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January 23, 2007

Jew-Baiting Jimmy Carter Speaking at Jewish School

Posted by Dave Blount at January 23, 2007 10:37 AM

Brandeis University was founded in 1948, the year the modern state of Israel was created, as a "nonsectarian university under the sponsorship of the American Jewish community." It provided an opportunity for Jews shut out by the quota system the Ivy League had in place. Yet today Brandeis is lending a soapbox to one of the world's most infamous Jew-bashers, Jimmy "The Dhimmi" Carter.

Carter's book-length anti-Israel diatribe Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid is so over the top, it has resulted in anyone with a conscience bailing out of his ballyhooed Carter Center. Carter responded to criticism by implying that his exposure as a pro-terrorist liar was the work of a sinister Jewish conspiracy.

For awhile it looked like al-Jazeera was the only platform left to him, but perhaps due to the streak of self-hatred that causes most American Jews to support Democrats, Brandeis has validated the Dhimmi's pernicious views by inviting him to speak.

This isn't Brandeis's first brush with moonbattery. It's the alma mater of the criminal maniac Angela Davis — Black Panther, communist, and no friend of Israel. Recently Brandeis displayed an exhibit of anti-Israel artwork created by Palestinian children.

Carter's appearance would be a good thing, if it would allow people a chance to ask him about the $millions he's received from the Arabs he invariably sides with. They might also ask why he was so eager to intercede on behalf of a Nazi war criminal proven to have murdered Jews.

But like Al Gore, another unhinged Dem past his shelf life, Carter has developed an extreme aversion to opposing points of view. Rigorous critics will not be allowed at the Brandeis event. A debate with Alan Dershowitz, who has called Carter on his anti-Israel propagandizing, was nixed because the Dhimmster didn't have the belly for it. Stephen Flatow's daughter Alisa was a Brandeis student when she was killed in a terror attack by the Dhimmi's Islamic Jihad pals in 1995; Flatow was "privately discouraged" from attending Carter's speech.

Opposing views discouraged.