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December 21, 2007

Politically Incorrect Spoof Carols Censored

One of the best indications of mental health is a sense of humor — which may explain why everything just keeps getting crazier under our regime of humorless politically correct orthodoxy.

The quarterly magazine Marooned is produced by the Cromwell House mental health facility in Eccles, Salford, England, with an editorial board consisting of psychiatric patients. The winter edition included this gag, entitled "Christmas Carols for the Mentally Disturbed":


No one has a problem with making fun of Christmas, but joking about psychiatric disorders? That's heresy. Squeals Zinette Camille of Manchester, whose mother has had mental problems:

I could not believe what I was reading. I was astonished that it could be so insensitive. […] People with mental health issues have a disability — they are not disturbed.

Instead of the sensible response of preparing a room with padded walls for Ms. Camille, a spokesman for the magazine soon issued the standard groveling apologies. The issue has been recalled, and the offending article removed. They even offered to let the shrill little Nazi sound off in the next issue. An official promises that future editions will be subjected to closer vetting.

Be sure to have a sensitive Christmas, and remember: no laughing in unapproved contexts.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ, on a tip from V the K.

Posted by Van Helsing at December 21, 2007 7:44 AM


This is the EUSSR. You aren't here to enjoy yourselves...

It's extra sad IMV because it's genuninely funny- 4,5,9 and 10 all made me LOL. Considering it's produced by patients themselves... sigh.

But this is one of the fundamental problems with the moonbat state. The meme is so widespread that there's always somebody who'll complain.

Posted by: Ian from the EUSSR at December 21, 2007 8:10 AM

Squeals Zinette Camille of Manchester, whose mother has had mental problems

I hear some psychiatric problems have a substantial genetic component, Zinette. Just sayin'.

Posted by: Jay Guevara at December 21, 2007 10:55 AM

I was born in Salford, those spoof carols were really funny. Political correctness is the death of humour. All the schizophrenics, OCD's, ADD's and psychopaths I have ever met would have laughed at those spoof carols, maybe even the dementia patients, if you caught them in a lucid moment.

Posted by: pete at December 21, 2007 11:14 AM

you mean the harking angelz AREN'T singing about me?

Posted by: nanc at December 22, 2007 6:39 AM