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February 28, 2007

Legislator Wants to Ban Term "Illegal Alien"

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:07 PM

It didn't take a clairvoyant to predict that the horrific N-word wouldn't be the last term bureaucrats would try to forbid. State Senator Frederica Wilson wants to ban "illegal alien" from Florida's official documents.

Wilson kept encountering the distasteful phrase while trying to pass a bill granting in-state tuition to people who don't even belong in our country. She finds it "offensive" that illegal aliens are referred to as "illegal aliens."

Some of us find the idea of people illegally invading our country and then demanding special privileges offensive. But there's not much hope that they will be banned.

Next Frederica Wilson will ban the phrase "silly hat."

Hat tip: Hot Air, on a tip from Steve.

Communist Brainwashing at Seattle School

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:40 PM

As communism has proven at every opportunity, without property rights, there are no rights at all — not even the right to life and limb. But that's not what some kids have been learning at the Hilltop Children's Center in Seattle, where Legos were banned to stress to children "the inequities of private ownership."

According to the teachers:

Our intention was to promote a contrasting set of values: collectivity, collaboration, resource-sharing, and full democratic participation.

Somehow "full democratic participation" never seems to last very long once the government has exerted the totalitarian authority required to impose "collectivity."

Teachers were disturbed to see kids supposedly incorporating into an elaborate Legotown they built "assumptions about ownership and the social power it conveys" that "mirrored those of a class-based, capitalist society — a society that we teachers believe to be unjust and oppressive." One child was actually heard to say, "If I buy it, I own it."

Of course the way it should work is, "If I build it, the government expropriates it." To get this message across, Legos were banned while students were subjected to esoteric lectures on the evils of individuality over a period of several months, after which the kids finally got to play with Legos again. But first they had to agree to guiding principles such as "All structures are public structures" and "All structures will be standard sizes." Children were conditioned to recite chilling lines like these:

A house is good because it is a community house.
We should have equal houses. They should be standard sizes.
It's important to have the same amount of power as other people over your building.

It's particularly important to learn these lessons in Washington State, where even before the outrageous Kelo decision state officials were making a regular practice of abusing eminent domain to steal people's property and turn it over to developers able to generate more tax revenue.

From tools of capitalist individualism to the building blocks of socialist utopia.

On tips from NudeGayWhalesForJesus and James.

March on the March on the Pentagon

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:24 PM

Moonbats are scheming a March on the Pentagon to take place on March 17. It will consist of veterans, relatives of veterans, people who own used army jackets once worn by veterans, and creepazoids who have spat on veterans or wish they had the nerve to. The objective is to express a demand for immediate unconditional surrender to the Islamic terrorists our troops are fighting in Iraq.

In yet another manifestation of hippie nostalgia, the march is planned for the 40th anniversary of an antiwar march that helped communists prevail in the Vietnam War. Fittingly, it is sponsored by a communist front group, ANSWER. A list of initial endorsers boasts some of our country's most atrocious moonbats, including:

Besides demanding surrender in Iraq, the moonbats plan to denounce the USA for supplying Israel with the means to defend itself, for allegedly pointing nuclear weapons at their fellow Stalinists in North Korea, for defending South Korea, for using military bases to "extend the influence of US transnational corporations, oil giants and banks," etc., etc. They will also command America to close down luxurious Club Gitmo "and all other torture facilities" — which presumably means any place terrorists have been incarcerated.

Fortunately this flock of moonbats won't be the only gathering to take place in DC on March 17. Gathering of Eagles will be meeting at the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial to counterprotest — and you're invited. Those who can make it will be in good company:

On a tip from Conan.

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer: Fight Global Warming With UFO Technology

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:14 PM

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer is serious about combating global warming. He demands that governments around the world apply secret alien technologies obtained from UFO crashes to put an end to it.

It only stands to reason that alien spacecraft, having traveled great distances to reach Earth, must have advanced energy technologies that do not require the burning of fossil fuels. Says Hellyer:

We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough.

How better to resolve an imaginary problem than with imaginary technology?

The key to winning the War on Weather.

On tips from Eoin and Daniel.

Prince Chucklehead's Gastronomic Hypocrisy

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:14 PM

No doubt the energy-guzzling Gaiaist Al Gore deserves the Oscar for Most Outrageously Hypocritical Moonbat, but he does have competition. Take Prince Charles, for example, who as noted earlier has been calling for a ban on McDonalds due to its alleged unhealthiness. It turns out that Prince Chuckles' own "organic" Duchy Originals products aren't any healthier.

Here's how the Big Mac stacks up against the Prince's Cornish Pastry:


McDonalds responded to Chucklehead's call for a ban by pointing out that several members of his family have been regular customers.

On a tip from V the K.

Hollywood Hero Leonard Peltier

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:41 AM

One lowlife who was not pardoned by B.J. Clinton in his final days in office is the militant moonbat Leonard Peltier. This has been listed as a reason for David Geffen pulling Tinseltown's red carpet out from under Shrillary Rotten. As FrontPage explains, refusing to pardon Peltier is one thing Slick Willie did right.

Leonard Peltier had been arrested for the attempted murder of a police officer when he jumped bail in 1973 and turned up at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, where the American Indian Movement was imitating the militant black nationalists that liberal elitists like Leonard Bernstein found so appealing in those days. The result was guerilla warfare between Indian factions, in which Peltier was involved.

In 1975, FBI agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams went to the reservation to investigate politically motivated crimes that included a murder. Leonard Peltier was found guilty of waylaying these agents on a back road and gunning them down with a high-powered rifle.

A few years later, left-wing author Peter Matthiessen came out with the book In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, credited with reflecting a new "multicultural spiritual sensibility." According to this politically correct sensibility, there's nothing terribly wrong with ambushing and murdering law enforcement officers so long as it's done in the name of moonbattery.

Matthiessen's book admits that Peltier shot at the agents, and took their guns after they were dead, but reveals that someone else in a mysterious red pickup truck swung by at the last moment to commit the actual murders. However, Peltier was found guilty anyway because the jurors were white and therefore racist.

But according to Matthiessen, not even the killers in the phantom pickup were really guilty:

All the Indians who were there that day were warriors and the nameless figures in the pickup truck were no more guilty than [Peltier and his accomplices], because no Indian that day was guilty.

You see, they were partaking in a noble struggle to kill the evil white man. From Viking's press release when the book came out in 1983:

This chilling, controversial book makes clear that Leonard Peltier is only one of the victims in the ruthless quest for land, minerals, and money that the government and industry have pursued at the expense of the Indians for the last 150 years.

The book was pulled for several years because of libel suits, but nonetheless managed to sanctify an Indian equivalent to the vicious cop-killer and liberal icon Mumia Abu-Jamal.

The entertainment industry picked up the ball and ran. Pro-Peltier propaganda was produced in film by Robert Redford, and in song by Steven Van Zandt. The ever execrable 60 Minutes got into the act by broadcasting a sympathetic interview with a mysterious "Mr. X" who offered testimony that he was the real killer and that it was the agents' own fault he had to kill them. One of Peltier's accomplices later admitted that "Mr. X" was a fictional character.

Peltier has been having fun in prison while the FBI agents' bones slowly crumble in the ground. He published his memoirs, of course, and his paintings have sold for up to $5,000 apiece to limousine leftists like Jane Fonda and Oliver Stone.

Whatever credibility Matthiessen had among non-moonbats was flushed in a 1992 Esquire article, in which he moved the site of the killings from a ranch in Oglala 20 miles away to iconic Wounded Knee. As journalist Scott Anderson put it:

The Peltier story has so entered the realm of myth that apparently its architects no longer feel the need to adhere to the most rudimentary of facts.

But Hollyweird deals in fantasy, not facts. As an enemy of our civilization, Leonard Peltier is a hero to the Tinseltown crowd. You can hardly blame Geffen & friends for wondering, if Clinton can pardon Puerto Rican terrorists, why not Peltier?

Hollywood hero Leonard Peltier having fun in jail.

UN Expanding Jurisdiction to Cover the Weather

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:42 AM

The ineffectual yet supremely self-important United Nations has indulged in hubris before, but never like this: A UN panel of scientists proposes that this club for corrupt dictators and posturing bureauweenies expand its jurisdiction to cover the weather by setting a maximum allowable temperature.

If the UN really is to be put in charge of the weather, maybe it could improve Alaska's tourist industry by bringing the temperature up a couple dozen degrees. Citizens' morale might also be improved by shortening those long winter nights. Here in Phoenix, we could save a fortune on air conditioning if the UN would just set the maximum temperature around 80 or so. It's too rainy in Seattle — let's have the UN mandate a few more sunny days for the folks up there. Kansas would appreciate a ban on tornados. After all, Americans bankroll the UN, we might as well get something out of it for once.

To enforce the maximum allowable temperature decree, a "carbon tax" is proposed. Red Ken Livingston is hardly the only one to use the War on Weather as a cover to slip his hand into other people's pockets.

More loot could be acquired by making the tax retroactive. Then the UN could fleece descendants of Vikings and classical Romans, who lived in much warmer times than we do, and therefore must have been cranking out the CO2 at unconscionable rates.

Now in charge of the weather.

February 27, 2007

London's Red Ken Tackles Climate Fluctuation

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:22 PM

London Mayor and Hugo Chavez soul mate Red Ken Livingston offers an indication of where all the overblown global warming hype is heading. His new master plan to prevent climate fluctuation calls for, among other things, fees of up to $49 a day to drive a car in the city.

Whenever you hear a politician echoing the Goracle's War on Weather rhetoric, get both hands around your wallet and hold on for dear life.

Red Ken smells an opportunity to expropriate wealth.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Prince Charles Declares War on McDonalds

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:46 PM

Prince Chuckles of Wales — who appears to have an eccentric opinion on most every topic — announced at the launch of a public health awareness campaign in Abu Dhabi that the key to healthy eating is to ban McDonalds.

Cul-de-sacs have also incurred the Prince's disapproval: he blames them for crime, car dependence, and obesity, finding that they are not in harmony with a "low carbon lifestyle."

Prince Chas. has also raised eyebrows by denouncing the "monstrous carbuncles" of modern architecture. Few are aware that he was actually referring to Camilla's bosom.

Prince Charles finds that cul-de-sacs also cause dandruff.

On a tip from V the K.

TerraPass: Sineating for Gaia

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:03 PM

A reminder to those in the global warming Kool-Aid club who have to grapple with guilt and even feelings of hypocrisy for advocating Al Gore's absurd War on Weather while partaking of the benefits of industrialized civilization: an enterprising outfit called TerraPass sells eco-indulgences, which let you inflict climatic doom to your heart's content without putting a dent in your aura of righteous smugness.

Say you own a 2004 Ford Explorer and you drive it 20,000 miles a year. Plug the numbers into TerraPass's handy interface and out comes the amount you owe Gaia: $79.95 per annum. Since Gaia is a goddess and not a real person, TerraPass will collect the cash on her behalf, and send you a decal you can proudly display on your vehicle.

TerraPass also capitalizes on travel by air. To get the TerraPass folks to eat the sin of flying from Phoenix to Chicago and back costs only $9.95.

In light of the massive quantities of energy Al Gore guzzles at his Nashville mansion, a thumbs-up from TerraPass might cost him a pretty penny. But a clean conscience is a bargain at any price.

As they say, there's one born every minute.

On a tip from Bernie.

Woman Jailed After Preventing Bike Theft

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:20 PM

In Britain these days, it's the prevention of crime that doesn't pay. Former traffic warden and store detective Wendy Challis-Jones chased down a punk who had stolen someone's bicycle. Her reward was to be arrested for suspicion of assault and locked up in a filthy cage for ten hours. In the process of liberating the bike, she had struck out at the thief after he lunged at her.

On a tip from V the K.

Nutroots Moonbats Regret That Cheney Not Killed

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:17 PM

As you've probably heard, a Taliban terrorist managed to kill at least 14 in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Vice President Cheney. Here are a few reactions from the enlightened progressives at Huffington Post:

Better luck next time!
Dr Evil escapes again...damn.
Another 14 people dead, and their blood is literally on Dick's hands.
F#$% Cheney. It's called poetic justice. This no good MF is complicit in sending thousands to their deaths via bomb blasts and you expect sympathy for the cretin. Karma's coming to get that rat basturd.
So Cheney is personally responsible for the deaths of 14 innocent people...and then he waddles off to lunch!! What a piece of shit!
Jesus Christ and General Jackson too, can't the Taliban do anything right? They must know we would be so gratefull to them for such a remarkable achievement.
Maybe Bush ordered the attack. After all, he has a telephone relationship with the Taliban. It could actually be revenge because, as some believe, it appears Cheney tried to have Bush asassinated on the morning of 9/11.
Let's see...they're killing him over there so we don't have to kill him over here?
You can never find a competent suicide bomber when you need one.
I wonder if Cheney was in Afghanistan at all.
If only Cheny and Chimpy traveled together. They could kill two turds with one stone. And then---President Pelosi!
Our country and the world are at great risk with every living, breathing monment Cheney walks this earth.
I don't wish Cheney's death, I want him sent to the Hague as a war criminal, along with Bush, Rumsfeld, and Gonzales. Death is too easy, I want him humiliated all across the GLOBE, and imprisoned for life...hopefully in a Singapore prison with daily whippings.
The Germans (von Stauffenberg and others)who tried to assassinate Hitler were heroes. They knew there was no other way of stopping him and the horrors for which he was responsible. Get it, moralists?

On HuffPo commenter posted a link to this picture of Benito Mussolini, hanging upside down, bloody and dead with his face bashed in, and implied our Vice President should receive the same treatment.

When you consider that the nutroots crowd at HuffPo represents the most energized sector of the Democrat Party's base, the treasonous policies of Pelousy et al. make perfect sense.

Vice President Cheney, thankfully safe.

On tips from V the K and Wiggins.

One More Dose of War on Weather Hypocrisy

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:43 AM

According to its website, the Save Our Selves concert series, which Al Gore and various sanctimonious (or opportunistic) pop stars will use to save the planet from the horrific but thankfully fictional doom of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, "will engage an audience of more than 2 billion people." As many as 3 million are expected to attend in person, with the rest watching from home.

As noted at The Evangelical Outpost, the first pop group moonbatty enough to go on a "carbon-neutral" tour was the Rolling Gallstones in 2003. Their tour drew 160,000 fans, who generated an estimated 13 kg of CO2 apiece by attending. This would mean that 3 million coming to Prince Al's concerts would produce 39,000 metric tons of allegedly harmful CO2.

As for those watching on their TVs and computers, if 2 billion people were to watch the 24-hour show for only one hour each, it would require 400 billion watts of energy. This would produce an estimated 172,000 metric tons of C02, for a grand total of over 200,000 metric tons in one day, more than the entire country Afghanistan produces in a year.

Fortunately, all the Goracle has to do to offset this is plant 200 acres of Douglas firs — or turn down the AC at his mansion.

Shouldn't the Goracle be out planting trees? (Via Lone Star Times.)

On a tip from V the K.

Goracle Spokesman Explains Prince Albert's Energy Gluttony

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:05 AM

Al Gore's previously noted energy gluttony, which strikes such a contrast with his strident preaching that we need to cut down drastically or be doomed, has now been explained. In the words of Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider:

[T]he bottom line is that every family has a different carbon footprint.

The Gore family's carbon footprint just tends to be a little larger than most.


Al Gore Energy Stats

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:09 AM

In the wake of Al Gore winning an Oscar for his schlockumentary An All Too Convenient Lie, in which the Goracle demands that we cut down on our energy consumption, some interesting stats have been coming to light regarding his own gargantuan carbon footprint.

Let's leave aside the issue of his endlessly jetting all over the place to preach about global warming and focus on one of Prince Albert's several homes. According to the Nashville Electric Service, his mansion in the posh Belle Meade area consumes more electricity each month than an average American household uses in an entire year. In 2006, Gore's consumption was 20 times the national average. His average monthly electric bill cleared $1,359.

Since the release of his blockbuster, energy gluttony at his mansion has increased from 16,200 kWh per month in 2005 to 18,400 kWh per month in 2006. The gas bill averaged $1,080 per month.

Combined electricity and natural gas bills for the Nashville estate cost Prince Al almost $30,000 last year. With expenses like this, he'd better get to work on a sequel. It will be hard to top the hyperbole of the first one. Maybe he could claim that if we don't abandon our cars and homes and start living in trees by the time his next power bill comes due, the whole planet will go up like a match head.

A still from the sequel.

On a tip from Metalgarth.

February 26, 2007

Maniacal Muslim Cabbie Praised Hitler

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:29 PM

Never mind Bishop Sullivan Catholic High, here's some racism that could be a problem. Remember Ibrahim Ahmed, the Nashville taxi driver who tried running down fares with his cab after getting in an argument about religion? It comes to light that his ravings included praising Hitler for "trying to rid the world of Jews." Some people make it difficult to stay out of arguments.

One of Ahmed's victims suffered a broken leg and fractured pelvic bone, among other injuries. Welcome to the global jihad.

Hat tip: Debbie Schlussel

Orgy of Guilt at Bishop Sullivan Catholic High

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:57 PM

Students at Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School in Virginia Beach are in big trouble for a display of racism.

Announced Principal Dennis Price:

It is important that we work harder at having students leaving here who are tolerant and understand how serious these kinds of things are.

Harry Graber of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater was dismayed by the incident, and that no one came to tell him about it:

That was one of the things that concerned us — that such an event occurred and we, as the organized arm of the Jewish community, were not informed of it.

But Price did meet with the federation's community relations committee to apologize and to be advised on organizations that offer diversity programs. Price also sent a letter of apology to Norfolk Academy (a rival school that evidently has a large Jewish population), and a letter to the parents of his own school describing the horrific affair.

Gasped Stephanie Salerno, president of the school's parents guild:

I don't understand what possessed whoever the students were to do what they did.

As punishment, Sullivan juniors and seniors are to be subjected to a day-long seminar on tolerance by the Virginia Conference for Community and Justice, which will also give a presentation to sophomores. The school will work with the United Jewish Federation to arrange other events that will teach them not be such racists. Price has also been consulting with the Anti-Defamation League, and promises that diversity training will be permanently incorporated at Sullivan.

Just what was this outrageous racist incident that precipitated such a maelstrom of theatrical guilt and multicultural brainwashing?

During a basketball game between Sullivan and Norfolk Academy, some Sullivan students chanted "We love Jesus," and somebody wrote the word "Jew" on a wall.

If the PC authorities want people to take the whole racism issue seriously, they might try developing a little perspective.

On a tip from Wiggins.


Posted by Dave Blount at 5:24 PM

I knew that look Gore gets on his face when he's pushing his global warming hoax or denouncing President Bush looked familiar…


Courtesy of Texascop.

Holland's Mark Rutte and the Progressive Culture of Death

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:17 PM

Anyone curious about just where libs want to take us need only look at their cutting-edge colleagues in Europe, who are able to pursue the progressive agenda largely unimpeded by conservative opposition. Specifically, an idea of where calls for increased government involvement in healthcare will lead is provided by Dutch Liberal party leader Mark Rutte, who complains that the government places too much emphasis on palliative care at the expense of euthanasia.

Why treat patients when it's so much more cost-effective from a bureaucratic standpoint to kill them?

Rutte also thinks there is too much adoption, and not enough abortion. After all, adoption can have negative effects on a child — though it's hard to imagine them comparing to having their skulls crushed and their brains sucked out.

The one endangered species that gets no sympathy from the Left.

On a tip from V the K.

Wacko Jacko Converts to Islam

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:24 PM

The conversion of the child-molesting freakazoid Michael Jackson to the Religion of Peace has been confirmed. No word yet on whether he will exhibit his devotion to the faith by taking up terrorism or by crushing himself under a wall for being homosexual.

Wacko Jacko and fellow Muslims.

On a tip from Metalgarth.

