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October 6, 2006

Moonbattery on a Pole

Romeo Mike is hanging up his This Week's Moonbattery on a Pole series, which featured samples of moonbattery that he finds posted on Australian streets. He explains:

I began it while living in Newtown, having become increasingly incensed at the idiotic but seditious propaganda I had to put up with everyday along the main street. Their vitriol and irrationality increased over time, but I found frustrating that it went unchallenged. I'd engaged marxists a few times but there was no getting through to the smug inculcation. Finally, I was tipped into answering all this juvenile bile when six foot graffiti went up on the wall of the 7-Eleven, "KILL HOWARD!", left there for days. For me it went too far and I saw no end to the spiraling hate. I thought if no one else was going to counter this dangerous inanity then I would.
In time I learnt that the far-left is orchestrated by power-brokers, mostly via unionism, who inflame tension and emotion in the gullible and impressionable to build a support base. Most far-left supporters seem to be using it as a crutch or outlet for personal issues, which explains the level of irrational, emotional attachment they put into their beliefs, and how they can be selective and too often contradictory about which information they'll absorb, like Queers for Palestine, etc.
I also learnt that their dogma is circumscribed, which is why they keep repeating the same issues with the same lines over and over. And which is why I can now leave twmoap; they've said all they're going to say, from here on in there's nothing new. The posters and meeting topics are on rotation, the anti-war message is the same one with each month's demo, and so on.

True enough, moonbats often sound like broken records. There isn't room in their cramped little mentality for any new thoughts. Nonetheless, exposing their idiocy is a duty that must be performed on an ongoing basis. Kudos to Romeo Mike for having done a fine job by turning up gems like these:











Hat tip: The House of Wheels

Posted by Van Helsing at October 6, 2006 9:52 AM


Thanks Romeo Mike, Van and others for doing what you do.

Posted by: MB at October 6, 2006 10:14 AM