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February 4, 2008

Moonbats Nearly Riot at Ed Markey Speech

Wacky as Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) may be, the moonbats who elected him are wackier still:

Five policemen responded to U.S. Rep. Ed Markey's open forum the Memorial Building yesterday after the politically charged crowd got rowdy, discussing impeachment and whether President George W. Bush helped orchestrate the 9/11 attacks.

Even Malarkey tried at first to inject a little sanity, but soon gave up, pandering despicably to his mentally ill base:

Markey, a veteran congressman who represents Framingham, Natick and part of Wayland, said it's "incontrovertibly true" the terrorist-piloted planes caused the attacks.

But when the crowd begged to differ…

"I'm willing to go and take another look at it," Markey conceded.

He encouraged the demented mob by denouncing Bush for being obstinate, freeing Iraq, failing to socialize medicine, etc. If Dems don't stop running against W, they're going to end up electing John McCain — not that even Lettuce could be any worse than their own candidates.

ed_markey_scissors.jpg   So that's why Malarkey doesn't get a haircut. He broke the scissors during a tantrum.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Posted by Van Helsing at February 4, 2008 11:58 AM


Boy oh boy, Having legitimate questions about 911 and conveying them to an elected stooge makes you a 'moonbat', but what can you expect from the self righteous and CIA controlled Huffington Post? How about the Hot Airington Post, has a ring doesn't it?
Yep. I bet ole Osama is rolling in his grave right now laughing at all the suckers who would believe the Neocon fable of 911.

Posted by: Doc Reality at February 5, 2008 9:20 PM