The Latest British Fad: Pregnant Schoolgirls

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:17 AM

As Britain continues its downward spiral into decadence, becoming pregnant has become the latest fad among teenage schoolgirls. Explains pregnant 14-year-old Kizzy Neal:

When my friends see my bump they say they wish they could have a baby, then three weeks later they're pregnant and don't know what to do. Teenage girls think babies are cute, but they forget the physical side of being pregnant, then having to give up your own childhood to look after a baby. It seems to be fashionable to get pregnant.

While having babies is certainly an improvement over the depraved practice of killing them in the womb, better still would be if little girls held off on getting pregnant until after they're in a position to provide a proper upbringing. Nothing predicts poverty better than a single-parent home.

It's no accident that moonbats advocate both socialism and moral degeneracy. Apart from the immorality of an economic system based on theft, left-wing politicians need a large constituency of poor people on whose behalf they can offer to steal other people's money. How better to grow this underclass than to encourage childbearing out of wedlock, as liberal politicians, the media, and the education establishment do by offering economic incentives, glamorizing sexual permissiveness, and dismissing abstinence as an unworkable solution?

On a tip from Conan.

CBS's Defeatist Propaganda Goes Into Overdrive on 60 Minutes

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:08 AM

CBS's propaganda war on behalf of our country's terrorist enemies went completely over the top last night, with the airing of a 60 Minutes segment intended to convince us that our troops in the field no longer support their mission.

It seems a small group of soldiers, constituting less than 1% of those serving in Iraq, have signed an "Appeal for Redress" stating that they want to go home. In promoting this shameless example of astroturfing by the hard-Left outfit Fenton Communications, the 60 Minutes gang vaguely characterized the disaffected soldiers as a "large group."

The report cherry-picked a stat from a Military Times survey conducted last December, indicating that more soldiers disapproved than approved of Bush's handling of the war. NewsBusters lists a few findings from that same survey that 60 Minutes forgot to include:

  • A plurality of troops felt it was correct for the USA to go into Iraq.
  • A plurality thought we are likely to succeed.
  • Bush's overall job approval was 52%, vs. 31% disapproval.
  • Only 13% thought there should be no American troops in Iraq and Kuwait.
  • Almost four times as many thought troop levels should be maintained at current levels or raised as wanted complete withdrawal.
  • Almost three times as many supported a surge as supported withdrawal.
  • An overwhelming 83% were satisfied with their job, and 81% would recommend a military career to others.
  • Even with the risks, 72% would support a son or daughter going into the military.
  • Those who would reenlist or extend their military commitment outnumbered those who wouldn't 66% to 21%.
  • A full 90% considered themselves well trained.
  • A plurality agreed that President Bush has their best interests at heart. Only 23% thought Congress has their best interests at heart, as opposed to 69% who did not.

Too bad the survey didn't ask how many think CBS News has the country's best interests at heart.

Effectively a branch of al-Qaeda.

Hat tip: LGF

Carl Levin, Snake in the Grass

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:20 AM

If there is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to Iraq, it's that the old plan of our troops training Iraqi troops and letting them do the fighting does not work because of loyalty issues. This is why General David Petraeus, whom Senate Dems in the Armed Services Committee unanimously approved, wants to embed American soldiers in Iraqi units. It's also why Carl Levin, chairman of this committee, "slithered" onto Meet the Depressed over the weekend to declare Dems' intentions to limit our troops to "a supporting role rather than a combat role in Iraq" — otherwise, the USA might win, which would be unacceptable to Democrats and to the fifth-column media that props them up.

Levin also declared that Dems can cap the number of troops. It's becoming clear why the Founding Fathers did not give the legislative branch authority over how war is waged.

Levin proudly displays his comb-over.

February 25, 2007

James Cameron Behind the Next Volley at Christianity

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:01 PM

The Left's next attack on Christianity will be launched under the command of James Cameron of Titanic fame, who has produced an allegedly nonfictional documentary proving that Jesus was not resurrected, and that He sired a son with Mary Magdalene.

For those who think Cameron's a little short on originality, it should be noted that no one thought to pass off the disrespectful notions in The Da Vinci Code as historical fact.

Cameron has a publicity stunt planned for tomorrow at which he will present at a New York press conference three coffins, allegedly belonging to Jesus, The Virgin Mary, and Mary Magdalene.

Hopefully his film, which will be showing soon on the Discovery Channel, won't have to go up against An Inconvenient Truth — otherwise it's a sure bet to win an Oscar. For budding filmmakers interested in prestigious awards, here's how to get them: tell moonbats what they want to hear.

Too bad they didn't think to call it a documentary.

On a tip from V the K.

Wallowing in the N-Word at Stillman College

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:19 PM

If the economic progress of blacks has been a little slower than some might like, this might help explain why: The historically black Stillman College is devoting four days to obsessing on the unspeakable N-word.

The N'Surrection Conference will harp on the word "through the use of intelligent dialogue and a thorough examination of black history." In other words, participants will indulge in still more navel-gazing, self-pity, and sanctimonious denunciations of the way the white man behaved generations ago.

I wonder if Stillman College has ever hosted a four-day conference on how to learn useful skills so as to become gainfully employed.

On a tip from Wiggins.

ACLU's Charles Rust-Tierney Busted For Hard-Core Kiddie Porn

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:55 AM

The ACLU's crusades don't always make a lot of sense, but its campaign to legalize kiddie porn is quite understandable in light of Charles Rust-Tierney's arrest Friday for possessing child pornography. Rust-Tierney used to be president of the ACLU's Virginia chapter.

Investigations revealed that "Charles Rust-Tierney has subscribed to multiple child pornography websites over a period of years." He admitted downloading videos and images from kiddie porn websites and collecting them on CDs.

The guy's no lightweight; he likes the hard stuff:

The videos described in the complaint depict graphic forcible intercourse with prepubescent females. One of the girls is described in court documents as being "seen and heard crying", another is described as being "bound by rope."

Rust-Tierney has been coaching various youth sports teams. On behalf of the ACLU, he advocated against restricting Internet access in public libraries. By the way, his wife Diann, also a moonbat activist, serves as executive director of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty — which makes you wonder what else the Rust-Tierneys have been up to.

For some reason the media doesn't find this story all that interesting. I couldn't find a picture of Charles, but here's Diann:


Hat tip Ace of Spades HQ, on a tip from V the K.

Walter Cronkite Backs Anti-Christian Group

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:59 AM

Walter Cronkite was once a very powerful moonbat. As "The Most Trusted Man in America," he arguably did more than anyone else to secure victory for totalitarian communism in the Vietnam War. Cronkite's career petered out long ago, reducing him to squawking on the Larry King show about the Karl Rove–Osama bin Laden connection and holding forth about America's inadequacies to an audience that probably doesn't extend far beyond his immediate family. But now he's emerged from his tar pit once again to endorse a new national campaign devoted to attacking Christianity.

The First Amendment guarantees our right to practice religion, so at least the campaign shows a trendy sense of irony by calling itself First Amendment First. It's devoted to quieting Christian voices in politics — the dreaded Religious Right being the Left's favorite imaginary problem after Global Warming.

Go back to sleep, Uncle Walt.

Cronkite has fallen upon hard times.

On a tip from Wiggins.

February 24, 2007

What Would Freud Say?

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:56 AM

Exactly what is it that makes Barack Hussein Obama so appealing to the media establishment, which has been exerting a great deal of money and effort to hype him into passing for a credible candidate? The guy seems to be an amiable cipher, an empty black skin into which the MSM/Hollywood crowd can pour their corrosive ideology. But why Obama in particular? Maybe it's his name.

Remember when the personification of the decadent big-money liberal establishment, Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy, called him Osama Obama? Here's a reminder:

Now The View's Joy Behar — whose liberal credentials include having accused Republicans of causing Senator Tim Johnson's stroke and publicly comparing Donald Rumsfeld to Hitler — has referred to Osama bin Laden as "Obama bin Laden." When called on her mistake, this brilliant intellectual star in the liberal firmament confusedly asked, "What's his name?" Baba Wawa emerged from her fog of senility to inform her that the head of al-Qaeda is named Osama, not Obama. Here's video, via Ms. Underestimated.

Since the Left could certainly use some psychiatric attention, here's a little psychoanalysis: At a subconscious level, the America-loathing liberal elite is pushing Obama because he's as close as they can come to voting for Osama.

Joy Behar on the psychoanalysis couch.

Hat tip: NewsBusters

British Taxpayers Rescue Terrorists

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:09 AM

Here's some prime moonbattery that almost slipped past:

Four British subjects who had been fighting for al-Qaeda were caught by the SAS while fleeing US special forces in Somalia. The jihadists would have gotten their heads chopped off if it were left to local authorities, so up to £50,000 was spent extracting them from Somalia to Kenya. From there they were jetted back to London, held for nine hours, then released without charge to resume their terrorist activities.

A terrorist has no better asset than a British passport. But as should be obvious by now, a British passport does not necessarily make you British in any meaningful sense.

On a tip from Patrick.

Massachusetts Judge Rules Christian Children Must Be Taught to Accept Homosexuality

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:44 AM

The progressive campaign to replace Christianity with degeneracy takes us back to Taxachusetts, where US District Judge Mark L. Wolf has ruled that it is necessary to brainwash Christian children into accepting homosexuality.

As MassResistance! reports:

Wolf's ruling is every parent's nightmare. It goes to extraordinary lengths to legitimize and reinforce the "right" (and even the duty) of schools to normalize homosexual behavior to even the youngest of children. In the ruling, Wolf makes the absurd claim that normalizing homosexuality to young children is "reasonably related to the goals of preparing students to become engaged and productive citizens in our democracy." According to Wolf, this means teaching "diversity" which includes "differences in sexual orientation."

Children are not even allowed to leave the classroom as homosexual propaganda is rammed down their throats. According to Wolf:

An exodus from class when issues of homosexuality or same-sex marriage are to be discussed could send the message that gays, lesbians, and the children of same-sex parents are inferior and, therefore, have a damaging effect on those students.

Damaging effects on Christian children are obviously not a concern in our depraved legal system.

Wolf's reasoning was in line with that of aggressive gay agenda advocates Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU, Massachusetts Teachers Association, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, etc., suggesting yet again that the Left enjoys the same sort of hegemony in our courts as it does in our media.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Cross-Banning College William and Mary Hosts Obscene Sex Show

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:10 AM

Some might think that William and Mary is intolerant, in light of the church-founded college removing a 2-foot gold cross from a chapel lest someone be offended by reminders of Christianity. But the educrats there can be very open-minded — when it comes to degeneracy.

Last week William and Mary wallowed in the Sex Workers' Art Show, which drew a crowd of over 400; another 300 were turned away. The event was financed by student activity fees.

As part of the show, a woman weighing over 200 lbs and going by the name Dirty Martini did a striptease in a G-string and pasties, while her colleague Cono Snatch Zubobinskaya gave an anti-war performance featuring a gun-shaped dildo.

Maybe the educrats are right. Displaying a cross in a place like this just wouldn't be appropriate.

Thankfully, the Wren Cross did not appear in the sex show.

On a tip from Wiggins.

February 23, 2007

Global Warming Hoax Setting Up Lawsuits

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:22 PM

Since we obviously aren't going to ban the internal combustion engine, no matter how hysterically the Goracle screeches about apocalyptic doom, what exactly do liberals hope to gain with their relentless barrage of global warming propaganda? One answer is: grounds for lawsuits.

Lawsuits can be used to hurt your enemies, fatten your wallet, and impose your politics. For example, Taxachusetts and 11 other states are suing the EPA to force it to regulate so-called greenhouse gases, with potentially disastrous results for the economy.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown has backed a lawsuit against the big six automakers, on the grounds that they make cars and cars cause global warming. Now the former Governor Moonbeam wants to meet with the manufacturers to "discuss ways to fight global warming without conflict." This is the equivalent of the local mob calling for meetings with shopkeepers to discuss ways they can keep their front windows from getting broken.

Enviromoonbats are suing the US Fish and Wildlife Service as part of an attempt to close down what limited oil drilling is allowed in Alaska's wastelands. The suit relies on widespread ignorance of the fact that polar bears are aquatic animals with improbable claims that these vicious man-eating beasts are drowning as the ice melts under their feet — which somehow has something to do with the US Fish and Wildlife Service not doing enough to prevent oil drilling. Given the state of our legal system, the suit may be judged to have merit.

Smelling free money, Eskimos are suing because if the weather got warm enough, it could interfere with their lifestyle.

In 2005, a coalition of states tried to sue power companies for causing global warming. This absurd suit was thrown out, but they might have better luck next time. The climate is changing rapidly for the worse — and I'm not talking about the weather.

When you find yourself huddled in the cold dark because righteous liberal crusaders have sued the local power company out of existence for oppressing the polar bears, you won't just have environmentalists to thank; don't forget to thank lawyers too.

All they need is a jury too dumb to understand that polar bears swim.

On a tip from Wiggins.

NY Times Still Looking for Secrets to Betray

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:19 PM

The treasonous New York Times is at it again, undermining our struggle against Islamic terrorism by yelling descriptions of our covert operations through a megaphone:

The American military quietly waged a campaign from Ethiopia last month to capture or kill top leaders of Al Qaeda in the Horn of Africa, including the use of an airstrip in eastern Ethiopia to mount airstrikes against Islamic militants in neighboring Somalia, according to American officials.
The close and largely clandestine relationship with Ethiopia also included significant sharing of intelligence on the Islamic militants’ positions and information from American spy satellites with the Ethiopian military. Members of a secret American Special Operations unit, Task Force 88, were deployed in Ethiopia and Kenya, and ventured into Somalia, the officials said.
[…][T]he extent of American cooperation with the recent Ethiopian invasion into Somalia and the fact that the Pentagon secretly used an airstrip in Ethiopia to carry out attacks have not been previously reported.

Here's the Great One's take:

Oh, do I long for the good old days when Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president, punished such acts of betrayal. And no, I am not joking. This is a wholly gratuitous assault on our national security by the reckless Times corporate management. There is simply no public interest in disclosing any of it. For all the liberal talk about the need to build coalitions and work more closely with other countries, when we do the Times and media outlets like it are the first to try to destroy those relationships. The Washington Post did the same with black sites in Europe.

But at least this doesn't rise to the level of revealing — and thereby deliberately crippling — programs to monitor terrorist communications and money transfers, which the Gray Hag can count among her past accomplishments.

The NY Times' openly treasonous publisher.

Dem Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Wants to Help Arm Hugo Chavez

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:36 PM

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) continues to do her best to lay to rest any doubts that the Democrat Party is actively hostile to the USA and effectively in league with our foreign enemies. Her latest: she wants to lift a ban on selling parts for F-16 fighter jets to Venezuela, an ally of Iran and Cuba that is vehemently hostile to the USA.

Jackson Lee wants to show that "Venezuela has many friends in this new Congress" — as do all hostile regimes.

Ever see one of those contests where a shopper gets to keep whatever she can pile into her grocery cart in a set amount of time? That's Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez on a weapons-buying spree at Russia's Mayhem Mart. He also has nuclear ambitions; his friend Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will soon be able to help him out in this department. Then there is the possibility of biological weapons

All this weaponry will come in handy as Chavez continues his efforts to export socialism and undermine democracy throughout Latin American. Sooner or later he will manage to force the conflict with the USA that he has been so loudly demanding. Parts for fighters will come in handy when he gets the chance to back up his noisy rhetoric by actually killing some Americans.

Dems support the troops, all right. They just don't support our troops.

Sheila Jackson Lee and friends would love to shovel a few spadefuls onto America's coffin.

Hat tip: Sweet Spirits of Ammonia

Warning: Political Correctness Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:17 PM

Was it a lack of situational awareness, or political correctness that got the poor guy in this video knocked out cold?

The LawDog does some body language analysis, leading to this conclusion:

I think the reptile hindbrain of the victim was screaming warnings at him up to the point that the lights went out. And I think he consciously over-rode the signals — either to avoid the appearance of rudeness, or out of a desire not to appear racist.

If so, how emblematic of the way moonbattery renders us helpless before the lowest of lowlife. This also makes a great metaphor for our voluntary vulnerability to Islam's war on the West.

Hat tip: Dad29

Harry Reid Takes Liberal Irony to the Next Level

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:46 AM

Having taken over Congress, America's fifth-column enemies continue to push for our defeat to Islamic terrorists in strategically critical Iraq. The slimy Harry Reid plans to present a proposal that will tie the hands of our troops while Dems work to finalize our surrender.

The exact wording hasn't been worked out yet, but it will be something along the lines of restricting American troops to fighting terrorists who have been confirmed to be members of al-Qaeda and to non-combat functions while proceeding with a gradual retreat.

Get this: Reid "is expected to try to add the measure to anti-terrorism legislation."

Liberals do prize their sense of irony. They've used it to replace honor, decency, shame, patriotism, resolve, integrity, loyalty, courage, and common sense.


Hat tip: Clarity & Resolve

A World Without America

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:04 AM

Moonbats might learn more from watching this short video than they will in four years of college:

Via 18 Doughty Street, on a tip from nanc.

Has Deval Patrick Discovered Shame?

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:12 AM

Here's some good news: Taxachusett's prodigal Czar, I mean Governor, Deval Patrick is giving back some of the money he's looted from the public coffer.

Patrick will be making personal contributions toward the $46,000 Caddy he bought on the public's dime, to bring its costs into line with the Crown Victoria Mitt Romney used to drive. (Patrick alleges that Crown Victorias don't meet his security needs.) He also says he'll repay taxpayers for the $27,387 he blew on high-end furniture for his fancy office.

Despite outrageous tax rates, Massachusetts has a $1 billion budget deficit.

To those who carp on his habit of spending the public's money to finance his imperial lifestyle, Patrick responds:

Don't trivialize optimism and hope.

In other Deval Patrick news, the Governor is doing his part for optimism and hope by raising taxes even higher on the state's staggering economy. Pardon me: he's not raising taxes, he's lowering them and closing "corporate loopholes." But Michael Widmer of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation isn't buying the spin:

This is anything but closing loopholes. This is a large tax increase on corporations at a time when the state's economy is struggling.

Sorry Massachusetts. But you voted for the guy, you get to live with the consequences.

Patrick and his pricey wheels, via Coupe DeVal.

On tips from Bernie and V the K. Hat tip: Deval Patrick Watch.

Charley Reese, on Behalf of the Left: Nothing Is Worth Fighting For

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:31 AM

Modern liberals do not have the character to win a war, which is why the encroaching power of Democrats in Washington is extremely bad news for our troops in the field and for our country's security. For a particularly appalling example of evidence of this, let's go back to a piece published in January by lifelong journalist Charley Reese, who uses the freedom that better men died for to argue that armed resistance to tyranny is pointless because someday it will be forgotten.

Bleats Reese:

Individual soldiers who survive combat often come home to realize that all of the horrific and heroic actions they took don't mean anything. Vietnam, for example, is ruled by a communist government.

Got that? A liberal says that trying to fight off communism in Vietnam was a waste of time, since liberals were able to secure our defeat despite the heroic efforts of our troops in the field. It gets worse:

Nobody but a historian even remembers what World War I was all about, much less the 10 million young men who died fighting it. World War II and Korea are likewise fading from public memory.

I'll go farther than Reese: if we had just struck a sanctimonious pose and then surrendered in WWI, WWII wouldn't have been necessary — because we'd all be ruled by German Kaisers and there wouldn't be any freedom to defend. At least then we wouldn't be drowning in moonbat bilgewater.

Now I'll go farther still: one day the Sun will go up in a supernova and die, and afterwards the Earth will be a frozen cinder floating aimlessly through space, or be sucked into a black hole. No one will remember anything then. So why bother getting up in the morning?

Reese's point of view — and progressive foreign policy — can be summed up it five words: "Nothing is worth fighting for." But rather than print this simplistic sentiment on a bumper sticker, Reese piles on the verbiage, because that's a journalist's job:

I'm glad that I discouraged all my children from serving in the military, even though I had served. It is important, I believe, to separate the natural and noble feeling of love of country from the present reality. The young people dying in Iraq are not dying to protect their country. As usual, they were lied to. They're dying for corporate profits, in which they do not share; they are dying because of some academic's harebrained belief that we can turn Iraq into a liberal democratic state; they are dying because of political opportunists in Washington.

