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January 7, 2008

Britons Confirm Nazir-Ali's Warnings

As noted yesterday, Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali has been getting some flak over his observation that "no-go" areas in Britain, which non-Muslims risk their lives by entering, represent a serious problem. Liberal pols like Nick Clegg and their militant Islamic allies deny these areas even exist. But the Daily Mail's British readers confirm Nazir-Ali's warnings. A few sample comments:

The Bishop is correct. There are areas of Bolton that I would ask Nick Clegg venture in of an evening, this foray would no doubt change his mind-set somewhat.
These politicians are too bland by half. The Bishop is right. Government ordained PC multi-culturism and the our natural courtesy to strangers has degraded our ancient British culture and traditions and promoted the newcomers' way of life above all else. If we don't confront Islamic extremism now, our last stand could be the one where our backs are against the wall.
The Bishop of Rochester is quite right and Nick Clegg is a dangerous fool with his head stuck in the sand. It's time to wake up to what is taking place in Britain!
I think Mr Clegg has made a serious mistake with his response denying the basic truth of the Bishop's observations. I suspect the vast majority of people in the UK will agree with the Bishop.
We MUST stand up for our country, and not let it go under, thousands of our men and women fought and died for our freedoms, and now we are letting Islamic radicals take over areas of our cities.
He's totally correct, there are at least 5 or 6 areas in my town I would only drive through. No way would I walk, work or live there. I wouldn't last a week.
The Bishop is right, many parts of Manchester are 'no go' areas. Bottler Brown and Nick Clegg can come for a walk with me after dark, I will bet they will change their minds fast!
If anyone doubts the Bishop's words, try walking around where I live after dark!
The Bishop is correct and I admire him for speaking out.
For all young liberal do gooding muppets out there, try walking around, the ocean estate Stepney, or Bangla town (used to be called Whitechapel) at night and see the reaction you get from the roving gangs of thugs, none of them Christian by the way, wake up you MORONS.
Muslim extremists living in UK want Madrasa's to teach their children about the Koran and express hatred for the Infidel. There is only one God, his name is Allah, no others can be tolerated. They want the right to use Sharia Law within their own groups not British Civil Law. We know that integration is the answer whereas they want to avoid this by bringing very oppressive dictates with them and shoving them down our throats. Or, begging us to learn and understand their religion.
Nick Clegg has buried his head in sand, like other leftist liberals. Even if they're forced by the sword to convert to Islam, they still won't think it a threat to the British way of life. What a bunch of delusional idiots.
I agree with the Bishop fully, he is completely correct. Well done to him for having the courage to say what everyone really thinks. It is disgraceful what is happening to England and the Govt needs to address it immediately. Any persons found to be displaying any type of extremism or fanaticism should be deported.
The bishop is only telling a fact.
At last somebody who talks sense.
Nick Clegg's head in the sand attitude has just lost his party far more votes than it will gain them.
Our mealy mouthed politicians run forward to deny a truth, this truth is easy to seek out.
Well done Bishop — he's said what many of us know already.
The Bishop of Rochester is absolutely correct, and it is about time the Government came to terms with the situation.
British people are known for their tolerance but we have now reached a situation whereby the culture and heritage of our Great country is at risk from Muslim extremists and their ill informed supporters. Isn't it time for our elected representatives to both support and act upon the wishes of the majority of the UKs citizens and stop hiding behind their mothers apron just in case they upset someone who has chosen to make the UK their home.
There have been no-go areas in Britain for many years, what do you think the riots in Oldham where about. Its about time somebody spoke out.
Despite what the Liberal leader thinks, the Bishop is absolutely spot on — this same thing is happening to my area already.
Good for the Bishop.
Congratulations to the Bishop for expressing what most of us agree with.
The Bishop is correct and should be applauded.
We will end up a Muslim state if these true English Christians do not speak up. We are far too liberal for our own good.
Well said Bishop of Rochester. You are speaking the language that many of us want to hear. A courageous man who knows what is really going on out on the streets. A man that is not in denial like all the rest.
A brave man has spoken the truth.

Et cetera, et cetera. But the small minority who deny there's any problem are the ones whose views will be presented as official reality by the BBC.

One Muslim group called for "serious action" to be taken against Nazir-Ali — ominous words in light of the persecution of British blogger Lionheart.

Britain's future, if it doesn't put up a fight.

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I like Bishop in ALIENS - he totally rocked.

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The picture at is a real gem, it don't even need polishing with Photoshop or speech bubbles!

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