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July 21, 2006

Ed Rendell Denounces America's Existence on Behalf of Illegal Aliens

Posted by Dave Blount at July 21, 2006 12:12 PM

While castigating Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta's praiseworthy attempts to protect his citizens from the threats posed by runaway illegal immigration, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell let his rhetoric get away from him yesterday — revealing himself as a moonbat of the first order.

Referring to attempts to enforce immigration laws, Rendell bellowed:

A lot of this is being pushed by politicians who... feed off hate and divisiveness.

Yes, anyone who doesn't want our country balkanized by an ethnic group that is flooding into our country illegally at rates that put assimilation out of the question must be feeding off "divisiveness." To prove Rendell doesn't belong to this club, he decried efforts to maintain English as America's de facto official language.

He went further. In an apparent effort to appeal to the ever more influential lunatic wing of the Democratic Party, Rendell plunged off a cliff into sheer moonbattery:

The only ones I want to hear speaking up and complaining about immigration are the Native Americans who we screwed.

According to this stale loony-left theme, America is an illegitimate nation because most of us have ancestors who were born somewhere else. In fact, all of us do — including Indians. Maybe every last human on the hemisphere should pack up and head off to the other side of the world, leaving the Americas to the spotted owls and sucker fish. You first, Ed.

Rendell explains how we should all get back on the Mayflower and sail away.