Here's an idea for al-Qaeda: why not open up a PSYOP division to print liberal odes to defeatist nihilism on leaflets and distribute them for our soldiers to see? But of course, they don't have to: our media does it for them, with the hearty approval of the Democrat Party.

Charlie Reese: Let's just lose.

On a tip from Conan.

February 22, 2007

Even the BBC Is Racist

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:10 PM

No one can run far enough to the left to be immune from accusations of "racism" from elsewhere on the left — not even the BBC.

South Africa's sainted African National Congress accused the Beeb of this ultimate crime against political correctness for reporting on the rampant crime that renders that country virtually uninhabitable. According to the ANC, acknowledging that South Africa has a crime problem feeds "the deeply embedded stereotype that Africans are genetically inferior."

To get an idea of just how far South Africa has degenerated toward total anarchy under the socialist thugs responsible for maintaining order, I wouldn't trust the mealy-mouthed multiculturalists at the BBC either. Try this.

No doubt it's "racist" to show this victim of a South African necklacing.

Hat tip: Tongue Tied 3


Posted by Dave Blount at 8:21 PM

Today's piece on WND ridiculing the War on Weather includes this enjoyable quote from professor David Bellamy of London's Conservation Foundation:

Global warming — at least the modern nightmare version — is a myth. I am sure of it and so are a growing number of scientists. But what is really worrying is that the world's politicians and policy-makers are not.
Instead, they have an unshakeable faith in what has, unfortunately, become one of the central credos of the environmental movement: humans burn fossil fuels, which release increased levels of carbon dioxide — the principal so-called greenhouse gas — into the atmosphere, causing the atmosphere to heat up. They say this is global warming, I say this is poppycock.

Bellamy must have missed the memo about the debate being over now that everyone has knuckled under to the politically correct "consensus."

David Bellamy: Not buying the poppycock.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Air America's Thom Hartmann Tricked His Way Out of Vietnam

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:35 AM

Err America continues to stagger through bankruptcy, but at least it has found a replacement for the obnoxious clown and would-be Senator Al Franken. Thom Hartmann now shoulders the burden of going up against El Rushbo in the prime noon–3 PM EST slot. As noted by fellow Oregonian Lars Larson, Hartmann counts among his qualifications having tricked his way out of serving his country during Vietnam.

Larson quotes a fawning puff piece from the Portland Oregonian:

...Hartmann joined the Air Force, thinking he could work as an engineer, thus avoiding dangerous duty. Quickly realizing he was wrong, Hartmann managed to flunk an end-of-basic training physical, earning a quick ticket back to civilian life.

Evidently, Hartmann used deception to flunk the physical. The Uniform Code of Military Justice has something to say about this:

Any person who […] procures his own separation from the armed forces by knowingly false representation or deliberate concealment as to his eligibility for that separation […] shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

But don't expect this to prevent Hartmann from maligning President Bush's National Guard service.

The noble and courageous Thom Hartmann.

Osama Obama Racking Up Endorsements

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:34 AM

Barack Hussein Obama's experience and lack of substance may not be enough to prevent him from picking up the Democrat nomination. His empty black skin and Muslim name are getting progressives excited. With the election almost two years away, key endorsements have begun to pile up.

The Hollyweird establishment — with its zillions of dollars and vast propaganda firepower — has dumped the Clintons in favor of B.O. Tinseltown string-pullers like Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen have already begun throwing lavish fundraisers for him, drawing such prominent limousine leftists as George Loony and Babs Streisand.

Now Obama has the endorsement of Keith Ellison, our first Muslim Congressman, who graduated from Louis Farrakhan's wacky yet frightening Nation of Islam and who took his oath of office on the same book that inspired 9/11.

Ellison — who also enjoys the advantage of some African ancestry — explains why he endorses Osama Obama:

Not because he's black. That's identity politics. I reject identity politics. He speaks with a unifying spirit.

He's unifying moonbats, anyway. Normal voters don't seem so impressed — Shrillary continues to lead in the polls. But normal voters don't control the media, which has nearly as much time to hype Obama into seeming like a credible candidate as Obama has spent in the Senate, where he has at least shown an aptitude for keeping his head down so that no one can pin him down on any unpopular stands.

B.O. endorser Keith Ellison swearing on the Koran.

Hat tips: DANEgerus Weblog, Hot Air

Hollyweird Airhead Charlize Theron Compares USA to Cuba

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:45 AM

Here's something new: a member of the Hollyweird glitterati appears to consider the impoverished communist slave state in Cuba no better than the richest and freest country in the world — no worse, of course, but no better.

On returning from a visit to Cuba, Charlize Theron sounded remarkably like a reasonable person:

I think the (Cuban) younger generation is starting to say, "You know what, it doesn't work. We're not happy. We want to have freedom of speech. We want to be able to travel."

However, realizing that she had sinned against Hollywood's official religion (moonbattery), Theron quickly made amends, before she could find herself blackballed. When CNN's Rick Sanchez — who was born in Cuba and is aware of the conditions there — started to ask her about the lack of freedom in the island prison, she interrupted with this:

I would argue that there's a lack of freedom in America.

Gasped Sanchez:

But do you think the lack of freedoms in Cuba are parallel to the lack of freedoms in the United States?

The answer should keep Theron on Tinseltown's A List:

Well, I would. I would compare those two. Yes, definitely.

Her justification for comparing the world's Last Best Hope to a miserable totalitarian dictatorship was a couple of reporters who were fired after making seditious remarks about the war in Iraq that their employers evidently regarded as unprofessional. When Sanchez attempted to extract a clarification from the lovely young nitwit, she interrupted him again with this:

I want to make out with you right now.

Humberto Fontova offers this analysis:

After many nights of scrutiny and meditation, the best my team of analysts can determine is that Charlize Theron equates the policies of a regime that incarcerated political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin's, that machine-guns to death entire families for attempting to travel abroad, that mandates (under penalty of prison or firing squad) what its subjects read, say, eat, earn, eat (both substance and amount), where they live, travel or work — she equates this regime with a government under which a private corporation owned by stockholders terminated some employees for violating company guidelines.
Who in Hollywood could argue with that? By Hollywood standards her logic seems airtight.

Actually, most people in Hollywood would consider what Theron said an insult — to Cuba. Fontova himself offers a few quotes:

Francis Ford Coppola:

Fidel I love you. We both have the same initials. We are both powerful men. And we both use our power for good.

Jack Nicholson:

Castro is a genius and Cuba is a paradise.

Chevy Chase:

Socialism works. I think Cuba might prove that.

Oliver Stone:

Castro is very selfless and moral, one of the world's wisest men.

Harry Belafonte:

If you believe in freedom, if you believe in justice, if you believe in democracy, you have no choice but to support Fidel Castro!

Kevin Costner:

It was an experience of a lifetime to sit only a few feet away from him (Castro).

Stephen Spielberg (describing dinner with Castro):

The eight most important hours of my life.

This chorus of useful idiots is referring to a corrupt dictator who has enriched himself while reducing his potentially wealthy country to such a wretched hellhole, people attempt to escape to the USA by crossing 90 miles of shark-infested waters on inner tubes.

If Satan were to appear on Earth, Hollywood would roll out the red carpet.

Charlize Theron: USA is as bad as Cuba.

February 21, 2007

Why the War on Weather Isn't Funny

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:13 PM

An Op-Ed by Pete du Pont covers some familiar ground in dismissing global warming as bunk, but makes an important point: moonbats' bunk can hurt people.

As du Pont notes, Greenland wasn't covered in ice when the Vikings farmed there, long before the first Escalade rolled off an assembly line. The warming we've experienced over the last 100 years has been extremely slight, and is due far more to solar radiation than human activity. Not even the UN supports the outrageous claims of Al Gore, who promises a 20-foot rise in sea level by the end of the century; the UN is saying 17 inches. Nor does the UN expect global warming to affect the number of hurricanes, which has been steadily declining. As most of us know, the infamous "hockey stick" graph that makes it look like the temperature was static until it shot up in the mid 1970s is utterly bogus, having omitted the Medieval Warming Period.

But global warming is no laughing matter, because whenever moonbats bark themselves into a lather, people get hurt. Du Pont notes that mosquito-killing DDT was credited with reducing malaria in Sri Lanka from 2.8 million cases to 17, and deaths from malaria from 7,000 to none. Then Rachel Carson came out with a book called Silent Spring, which convinced the gullible liberal elite that DDT is bad. Third-World countries like Sri Lanka were pressured to stop using it, and malaria predictably skyrocketed. Environmentalists' reaction: tough luck.

There are two things we need to keep in mind about environmentalists:

  1. They are fanatics, impervious to reason.
  2. They don't care what happens to human beings.

Consequently, their War on Weather campaign is no laughing matter.

Allied with moonbats against the human race.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

Courting Controversy at NYU

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:15 PM

It's not hard to be controversial on a college campus. All you have to do is stray a few millimeters to the right of all the way left.

New York University's College Republicans are planning a "Find the Illegal Immigrant" contest for tomorrow. To win you have to be the first to point out a club member wearing a nametag that reads "Illegal Immigrant." The point is to draw attention to the fact that our border has been overrun by invaders who continue to pour into the country.

At NYU, this harmless game is so controversial that up to 300 students are expected to show up to protest it. According to protest organizers:

We need to show that this type of racist action is completely unacceptable.

The university actually felt compelled to explain why it would permit the game to take place:

At universities, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas — even difficult and unpopular ideas — is a key mission. […] Illegal immigration is a totally appropriate topic for debate, though this event seems principally calculated to produce outraged reaction rather than dialogue.

In other words, "These people are icky for thinking the USA is a sovereign country with a right to defend its borders, but we'll let it go this time."

Learning to survive in a hostile environment.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Muslims Demand British Schools Conform to Islamic Culture

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:46 PM

In a staggering display of arrogance, Muslim colonizers are insisting that Britain overhaul its schools to accommodate Islamic culture.

The Muslim Council of Britain's 72-page list of demands includes prayer rooms, individual changing cubicles, halal meals, head scarves, and no exams during Ramadan, which goes on for a whole month and slides all around the calendar. The MCB also saw fit to whine that students sometimes have to "experience Islamophobic sentiments," despite Muslims going so far out of their way to make themselves lovable to the rest of the world.

Big changes are needed in PE, where kids have to change and take showers right in front of other kids of the same gender. It's a "profound indignity" for Muslims to have to do this like everyone else.

Sex ed needs changing too, so as to promote "Islamic moral perspectives." Did I mention that this is not Saudi Arabia I'm referring to, but the United Kingdom?

Needless to say, if there's going to be any assimilating, it's the British who will be assimilated by their Islamic colonizers. Mick Brookes, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, reacted to the extensive list of outrageous demands by fretting that there might be a backlash. If only.

Imagine if Hitler had demanded that British schoolchildren eat sauerkraut and wear lederhosen. Britain has come a long way in the last two generations. Let's hope it can find its way back while it still exists.

On a tip from Bill V.

Indian Idol Draws Death Threats From Religion of Peace

Posted by Dave Blount at 2:17 PM

American Idol fans may have more of a stake in the War on Terror than they realize. India's equivalent Indian Idol is having Muslim problems in Kashmir, where a talent hunt has resulted in threats from the militant group Al-Madina to kill any Kashmiris who take part in the show.

Auditions are going forward anyway. Let's hope Hollywood shows as much backbone if we retreat from Iraq and the War on Terror follows us home.

On the wrong side of Allah.

On a tip from Bill V.

Confederacy Faces Erasure

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:18 PM

The Museum of the Confederacy is getting squeezed out of Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, and may end up moving its collection of artifacts, manuscripts, and photographs to Lexington, Virginia. What's worse, the name of the museum will probably be changed, in an attempt to erase the word "Confederacy" for being "racist."

Barked Lexington Councilwoman Mimi Elrod:

To me, the Confederate flag symbolizes slavery, oppression and denying people their rights. I have a problem with a museum that celebrates that being in our city.

Those to whom our history has been entrusted are prepared to pander to the totalitarian mentality that insists on the past being brought into line with currently fashionable political views. A group of historians and preservationists issued a report on the museum last October stating that the word "Confederacy" carries

enormous, intransigent and negative intellectual baggage with many. For them, the Confederacy, and by association the Museum of the Confederacy, now symbolize racism.

So history must be redacted to accommodate what "many" now think it symbolizes. For an explanation of the existential horror of what this implies, readers are referred to George Orwell's 1984.

What's next to go down the Memory Hole? As liberals never tire of reminding us, many of the Founding Fathers owned slaves. How long until these racists are erased? We'll have to change the name of the capital. How about Sharpton, DC?

Heading down the Memory Hole.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Le Pen Pooh-poohs 9/11

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:44 AM

There appears to be only one alternative to left-wing moonbattery in France: right-wing moonbattery. If that sounds like an oxymoron, consider right-winger Jean-Marie Le Pen, who dismisses the historic atrocities of 9/11 as an "incident." As for the 3,000 who died:

3 000 dead, that is how many die in Iraq in a month and it's far less than the deaths in the Marseille or Dresden bombings at the end of the Second World War.

Someone bothered to bomb Marseille? You learn something new every day.

Le Pen asserts that the 9/11 atrocities were no more terrorist acts than were WWII bombings. He is currently indulging in his fifth presidential campaign. Past accomplishments include having been convicted of the absurd crime of Holocaust denial.

That Le Pen may represent the closest thing France has to hope gives and idea of how far that formerly great country has swirled down the drain.

By clenching his jaw, Le Pen is sometimes able to prevent the drool from escaping.

On a tip from V the K.

Shrillary Denounces America's Arrogance

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:51 AM

Of all the shallow insults to come belching out of progressive mouths, the notion that America is "arrogant" is possibly the most irritating. By "arrogant," they mean America does what's right, regardless of how it plays with the corrupt and hostile denizens of the Turtle Bay Zoo.

Not to worry, libs. Shrillary Rotten promises that as Queen, she will do away with all this arrogance:

When I'm president, I'm going to send a message to the world that […] we're not the arrogant power that we've been acting like for the last six years.

Like a true hard-Left America-basher, Shrillary complained that America squandered the world's good will after 9/11 by actually fighting back against the terrorists. If we had just lain on our backs and whimpered, Europeans would have pitied and despised us, instead of resenting us for still having some character.

Liberals appear to derive some sort of loathsome masochistic pleasure out of being despised by effete European snobs. This is a big plus for Shrillary, because if she is elected, there will be plenty to despise.

Shrillary: Time for an end to American arrogance.

Most Americans Want to Win

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:10 AM

Here's some news that will come as a big surprise to liberals — and an unwelcome one to those infesting Congress. A new poll shows that most Americans want to win in Iraq, rather than tucking our tails between our legs and "redeploying" to underneath our beds while we wait for the terrorists to come after us again.

Majorities were sensible enough to conclude that American troops need to stay in Baghdad until the local government can govern, that victory in Iraq is vital to winning the war on terror that began after 9/11, and that Bush should be supported in this effort despite his mistakes.

Only 25% were short-sighted and/or morally depraved enough to agree with the statement, "I don't really care what happens in Iraq after the U.S. leaves, I just want the troops brought home." The Demon-rats are going too far, too fast in trying to force a retreat, according to 53%. More than three times as many want to stay until the job is done as want to surrender immediately.

Even after years of a relentless bombardment of defeatist propaganda from the fifth-columnists who run the media, most of us still have enough character to resist its barrage of demoralizing misinformation.

As the Breck Girl would say, there are two Americas. But they aren't the rich and the poor. They are the America presented by our TV sets and newspapers — a nation of preening, sniveling, self-indulgent cowards — and the America that is either fighting terrorists in Iraq or supporting those who do. The honorable America may not hold the media or Congress, but it still has a majority.

Sorry, Dems: Still flying high.

February 20, 2007

Not All Doctorates Are Worth the Paper They Are Printed On

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:20 PM

What could be more emblematic of the degeneration of higher education into an echo chamber for left-wing ideology? The University of Minnesota is considering granting an honorary doctorate to Al Gore (who flunked out of divinity school) as a reward for spreading alarmist global warming propaganda that the establishment increasingly insists we regard as science.

University spokesman Daniel Wolter claims Prince Albert is "a legitimate expert on a pressing issue of global concern, climate change." The same university has already granted an honorary degree to Shrillary Clinton. Maybe Minnesota regards her as a "legitimate expert" on healthcare in light of the Hillary Care debacle.

Al Gore, scholarly scientist.

Silky Pony Reveals the Greatest Threat to World Peace

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:39 PM

Can you guess what the world's greatest short-term threat to world peace is?

No, it isn't Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his messianic quest for nuclear weapons. It isn't al-Qaeda, or Hezbollah, or Hamas, or any other terrorist outfit. It's not the total chaos that will result if Democrats are able to engineer America's defeat in Iraq. It's not even the maniacal Hugo Chavez exporting poverty and totalitarianism throughout Latin America under the banner of socialism. Nor is it a worldwide depression brought on by legislative reactions to global warming hysteria.

Here's a clue: the greatest threat was revealed by John Edwards, the pretty boy ambulance chaser who has been trying to outflank Shrillary Rotten and B.O. on the left.

If you guessed America, nice try, but that would have been too easy. The greatest threat to world peace is Israel, which might rashly take out Iran's nuclear facilities before Mad Mahmoud can carry out his apocalyptic promises.

Yet just as feminist liberals will side with the most misogynistic ideology ever conceived (Islam) against their own civilization, American Jews will overwhelming support Silky Pony or whatever other Israel-shafting moonbat gets the Democrat nomination.

Silky Pony gets a pat from Botched Joke.

Senator Chucklehead Confesses to Vietnam Nostalgia

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It will come as no surprise that liberals have been trying to relive their glory days of the Flower Child era, when they used their control of the media to lay low the mighty USA in Southeast Asia. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) confirms that the Dems are still reading from the Vietnam playbook:

There will be resolution after resolution, amendment after amendment… just like in the days of Vietnam. The pressure will mount, the president will find he has no strategy, he will have to change his strategy and the vast majority of our troops will be taken out of harm's way and come home.

It's all part of the slow bleed strategy advanced by scoundrels like the seditious Rep. John Murtha (D-PA).

Surprisingly enough, both Murtha and Schumer voted to authorize the war in Iraq. Apparently they don't mind starting wars — it's following through until we win that Dems have a problem with.

You have to wonder: why would even Democrats want a reprise of Vietnam?

By now no one expects liberals to wish America well, so I won't go into how the loss disgraced and discredited this country, how our proud soldiers were left having fought for an abandoned cause, or how it gave a leg up to our totalitarian enemies.

You might think liberals would have some sympathy for the people of Indochina, who after all aren't Caucasian. Our defeat and the Dems' subsequent pulling out of the economic rug from under South Vietnam resulted in the enslavement of the entire region. People took to the seas in anything that would float in a desperate attempt to escape from our Democrat Party's communist allies, resulting in deaths by the hundreds of thousands. Khmer Rouge communists in Cambodia were able to kill millions, reducing that country's population by 30%. But insulated from guilt by their godless, nihilistic ideology, liberals appear to feel no regrets over these cataclysmic developments, nor do they hesitate to reenact them in the Middle East. As their good old Uncle Joe would say:

One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic.

James Taranto finds a more compelling reason Chuckles and his fellow Dems ought to hesitate to replay Vietnam:

It's hard to see any way in which Democrats benefited politically from becoming the anti-Vietnam party. In 1972 their antiwar nominee carried one state. They did well in 1974 and 1976, but more because of Watergate than Vietnam. And after the ineffectual leadership of Jimmy Carter, Democrats were not able to win the White House again until after the Soviet Union had disintegrated.
It is said that generals always fight the last war. Gen. Schumer is trying to fight this war using the same tactics that lost the last war for both the country and his party.

