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May 25, 2007

Dems Alienating Vital Ally Colombia

The USA has bitter enemies in Latin America, namely the regimes of Cuba and Venezuela, but also good friends. Our best is Colombia — but Congressional Dems are souring the relationship.

Colombia has lost 2,658 troops fighting Marxist narcoterrorists, which has been critical in reducing the flow of drugs into the USA. The know-how acquired in this struggle was passed along to American troops fighting to prevent drug cultivation from destabilizing Afghanistan. As Venezuela systematically destroys its oil industry in the name of communism, Colombia has been stepping up to fill the gap, doubling its production on the year. After Katrina, Colombia was the first country on the scene to help, providing swamp and jungle rescue teams.

A particularly good friend and leader is President Alvaro Uribe, who has been winning the war against the narcoterrorists despite the support they now receive from Venezuela, and who in stark contrast with his neighbor Hugo Chavez honors property rights and has cut taxes, eased regulations, and decreased lawlessness on the streets. Consequently Colombia's annual growth rate is a third higher than the Latin American average at a healthy 6.8%.

Democrats will never Uribe for all this.

A free-trade pact, already negotiated, has been shelved by our new Democrat Congress. Ignoring the extraordinary progress that has been made despite the 44-year civil war, Nancy Pelosi screeches about Colombia's human rights record — as if Dems could care less about human rights, so long as they are only violated by regimes hostile to the USA.

As Pelousy essentially nixed the idea of free trade with Colombia, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) pulled the rug out from under Uribe by suspending the $55 million aid we give him to fight off leftist drug lords who very directly threaten American interests.

Uribe has let it be known he doesn't appreciate being treated "like a pariah." There is no reason to expect Colombia to fight drug lords on our behalf if it doesn't even receive decent treatment in return. But then, illegal drugs pouring onto our streets feed social disintegration, which feeds poverty, which broadens the Democrat base, so Pelousy and Leaky Leahy may have less motive than some to want to keep the drugs out.

Meanwhile Pelousy praises hostile Syrian dictator Bashir Assad, and Dems like Rep. Bill Delahunt openly support Colombia's enemy and ours, Hugo Chavez. As for another crucial democratic ally, Iraq — Dems openly assert that if they take the White House, they will feed Iraq to Islamic terrorists.

An America run by the Democrat Party will be the opposite of a Marine — no worse friend, no better enemy.

Dems will never forgive Alvaro Uribe for being such a good friend.

On a tip from Byron.

Posted by Van Helsing at May 25, 2007 8:31 AM