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October 18, 2006

Carter Blames Bush For the Consequences of His Own Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at October 18, 2006 9:59 AM

By now we're used to moonbats blaming President Bush for everything down to the weather, but Carter's recent declaration that W is responsible for North Korea acquiring nuclear weapons hits the apogee of absurdity — because if any American is responsible, it is Carter himself, in association with his fellow stooge Bill Clinton.

Rather than take positive steps to deal with the developing nuclear threat from North Korea's maniacal regime, Clinton chose to send the left-wing patsy Carter to appease it. The result was 1994's Agreed Framework, under which the USA agreed to provide its enemy North Korea with two nuclear reactors and 500,000 metric tons of oil per year if the DPRK would only pretend for a while not to be building nuclear weapons. When Kim Jong Il still wouldn't let inspectors look at a suspected underground nuclear reactor, he was bribed with 1.1 million tons of food.

The reactors alone cost $6 billion — but no matter, American taxpayers have plenty of money.

Under the Clinton/Carter appeasement program, North Korea became the biggest recipient of foreign aid in the Asia–Pacific region — and the food aid didn't even go to communism's starving victims, but to the North Korean army, which killed thousands of Americans in the Korean War and could kill thousands more if we are forced to return. The reactors we built "now empower North Korea to produce 100 nuclear bombs each year" per FrontPage Magazine.

Rather than apologize for his catastrophic bungling, Carter now whines that the deal he brokered is "in the wastebasket" (where the North Koreans threw it as soon as his back was turned) and that the reason the rogue dictatorship won't behave is because W named it as part of the Axis of Evil.

Typically, Carter is so profoundly wrong that George Soros agrees with him.

He's done enough damage, but he still won't go away.