If there could possibly be a silver lining to fifth-columnists causing civilization to lose in Iraq, it's that the nature of the Democrat Party will become so obvious that supporting it will no longer be an option for any decent person — provided of course that a reasonably accurate depiction of events is able to make it through the media.

Chuckles Schumer demonstrates the Dems' approach to Islamic terror.

Pakistani Minister Zilla Huma Usman Killed for Forgetting Her Place

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Provincial Pakistani minister Zilla Huma Usman — an advocate of woman's rights — has been shot dead by a Religion of Peacenik for violating Islam's dress code for women and for participating in politics while female.

According to local officer Nazir Ahmad:

He killed her because she was not observing the Islamic code of dress. She was also campaigning for emancipation of women.

A police statement said of the killer, Mohammad Sarwar:

He considers it contrary to the teachings of Allah for a woman to become a minister or a ruler. That's why he committed this action.

Such attitudes are hardly surprising in the Islamic world. Yet the feminist Left that managed to set aside its alleged principles to support the sexual predator and probable rapist B.J. Clinton also has no problem siding with Islam in its war with Western Civilization.

Zilla Huma Usman.

Global Warming Cultists May Go After Our Food

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The global warming flimflam is a Trojan horse for any number of left-wing causes, including raising taxes, increasing bureaucratic control, hobbling the USA, sticking it to big business, arresting economic development so as to keep people poor, getting people out of their own cars where they have too much independence, etc. Here's another to add to the list: it could be exploited to prevent people from eating the meat that is an essential component of a healthy diet.

After all, livestock produces more greenhouse gasses than transportation, according to the ever trustworthy United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization.

This is due not only to cows blasting gas like Rosie O'Donnell after a trip to Taco Bell, but to deforestation used to expand pastures, and energy used to produce fertilizers, run slaughterhouses, run meat-packing plants, pump water, chew the food in you mouth, etc., etc. A similar approach might prove that gardening or crochet causes global warming — if that's what the UN's insidious bureauweenies wanted to conclude.

Intoned senior FAO author Henning Steinfeld:

Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious environmental problems.

Livestock is said to produce 9% of all CO2 emissions, 37% of methane, and 65% of nitrous oxide. Rosie is presumably another big contributor of methane, which has 23 times the global warming potential of CO2, making it even more deadly than water vapor.

One excuse for pretending that livestock is now a problem when it never was before is that increased prosperity has allowed people around the world to eat more meat, underscoring the economics of the War on Weather, which can be summed up as: prosperity is bad.

Unsurprisingly, animal rights kooks seized on the report. Scribbles Noam Mohr in a report for Earth Save International:

Arguably the best way to reduce global warming in our lifetimes is to reduce or eliminate our consumption of animal products.

As we learn once again, Al Gore et al.'s War on Weather is actually a War on Humanity on behalf of moonbat ideology.

Rosie makes a methane contribution.

February 19, 2007

Global Warming and the "Irony Tipping-Point"

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The fashion world is no doubt infested with moonbattery — but at least it knows better than to take global warming seriously, judging by the ads promoting Diesel's spring/summer collection. The theme is the sort of environmental doom preached so theatrically by Al Gore — except that nobody seems too worried about it. As WaPo puts it:

Diesel's models are dressed fashionably if barely (to accommodate the weather) and they lounge amid this hip dystopia in glamorous unconcern, fanning themselves or applying suntan lotion to one another's tawny backs.

Actually, the folks at Diesel may be trying to be serious, to the extent it's possible to be serious and still be hiply ironic. In the past they ran ads condemning smoking by pretending to advocate it for the sake of developing a "sexy cough."

Certainly WaPo doesn't want you to think that the War on Weather is a laughing matter:

That global warming is being spoofed by a retailer in the pages of Vogue and Esquire suggests that the issue is sufficiently widespread and accepted to have reached the irony tipping-point.

In other words, there really is a consensus on global warming, because trendoid fashion ads are ironic about it. WaPo has reached the absurdity tipping-point.

Global warming ready.

On a tip from V the K.

Angling For the Advantage of Being Disadvantaged

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In the era of bleeding-heart moonbattery, it is such an advantage to be "disadvantaged" that there is talk in Australia of using DNA tests to determine whether people really are Aborigines or are only pretending for the sake of acquiring privileged victim status.

According to the census, Australia's Aboriginal population went from 265,459 in 1991 to 410,000 in 2001, presumably due to people reclassifying themselves so as to qualify for race-based handouts and favoritism.

How to dress for a job interview in Australia.

Hat tip: Political Correctness Watch

Global Warming Beach Party

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Compliments of Wiggins:


Muslim Cabbie Tries to Run Down Fares

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The Religion of Peace has struck in Nashville, Tennessee, where a local cabbie tried to run down a couple of customers after an argument over religion became heated, leaving one of them hospitalized. Ibrihim Ahmned was arrested and charged with assault, attempted homicide, and stealing the license plate he was using on his cab.

Wait, the news report doesn't say he if Ahmned is a Muslim. Maybe they were arguing over Presbyterianism.

In other Religion of Peace news, a train bombing killed at least 66 in India, and eight are dead in Thailand after a wave of bombings and shootings by Muslims. Also, our Congress voted in its wisdom to signal its intention to surrender to Islamic terrorists in Iraq in the hopes that they'll just leave us alone so we can get on with the pressing business of trying to hype global warming into a problem.

Here's some warming that really is a problem. Dozens of passengers were trapped inside.

On a tip from Wiggins.

February 18, 2007

Omar Khayam, Islamofascist Train Cleaner

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Convicted drug-dealer and parole violator Omar Khayam dressed up as a suicide bomber to participate in a Muslim demonstration in London last year. Via Sweetness & Light, here are a few pictures taken at the protest:







As noted earlier, a Cambridge University student is in deep trouble for publishing some of these pictures, in violation of the code of dhimmitude under which the tattered remnants of British civilization subsist.

Guess what Khayam does for a living? He cleans Cambridge trains.

Maybe if he manages to go a few years without planting any bombs, they'll put him in charge of emptying wastebaskets at 10 Downing Street.

Omar Khayam in his suicide bomber vest.

Useful Idiot Herbert Matthews Honored in Cuba

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It's nice to see people given the recognition they deserve — even when they are left-wing fools like New York Times reporter Herbert Matthews. Yesterday a marble plaque was unveiled in Havana, commemorating a laudatory interview that provided crucial propaganda support to Fidel Castro in his quest for power.

Here's a sample of the adulation Matthews and the Slimes gushed at the thug who went on to impose a half century of poverty and totalitarianism on Cuba:

It was easy to see that his men adored him and also to see why he has caught the imagination of the youth of Cuba all over the island. Here was an educated, dedicated fanatic, a man of ideals, of courage and of remarkable qualities of leadership.

The interview helped the demonic Castro not only by portraying him as an angel, but by exaggerating the size of his force. Castro later admitted he had only 18 goons in his gang at the time, but he easily fooled the useful idiot Matthews by having them pass in front of him repeatedly.

Helping out Castro as much as fellow NY Times reporter Walter Duranty did Joseph Stalin, Matthews has been called the "man who invented Fidel" — though even Castro despised him:

I am sick and tired of that old man who thinks he is my father.

Let's hope that when our terrorist enemies take over Iraq and use its oil wealth to finance attacks on the USA, they are equally thoughtful, and put up a plaque in Baghdad thanking the Democrat Party for its comparably valuable propaganda support.

Matthews gets a medal from Castro for his services.

February 17, 2007

Dishonor Roll

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:44 AM

At this point it would be naive not to expect treasonous behavior from Democrats, who are politically invested in our defeat in Iraq and who have made it crystal clear they will do what they can to bring it about. Motivated by a combination of political expediency and raw cowardice, some Republicans have joined in their efforts.

Compliments of Wiggins, here is a list of Republicans who voted in favor of the absurd non-binding resolution condemning reinforcements being sent to Iraq — a measure that accomplishes nothing other than to demoralize our troops and encourage the terrorists trying to kill them:

  • Michael Castle (R-DE)
  • Rick Keller (R-FL)
  • Timothy Johnson (R-IL)
  • Mark Kirk (R-IL)
  • Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD)
  • Fred Upton (R-MI)
  • Jim Ramstad (R-MN)
  • Howard Coble (R-NC)
  • Walter Jones (R-NC)
  • James Walsh (R-NY)
  • Steven LaTourette (R-OH)
  • Philip English (R-PA)
  • Bob Inglis (R-SC)
  • John Duncan (R-TN)
  • Ron Paul (R-TX)
  • Thomas Davis (R-VA)
  • Thomas Petri (R-WI)

I can't think of a more tactful way to characterize these individuals than yellow backstabbing vermin. Apparently they think this will put them on the winning side if the Democrats' slow bleed strategy is successful in securing our defeat. Needless to say, voting for any of them under any circumstances is strongly discouraged.

In the entire Congress, there were two Democrats with the decency to support our troops in the field:

  • Jim Marshall (D-GA)
  • Gene Taylor (D-MS)

Unsurprisingly both are from the South, where it took longer for the Democrat Party to degenerate into the obscenity it is today.

Franken a Flop Among Minnesota Voters

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:28 AM

There are limits to voters' insanity even in Minnesota, where they recently topped electing eccentric pro wrestler Jesse Ventura to the Governor's mansion by putting Nation of Islam nutcase Keith Ellison in Congress. The left-wing professional clown Al Franken's bid for a Minnesota Senate seat in 2008 appears to be headed over a waterfall — just like Air America, which Franken has now abandoned.

Despite Republicans' current political misfortunes, Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) would pound Franken 57% to 35%, according to a recent poll. Coleman gets the support of over 65% of male voters and almost 75% of "Generation Y," whereas the obnoxious Franken could scrape up only 32% even in the liberal Twin Cities.

Maybe Al needs to explain his sophisticated political philosophy to the voters by writing more books like Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations. He has set the tone for his campaign by calling Coleman a "butt boy."

Al Franken, potential Senator.

On a tip from MB.

February 16, 2007

Climate Model Predictions Predictably Wrong

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:40 AM

Hopefully this won't surprise anyone, but a new report confirms that the climate models used to predict whatever moonbattery requires have not been accurate.

Models propping up Al Gore's War on Weather predict that the pernicious existence of humans should cause a rise in both temperature and precipitation over Antarctica. But there has been no increase in the last 50 years, and over the last 10 years, both have gone down instead of up.

According to David Bromwich, a researcher at the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University:

It's hard to see a global warming signal from the mainland of Antarctica right now. … The best we can say right now is that the climate models are somewhat inconsistent with the evidence that we have for the last 50 years from continental Antarctica. We're looking for a small signal that represents the impact of human activity and it is hard to find it at the moment.

Recalling an earlier environmentalist scare campaign, Bromwich suggested that maybe a hole in the ozone layer is making it so cold down there.

Meanwhile, alleged Republican John "Lettuce" McCain is guzzling global warming Kool-Aid straight from the pitcher:

I am convinced that we have reached the tipping point and that the Congress of the United States will act, with the agreement of the administration.

To "act" in this context means deliberately hobbling our economy in obeisance to political correctness, in the full knowledge that it will have no perceptible affect on the weather, not that there's anything wrong with the weather anyway. McStain is cosponsoring climate legislation in an attempt to position himself at the front of the bandwagon, just like he managed to do with campaign finance reform.


Another Peek Under the Academic Rock: June Scorza Terpstra

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:27 AM

William Arkin of WaPo and NBC isn't the only liberal who openly regards our troops as sinister mercenaries. The following indicates what is being taught in our schools. Without further ado, the words of Dr. June Scorza Terpstra, who last fall was teaching at Loyola University in Chicago:

During a heated debate in a class I teach on social justice, several US Marines who had done tours in Iraq told me that they had "sacrificed" by "serving" in Iraq so that I could enjoy the freedom to teach in the USA. Parroting their master's slogan about "fighting over there so we don't have to fight over here," these students proudly proclaimed that they terrorized and killed defenseless Iraqis. They intimated that their Arab victims are nothing more to them than collateral damage, incidental to their receipt of some money and an education.
Sunday, February 11— A room full of students listened as a US Marine told of the invasion of Baghdad and Falluja and how he killed innocent Iraqis at a check point. He called them "collateral damage" and said he had followed the "rules."
A Muslim-American student in front of him said "I could slap you but then you would kill me." A young female Muslim student gasped "I am a freshman; I never thought to hear of this in a class. I feel sick, like I will pass out."
I knew in that moment that this was what the future of teaching about justice would include: teaching war criminals who sit glaring at me with hatred for daring to speak the truth of their atrocities and who, if paid to, would disappear, torture and kill me. I wondered that night how long I really have in this so called "free" country to teach my students and to be with my children and grandchildren.
The American military and mercenary soldiers who "sacrificed" their lives did not do so for the teacher's freedom to teach the truth about the so-called war on terror, or any of US history for that matter. They sacrificed their lives, limbs and sanity for money, some education and the thrills of the violence for which they are socially bred. Sacrificing for the "bling and booty" in Iraq or Afghanistan, Philippines, Grenada, Central America, Mexico, Somalia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any of the other numerous wars and invasions spanning US history as an entity and beginning with their foundational practice of killing the Indians and stealing their land.
Many of the classes that I teach now include students who "served" in the US military and security corporations. There are also many students who intend to join the US military upon completion of a degree because with the degree they get a bigger "sign on" bonus of ten to fifty thousand dollars. Their position is supported by many of the student body, who, vegetating according to the American Plan, believe they should "support their troops."
The excuses that they give for joining or intending to join the US military terrorist training camps are first and foremost motivated by a desire for money.
One student proudly said that he is willing to kill for money, a better standard of living and an education. Another student, who had done two tours of duty to the Empire in Iraq, justified killing and torture, citing the importance of staying on top as the world's number one super power so that his family could have the highest standard of living and unlimited access to the world's oil supplies.

She gets a lot of mileage out of those sneer quotes, doesn't she?

It should be no mystery where mainstream media figures like Arkin get the attitudes with which they poison America into a willingness to embrace defeat. They believe what they're taught in school.

William Arkin: Our schools are cranking out whole generations of him.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ, on a tip from V the K.

Abscam Jack Moves to Kill Troop Surge

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:35 AM

The corrupt and treasonous Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), who is heavily invested in an American defeat in Iraq, is plotting to introduce legislation to kill the troop surge.

His latest trick is to require troops to have to stay stateside for a full year before being redeployed, hanging our troops in the field out to dry with insufficient reinforcements. If Murtha isn't on Iran's and/or al-Qaeda's payroll, he certainly should be.

Dems must think a troop surge will do some good — or why would scoundrels like Murtha and the Breck Girl oppose it so vehemently? Unless an FBI agent posing as an Arab sheik offered Abscam Jack money to scuttle the surge…

At the bottom of humanity's barrel.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Keith Ellison Rats on Tancredo for Lighting a Cigar

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America's first Muslim Congressman, Nation of Islam alumnus Keith Ellison, is conducting yourself as you might expect in Washington.

Fate put his office next to the admirable Tom Tancredo's. Tancredo, who likes to smoke an occasional cigar, has three air purifiers in his office. Nonetheless, Ellison was able to detect that he was smoking, and promptly called the police, apparently unwilling to accept the fact that Tancredo was well within his rights.

Maybe there's something in the Koran against smoking cigars, tucked in between the lessons on how to beat your wife and murder infidels. That is, after all, Ellison's highest authority.

A jerk — surprised?

On a tip from Wiggins.

February 15, 2007

How Moonbats Celebrated Valentine's Day

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Courtesy of your tax dollar, the moonbats at Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now! celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday with this heartwarming rumination:

Today is Valentine's Day. Chocolate, flowers, diamonds. How can gifts that bring so much happiness have come from so much pain? ? Those lovely flowers you received — they were probably genetically engineered and grown in Colombia on a giant pesticide-soaked factory farm run by U.S.-owned Dole Foods. How about the chocolate? Well, over 40 percent of the world's cocoa comes from the Ivory Coast, in West Africa, where the child labor and child slavery is widespread. And diamonds? They are a girl's best friend. And they have been used to finance some of the most brutal warfare of the last two decades. Valentine's Day. What's not to like? Our guests today will give you all the unlovely details.

Speaking of moonbats and Valentine's Day, here's the logo Google used yesterday:


A Google spokesman insists they didn't misspell their own name, even though no one can find the L. Maybe it's hiding behind the strawberry.

At least they honor Valentine's Day, despite it having to do with a saint. Although Google has special logos for days like Iranian New Year, Percival Lowell's birthday, etc., they have been known to ignore Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Easter, and even Christmas. This isn't surprising considering the company's left-wing tilt, which has led them to reject ads critical of Democrats while accepting those critical of Republicans, and to help the Chicoms block objectionable search terms like "democracy." Al Gore is a senior advisor.

Hat tip: The Corner. Tips from V the K and Wiggins.

Sheila Jackson-Lee Moves to Terminate Freedom of Speech

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:40 PM

A bill proposed by the abominable Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) would allow the federal government to jail people for "hate crimes" — a nebulous concept that will inevitably include speech privileged groups like Muslims and homosexuals don't want to hear. Disturbingly, H.R. 254 even allows the government to act preemptively to prevent a "hate crime."

The law attempts to circumvent the Tenth Amendment with the most absurd pretexts ever cooked up by Congress, including the notion that oppressing privileged groups constitutes "slavery," and affects interstate commerce by supposedly influencing whether people cross state lines.

WND gives an idea of the effects "hate crimes" legislation has had in other countries:

Two Christians in Australia have been indicted for criticizing Islam, and another for criticizing Zionism. A filmmaker has been threatened with arrest for using the word "homosexual" rather than "gay." Now a German priest faces jail time for publicly criticizing abortionists, and in Holland, "fornicators" and "adulterers" are protected classes and cannot be criticized. […]in Canada and France both, legislators have been fined for publicly criticizing homosexuality. Three years ago, a Swedish hate crimes law was used to put Pastor Ake Green, who preached that homosexuality is a sin, in jail for a month. […]in Canada and some European countries, it already is a crime to use the Internet to criticize […] homosexuals and Muslims.
"Where's my shredding machine?"

On a tip from Wiggins.

The Croc Hunter's Revenge

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:58 AM

Remember when the Guardian's odious Germaine Greer celebrated the death of Australia's beloved Steve Irwin by screeching that the "animal world has finally taken its revenge"? Now it's the Croc Hunter who has taken revenge — from beyond the grave.

Canberra's National Portrait Gallery used to feature a gut-wrenching nude photograph of the hideous Greer. But now it's been removed — and replaced by a portrait of Steve Irwin.

The appalling Greer, an Australian expat who spews her moonbattery in England, has denounced her native land, and says she would not even visit it unless invited by Aborigines. Why a nude of this grotesque woman was hanging in an Australian museum in the first place is a question that could only be answered by moonbats.

Warning: unless you want to be rendered violently ill by a nude photograph of Germaine Greer, do not click this link.

Germaine Greer of the Guardian. You really don't need to see her naked.

Hat tip: Israellycool

School Goes Into Lockdown After Batman Sighting

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:09 AM

Three schools in the Phoenix suburb Cave Creek went into lockdown for about 45 minutes yesterday after a student reported seeing someone dressed as Batman run across a middle school campus and then off into the desert.

Batman was described as 6 foot 3 and "possibly male."

Nedda Shafir, spokeswoman for the Cave Creek Unified School District, explained why not only the middle school but a nearby elementary school and high school had to go into lockdown while police searched in vain for the caped crusader:

We didn't want to take any chances. We just don't want to put anyone at risk.

The main risk is that students will grow up to be as neurotic as school administrators.

To think Batman is a good guy. If they had spotted the Joker, they would still be hiding under their desks.

Here he comes again!

Government Job: Spanish Speakers Only Please

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:39 AM

One of the many reasons immigrants are well advised to learn English as quickly as possible is that it isn't easy to get a job unless you speak the language. However, moonbattery is turning this on its head, so that speaking the language now means speaking someone else's language rather than our own.

