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August 1, 2007

Do You Drive a Hydrocarbon Powered Eco-Vehicle?


Tired of liberals making obscene gestures as you drive by in your Hummer, hopefully splashing mud over their Birkenstocks? Get on their good side with one of Glenn Beck's Hydrocarbon Powered Eco-Vehicle stickers. A few testimonials:

I just got my Hydrocarbon Powered Eco-Vehicle sticker and put it on my Oldsmobile Cutlass. Not exactly a fuel-efficient car. It drove to the grocery store and when I came out the people who parked next to my car noticed my Eco-vehicle sticker and said, "Wow!, an eco-car. So does it run on water?" I told him it runs on hydrocarbon and that the carbon is used to lubricate the engine's moving parts. He was truly impressed. He said he was going to look up hydrocarbon powered cars and how to convert his car to run on hydrocarbon.
I Got It Last Week and Went To Fill My GMC Truck With Gas, And Low And Behold A Guy Asked Me If My Truck Was Burning Green. Well I Had No Idea What He Was Talking About, I Said WHAT? He Said I see Your Eco-Vehicle Sticker. I Said "O Yes Its A HYDRO-CARBON BURNING VEHICLE," He Said Thank You, That's Very Nice Of You To Burn Clean Fuel. So Glenn They WALK AMONG US, Most Don't Have A CLUE
I was having lunch with some customers and one of them commented on my new Chevy Avalanche (she called it a big truck/SUV thingie) suggesting that it probably didn't get very good gas mileage and that's not good for the environment. My response was that it was a new "flex fuel" vehicle and did not need gasoline; I was referring to the E-85 ethanol. When we left the restaurant, she noticed the Hydrocarbon sticker and was very impressed. She asked where I got my hydrocarbon and I coyly said that several gas stations in town were now carrying hydrocarbon. She now thinks I'm wonderful!

But the feedback includes a cautionary tale:

You will not believe this one, or maybe you will. I just got my Hydro-Carbon sticker this morning, and I love it! But, when I went to a little liberal town I used to live in, oh, 15 minutes from where I live, someone took a Sharpie to my decal! Yes, in less than 4 hours a liberal, obviously slightly educated, blacked-out my sticker. Thank the great lord, and Glenn Beck, for selling these in packs of two. I will now have to use my last one. I guess I have to be very careful about where I park while in hippy-town.

However, it should go without saying that leaving anything of value in the proximity of hippies is reckless.


On a tip from V the K.

Posted by Van Helsing at August 1, 2007 10:07 AM