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July 16, 2006

Reconquistadors Call for Disney Boycott

Posted by Dave Blount at July 16, 2006 5:00 PM

disney_boycott.jpg  disney_boycott_English.jpg

The reconquistadors who brought us this spring's massive demonstrations against American sovereignty are throwing their weight around once again. The Mexica Movement has called for a boycott of the Walt Disney Company to punish it for owning ABC, which syndicates two voices they want silenced, Los Angeles talk show host Doug McIntyre and radio legend Paul Harvey.

Describing itself as an "Indigenous Rights Educational Organization," the Mexica Movement denounces Disney for allegedly having "made a habit of hiring talkshow hosts who spread the Minutemen white supremacist racist agenda." Sympathetic moonbats are instructed not to visit Disneyland, listen to ABC radio stations, pay to see any Disney-owned movies, watch ESPN or the ABC network on TV, or "buy any item that will in any way enrich The Walt Disney Company" — i.e., Mickey Mouse watches, etc.

McIntyre's thought crime was to shine a little light on the openly anti-assimilationist, taxpayer-funded Los Angeles charter school Academia Semillas del Pueblo, whose principal Marcos Aguilar believes in racial segregation and views his school as part of a larger cultural struggle against the Gringos. The school is also supported by the Pasadena City College chapter of MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil de Chicanos de Aztlan), a sort of Hispanic KKK that advocates the demographic conquest of the Southwest, to be followed by separation from the USA and ethnic cleansing of non-Hispanics.

As for the ageless Paul Harvey, he stands accused of being "proud of the racist genocide that Europeans committed against the Indigenous people of this continent" and of "advocating genocide, ethnic cleansing, extermination of our people, use of biological warfare, slavery," and so on.

The boycott is to persist until such a time as the Mexica maniacs

are assured of the immediate firing of all of Disney's ABC racist radio terrorists who are spreading racist hate against the Mexican and Central American community by inciting threats of violence against us.

As usual, the more shrilly moonbats accuse others of racism, the more extreme they are in their own race-oriented agenda.

Mexica maniacs demonstrating against racism.

I guess they told the Minutemen.