Business student Desirea Certain has had a hard time finding a summer job in Adams County, Colorado because of requirements to "read, write and speak fluently in the Spanish language" — for jobs with the county government.

She certainly isn't happy about it:

I kind of felt like an outsider, like I wasn't in America anymore.

An Adams County bureaucrat explained that the county is 30% Hispanic, and therefore people have to start speaking Spanish, lest immigrants be put to the trouble of learning our language. I wonder if you need to speak Ebonics to get a government job in Detroit.

Let me be the first to predict that speaking English in the USA will one day constitute felony "racism."


Hat tip: Slapstick Politics

NFL Suppresses Recruitment Ad for the Border Patrol

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:06 AM

Every Super Bowl brings hoopla over the ads that run. This year we were treated to a few politically charged "Black History Month" pieces and a groan-inducingly moronic Snickers ad in which mechanics share a homosexual kiss and then rip out their chest hair to prove their masculinity. But not all of the ads are on TV. You can also advertise on the program handed out at the game — or at least you can if you're not the Border Patrol.

The NFL wouldn't run a recruitment ad because it was "controversial." Here's the passage that spokesman Greg Aiello would like us to consider inflammatory:

As Border Patrol agents, it will be your responsibility to prevent the entry of terrorists and their weapons into the United States. You'll help detect and prevent the unlawful entry of undocumented aliens into the United States … [and ] play a primary role in stopping drug smuggling across our borders.

We sure wouldn't want anyone associating the NFL with stopping drug smuggling. Where are the players supposed to get their supplies?

Apparently the concern is that Mexicans won't like the NFL if they think it condones the concept of defending our borders from their incursions. Says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

We love Mexico. We have a great fan base there.

Mind you don't lose your fan base here.

Who would have guessed this stands for Noisome Fifth-column Liberals?

February 14, 2007

John Edwards Calls For Cutting Funding to Troops in the Field

Posted by Dave Blount at 6:38 PM

Evidently someone thinks the troop escalation in Iraq will do some good. Angry Left candidate John Edwards is so terrified that it might lead to American success that he is demanding that Congress cut funding to our troops in the field to force a withdrawal down to levels that al-Qaeda et al. can handle.

Not even Shrillary Rotten or Barack Hussein Osama bin Obama are willing to stoop that low, although former Iowa Governor Tom Milksac, whose name I might have misspelled and who is also angling for the Democrat nomination, wants to go farther still and cut off all funds to effect an immediate surrender. Most Dems are more patient than Milksop, having settled on the slow bleed strategy for defeat intended to inflict maximum political damage on Republicans, whom they correctly assume the media will help them blame for the catastrophic consequences of failure in Iraq.

In case anyone wondered what Milksop looks like.

Here he is in Vegas, pandering to the maniacs at the YearlyKos convention.

Here's Milksop casting an evil spell.

"Darn it! The spell backfired and now my throat is melting!"

And since this post was actually about the Breck Girl…

UN Study Denounces Child Welfare in USA and Britain

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:55 PM

The UN has completed a study on child welfare in 21 wealthy countries. As we have come to expect, the study largely measured moonbattery.

Naturally the USA and Britain were ranked at the bottom, despite high overall levels of national wealth, largely because of "very high levels of inequality." This makes perfect sense when you keep in mind that from the socialist point of view, it's better for a child to have a dollar, so long as all the other children only have a dollar too, than for the child to have five dollars but to have to live with knowing that other kids have ten.

The USA and Britain also earned demerits by not spending enough tax money on welfare, day care services, health coverage, etc. US officials appropriately dismissed the study as a foolish waste of time. Their British counterparts complained that they aren't getting credit for "recent improvements."

On a tip from Pam.

John Mellencamp Reveals the Proper Response to 9/11

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:41 PM

Could John Mellencamp be the moonbat who finally cures us of giving a hoot what entertainment celebrities think about current events? Check out the video at In the Bullpen of the absurdly coiffured airhead making PBS's Charlie Rose come off like a neocon in comparison.

After declaring himself not to be a pacifist, Mellencamp denounces the campaign to go after al-Qaeda in Afghanistan as an "inappropriate" response to the atrocities of 9/11.

Rose: "If we knew where Osama bin Laden was, to have bombed his hideout would have been inappropriate in your judgment?"
Melonhead: "Yes."

When Rose asks what would have been appropriate, Melonhead bleats:

You'd have to talk to the Muslims. You would have to talk to people and go, you know, where are we so far apart here?

Actually, we don't have to ask any Muslims, because we already know the source of our conflict with al-Qaeda: they want to kill us and we don't want to die.

Rose then asked Melonhead if he would apply the same moonbat silliness to Pearl Harbor.

Melonhead: "Perhaps."

When pressed, the erudite singer/songwriter pleaded that he did not have enough information, since we can't trust history. He then went on to rave that "it just seems kind of far-fetched to me" that JFK was killed by a lone gunman.

Too bad Charlie Sheen wasn't on hand to chime in that it was actually President Bush who blew up the World Trade Center.

Dumber than he looks.

Totalitarian Theocratic Rule Tightens Its Grip on Cambridge University

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:18 AM

A 19-year-old student at Cambridge University is in extremely hot water for publishing a satirical issue of the college newspaper Clarefication devoted to religious satire. Most inflammatory, according to the school, was the reproduction of one of the bland Danish cartoons that Muslims used as a pretext to riot and bully cowardly Westerners. Pictures like these were also included:

Behead those who insult Islam

Freedom go to hell

Evidently English college students are now required to pretend that no Muslims hold these views.

Naturally Cambridge's Islamic society described the satire as "hugely offensive." Less naturally — yet appallingly typically — Cambridge educrats are 100% behind the Muslim thugs, and are "locked in urgent talks" regarding just how severely the student can be punished.

From an official statement from Cambridge's Clare College:

The college finds the publication and the views expressed abhorrent. Reflecting the gravity of the situation, the college immediately began an investigation and disciplinary procedures are in train.

Clare College fellows have called a rare "court of discipline" to bring down the wrath of dhimmitude on the poor teenage satirist, who has been "put in a secure place" lest peace-loving Muslims kill him for exercising what Europeans once had the character to regard as a basic human right.

As Human Events points out, the satirical special issue, named "Crucification," presumably poked fun at other religions besides Islam (though this is hard to confirm, with the paper's website having been taken down and the school busily destroying all print copies). But it's only Islam that matters, since it is the only religion using terror and intimidation to dominate a world too cowardly, weak, and corroded by moonbattery to resist it.

Sulejmen Talovic Does His Best to Wake Us Up

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:23 AM

Sulejmen Talovic was a Muslim immigrant from Bosnia who ended up in Salt Lake City. Planning "to kill a large number of people," he showed up at a crowded Utah shopping mall Monday with a shotgun, a .38, and a backpack full of ammunition.

He managed to kill five and wound four. The body count would have been much higher, if off-duty Ogden police officer Ken Hammond hadn't been on hand to pin down Talovic with gunfire until other officers arrived to help.

According to WaPo, investigators are "still trying to figure out" Talovic's motives for wanting to kill random Americans. I have a tip for them: Talovic belonged to the same blood-thirsty cult as Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, who ran over nine random infidels on the University of North Carolina campus with a rented SUV. This cult was behind the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

It might be time to start exercising some minimal caution regarding who gets into this country.

Ken Hammond: "Everything happened for a reason."

February 13, 2007

Deranged Souls Hate Alike

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:54 PM

Evidence accrues that Islamonazis and moonbats are possessed by the same demons. This picture was taken during a rally in Tehran commemorating the 28th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution:


Does the circled poster look familiar? Maybe you saw it on a moonbat's shirt in San Francisco. Via Zombietime, this picture was taken at a speech in the Mission District by the progressive's progressive, Ward "Little Eichmanns" Churchill:


No wonder it's so hard to tell Democrat propaganda from the latest al-Qaeda tape.

Hat tips: LGF, Lou Minatti

In the War on Weather, Weather Wins Another Battle

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:21 PM

The War on Weather continues to go poorly. Drudge reports that a hearing entitled "Climate Change: Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Human Activities Contributing to a Warming of the Planet?" was to take place in DC tomorrow, but had to be canceled due to the ice and snow in the forecast.

Maybe the Kool-Aid guzzlers ought to start yelling that if we don't do as they say, the planet won't get warmer.

If this is global warming, let's try global heating.

Public Not Buying Global Warming Hype

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:03 PM

Despite tireless propagandizing from the media, which has taken to lying shamelessly about a scientific consensus regarding anthropogenic global warming, citizens remain focused on threats that are real.

According to a Harris Poll, 55% of adults are aware that the deluge of illegal aliens pouring across the unguarded border will become a serious problem within the next five years. A significant loss of jobs to foreign countries troubles 52%. A natural disaster destroying a major city worries 43%, 40% are anxious that American energy needs will exceed supplies, and 35% are losing sleep over the prospects of a trade imbalance leading to foreign ownership of US debt and property.

Despite Al Gore's hysterical shrieking about Florida becoming submerged, only 23% have been convinced that rising sea levels will be a problem. On the bright side for the War on Weather's true believers, even fewer are taking Avian flu seriously.

Sorry, Al. Only the choir is listening.

Arab School to Open in Brooklyn

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:46 PM

The Department of Education has announced that the Khalil Gibran International Academy will open in Brooklyn next September. Although half the classes will be taught in Arabic, the plan is to enroll a diverse student body — or at least, diverse on the way in. Whether the student body will still be diverse on graduation is another matter.

On a tip from Steve.

Valentine's Day in NYC to Feature Free Condoms

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:36 PM

How else would a city succumbing to socialism and degeneracy celebrate Valentine's Day? Tomorrow New York City will be passing out free condoms (that is, condoms financed by taxpayers).


On a tip from Wiggins.

Blogger Amanda Marcotte Quits John Edwards Campaign

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:14 PM

After days of indecision, zillionaire trial lawyer John Edwards declined to fire moonbat blogger Amanda Marcotte from his presidential campaign. But now she has resigned, amid an ink cloud of incoherent whining about "right wing shills" who persecute her for being a "mere woman."

Marcotte had gotten herself into hot water with what even the libs at WaPo describe as "profane and offensive attacks." Christians have been prominent targets of her foul-mouthed diatribes.

Here's an unusually profanity-free sample of the bile spewing from the mouth that Edwards chose to represent his campaign on the Internet:

Of course, if you're a perverted religious nut, the blood and the pain of "cherry"-breaking is probably a de riguer [sic] part of a woman's life, both to give the man a cheap thrill of actual blood while enacting the sex-as-violent-possession construction that is part of virginity fetishization and to remind the woman of her religious teaching that womanhood is suffering (see: Genesis).

Blogger Melissa McEwan remains on the Edwards campaign. She has described Christians as President Bush's "wingnut Christofascist base."

These are the sort of people who could be running our country in two years.

Amanda Marcotte, former Breck Girl Internet rep.

Iran Supplying Sophisticated Weapons to Terrorists in Iraq

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:31 AM

While fools like Jim Baker of the Iraqi Surrender Group blather about partnering for peace with the regime in Iran, the mullahs to whom they would turn over Iraq are supplying terrorists with sophisticated weapons that are being used to kill Americans. A case in point: the Steyr HS50.

More than 100 of these $20,000 sniper rifles have been discovered by US troops during raids. They are part of a shipment of 800 exported by the Austrian company Steyr-Mannlicher to Iran last year. An American officer was shot dead with one within 45 days of the weapons arriving in Iran. He was the first of 170 Coalition troops to be killed with them.

The .50-caliber rifles can pierce body armor from up to a mile. They can also penetrate armored Humvees. Iran manufactures ammo for them.

If we are losing in Iraq, it is because the enemy at home has compelled us to fight in a limited manner doomed to failure. Imagine if we had tried to liberate Europe from Nazis by invading France, then instead of pushing on, fretting about the terms under which we should surrender to our "partners for peace" in Berlin.

The Steyr HS50. Soon Iran will have nukes to pass along to its terrorist friends.

Hat tip: The Elephant Bar, on a tip from Allen.

Word Ban Spreads

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:04 AM

The movement to regulate the English language to force its compliance with current notions of political correctness has spread to New York's suburbs, where Clinton Young, Vice Chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators (D, Mount Vernon) is sponsoring the "symbolic elimination" of the satanic "N-word." Similar resolutions have surfaced in NYC and Brazoria, Texas.

A question for lawyers will be whether these bans apply to words that remind people of the "N-word." Some moonbats consider the word "denigrate" to be racist.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Ulcers in America's Stomach

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:38 AM

Special thanks to the vermin at Daily Kos for clarifying why they don't just leave since they hate America so much.

After providing a monotonous laundry list of bogus excuses to hate his own country, poster Mickey Z. explains why he doesn't head for the border by quoting Osama bin Laden favorite William Blum:

I'm committed to fighting U.S. foreign policy, the greatest threat to peace and happiness in the world, and being in the United States is the best place for carrying out the battle. This is the belly of the beast, and I try to be an ulcer inside of it.

Great quote. It perfectly sums up the role of the progressive in American society.

On a tip from Pam.

Dhimmi Fashion

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:19 AM

Eurabians are advised to get used to it:

Original caption: A model wears an outfit by Fashion East designer Louise Golden during her catwalk show at London Fashion Week in London, Monday Feb. 12, 2007. The designers are showing their Autumn/ Winter 2007/8 collections. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Governor Jim Doyle Wants to Impose Socialism on Wisconsin Drivers

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:05 AM

The same authoritarian government intervention that is emptying grocery stores in Venezuela may soon have a similar effect on Wisconsin gas stations.

Having become intoxicated on his fellow Dems' eat-the-rich rhetoric, Governor Jim Doyle has proposed to fleece $270 million from "Big Oil" by demanding $1.50 for every barrel sold in the state. The cost will be passed along to consumers as always, right? Not this time: Doyle has proclaimed that those raising their prices in response will be thrown in jail, just like in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, etc.

Doyle wants the cash for the state's transportation fund, which is low on funds because he took $427 million out of it to spend on education, which usually means raising the salaries of school administrators in appreciation of their political support.

This might be an excellent opportunity for "Big Oil" to demonstrate who we need and who we do not need by refusing to sell oil in Wisconsin if the law is passed. The line has to be drawn somewhere, or we will have goons like Shrillary Rotten seizing their profits until they all go under and we find ourselves towing our cars down the street with mules. The policy in Wisconsin can be "Let them burn cheese" until the execrable Doyle is removed and someone who understands what the term "free country" means takes his place.

Bringing a taste of totalitarianism to America's Dairyland.

On a tip from Metalgarth.

February 12, 2007

More Grammy Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:20 PM

The five awards granted to the Ditsy Twits as a reward for Natalie Maines' seditious posturing are only the tip of an iceberg of moonbattery at the Grammy Awards.

Yesterday the spoken-word category offered an excuse to award a Grimy to the very personification of moonbattery, Jimmy "The Dhimmi" Carter, for reading a book apparently devoted to denouncing America for being too conservative.

In the past this award has gone to B.J. Clinton (twice), Shrillary Rotten Clinton, and Barack Hussein Osama bin Obama. Other nominees this year included obnoxious leftists Bill Maher and Al Franken.

Maybe they should introduce a little honesty by dropping the whole music pretense and just call them the Moonbat Awards.

Jimmy the Dhimmi: Good for a Grimy.

On a tip from V the K.

Moonbats Object to Desecrating Flag

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:32 PM

San Franfreakshow moonbats have discovered that it is inappropriate to desecrate the flag — provided of course that the flag in question represents a terrorist organization.

At an anti-terrorism rally at San Francisco State University, College Republicans indulged in some theatrics by stomping on Hezbollah and Hamas flags. They were promptly denounced as "racists" for disapproving of Islamic terrorism. The Associated Students board later passed a unanimous resolution finding them guilty of "hateful religious intolerance."

Then they got into real trouble. SFSU's Office of Student Programs and Leadership Development has completed an investigation into the matter on the grounds that the word "Allah" is incorporated in the Hezbollah and Hamas flags in Arabic script. Ever since 9/11, disrespecting Allah even by accident has been a big no-no among the sort of liberal weenies who staff university bureaucracies.

The guillotine hasn't fallen yet, but the Republican club could be suspended or even expelled from campus. But it's still okay to burn American flags and submerse crucifixes in urine.

Students are encouraged to stick to desecrating Old Glory.

On a tip from Bill V.

Ségolène Royal: Worse Than Chirac

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:42 PM

Believe it or not, the leadership in France could be worse. Ségolène Royal, the Socialist Party's presidential candidate, has unveiled her platform. It calls for raising pensions, increasing the minimum wage to about $2,000 per month, guaranteeing a job or further training within six months of graduation to all university students, free contraception, $13,000 interest-free loans for all young people, and higher benefits for the handicapped.

How this will be paid for given France's moribund economy is anyone's guess. Maybe she thinks the USA will send them charitable aid. Certainly increasing tax revenues by letting the private sector generate wealth is off the table. Yelled Royal:

The unfettered rein of financial profit is intolerable for the general interest.

Actually the lack of profit, which leads to the lack of wealth, is in the interest of no one — except leftist politicians like Royal, Hugo Chavez, and the termites who make up our own Democrat Party.

Other plans call for ending the constant rioting and car torchings by suburban Muslims by reducing classroom sizes and offering workshops to teach parents how to discipline their children. Why didn't anyone think of that earlier?

Ségolène Royal: Kind of like Chirac, except more left-wing and less feminine.

On a tip from V the K.

Dixie Chicks' Moonbattery Awarded With Five Grammies

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:25 AM

In what you might call a declaration of war on country music's fan base, the entertainment establishment granted five Grammies including Best Country Album to the abominable Dixie Chicks, quite obviously for the sole purpose of rewarding their screechy vocalist Natalie Maines for loudly advocating moonbattery.

Country music is a refuge for those fed up with the decadent anti-American sewage produced by the entertainment industry. This is one reason the folks in charge of passing out Grammy Awards clearly hate it. It is also a reason that few country fans listen to the Dixie Chicks, who rightly no longer regard themselves as a country band.

Natalie Maines effected a divorce from country music in 2003, when she denounced the President in Europe at the beginning of the war in Iraq. In the movie "Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing," which lionizes the band for its moonbattery, Maines calls President Bush "a dumb f***." She has also publicly inveighed against the concept of patriotism.

Unsurprisingly this cost the Dixie Chicks their fan base. But as Maines assured her fellow band members, "I think this is better for our career." As for country music, she said, ''I just feel like, let country music rest." Their alleged "Best Country Album" of the year was produced by rock/rap veteran Rick Rubin, and according to AP has "more to do with southern California rock than country."

Sure enough, her deal with the Devil paid off with the cover of Time Magazine and now five Grammies. The band has new fans, who will buy their CDs to make a political statement and then never bother to play them.

Absurdly, Maines continues her attempts to pass herself off as a martyr to free speech:

I think people are using their freedom of speech here tonight with all of these awards. We get the message.

It's as if she expects people to pretend that country music fans award the Grammies, not left-wing elitist suits in the entertainment establishment who honored the Dixie Chicks specifically because they loath country music and the mentality of those who listen to it.

We get the message too, Natalie.

The Dixie Chicks collecting their 30 pieces of silver.

Hat tip: Blogmeister USA

Good and Evil in Hollywood Showdown

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:14 AM

On Saturday good and evil faced off in Hollywood, when a march in support of the "Texas Three" — three law enforcement officers who have been thrown in jail for trying to defend our border — was confronted by the Stalinist moonbats of ANSWER.

The march past the stars on the Walk of Fame drew attention to the plight of Border Patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos and Sheriff's Deputy Guillermo Hernandez, all of whom have been imprisoned for failing to obey the unspoken order not to molest the drug dealers and illegal colonizers pouring across the Mexican border.

Marchers were confronted by moonbats rallied by the ANSWER Coalition, which is best known for organizing demonstrations against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. ANSWER is a front group for the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party, which supported the invasion of Afghanistan when it was the Soviet Union doing the invading.

