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November 6, 2007

Shrillary Calls Comparison of Muslim Terrorists to Nazis and Communists "Offensive"

Posted by Dave Blount at November 6, 2007 11:03 AM

Hillary Clinton has denounced the "faulty and offensive historical analogies" employed by President Bush in this part of a recent speech:

History teaches that underestimating the words of evil, ambitious men is a terrible mistake. In the early 1900s, the world ignored the words of Lenin, as he laid out his plans to launch a Communist revolution in Russia — and the world paid a terrible price. The Soviet Empire he established killed tens of millions, and brought the world to the brink of thermonuclear war.
In the 1920s, the world ignored the words of Hitler, as he explained his intention to build an Aryan super-state in Germany, take revenge on Europe, and eradicate the Jews — and the world paid a terrible price. His Nazi regime killed millions in the gas chambers, and set the world aflame in war, before it was finally defeated at a terrible cost in lives and treasure.
Bin Laden and his terrorist allies have made their intentions as clear as Lenin and Hitler before them. And the question is: Will we listen? America and our coalition partners are listening. We have made our choice. We take the words of the enemy seriously.

Mark Hemingway of NRO set out to answer Jim Geraghty's sensible question: who is Shrillary sticking up for by calling this offensive?

Not Nazis. Here's what chairman of the American Nazi Party Rocky J. Suhayda had to gibber:

Are we of the American Nazi Party "offended" by Emperor "Red Beak" Bush's comparison of Bin Laden with Adolf Hitler? Of course not! There was once a fellow named George Washington, and associates — I suppose the stuttering retard would have attempted to send them to Gitmo too — this corrupt Judeo-Capitalist Empire, has created in its greed all the ills now besetting the American White Working Class — and its long overdue, that's it's chickens are only beginning to come home to roost!

At least Nazis agree with Shrillary supporters that Bush is evil and retarded. But apparently she had her communist compadres in mind when she used the term "offensive." Hemingway reports:

"Absolutely it was offensive. Lenin liberated the Russian people, Hitler tried to enslave them," Jarvis Tyner, executive director of the Communist Party USA, told National Review Online in response. I assume by "liberated the Russian people," Tyner didn't mean "killed two to three million of them" — but hey, to-may-to, to-mah-to, right?

Or maybe it was terrorists Shrillary was worried would be offended. After all, the Clintons have gone out of their way to please this constituency.

Poor guys: W has offended their memory.

On a tip from Byron.