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August 18, 2006

Liberal Activist Judge Scores Victory for Islamic Terrorists

Underscoring yet again how crucial it is not only to the health of the country but to our physical safety that Democrats be kept from positions of authority, a judge appointed by Jimmy Carter is demanding that the NSA shut down a perfectly legal wiretapping program used to gather the sort of information that saved thousands of lives when a plot to blow up transatlantic flights was foiled last week.

From her bench in Detroit, America's most liberal city, Judge Anna Diggs Taylor issued a nonsensical ruling claiming that listening to the overseas calls of enemies plotting to kill American civilians constitutes a violation of free speech and privacy rights.

The ruling came in response to a suit brought by a fifth-column alliance that included the ACLU, the Hamas front group Council on American-Islamic Relations, the watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) at Greenpeace, left-wing journalist Christopher Hitchens, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, whose former president Nancy Hollander "stated that she frequently engages in international communications with individuals who have alleged connections with terrorist organizations" in a footnote to the ruling. That was meant not as an argument to keep a close eye on this woman, but to prevent the government from surveilling terrorists.

Like the ACLU, Judge Taylor has a communist background. She helped set up an office of the National Lawyers Guild, described by Congress as the "legal bulwark of the Communist Party." She is exactly the sort of individual a Democratic president would appoint to impose left-wing ideology at the expense of our well-being and security.

That the Left is effectively operating as an ally to Islamic terrorists who are trying to kill us cannot be credibly denied. Distinguishing between terrorists and their liberal enablers is increasingly a matter of splitting hairs. They serve different roles, but in the same army. They share an objective: the destruction of our civilization.

Anna Diggs Taylor: As much the enemy as Osama bin Laden.

Posted by Van Helsing at August 18, 2006 6:33 AM


Detroit Democrat politics are driven by one over-riding principle, "Sticking it to the man." This ruling was nothing more than a product of the same Detroit political machine that gives us impeachment obsessed whackjob John Conyers and uber-corrupt mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Posted by: V the K at August 18, 2006 8:17 AM

It's all class warfare politics in Detroit. This woman is a kook, though. Unfortunately, she is turning out to be a dangerous kook. I have NEVER seen a reliable/realistic alternative by the moonbats to how they would combat terrorism. I understand the arguement that the administration should make sure whatever they do is legal, and if it isn't then go through the proper channels (congress) to make it legal, but they are just obstructionist at every turn and have offered NO viable alternatives to combat terrorism.

Posted by: ThePolishNizel at August 18, 2006 11:11 AM

not that this editorial is any suprise coming from the ny times, but the language used in it is so over the top, and almost giddy that it's even more revealing than usual.

Posted by: Anonymous at August 18, 2006 3:36 PM

The disturbing thing to me is that our leaders
allow a judge like this one to remain a judge
when any one can plainly see that this woman has a mental problem problem and dont even understand nothing about what she is doing, we have people out here that are going to kill every american and destroy america the enemy that
is, and this nut of a judge do not want the president of the usa to listen to the enemy and stop them before they kill us all and destroy america what in the name of god is this nutty judge thinking she is a mental case and should be in an instution not sitting in as a judge.

Posted by: gene at August 20, 2006 8:49 PM