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December 8, 2006

Banzai Energy Ice Launched on Pearl Harbor Day

Hershey's Ice Cream (no relation to The Hershey Co.) found a unique way to commemorate the anniversary of Pearl Harbor yesterday: they launched a new product called Banzai Energy Ice.

"Banzai" was of course a battle cry used by the Japanese who attacked us on December 7, 1941. They would shout it as they rammed their planes into American warships.

I wonder if some company will choose September 11, 2066 to launch "Allahu Akbar Sugary Delite."

Does this make anyone thirsty for an energy drink?

On tips from Wiggins and Bill V.

Posted by Van Helsing at December 8, 2006 1:49 PM


Distasteful to say the least; probably some moonbat executive trying to "see the war through the Japanese perspective" or something. Hopefully it will be a complete and total commercial failure.

Posted by: Chris at December 8, 2006 2:28 PM

Sadly, I bet the kids today probably couldn't care less, and I guess they're the marketing target. They probably don't even know the meaning of the word, probably will think it's something to do with anime.

And the schools won't teach them the truth, only how evil American was for those darn internment camps.

I sure hope the naming and timing of the release was just a mistake, not some tasteless way of making a statement.

Posted by: NudeGayWhalesForJesus at December 8, 2006 3:09 PM

The Pearl Harbor Truth Movement.

Five years after the sinking of the battleships in Pearl Harbor, many still question the official government story of what happened on that fateful day, and who was responsible. Some believe that the Roosevelt administration did it themselves, deliberately, making it look like Japanese religious fanatics were responsible, in order to drag the country into a war that they could get by no other means, to benefit arms merchants and the Jews.
Some enterprising and innovative people have carried the analysis further. In one sequence shown in the documentary, a man built a wooden model of the ship in his pond, and filmed himself dropping lit firecrackers on it from above, to demonstrate how preposterous was the notion that ships could be sunk by bombs. They seemed to have no effect other than a slight scorching of the deck, and the sturdy little toy remained afloat.

Posted by: V the K at December 10, 2006 6:30 AM

Posted by: V the K at December 10, 2006 6:32 AM

As a person who knows the owner of Swanel Beverage out of Hammond IN They did not plan this to happen on the same day Pearl Harbor was attacked.

If you notice the original announcement was made on the 8th of Dec. Not the 7th...

But a little information for the ranting folks that have a snobbish way of holding Grudges for over 65 years. Swanel is a family owned company that actually started in 1941. They are one of the oldest beverage companies in the U.S. The company grows daily with new accounts and happy customers. So just because you like a name that brings back memories for you then grow up.

Posted by: FI3C at December 29, 2006 10:47 PM