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November 23, 2006

Alcee Hastings: Give Me Post or the Conservatives Will Have Won

Here's how impeached former judge and Nancy Pelosi favorite Alcee Hastings explains why his fellow Dems should support him for Chair of the House Intelligence Committee: if someone who isn't a criminal gets the post instead, then the conservatives will have won. Cries Hastings:

I hope that my fate is not determined by Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Michael Barone, Drudge, anonymous bloggers, and other assorted misinformed fools.

It's an honor to think that Moonbattery deserves to be included among that elite group of "anonymous bloggers" and "other assorted misinformed fools."

In the past, those who think that crooks like Hastings don't belong in positions of great responsibility have included not only "misinformed fools," but quite a few Democrats, including Pelosi herself — and, as Byron York notes:

Rep. Steny Hoyer, the future Majority Leader, also voted to impeach. And so did the lawmakers who will soon chair powerful House committees. Rep. Conyers, now in line to become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. Charles Rangel, soon to chair the Ways and Means Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. Barney Frank, in line to head the Financial Services Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. Henry Waxman, next chair of the Government Reform Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. John Dingell, in line to chair the Energy and Commerce Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. George Miller, soon to head the Education and the Workforce Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. David Obey, in line to chair the Appropriations Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. Ike Skelton, next chair of the Armed Services Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. John Spratt, next in line for the Budget Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. Howard Berman, next head of the Ethics Committee, voted to impeach. Rep. Tom Lantos, in line to chair the International Relations Committee, voted to impeach. And Rep. Louise Slaughter, next chair of the Rules Committee, voted to impeach.
So did other well-known Democratic lawmakers like Rep. John Lewis, Rep. (and later Sen.) Barbara Boxer, Rep. (and later Sen.) Charles Schumer, Rep. (and later Sen.) Richard Durbin, Rep. Ed Markey, Rep. Ron Dellums, Rep. Julian Dixon, and Rep. Richard Gephardt.
In fact, just about everybody in the House voted to impeach Judge Hastings: the vote was 413 to 3.

Like O.J., Hastings managed to squirm his way out of a conviction in criminal court, though the evidence had to be quite damning to earn that 413–3 vote. But O.J. might not be the best choice to chair the House Intelligence Committee either.

Hastings is right about this much: if he doesn't get the chair, conservatives will have won — because no self-respecting conservative would want to subject the country to Nancy Pelosi's conception of the "most ethical Congress in history."

Alcee Hastings explains why only misinformed fools want honest government.

Hat tips: Hot Air, Blue Crab Boulevard

Posted by Van Helsing at November 23, 2006 11:20 AM