On the side of the good guys was "Rasta Republican" Ted Hayes, a homeless advocate who founded the Crispus Attucks Brigade, a group dedicated to stopping illegal immigration.

Also on hand was David Hernandez, who fought in vain to keep the ACLU from deleting the cross from the Los Angeles County seal. Hernandez was eloquent:

The first casualty of political correctness is truth. The second is justice. The third is freedom.

The ANSWER moonbats did their best to corral their malevolent grunts into sentences. A couple of quotations that are unlikely to make Bartlett's:

Get your white ass back to Europe, stupid bitch!
Death to the Minutemen! Power to the worker!

As you might expect, the ANSWER vermin behaved like obnoxious and treasonous thugs, feigning masturbation toward the patriots, defiling an American flag, pretending to be assaulted by a pro-American demonstrator, and using a sound system to shout down the Texas Three rally during the opening prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and national anthem.

The good.

The bad.

The ugly.

On a tip from V the K.

Agents Who Helped Railroad Ramos and Compean Fired For Changing Stories

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:15 AM

The outrageous railroading of Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean smells worse all the time. As you might recall, they were given draconian prison terms as a lesson to other Border Patrol agents who might repeat their mistake of actually trying to defend the border, in clear contradiction to the wishes of the government. They were given 11 and 12 years respectively for wounding an illegal alien drug smuggler who had assaulted Compean.

It has come to light that the case against Ramos and Compean was supported by three other agents who were given immunity in exchange for their testimony, even though they changed their stories several times.

As former judge and prosecutor Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) observes:

When you give deals to witnesses like immunity, the government usually gets the testimony (it wants). This case is a perfect example.

Agents David Jaquez and Arturo Vasquez will be fired for changing their stories. Oscar Juarez avoided being fired for the same reason by resigning. But this doesn't get Ramos and Compean out of jail, where Ramos was recently assaulted by other inmates, immediately after a TV show aired that described his case.

It's one thing for crooked cops to get thrown in jail. When straight cops are imprisoned by a crooked system, their reception isn't gentle.

As Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) notes:

An overwhelming number of federal inmates are non-U.S. citizens who have been apprehended by the Border Patrol. The danger to agents Compean and Ramos was immediately apparent, and the attack against agent Ramos could have been prevented.

The government seems to be making extra sure that the message gets through to all Border Patrol agents: the invaders pouring over our border are not to be interfered with.

Meanwhile, President Bush continues to find other matters more pressing than pardoning Ramos and Compean, who have been sacrificed to his unconscionably irresponsible border policy.

Ignacio Ramos and wife Monica.

Hat tip: Knowledge Is Power

February 11, 2007

Enviromoonbattery Is a Religion

Posted by Dave Blount at 1:06 PM

Arguments continue to accrue to have enviromoonbattery classified as a religion so that we can see if the ACLU will step in and save us from having it imposed by the government. As Joseph Brean notes at National Post:

[T]he green movement now exhibits the same psychology of compliance as religion.

He quotes best-selling author Michael Crichton, who calls environmentalism "the religion of choice for urban atheists … a perfect 21st century re-mapping of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and myths."

Long-term predictions regarding the climate, like those regarding the economy, simply aren't possible. The only thing we know with confidence is that there will continue to be change. But faith allows us to see the future we want to see with absolute certainty, which is how moonbats are able to know for sure that we're headed toward their answer to the Apocalypse, global warming.

Once prophets like Al Gore have divined the future, "scientific" models are used to "prove" whatever needs proving. Isaac Newton's deterministic science died with Albert Einstein, but now it's coming back, no longer as science but as a cult whose monks wear white lab coats.

In addition to prophets and an Apocalypse, environmentalism offers an array of saints and heretics, as well as sacred texts belched out by organizations like the UN's IPCC. Using energy-saving light bulbs like the Boston Globe's laughable Ellen Goodman will not change the weather, but it does serve the purpose of the votive candle. Ecotourism junkets fulfill the role of pilgrimages. Instead of salvation, we now have the vague concept of "sustainability." Even tithing has been replicated, not only by tax money wasted on bogus reports and higher prices caused by crippled industries, but by scams like Bullfrog Power and Offsetters that sell the equivalent of indulgences to those who have sinned against liberals' pagan goddess by participating in civilization.

It will come as no surprise to connoisseurs of moonbattery that the elitist Left represents the devolution of our civilization. Its beloved Gaia Hypothesis, which regards the Earth as a living organism, "confirms the return of a sort of idolatrous animism," as Brean puts it.

Something has to fill the vacuum left by the Left's war on Christianity. Islam has been doing this in Europe, but it will have to compete with the human-hating Gaia worship personified by Al Gore. To put it mildly, neither is an improvement on our Christian heritage.

The moonbat Moses.

On a tip from Bergbikr.

Bureaucrats Go After Drowsy Drivers

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:29 AM

The epic task of writing specific laws against all the things you should not do while driving continues. A law has been proposed in New York State that would make it illegal to drive while drowsy.

How are the police to know if you're drowsy? One of the indications listed is "difficulty keeping eyes open."

If driving with your eyes closed isn't already against the law, legislators still have some work to do.

Also still legal: snoring while driving.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Sex Ed Pioneers

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:10 AM

Rebecca Arnold and her boyfriend David Prata of Woonsocket, Rhode Island are in trouble for having sex "all the time" in front of her 9-year-old daughter to teach her about sex.

"We wanted to prepare her so she would know how," said Prata, who very progressively holds that "we don't believe in hiding anything."

The two were charged with "providing an environment that is lewd and depraved in a manner that makes their home unfit for the child to live in." If only New England educrats could be charged with providing an environment that is lewd and depraved in a manner that makes their schools unfit for a child to learn in.

Too bad for them Arnold and Prata aren't part of the education establishment.

On a tip from Wiggins.

February 10, 2007

British Parents Protest Islamification of Schools

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:09 PM

Kudos to the British parents who have had enough of the imposition of Islam through public schools.

A growing number of British schools now serve only halal meat. This means the meat comes from animals killed in the course of Islamic rituals established in the Dark Ages. The animal is "blessed," its throat is cut, all blood is drained, etc. In the West, the humane practice is to stun the animal before killing it, but that can no longer be done because Mohammad wouldn't like it.

The idea that British schoolchildren can only eat food prepared in accordance with the barbaric rituals of a hostile foreign cult is of course outrageous in the extreme.

As mother Jacqueline Gomm notes:

We can't force our culture on someone else because that's not right so we shouldn't have someone else's culture forced on us. The little culture that we have is being lost. I don't know any other country that would do the same.

Unfortunately, I don't know any Western country that I'm sure wouldn't.

Muslims, having zeroed in on moonbattery as our Achilles' heel, responded to this resistance by screeching the magic word "racism."

Gomm replies:

I totally deny being guilty of racism. We allow people to come into this country and we end up being in a minority. We accommodate other cultures at the expense of ours.

As usual, when our enemies scream "race," they mean "culture." They know that if they admitted to their objective of destroying our culture, more people would resist.


Poles Honor Ronald Reagan For Battling Totalitarian Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:31 AM

When moonbats are able to take total control, they quickly change from childish and irritating to evil. No one knows this better than the Poles, who had totalitarian moonbattery imposed on them for decades by the Soviet Union. So it should be no surprise that Poles want to honor possibly the greatest warrior in the struggle against moonbattery, Ronald Reagan.

A movement is underway in Katowice to rename the city's Freedom Square as Ronald Reagan Freedom Square. Currently the square features a monument to the Soviet troops who drove out the Nazis, only to impose their own hellish variety of socialism. This would be replaced with a statue of Reagan. Separate plans call for erecting a monument honoring the Great Communicator in the capital Warsaw.

Poles give Reagan credit for being instrumental in causing communism to crumble, resulting in their liberation from a long nightmare of oppression. Maybe one day Reagan's memory will be given the respect it deserves in his own country.

Getting some of the respect he deserves.

February 9, 2007

Another Step Closer to the Safety of Bureaucratic Utopia

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:34 PM

The task of listing every conceivable human activity as either mandatory or forbidden is a big job, but bureaucrats are up to it.

Vermont legislators are moving us closer to this final objective by considering a measure that would ban eating, drinking, smoking, reading, writing, grooming, playing musical instruments, "interacting with pets or cargo," yapping into a cell phone, or using any other personal communication device while driving a car.

Although it's disappointing that I will no longer be able to play accordion to accompany my yodeling as I cruise through Vermont, I'm relieved that legislators haven't said a word about my habit of juggling live hamsters and balancing a ball on my nose as I drive.

Maryland and Texas are considering similar bills, but Connecticut has cheated by passing a bill that generically bans any activity that could interfere with the safe operation of the car. If they're going to make it that easy, they might as well just pass a law against reckless driving and be done with it.

A victim of the absence of laws against flying a broomstick while casting spells.

On a tip from Bill V.

Border Disorder Explained At Last

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:14 AM

Thank you Karl Rove, for finally explaining why our government refuses to perform its most basic responsibility by defending the border from foreign intrusion:

I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas.

NRO's Mark Krikorian offers an appropriate response:

There should be no need to explain why this is an obscene statement coming from a leader in the party that promotes the virtues of hard work, thrift, and sobriety[…]
It is precisely Rove's son (and my own, and those of the rest of us in the educated elite) who should work picking tomatoes or making beds, or washing restaurant dishes, or mowing lawns, especially when they're young, to help them develop some of the personal and civic virtues needed for self-government.
As Tocqueville wrote: "In the United States professions are more or less laborious, more or less profitable; but they are never either high or low: every honest calling is honorable." The farther we move from that notion, the closer we come to the idea that the lawyer is somehow better than the parking-lot attendant, undercutting the very foundation of republican government. […]
This is why the president's "willing worker/willing employer" immigration extravaganza is morally wrong — it's not just that it will cost taxpayers untold billions, or that it will beggar our own blue-collar workers, or that it will compromise security, or that it will further dissolve our sovereignty. It would do all that, of course, but most importantly it would change the very nature of our society for the worse, creating whole occupations deemed to be unfit for respectable Americans, for which little brown people have to be imported from abroad. In other words, mass immigration, even now, is moving us toward an unequal, master-servant society.

Yet the odds of our next President differing from Bush on immigration and border defense are virtually nil if any of the leading candidates in either party is elected.

Rove: Manual labor is beneath the elite.

On a tip from V the K.

A Sane Tradeoff and Two of the Other Kind

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:36 AM

Just because a point is obvious is no reason not to make it when it comes to global warming, given the state of disturbingly irrational hysteria to which the media has succeeded in reducing the gullible. For example, Jonah Goldberg observes that since resources are not unlimited, public policy is a matter of tradeoffs. Some make sense; others don't.

Global warming in exchange for prosperity is a tradeoff anyone would be a fool not to take. During the 20th century, Earth reportedly warmed up by ~0.7°C. Meanwhile, GDP increased by 1,800%. Largely as a result of this, life expectancy in the USA increased from 47 years to 77 years.

Let's pretend, even though it's not true, that every bit of that warming was due to economic activity. Let's pretend, even though it's not true, that the Earth warming by ~0.7°C is a bad thing. Even then, only a certifiable lunatic would regard this tradeoff as a bad deal.

An example of a bad tradeoff would be ethanol. It gives some people a warm feeling of doing something for the environment, and farmers certainly like what it does to corn prices. But on the downside, it takes almost as much energy to produce as it provides. Also, the rise in corn prices has potentially disastrous economic and therefore political consequences in corn-hungry Mexico, whose problems invariably become our own due to the undefended border.

But even ethanol looks like a good tradeoff next to the preposterous Kyoto protocol and similar "solutions" to the supposed problem of global warming. Given that it would be politically incorrect to expect monster polluters China and India to change their behavior, the economic impediments that would have to be imposed on Western economies to affect the temperature even a tiny fraction of a degree would be astronomical.

This explains the endless hyperventilating hype about put-upon polar bears, and the patently false but tirelessly repeated assertion that there is no debate. If people pause to think about the tradeoffs for even a moment, Al Gore's War on Weather is doomed.

On a tip from V the K.

Worse Than Cowards

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:16 AM

We like to think of the French as sniveling cowards that won't stand up to fight for Western Civilization because they've become too soft in the knowledge that America and Britain will fight their battles for them. But Betrayal: France, the Arabs, and the Jews , a new book by David Pryce-Jones, suggests the real explanation for French treachery is even simpler: they're on the side of the bad guys.

It began back in the 19th century, when France tried to catch up to Britain by building a colonial empire in the Arab world. Attempts to become what they themselves have called "a Muslim power" fit smoothly with the anti-Semitism that has long been so virulent in France.

Over the decades the French have again and again assisted the Muslim world's most radical elements. They have consistently helped Arabs in their campaign to destroy Israel. They provided a base for future dictator Ayatollah Khomeini while the regrettable Jimmy Carter pulled the rug out from under the Shah of Iran. France also protected Yasser Arafat, lionizing the verminous terrorist with grand receptions and funneling hundreds of $millions in European aide in his direction. It's no coincidence that Arafat died in a Paris hospital, where Jacques Chirac wiped tears at his bedside.

Also tight with the French was the genocidal dictator Saddam Hussein, whom Chirac called a "personal friend." In the 1980s they sold him $25 billion in weapons in addition to a nuclear reactor that Israelis had to destroy for the sake of self-preservation.

As we all recall, France used its undeserved slot on the Security Council to sabotage UN efforts to enforce its resolutions in Iraq, leading Saddam to feel confident that he would not be invaded and could continue to bluff the world into believing his WMD program was highly advanced.

Let's not forget that when Reagan retaliated against Libya for killing Americans in terror attacks, our warplanes had to fly all the way around France and Spain because these "allies" wouldn't let us use their airspace.

Reviewing the book, the Sydney Morning Herald's Michael Duffy sums up with this:

France bears two legacies from its national version of the Napoleon complex. One is a dwindling of what influence it did have in world affairs. The other is the presence of millions of sometimes violent Muslims on French soil, a legacy of its attempt at empire and its encouragement of the growth of radical Islam abroad. According to Pryce-Jones, the toll from the riots of late 2005 in some 300 cities and towns across France was: 10,000 vehicles burned, 230 buildings damaged or destroyed, 125 police wounded, and 5000 rioters arrested, with 800 of them given prison sentences.

Lie down with dogs…

Recommended reading.

Seeds Stored in Arctic Moonbat Cave

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:24 AM

Indicating just how overheated the global warming fad is getting, $3 million is being spent on a "Noah's Ark of food" that will store millions of batches of seeds representing all of the planet's crops, so that later we can begin farming again after the exhaust from our SUVs destroys the world.

The doomsday vault is being carved so deep inside an arctic mountain that not even the hot air endlessly emitted by War on Weather propagandists could thaw it out. It has been carefully placed so that even if all the ice in Greenland and Antarctica completely melt, it will still be above sea level.

Located on a remote archipelago near the North Pole, the top-security repository may as well store millions of copies of old Archie comic books for all the use anyone is likely to get out of it. But just to be on the safe side, maybe we should seal Al Gore inside it to keep watch over the seeds.

February 8, 2007

Food Shortages in Venezuela Already Beginning As Socialism Descends

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:00 PM

History has taught us again and again that in addition to being morally depraved, socialism simply doesn't work. Our refusal to take this lesson to heart causes one tragedy after another. Currently the lesson is being retaught in Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez's attempts to impose socialism are predictably resulting in food shortages.

Meat and sugar have vanished from Venezuelan supermarkets, as government price controls wreak havoc by eliminating profits and distorting market prices. One supermarket chain was shut down completely for 48 hours because it would not sell meat at the economically unfeasible price set by bureaucrats. The price at which Chavez and his goons will let retailers sell beef is $1.82/pound. The price of getting it to market is $2.41/pound.

Food shortages have sporadically plagued Venezuela since 2003, when Chavez started trying to dictate prices. As he tightens his grip on power, they will only increase. The oil wealth pouring into Venezuela has been so mismanaged that inflation has hit an accumulated 78% over the last four years. Consequently even basic food staples are hard to find except on the black market.

Government-controlled television is running tickers instructing the regime's slaves to "denounce the hoarders and speculators." A toll-free phone number is given, so that you can turn in your neighbor to be tortured by authorities for trying to feed his family. Not even Stalin offered that service.

For an idea of what kind of future awaits them under Chavez, Venezuelans can look to North Korea, where subjects of the communist regime have resorted to trying to eat grass.

Meanwhile, America marches toward socialized health care, like a herd of lemmings headed toward the sea.

Yes, we have no beef or chicken.

On a tip from Metalgarth.

Mother's Day Banned in Interests of "Sensitivity"

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:18 AM

Considering that the campaign to ban Christmas advances year by year on the pretext that not everyone is Christian, this was inevitable: a school has banned Mother's Day cards because not everyone has a mother.

Helen Starkey, head teacher of Johnstown Primary School in Carmarthen, Wales nixed the tradition of making Mother's Day cards because it might upset the small percentage of kids who have been separated from their birth mothers. Having those kids make cards for some other caregiver apparently required too much creative thinking. As always in matters of moonbattery, the interests of the majority were ignored.

Political correctness has gone after Mom and the flag: how long will apple pie be safe?

Is apple pie next on the PC hit list?

Katie Cupcake Crashes

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:48 AM

Katie Couric continues to carry on the tradition of her predecessor, the disgraced propagandist Dan Rather, by submerging CBS News' dismal ratings ever further. Drudge reports that Wednesday's edition finished third in a three-way race in all top seven markets and dead last in all of Los Angeles broadcast TV, even behind reruns of tired old sit-coms.

Maybe CBS News could keep up with the sitcom reruns if they used a laugh track.

Katie Cupcake.

Jimmy Carter Confronts the Jewish Conspiracy

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:32 AM

The righteous servant of Allah Jimmy Carter has turned on his conspiratorial Jewish tormenters.

After Carter fudged history a little in his book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid to make the point that it's all the Jews' fault if terrorists want to kill them, the Simon Wiesenthal Center collected 25,000 signatures on a petition denouncing the failed former President. Here's how Jimmy the Dhimmi told them off:

I don't believe Simon Wiesenthal would have resorted to falsehood and slander to raise funds.

Actually, no one had to send money to sign the petition, so the Dhimmi is once again indulging in falsehood and slander even as he accuses Simon Wiesenthal of the same — a clever tactic to keep his attackers off balance.

Carter acknowledges that he has "been called a liar and a bigot and an anti-Semite and a coward and a plagiarist" for writing the book, which has caused advisers to bail out of his Carter Center in droves. But the Arabs are paying him well, so he ought to be able to hire some new advisors whose consciences are more flexible.

Rendered slightly paranoid by their endless persecution, Jimmy the Dhimmi denounces his Jewish attackers.

On a tip from Wiggins.

February 7, 2007

Muslim School in England Teaches That Christians Are Apes

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:38 PM

There's more to British education than bogus global warming propaganda. Kids who attend the Saudi-funded King Fahd Academy in Acton can learn from their textbooks that Christians are "apes" and Jews are "pigs."

The Academy's Dr. Sumaya Alyusuf at first denied that the textbooks were being used, but is now defending them, asserting that the nasty stuff about Christians and Jews has been "misinterpreted." The books also describe Christianity and Judaism as "worthless" and Jews as "repugnant."

Former teacher Colin Cook brought the vile textbooks to light. He taught English at the school for 19 years. When he asked whether the curriculum complied with British laws, he was told, "This is not England. It is Saudi Arabia."

Or at least, it will be soon.

Pupils at the school have been heard announcing that they want to "kill Americans," praising the 9/11 atrocities, and idolizing their "hero," Osama bin Laden.

Multiculturalism is really blossoming in Britain these days. It's enough to warm a progressive's heart.

Sumaya Alyusuf.

On a tip from Peter.

New York May Ban iPods in Crosswalks

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:06 PM

With each law passed by moonbat bureaucrats we progress one step closer to their ideal society, in which everything that is not mandatory is forbidden. Today's step is legislation introduced in New York State that would make it illegal to use an iPod, BlackBerry, or cell phone in a crosswalk, on the grounds that these devices could distract pedestrians and cause accidents.

