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August 1, 2007

Sierra Club Attempts to Attack FNC Through Home Depot

The loony-left Sierra Club has tried to punish the Fox News Channel for not endorsing the global warming hoax with sufficient servility by leaning on Home Depot to pull its advertising.

The semi-veiled threat is that Home Depot's public image will be trashed if they do not do the bidding of environmental extremists. Fortunately, the company is showing some backbone. Home Depot may cater to the greenie fad by employing Ron Jarvis as vice president for environmental innovation, but here's what Jarvis has to say about the Sierra Club's strongarm tactics:

It's not our place to judge Fox News's position or any other media outlet's position on global warming. Nor will we try to influence that position with our advertising dollars.

Adds spokesman Jerry Shields:

We're not in the business of censoring media.

FNC's sin is not denying the global warming hoax, but merely showing both sides of the issue. A year ago last fall, Sierra Club praised Fox News for running a hysterical pro–global warming piece. But Fox has also allowed people to express contradictory views, which is blasphemy to militant Kool-Aid–guzzlers.

Let's hope other companies show as much spine as Home Depot, because Sierra Club's jihad won't stop here. Bellows Executive Director Carl Pope:

This is the beginning of a long-term campaign. As corporate America becomes more and more aware of the fact that global warming denial is no longer morally acceptable … over time, corporate America will be less and less interested in advertising on Fox.

It isn't easy being fair and balanced in a unfair world crowded with bullies like Pope who are anything but balanced.

Carl Pope says it's "no longer morally acceptable" to deviate from his dogma.

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Posted by Van Helsing at August 1, 2007 9:19 PM