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July 16, 2007

Ted Rall Supporting the Troops

Liberals may strive to bring about our country's disastrous defeat to Islamic terrorists, but as they're fond of proclaiming, they still support our troops. For example, cartoonist Ted Rall supports them by lightening their mood with a little humor. Here's his latest:


NewsBusters commends Rall's accomplishment:

In one fell swoop, Rall has offended our military, their families, religion, patriotism, our educational system, our president, and our very way of life.

Or in Michelle Malkin's words:

Now, all in one cartoon, he shows his naked contempt for the very traits of the American soldier that helped give birth to this country and secured it for 231 years: willingness to sacrifice, faith, courage, respect for the commander-in-chief, and determination to complete their mission.

It's all in a days work for Ted Rall, MSM moonbat extraordinaire. Cassy Fiano has more on his many accomplishments, which include writing this:

There was a time when service in U.S. military was honorable and professionally rewarding. But […] that was a long time ago. Americans with personal integrity should boycott the volunteer military and discourage everyone they care about to do the same. "They come from parts of the country where jobs are hard to find," an acquaintance condescendingly excuses the enlistees. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? I'd rather sleep under a bridge, eating trash out of a Dumpster, than murder human beings for Halliburton.

and this:

I might think better of you when you stopped using loaded rhetoric like refering [sic] to resistance fighters (a clearer and more neutral term) as "terrorists." Unless, of course, you also consider George Washington to have been a terrorist, in which case we'll let it go.

Remember Pat Tillman, who was killed after turning down a $multimillion NFL contract to defend us from terrorists, I mean "resistance fighters"? Here's how Rall honored his memory:


To call Ted Rall scum would be an undeserved compliment. But this doesn't stop him from being syndicated in over 140 publications (including unsurprisingly the New York Times and Los Angeles Times), from being a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, or from twice taking first place in the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards for Cartoons.

The liberal establishment doesn't just tolerate Rall; it laps him up.

Ted Rall, the liberal's liberal.

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Posted by Van Helsing at July 16, 2007 10:59 AM


Ted Rall isn't fit to shine the shoes of the men and women that wear the uniform.

Posted by: Darth T at July 16, 2007 12:31 PM

>>>Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

In the early sixties, a bunch of idiots felt guilty about the world's problems and invented the feel-good club called Liberalism. They were then infiltrated by the American Communist party who knew how to manipulate people to their way of thinking.

Or was that a RETORICAL question , Rall?

Posted by: KHarn at July 16, 2007 2:24 PM

What a tool?

Posted by: Texan at July 16, 2007 2:32 PM

The limp noodle can be reached here:

Posted by: Conan at July 17, 2007 7:35 AM

Mr. Rall's comments could just as well apply to police and fire departments as well as to emergency rescue workers.

He should be grateful that Orwell's 'rough men' stand between him and the dangers of this world.

Posted by: James F McEnanly at July 17, 2007 7:44 PM

"Suicide Bomber?" Did Ted forget the panel where he blows himself up yelling "Allah Akbar?"
Its amazing how Ted can manage to shit on everything 99% of the American people hold sacred (from the military to religion) in one cartoon.

PS: I always thought Lefties were FOR poor people.

Posted by: phil at July 18, 2007 9:07 AM