The bill appears to target New York City, where distractions are so ubiquitous, you might be talking on the phone and not even notice. It was introduced by State Senator Carl Kruger, who hopes New York's City Council will support his idea. It probably will, considering that it has already banned indoor smoking and trans fats in restaurants.

Incredibly, there are no New York City regulations determining the minimum amount of wax you can have in your ears while crossing the street, even though common sense suggests that excessive wax buildup could prevent pedestrians from hearing car horns and even sirens.

Maybe they should ban crossing the street while looking like Carl Kruger, lest horrified motorists lose control of their vehicles.

On a tip from V the K.

Chris Matthews Loses Control of His Venom

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:23 PM

Foul language alert — I'm about to quote a moonbat, namely the obnoxious Chris Matthews of MSNBC. Here's what he had to say on Imus this morning:

I want a guy to run for President who doesn't have a fucking — I'm sorry, a ranch.

After Matthews was off the phone, having left the exploded F-bomb in his wake, MSNBC Executive Producer Bernard McGuirk observed that Tweety is the kind of guy who would "put on a diaper and drive 900 miles to abduct Dick Cheney or somebody."

Whatever W's failings, the fact that the unhinged Matthews hates him so much is a major point in his favor. But then, coastal media elite types aren't going to like anybody they think walked in from a ranch.

NewsBusters has video.

Chris "Tweety" Matthews.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Travel Fit For a Queen

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:47 PM

Kudos to Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi for apparently not buying the global warming hype, even if she continues to spew it. Dismissing Denny Hastert's old plane as too small, she is demanding an Air Force C-32 to fly her and her entourage back and forth from Washington to the San Francisco district that saw fit to elect her.

The massive aircraft Queen Nancy requires for use by herself, relatives, and other California reps includes 42 business class seats, an enclosed state room, an entertainment center, a private bed, an open bar, and a crew of 16. Operating costs for the behemoth run about $15,000 per hour. To fly Stretch to home, then to go back and get her, would cost $300,000, whereas round-trip commercial fares start at $233. But that's all right, taxpayers have plenty of money.

Speaking of taxpayers, Pelousy has voted to raise gasoline taxes at least five times. Yet she is driven around by a gas-guzzling government-owned SUV that is exempt from the gas tax.

Here's what Stretch has to say about W's commitment to enviromoonbattery:

It's not just about what he says. It's about what he does. In the past … he has talked the talk on climate change. But he hasn't walked the walk.

Pelousy doesn't walk the walk either. But why walk when you can ride gas-tax–free SUVs or fly giant C-32s?

Queen Nancy likes to travel in style.

On a tip from V the K.

Mourning Venezuela

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:03 AM

The elegies have already begun for Venezuela, a potentially wealthy democracy that is being systematically choked to death by the leftist thug Hugo Chavez. From the Miami Herald:

Seeing Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's recent moves to amass absolute power is like watching a train heading toward a mountainside. We know it is going to crash, and people will be hurt. But the wreck seems unstoppable, as long as Venezuelan oil revenues sustain him.
Mr. Chávez already controlled the National Assembly and virtually every other institution in the nation when he was reelected in December with 61 percent of the vote. Now he is moving to consolidate power and silence all opposition. His stated goal is to create ''21st century socialism'' modeled after Fidel Castro's Cuba. If Mr. Chávez is successful, Venezuelans will live in a society as destitute, corrupt and repressive as Cuba is today.
Last week the assembly granted Mr. Chávez sweeping powers to legislate by decree for the next 18 months. Thus, he can enact laws without debate or oversight in 11 areas, from the budget to the critical energy section. Also in the works are constitutional reforms to allow Mr. Chávez's indefinite reelection and to affirm Venezuela as a socialist state.
Since the election, Mr. Chávez has canceled the broadcast license of a television station that was one of his fiercest critics. He is moving to nationalize telecommunications and electric industries and to gain majority control over joint ventures with multinational oil companies, among them U.S.-based ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips. Such moves are scaring off foreign investors, even as Venezuelan money flows into South Florida and other safe havens abroad.
Ironically, Mr. Chávez democratically swept into office in 1998. Venezuela's voters were tired of widespread corruption and poverty. Yet these ills persist. Corruption appears to have worsened, given that there are few checks on Chávez-government abuse. Understandably, poor people are grateful to get subsidies, soup kitchens and Cuban doctors in their neighborhoods. Yet education, private-property rights and an economy that provides decent-paying jobs would yield more-meaningful improvement. Instead, Mr. Chávez, extends his largess abroad, where he seeks to export Castro-style socialism to the Caribbean, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and other countries.
Mr. Chávez depends on oil revenues to grow in power and influence. Any combination of lower global oil prices, capital flight or decreased productivity by the questionably managed state oil company could threaten his quest for absolute power. Otherwise he is on the road to becoming the region's first democratically elected dictator — and a symbol of the failure of the Organization of American States' Democracy Charter.

Yet there's no indication that our friend Jimmy Carter regrets helping Chavez get his grip on power, or that other Dems like Joe Kennedy and William Delahunt are ashamed to be his allies.

Moonbats are getting what they want for us all in Venezuela.

Oregon's State Climatologist George Taylor to Be Fired For Choosing Science Over Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:14 AM

War on Weather Kool-Aid guzzlers often ask why many scientists would claim people cause global warming if it isn't true. The case of George Taylor illustrates the answer.

Since 1991, Taylor has held the title of Oregon's State Climatologist. The problem is, he takes climatology more seriously than he takes the state, and refuses to go along with the herd regarding global warming dogma. He is not willing to renounce the fact that temperature fluctuations are the result of natural climate cycles, not politically incorrect sins against Gaia.

Naturally bureaucrats will not let this arrogance go unpunished. Governor Ted Kulongoski wants to replace Taylor with a political hack appointed by himself. According to Kulongoski, the state needs to present a consistent position, science be damned:

I just think there has to be somebody that says, "this is the state position on this."

Unfortunately there are plenty of career-minded "scientists" who will be more than happy to parrot the state position, whatever politics dictate it to be.

George Taylor: more guts than many.

Armory Becomes Emblem of San Francisco Values

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:08 AM

Since 1975, when the National Guard vacated San Francisco's State Armory and Arsenal building, developers have been trying to get some use out of this 200,000-square-foot Moorish castle a mile from City Hall at the edge of the Mission District. Unfortunately, city bureaucrats shot down one plan after another, refusing to let it become a church, an apartment complex, or even storage space. But at last a proposal was submitted to which they didn't object.

Peter Acworth, chief exec of, has bought the landmark explicitly to film hardcore porno movies inside it. The gothic interior will be especially well suited to their bondage movies. Plans call for women to be suspended from the 65-foot-ceiling of the former drill court.

At least Acworth intends to clean up the graffiti and broken windows, which is more than the city has been doing.

The Armory in better times.

On a tip from Varla.

February 6, 2007

Oil Companies Exploit Enviromoonbattery For a Competitive Edge

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:17 PM

Although the energy companies that produce our society's lifeblood are far from the cartoonish villains liberals make them out to be, they aren't always angels either. Some have even stooped to exploiting enviromoonbattery to give themselves an edge over the competition.

Natural gas companies calling themselves the Texas Clean Sky Coalition have blown over $1 million on full-page ads in major dailies in an attempt to scuttle proposed new coal-fired power plants. The ads take the usual histrionic environmentalist tone, suggesting that burning coal as people have been doing for centuries is the equivalent of sprinkling poison on your food. They even steer the gullible toward moonbat outfits like Environmental Defense and the Sierra Club. However, the people behind the ads are no tree-hugging wackos, but simply businessmen who lack the scruples to stay above environmentalist tactics.

For their part, envirokooks don't care where the money is coming from, so long as it helps them obstruct energy production. Says Tom "Smitty" Smith of Public Citizen:

Whether the money is coming from environmentalists, businessmen or competitors, we're glad they're fighting. Without help from everyone in the state, we won't be able to stop the coal plants.

The Clean Sky companies are fighting their competitors at the cost of assisting their enemies — not the best long-term strategy. Lie down with moonbats, get up with rabies.

But not as filthy as certain propaganda tactics.

On a tip from V the K.

Gays Push Washington State Proposal to Ban Childless Marriage

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:22 PM

In a propaganda stunt intended to erode the institution of marriage, homosexual activists are collecting signatures in the state of Washington for a ballot initiative that would annul the marriages of couples unable to have children.

Militant gays apparently believe this will pull the rug out from under the state's Defense of Marriage Act by proving that just because homosexuals can't procreate doesn't mean their "marriages" aren't natural.

It isn't the only insincere proposal Gregory Gadow of the incongruously named Defense of Marriage Alliance has up his sleeve. He has another in the works that would prohibit separation by married people who have children together, and one that would make having a child together the equivalent of marriage.

Fortunately for Gadow, the proposals don't need to pass to accomplish his objective of undermining the public's opinion of marriage.

Gregory Gadow, homosexual militant and "humanist celebrant."

On a tip from V the K.

San Francisco Discovers That Paid Sick Leave Is a Human Right

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:46 AM

The campaign to drive all small business out of San Francisco continues, with a law mandating that all businesses must provide paid sick leave to employees.

Though it is the first such law in the country, it is unlikely to be the last. Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy, no friend to those of us trying to keep businesses afloat, will hold a hearing on a federal version next week, as the Founding Fathers continue to spin in their graves.

Craig Stoll, chef/owner of the Mission District restaurant Delfina's, knows that the law will be exploited — with disastrous results for businesses:

If we're short a person, we go down in flames. It just doesn't work, like a wheel missing a spoke. For people to not come in and take advantage of this in a wholesale way would be disastrous.

Another chef/owner, Dan Scherotter of Palio D'Asti, is complying with this intrusive and pernicious law by reclassifying vacation time as sick time. He notes that business owners aren't the only ones who will pay:

My cost of meat will go up, produce will go up, janitorial service will go up. It all gets passed on to me, and I'll have to pass it on (to customers) in higher prices.

We'll never catch up to France if we move by such small increments. Why not jump ahead by declaring that anyone who is enough of a sucker to take initiative in producing wealth has to pay everyone else to sit home and watch TV all year long?

On a tip from Wiggins.

British Secondary Education Plunges Headlong Into Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:46 AM

To ensure the continued decline of what only recently was arguably the greatest civilization in human history, British educrats are imposing a new curriculum that will throw education out the window in favor of sheer moonbattery.

The radical overhaul will indulge in the sort of postmodern silliness that was attempted in the flower child era, such as combining unrelated subjects like foreign language and music, so as to teach songs in Urdu. Tedious fact-based studies like history and geography will take a back seat to new topics, including global warming propaganda, exotic Third-World language classes, politically correct wallowings in the effects of the slave trade, etc.

Mick Waters, curriculum director of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, says the objective is to "move away from an overconcern with content."

Prep school headmaster Chris McGovern, who was an education adviser when Tories were in charge, confirms that content will suffer:

There is going to be a free-for-all, and with the emphasis on personal development and political correctness, content is going to be even more downgraded. Subject knowledge is thin already and this will make it thinner.

But why clutter the kids' heads with math and science and facts? The important thing is to instill the politically correct attitudes that will guarantee Britain's continued downward spiral into mediocrity.

Tomorrow's multicultural classroom learns that if we don't raise taxes, polar bears will drown.

On a tip from El Presidente.

More Marcotte Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:38 AM

A persevering willingness to railroad the obviously innocent Duke lacrosse players is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rabid moonbattery of John Edwards' official blogger Amanda Marcotte. Riehl World View has gathered some Marcotte quotes that give an idea of the kind of people we'll have working behind the scenes in the White House if by some catastrophe the Breck Girl is elected. As always when moonbats are quoted, please excuse the profanity, poor spelling, moral depravity, and all-around vileness:

While the media runs around jerking Bush off about Zarqawi's reported death, it's important to remember that BushCo and Zarqawi had a symbiotic relationship to play up his "membership" in al Qaeda.
Of course, if you're a perverted religious nut, the blood and the pain of "cherry"-breaking is probably a de riguer part of a woman's life, both to give the man a cheap thrill of actual blood while enacting the sex-as-violent-possession construction that is part of virginity fetishization and to remind the woman of her religious teaching that womanhood is suffering (see: Genesis).
Polls demonstrate that the average woman's craving for abortion falls somewhere below her craving for stubbing her toe but high above her craving for Young Republican cock.
The idea behind this law and behind parental notification laws is that if men can't lay claim to the uteruses of women that they fuck, they damn well should get ownership of the uteruses of girls that they made by fucking.
By god, you rape your daughter and she better stay raped! What's state power for if not to help patriarchal asswipes get their rocks off raping and forcing pregnancy on their very own teenage girls? What the hell do you think god made daughters for if not extra concubines to rape for yourself or sell to your friends? Of course, Utah has always been known for harboring those on the cutting edge of pure patriarchy[…]
it appears the wingnut opinion on the proper lifecycle of the womb-body is–one begins as a bright-eyed, innocent virgin, loses your virginity in some weird post-wedding masculinity rite, preferably with maximum blood, fall pregnant immediately, and then die in childbirth so everyone can remember you fondly.

Michelle Malkin presents more enlightened opinions gleaned from the Breck Girl's Internet rep.

A guy who wants to be President of the USA chose this sick freak to represent his views. How is it possible that we live in the same country as people who would vote for John Edwards?

On tips from V the K and Ken.

NYC Considers Banning the N-Word

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:52 AM

Every society needs taboos to define itself. But what could possibly be taboo in a society so morally debased that even the most revolting forms of perversion are "lifestyle choices" and killing your own baby is considered a right? The answer of course is using the N-word.

Following in the steps of Brazoria, Texas, New York's City Council has introduced a resolution calling on New Yorkers to stop using this blasphemous word in honor of the yearly month-long festival of politically correct self-flagellation known as Black History Month.

The appalling Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) is even making noise about federal legislation to ban the sinister word. No doubt this will be justified constitutionally based on its association with interstate commerce.

Remember in 1984, how the socialist bureaucrats would control thought by systematically eliminating words from the language? You have to wonder which word or phrase will be next to go. My guess is "tax cut," since Rangel holds that lowering our crippling tax burden would be "racist":

It's not "spic" or "nigger" anymore. They say, "Let's cut taxes."

On a tip from Wiggins.

February 5, 2007

Moonbats Honor Cowardly Deserter Ehren Watada

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:15 PM

The sniveling coward Ehren Watada, who joined the Army of his own free will but then refused to go when it came time to fight, began his court-martial today. There was a time when deserters were summarily shot — but that was back when we fought wars to win. If found guilty, Watada faces a maximum of four years imprisonment, after which he can go back to granting interviews and getting his shoes slobbered on by wretches like Susan Sarandon and Martin Sheen.

Well aware that no military can function without discipline and morale, moonbats have made a hero of Watada, who has done his best — or rather worst — to undermine both. They've crawled out of every unclean crevice to converge on Fort Lewis, to parade in honor of their hero, and of course to denounce the efforts of those who aren't afraid to defend them from Muslim terrorists.

No doubt a career in academia awaits Watada when he gets out of jail.

Watada's fans prepare to confront the US Army with some giant puppets.

On a tip from V the K.

Al Sharpton Suing NYPD

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:28 PM

As if taking a hint from the Breck Girl, Al Sharpton may be trying to sue his way up the political ladder. Considering that he got his first big break while trying to railroad innocent cops for supposedly raping the odious Tawana Brawley, it should come as no surprise that instead of suing doctors, he's going after the New York Police Department.

The NYPD's crime? Doing their job of keeping NYC residents safe by stopping and frisking suspicious characters. According to the New York Slimes, 55% of those frisked last year were black — leading to the inevitable charge of racial profiling.

To put this number into perspective, 68% of NYC crimes involve suspects described by victims or witnesses as black.

Reverend Al is asking for volunteers of color to step forward and pretend to have been oppressed by a frisking so he can replenish his campaign chest with a class action lawsuit.


On a tip from Wiggins.

Hillary Clinton Following in the Steps of Hugo Chavez

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:32 AM

Think it's scary that Marxist goon Hugo Chavez has been causing economic chaos by nationalizing the oil industry in Venezuela, the fourth-largest exporter of oil to the USA? That's nothing. Chavez's American counterpart has similar plans for the United States — and she could end up being President:

On a tip from Wiggins.

Breck Girl's Blogger Amanda Marcotte Finds Duke Lacrosse Players Guilty

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:07 AM

The cheesy ambulance chaser who would be President, John Edwards — aka the Breck Girl — has hired himself a blogger named Amanda Marcotte. Blogging from an airport, she had this to say about the Duke Lacrosse players who were railroaded with obviously trumped-up rape charges for left-wing political purposes (please excuse the language; she's a moonbat):

I've been sort of casually listening to CNN blaring throughout the waiting area and good fucking god is that channel pure evil. For awhile, I had to listen to how the poor dear lacrosse players at Duke are being persecuted just because they held someone down and fucked her against her will—not rape, of course, because the charges have been thrown out. Can't a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it? So unfair.

The original post was here, but it's been deleted due to the attention it drew to Ms. Marcotte's deranged fanaticism. However, Google has the original cached here.

Yes, there actually are people to the left of CNN — and at least one of them is working for the Breck Girl.

The Breck Girl.

Hat tip: Betsy's Page, on a tip from V the K.

Profiles in Moonbattery: Saru Jayaraman

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:19 AM

Where you have moonbattery, you will have corruption, hypocrisy, and thuggery — but it isn't usually as blatant as in the case of NYU professor and worker's rights activist Saru Jayaraman, who has been using the Jesse Jackson playbook to enrich herself at the expense of New York City restaurants and their employees.

Jayaraman heads a racket calling itself the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC). It extorts cash from high-end Manhattan restaurants by agreeing not to protest in front of them in exchange for large payments. For example, ROC thugs burst into the Redeye Grill during dinner service with loudspeakers and noisemakers to present the manager with a letter accusing him of racism, sexism, and employee violations, and threatening to launch pickets, media attacks, and lawsuits if the restaurant didn't fork over $3 million.

When the restaurant refused to pay, Jayaraman launched weekly protests to drive away customers. When the National Labor Relations Board ruled that the protests weren't legal, she changed them from protests to "prayer vigils."

Whether you call them protests, prayer vigils, or shakedowns, Jayaraman has no trouble finding people to mind them. She recruits moonbats from the class she teaches at NYU. About the only restaurant workers among the protesters are those employed at Colors, which ROC owns, requiring them to take part in shakedowns of other restaurants as a condition of employment. Despite a lot of noise from Jayaraman about unionizing restaurant workers, Colors employees are not unionized, nor are they apparently paid very well.

ROC is officially a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charity, which helps it avoid complying with the labor laws it supposedly wants to enforce on others. It was founded after 9/11, ostensibly to help workers from the WTC restaurant Windows on the World, and has collected funds from the Red Cross and the September 11th Fund. But when Windows on the World owner David Emil opened a new restaurant, ROC picketed the place and drove it out of business — leaving former Windows on the World workers unemployed again. Other restaurants have since gone under after forking over huge extortion payments to ROC.

Workers at targeted restaurants, far from being exploited by their employers, have actually resorted to counterprotests in an attempt to shout down the ROC goons who chase away the diners who would be leaving them tips.

Like many parasitic thugs, Jayaraman is a true believer in leftist politics. Her office features pictures of Malcolm X and Che Guevara, as well as a sign reading:

Capitalism is not healthy for children and other living things.

Capitalism allows people to become wealthy by creating wealth. But Jayaraman has found an easier way to line her pockets. That this sort of lowlife criminal can be found teaching classes at a pricey university speaks volumes about the state of academia.

Saru Jayaraman shaking down a restaurant.

On a tip from Number 2.

February 4, 2007

Global Warming: How Moonbats Wage War

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:33 PM

America's enemies know they can't defeat us on the battlefield. This is why Muslims resort to terrorism — and why France resorts to the comparably despicable United Nations.

