believing consent was given. It is a curious law that says alcohol only affects the cognitive abilities of women.

Phony rapes are to be treated just like real ones, for which punishment is fittingly severe:

As the President of the NSW Bar Association, Anna Katzmann SC, has pointed out, these new laws mean that the intoxicated man will be treated just like "the true rapist, the aggressor who inflicts himself on his victim, knowing they do not consent". There is no gradation of penalties.

How ironic that the sort of liberal totalitarians who come up with this insanity accuse conservatives of wanting the government in the bedroom for not endorsing the sacrilege of homosexual "marriage." More ironic still, the result could be a brake on the sexual promiscuity the Left has promoted so relentlessly. No wonder they want to pervert or shut down eHarmony, lest men start thinking in terms of meaningful relationships instead of increasingly dangerous one-night stands.

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Homosexual Militants Go After eHarmony

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eHarmony is a successful dating site targeting those interested in marriage and family rather than sleazy short-term hookups. Founded by a Christian, it is far too wholesome to be tolerated by moonbats, who are enraged that it doesn't facilitate the spread of AIDS through homosexual depravity.

In a crime against political correctness, eHarmony only offers the options "man seeking woman" and "woman seeking man" — there's no way to enter preferences like "pervert seeking boy."

Imagine living in a country so twisted by decadence and authoritarianism that the State will not permit a heterosexual dating site. Depending on the outcome of a legal jihad by homosexual militants, we may already live in such a country — to the apparent delight of Newsweek.

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Roseanne Barr Calls for Riots at DNC Convention

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The ever thoughtful and refined Roseanne Barr, on Err Un-American's American Afternoon program, via the Radio Equalizer:

But you know, we have a lot of power and there is a Democratic Convention in Denver in just a short time and we should a bunch of us go there and repeat the Democratic Convention from Chicago [which erupted in wide-scale riots]. Like, let's just cause a bunch of trouble. Let's wrest back our government from what, six or seven you know guys like McCain and Romney and Bush from the top. Let's just go take it. It's ours. Nobody gives it to you, you just go take it. Let's meet in Denver and let's do it. […] I'll even put some of my own money into it because I'm like committed.

It's nice to hear that Roseanne's been committed. But apparently the men in white coats are letting her do the radio program from her rubber room.

To the barricades, moonbats!

Illegal Alien Juan Leonardo Quintero Explains Why He Killed Cop

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Juan Leonardo Quintero, one of millions of illegal aliens who have invaded from Mexico, was arrested by Houston police officer Rodney Johnson for speeding and driving without a license. Then Quintero managed to shoot Johnson four times in the back of the head.

But he has an excuse: Johnson was being racist by arresting him.

Quintero's lawyers are going with the comparably absurd insanity defense.

If we had a government willing to defend our borders from foreign incursion, Johnson would still be alive. Quintero had already been deported for indecency with a child. Johnson left behind a wife and five children. Let's remember this tragedy when moonbats bleat that we need to leave the border undefended for the sake of the children.

Rodney Johnson: Shot for being racist.

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Detroit: Where We're Headed

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If you want to know where American governance is headed in the near term, have a look at Detroit. Here's Monica Conyers, President Pro Tem of the Detroit City Council and wife of the corrupt Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. John Conyers, in action:

Calling Council President Kenneth Cockrel Jr. "Shrek" was particularly classy. Even eighth graders on a field trip were appalled at the zoo that passes for Detroit's city government.

For a look at our medium-term prospects, refer to Zimbabwe.

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New Jersey May Put Sin Tax on Fast Food

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Democrats manage to get elected by claiming they will mostly just steal from the rich, with the implication that this means people other than you. But in actuality, they will confiscate money from anyone who has it. New Jersey Dems may extract more money from relatively penurious citizens while exerting more control over their behavior by imposing a sin tax on fast food.

The thought of taxing a Big Mac or a Wendy's burger came up at a New Jersey Hospital Association meeting where Gov. Jon S. Corzine was asked if it could be an option to help fund struggling hospitals. At the meeting, he reportedly called it a "constructive suggestion."

An added advantage: this will leave the poor with even less money to spend on insurance, helping to justify a government takeover of the healthcare industry.

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May Day Obama Cap Special

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Attention moonbats: celebrate May Day with a Commie Obama cap, on sale now from


Obama's Roosting Chickens

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Another good one:


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