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September 7, 2007

Will Thompson Save Us From Global Warming Moonbattery?

Even as the global warming hoax runs out of gas, momentum carries it forward as plodding bureaucrats use it as an excuse to impose crippling taxes and regulations. Few in politics have the courage to attack the nonexistent "consensus" propped up by the liberal media.

One exception is Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), who was hammering away at the hoax even before the scientific tide began to turn against it. Another could be Fred Thompson, whom Inhofe considers a potential champion against the Gulfstream Goracle and his pernicious acolytes.

Per CNS News:

"The Republicans will need a nominee for president who is willing to tell the truth, and so far the one out there with the most courage is Fred Thompson," said Inhofe. "He is aware of all the issues I've raised on global warming, and right now he's the only one I see who is willing to take this on."
Unlike many of his fellow Republicans, Thompson has demonstrated a willingness to confront elite opinion, Inhofe said. While Thompson is sure to antagonize the news media with his stand on global warming, Inhofe thinks he will find a receptive audience among average Americans.

He will also find a receptive audience among many scientists. For example, Ian Wilson, former operations astronomer at the Hubble Space Telescope Institute, has concluded that thanks to the Kyoto Protocol, the world is spending "trillions of dollars" that will result in negligible environmental impact. But:

Inhofe, now the ranking minority member of [the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee], said the political class continues to press ahead with policy prescriptions modeled after Kyoto despite the evidence that undermines man-made global warming theories.
While the U.S. government has not officially signed on to the Kyoto Protocol, state and local officials have been calling for caps on carbon dioxide emissions. In July, New Jersey became the first state to mandate significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
With the U.S. Supreme Court officially declaring carbon dioxide a pollutant, Inhofe sees more opportunities for mischief among politicians eager to seize control of the private sector. A strong presidential candidate, who is not cowed by adverse press coverage, will be needed to help reverse this trend, and Thompson could do that, said Inhofe.

Someone better had. Global warming may not be a threat in the scientific sense, but politically, its danger could hardly be overstated. There is no extreme of authoritarian left-wing fanaticism that couldn't be justified with global warming dogma.

Thompson could be the one to put a stop to global warming moonbattery.

Posted by Van Helsing at September 7, 2007 12:13 PM


I'm not holding my breath just yet but I sure hope Fred will have the courage and outspokenness of a Winston Churchill on this and a lot of other issues.

Posted by: Davis at September 7, 2007 4:32 PM

The best, funnest, most informative blog I've come across recently. You have a new regular reader in me. Kudos!

Posted by: Scott at September 7, 2007 7:41 PM

Aye, Scott, that it is. And use the SEARCH feature for just about any topic you want. There's a lot of treasure to be found here, buried in the archives.

Posted by: Kevin at September 7, 2007 8:03 PM

Yeah, I'm starting to like Mr. Thompson. I hope Imhofe is right when he says that ordinary people don't agree with the media's stance on global warming.

By the way, it just occurred to me that I have recently heard two murderers endorsing human-caused global warming: first Charles Manson when old footage was on MSNBC, then Osama bin Laden in his new video!!

Posted by: Anonymous at September 7, 2007 8:47 PM

as i was listening to a timothy birdnow interview yesterday, he said something to the effect that global warming is the left's latest "cause du jour" - when this passes and it will - they will pick up on the next best thing and hail it from the rooftops.

they are incapable of stopping themselves - explanations are wasted on them. honestly, i'm in the midst of an argument with a 911 conspeorist right now - thought i'd leave him hanging awhile while i have a donut and some coffee...hehehe...

Posted by: nanc at September 8, 2007 7:56 AM

The more I hear from this guy, the more I hope he takes the Primaries, and the White House after that. We need statesmen/leaders, not "charismatic" politicians. The "Liberals'" bagging on his wife (they hate the notion of beautiful women being attracted to Conservatives) shows, to me at least, that he represents something that they loathe and fear, which is a good thing.

Posted by: Toa at September 9, 2007 8:45 AM