As noted earlier, sniveling weasel and President of France Jacques Chirac would like to destroy the American economy by imposing crippling restrictions in the name the Left's latest boogeyman, global warming. He is leading the charge to create a new environmental body that can punish those who don't play along with the War on Weather — namely, us.

Forty-five other Lilliputian nations are on board, as is our own former Vice President Al Gore, who applauds the efforts of Europeans to sabotage our economy.

After someone pulled the string protruding from his neck, Gore bellowed:

We are at a tipping point. We must act, and act swiftly … Such action requires international cooperation.

It's no secret that disintegrating France still indulges in delusions of glory, and hopes to dominate a European Union that can rival the USA. But effete socialists presiding over cultures in precipitous decline are unlikely to rise to our level. So they have to bring us down to theirs, by shooting out the tires on our economy. Anyone surprised to find a prominent Democrat cheering them on?

The stampede rhetoric coming out of the UN gets more frightening every time our tax money is wasted on one of their useless conferences — especially when you consider the underlying motivation. Here's Tim Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation:

It is time now to hear from the world's policymakers. The so-called and long-overstated "debate" about global warming is now over.

The debate's over? Tell that to Lawrence Solomon, who recently wrote these informative pieces (via TMH's Bacon Bits):

Global warming has nothing to do with the weather. It is a campaign of undiluted moonbattery, aimed at raising taxes, crippling business, increasing government power, and pulling the rug out from under the United States.

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Mayor of Macon, Georgia Converts to Islam

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:55 PM

Nation of Islam alumnus Keith Ellison isn't the only Muslim to infiltrate our government. But Macon, Georgia Mayor C. Jack Ellis is a little different, in that he got elected first, then converted to Islam.

Ellis became a Muslim in a ceremony that took place in Senegal, Africa. He will be changing his name to Hakim Mansour Ellis.

Explains the future Hakim:

You do it because it feels right.
Somehow I can't imagine this feeling right.

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Trial Lawyers Suing Army Over Katrina

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:38 PM

It's only a matter of time before the combination of runaway moonbattery and the pathological greed of trial lawyers tears this country to pieces. The latest outrage: a lawyerly brigand by the name of Joe Bruno is suing the Army Corps of Engineers over the flooding that occurred as a result of Katrina.

Maybe next someone will sue the corrupt nitwits who have been running Louisiana for as long as anyone can remember. If anyone is responsible for the state's vulnerability to Katrina, it would be them.

Here's an idea libs will like better: since hurricanes can be seen as acts of God, why not sue churches?

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Body Integrity Identity Disorder: What Progressives Are Progressing Toward

Posted by Dave Blount at 4:22 PM

Political correctness has imposed the mainstreaming of depravity to such an extent that you start to wonder how they could lower the bar for normalcy any further. A woman going by the pseudonym Susan Smith offers a clue.

Smith suffers from a bizarre and horrifying form of insanity that causes people to feel compelled to amputate healthy limbs from their body. As a first step toward normalization, this mental sickness already has a name that makes it sound relatively innocuous: Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID).

After repeated attempts to damage her leg badly enough to have it amputated, Smith finally succeeded. Now she looks forward to destroying the other leg. She hopes that one day her condition will be accepted as normal — and if our culture continues its tailspin into depravity, I don't doubt that it will. In her words:

I think BIID will stay taboo until people get together and bring it out. A hundred years ago, it was taboo to be gay in many societies, and 50 years ago the idea of transsexuals was abhorrent to most.

Soon the taboo will be against suggesting there's anything wrong with wanting to sever your own limbs. No doubt socialized medicine will force taxpayers to pay for the procedure.

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Gaiaists Ought to Welcome Global Warming Apocalypse

Posted by Dave Blount at 3:42 PM

The frightening predictions incessantly bellowed at us regarding our planet's doom as a result of global warming are unlikely to come true — which is too bad, from the point of view of the Gaia-worshipers who want us to believe them. Pat at BelchSpeak explains:

If you believe in global warming, you are most likely someone who does not believe in God. If you do not believe in God, you most likely equate human life as equivalent to that of common animals. And if you believe in the equivalency of life, you are most likely to best impact the reduction of green house gases by ceasing to exhale. After all, animals don't drive cars or consume manufactured goods. If you really believe, then logically, you have to make the ultimate sacrifice for your God, Gaea. That is the only way to be truly carbon neutral.
If you believe in Global warming, you should not be angry at deaths in Iraq. You should applaud the deaths of every victim of hurricane Katrina. You should oppose the rebuilding of New Orleans. The boxing day tsunami is the greatest mass carbon neutral event in the past century.
And if global warming is indeed true, then you should applaud the approaching floods, famine and droughts. They will only accelerate the carbon neutrality of greedy CO2 exhalers. Eventually enough CO2 exhalers should die to bring the world back into balance, right?

How many CO2 exhalers need to be carbon-neutralized? University of Texas professor Eric Pianka hopes that disease will cause 90% of the human population to die — and other progressives applaud him for it.

There's no need to be troubled by this. After all, as PETA president Ingrid Newkirk famously proclaimed:

A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.

Why get choked up about 5.8 billion dead rats?

Don't expect environmentalists to be any more truthful about their hatred of human life than they are about global warming. According to them, it's those of us who don't think envirogenocide is such a great idea who hate life. To quote Pentti Linkola, a Finnish environmentalist who compares humanity to a sinking ship with 100 passengers and lifeboat space for only ten:

Those who hate life try to pull more people on board and drown everybody. Those who love and respect life use axes to chop off the extra hands hanging on the gunwale.

Needless to say, Linkola, Al Gore, and the other priests of environmentalism will be the last to go. They're needed in the lifeboat, to chop off our hands.

When Muslims boast that they're going to win their war of annihilation against the West because "you love life and we love death," they clearly aren't talking to environmentalists, followers of the world's first and hopefully last religion based on hatred of humanity.

Global warming: moonbat apocalypse.

IPCC's Summary Report Violates Basic Scientific Principles

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:23 AM

The War on Weather got a big boost Friday with the release of the hysterical International Panel on Climate Change's Summary for Policymakers. Like all global warming propaganda, it is bogus.

According to Richard Lindzen, a professor of atmospheric science at MIT, the report is primarily the work of political appointees, not scientists. The full text that this Summary supposedly summarizes will not be available for months. Appallingly, changes are to be made as necessary to make it correspond to the Summary.

In other words, political hacks produce the conclusions, and scientists are instructed to cook the data to produce the proof afterwards. This is what passes for science when it comes to global warming.

As Lindzen observes:

If you were doing that with a business report, the federal trade commission would be down your throat.

Harvard University physicist Lubos Motl describes the Summary this way:

These people are openly declaring that they are going to commit scientific misconduct that will be paid for by the United Nations. […] If they find an error in the summary, they won't fix it. Instead, they will "adjust" the technical report so that it looks consistent.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is fed up with the IPCC's "systematic and documented abuse" of the scientific process in the interests of stoking global warming hype. But the Summary will receive a warmer welcome from irresponsible Democrats eager to exploit any opportunity to raise taxes, increase government control over industry, and stick it to the "capitalist exploiters" who provide us with our high standard of living.

Screeched Senator Babs Boxer (D-CA):

If we fail to take action on global warming now, we can expect future catastrophic impacts like rising sea levels, more extreme weather events of all kinds, damage to coral reefs and fisheries [blah blah blah blah…]

"To take action" would mean deliberately hobbling our economy. Democrats love the poor so much, they want us all to be poor.

There's proof of global warming — but not that people cause it.

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Jacques Chirac to USA: Sign Kyoto or Else

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:34 AM

Jacques Chirac may be the failed leader of a dying nation, but he still considers himself in a position to shout orders at the USA.

Our Senate voted 95-0 not to ratify the charade known as the Kyoto protocol on the grounds that it would accomplish nothing other than to plunge our economy into a depression. But now Chirac demands that we sign it, or face a punitive "carbon tax" on all exports to the European Union.

The reasons European nations and particularly France would want us to sign Kyoto are obvious to any reader of Machiavelli. When there is a single strong state interacting with a bunch of weak states, the weak states will inevitably team up against the strong one. Not even the most fanatical Kool-Aid guzzlers believe the USA signing Kyoto would have any significant effect on the weather; the point is to hobble our economy to such a degree that the floundering socialists in Europe can keep up with it.

Underscoring the phoniness of Chirac's posture, he is in the envirokooks' doghouse for conducting nuclear tests, siding with farmers against environmentalists, and allocating too many carbon emission credits to businesses. The punitive tax he wants to inflict may be a violation of international trade rules.

A Frenchman.

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February 3, 2007

George Soros: America Needs Denazification

Posted by Dave Blount at 8:06 PM

George Soros, prime economic engine of the Democrat Party, finds much to admire in communism — apparently including its proclivity for political purges.

At the elitist playground of Davos, Switzerland, where John "Botched Joke" Kerry recently denounced America to the world as an "international pariah," Soros shared this nugget of his wisdom:

America needs to follow the policies it has introduced in Germany. We have to go through a certain denazification process.

Ironically, Soros himself was an assistant Nazi during the Holocaust, despite being born Jewish.

The sinister Soros.

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Chicago's Prime Parking For the Disabled Dead

Posted by Dave Blount at 7:41 PM

One of the perks of qualifying as disabled is you get to take those prime parking places that usually sit empty as everyone else has to drive all over the neighborhood looking for a place to leave their car. While a few drivers are genuinely disabled, others are simply overweight, and would benefit from the exercise of walking across the parking lot like everyone else. Then there are those who aren't the least bit disabled, but who are related to someone who used to be disabled, back when they were alive.

In Chicago, once you've earned the prized "disabled" classification, the city will mark off a reserved parking space for you steps from your door. A Sun-Times investigation found that 260 of these reservations belonged to people who were dead. Often relatives were using the slots.

Considering Chicago's political history, the program might be intended to make it easier for dead people to drive to the polls to cast their reliable votes for Democrats.

Empty as usual.

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Texas Deputy Imprisoned For Defending Himself From Illegal Aliens

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:54 PM

If you're on medication for high blood pressure, take some before reading this one:

After a Texas deputy sheriff fired shots at the tires of a fleeing vehicle that had tried to run him down, he was arrested for injuring one of the passengers, a Mexican who was being illegally smuggled into the USA.

Edwards County Deputy Sheriff Guillermo F. Hernandez could get up to 10 years in prison for doing his thankless job after being prosecuted by the office of Bush-appointed US attorney Johnny Sutton, which recently was able to obtain draconian prison terms for Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean for wounding a drug-smuggling illegal alien who had assaulted Compean.

Hernandez's boss Sheriff Donald Letsinger confirms that he "followed the letter of the law" in defending himself — for what little that's worth.

As Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) observes:

Once again, our government is on the wrong side of the border war.

When Hernandez is thrown in jail for violating the "civil rights" of Mexican invader Maricela Rodriguez-Garcia, he will leave behind a wife and 4-month-old daughter.

Prosecutors had offered Hernandez probation in exchange for a guilty plea, but he turned down the deal on the grounds that he had done absolutely nothing wrong. Unfortunately, trusting in the fairness of our moonbat-infested judicial system is hardly a safe bet — particularly in cases involving our invasion by Mexico, which has been sanctioned by treasonous authorities who unlike Hernandez really do belong in jail.

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ASU Student in Hot Water For Not Submitting to Brainwashing

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:13 PM

Arizona State University senior Ryan Visconti is in trouble after publicly complaining about one outrageous brainwashing ritual and neglecting to subject himself to another.

As part of what moonbats call "diversity training," ASU dormitory employees are required to take part in an absurd roll-playing game that drives home the Left's cartoonish stereotypes. Christians are portrayed as bigots sputtering with hate, Caucasians as lazy freeloaders, heterosexuals as narrow-minded, and everyone else as put-upon victims doomed to misery by racism, sexism, capitalism, homophobia, insensitivity, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

As Visconti reported:

It crossed the line. All it did was reinforce the most disgusting, hateful and ugly stereotypes in our society.

ASU apparently didn't appreciate Visconti sharing this view with the press. Nor did they like it that his extremely unpleasant experience with the first thought-control session led him to skip another devoted to installing politically correct attitudes toward homosexuality and gay "marriage." He was slapped with a suspension by his employer ASU Residential Life.

Unfortunately the totalitarian moonbattery festering in Tempe is far from unusual at college campuses.

Clearly not on the side of the angels.

Hat tip: LGF, on a tip from V the K.

Mayor Gavin Newsom Displays His San Francisco Values

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:33 AM

San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom has lost old friend and reelection campaign manager Alex Tourk by indulging in an affair with his wife Ruby Rippey-Tourk, who revealed the sordid business as part of a rehabilitation program for her substance abuse.

Newsom hooked up with his pal's wife while undergoing a divorce from Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News fame. His personal character also became an issue last Friday, when he showed up drunk for the vigil of a mortally wounded police officer.

After Tourk gave him a piece of his mind and quit, Newsom went back to his business, which included officiating over a marriage in his office.

Marriage has been an issue for Newsom before, when he arrogantly issued licenses for gay "marriages" in direct violation of California law.

Newsom will need a replacement for Tourk fast, as he's up for reelection in November. His betrayed friend had helped him raise about $620,000 from all around the country. Tourk was also instrumental in implementing Newsom's schemes to turn San Francisco into a Mecca for derelicts.

We'll see if San Francisco's voters can forgive Newsom's excessive heterosexuality.

How Newsom became SF mayor without being gay.

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February 2, 2007

Science Teacher Can Find No Information to Dispute Gore's Propaganda

Posted by Dave Blount at 12:06 PM

You would think the media would love a story about an evangelical Christian complaining about the way "science" is being taught in school. But not this time:

Frosty Hardison is the parent of a 7th-grader in Federal Way, Washington, who objected to Al Gore's over-the-top horror movie "An Inconvenient Truth" being presented in a science class as if it were factual, and without any contradictory information.

The response was what we've come to expect from the Kool-Aid–guzzling liberal establishment: there is no contradictory information.

However, Debra Saunders managed to find a few who disagree:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology Richard S. Lindzen complained to the Boston Globe about the "shrill alarmism" of Gore's flick. Neil Frank, who was considered authoritative when he was the director of the National Hurricane Center, told The Washington Post that global warming is "a hoax." Hurricane expert William Gray of Colorado State University believes the Earth will start to cool within 10 years.
University of Virginia professor emeritus Fred Singer co-authored a book, "Unstoppable Global Warming — Every 1,500 Years," that argues that global warming is not human-induced but based on a solar cycle. Last year, 60 Canadian scientists signed a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in which they argued that there is no consensus among climate scientists.
Odd, isn't it? Global warming believers heap scorn on religious zealots for not valuing science and knowledge. Yet the thrust of their argument to prove apocalyptic global warming relies on denying the existence of views and scientists who clearly exist.

A Boston Globe editorial offered the snarky suggestion that the teacher find "balancing 'data' in Michael Crichton's novel 'State of Fear.' It's science fiction."

The global warming skeptic Crichton is a Harvard Medical School gradual, so he isn't a complete stranger to scientific rigor. But then, Gore took a couple of science classes at Harvard too, and impressively managed to pass them, receiving a D and a C+.

Propaganda pics don't convince everyone.

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British Nanny State Now Stealing Cars

Posted by Dave Blount at 11:30 AM

In Londonistan, the all-powerful nanny state will now confiscate your car if it catches you driving around without a seatbelt. Those who talk on cell phones while driving also stand to lose their vehicles.

Civil rights groups are concerned, though not about the government stealing our property under the pretext of protecting us from ourselves. After all, no one in Europe seems to mind stratospheric taxation.

No, the civil rights crowd is concerned that minorities — i.e., Muslims — might be affected. So you can be confident that to avoid bad press and lawsuits the police will be stealing cars only from native Brits, not their Muslim colonizers.

"Officer, seize that convertible!"

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The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly For Infidels

Posted by Dave Blount at 10:02 AM

Debbie Schlussel's opposition to Islamic terrorism has earned her numerous death threats against herself and family members. Here's an example of the horrors she finds in her email:


Believing that the FBI and DOJ should protect all of us, not just put-upon Muslims like Hassan Qazwini, Schlussel has waged a marathon campaign and after several years finally got the bureaucracy to do something about one of the thugs who have been trying to terrify her into silence. Muslim convert Robert Mustaq John, author of the eloquent missive above, has at last pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, which may or may not affect his plans to officially immigrate to the USA from Jamaica.

Schlussel's site has hair-raising details of her travails and the systemic PC prejudice against non-Muslims that is particularly acute in her Detroit area, where not even the Jewish community was prepared to whisper a word on her behalf. As she summarizes:

Sometimes you can get justice in America. But if you're not Muslim, it's slow and less likely — unless you have a loud voice and some level of influence.
Debbie Schlussel, targeted for menacing.

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But They Support the Troops

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:13 AM

Liberals campaigning for our defeat in Iraq will almost invariably claim that they "support our troops" — even if they want them to lose to Muslim terrorists. But tending to be quite a bit more intelligent than prominent Dems Botched Joke Kerry and Charlie Rangel would have us believe, our troops in Iraq aren't buying it.

Even NBC Nightly News reported the following, via Richard Engel in Iraq:

[T]roops here say they are increasingly frustrated by American criticism of the war. Many take it personally, believing it is also criticism of what they've been fighting for.

Naturally. Not even Cindy Sheehan is dim enough not to be aware that the constant defeatist propaganda coming from liberals is likely to cause the USA to lose. That's the whole point of it.

Tyler Johnson, a 21-year-old junior enlisted man, cuts through the BS easily:

You may support or say we support the troops, but, so you're not supporting what they do, what they're here sweating for, what we bleed for, what we die for. It just don't make sense to me.

But WaPo's William Arkin sneers at the troops for their ingratitude:

Through every Abu Ghraib and Haditha, through every rape and murder, the American public has indulged those in uniform […]
So, we pay the soldiers a decent wage, take care of their families, provide them with housing and medical care and vast social support systems and ship obscene amenities into the war zone for them, we support them in every possible way, and their attitude is that we should in addition roll over and play dead, defer to the military and the generals and let them fight their war, and give up our rights and responsibilities to speak up because they are above society?

Arkin goes on to refer to our military as "a mercenary — oops sorry, volunteer — force that thinks it is doing the dirty work."

But he won't even give it credit for doing dirty work:

The notion of dirty work is that, like laundry, it is something that has to be done but no one else wants to do it. But Iraq is not dirty work: it is not some necessary endeavor; the people just don't believe that anymore.

Yet I'm sure the verminous Voice of the People William Arkin and his paymasters at WaPo support the troops.

Liberals like Arkin despise our troops and want them to lose.

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Posted by Dave Blount at 7:33 AM

Apologies for the downtime last night. As you might have noticed, other blogs hosted by Hosting Matters were down too, including Little Green Footballs, Power Line, Instapundit, and Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. At least Moonbattery was in good company. The problem was due to a cut Telcove cable.

February 1, 2007

10-Year-Old Tikes Sue University

Posted by Dave Blount at 5:19 PM

Canadians may lag behind the USA when it comes to lunatic lawsuits inspired by moonbattery, but it looks like they could be catching up fast.

Twin 10-year-olds have filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission after being kicked out of a University of Ottawa course in which they were mistakenly allowed to enroll, despite not having earned a high school diploma as required. The tots claim to be victims of age discrimination. They and their mother are demanding unspecified damages.

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French Health Minister Proposes Sleeping on the Job

Posted by Dave Blount at 9:14 AM

One reason France lags so far behind the USA in standard of living is that their socialist system places a high emphasis on loafing and none on getting work done. They've actually passed a law against working more than 35 hours a week.

But Health Minister Xavier Bertrand has devised a characteristically French solution to their productivity problem: more sleeping on the job:

Why not a nap at work? It's can't be a taboo subject.

According to the Health Ministry, 56% of French complain that their lousy job performance is a result of poor sleep. Maybe they're lying awake thinking about their country's future.

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