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May 23, 2006

Sweden: Canary in the Coalmine of Moonbattery

Posted by Dave Blount at May 23, 2006 5:01 PM

Sweden is often held up by progressives as a model of how society should be. Rather it should be presented as a dreadful warning of how quickly moonbattery can destroy whole civilizations, as a terrifying piece by Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna makes clear.

Sweden's third-way welfare state — a misguided attempt to compromise between economic freedom and communism — simply isn't working. People choose not to work, but rather go on sick leave or long-term disability. Half a million Swedes are on "early retirement" — many of them are under 40. The standard of living has unsurprisingly declined. Bodissey suggests that this could be inevitable:

Maybe the welfare state only seemed to be a success in Scandinavia because these nations had been dynamic capitalist countries prior to this, ethnically homogeneous and based upon a Protestant work ethic. While this legacy kept the welfare system afloat for some time, it is now rapidly being eroded.

As in the impending American crisis, immigrants are relied on to provide a tax base to subsidize those who aren't working. However, immigration is actually costing Sweden as much as several hundred billion kroner a year. Children of immigrants are 10 times as likely as native Swedes to claim welfare benefits. As Bodissey observes:

While their political elites insist that immigration is "good for the economy," Scandinavians are in reality funding their own colonization. Although the cost of welfare is significant, it pales in comparison to the price paid through rapidly declining social harmony and increasing insecurity caused by Muslim immigration.

Insecurity is particularly acute in the government:

Nearly three out of four Riksdag (parliament) deputies say that they have been subjected to harassment, threats or violence because of their positions. For elected representatives in local government the figure was around one in three.

Two out of three Swedes doubt Islam can be combined with Swedish society. But their voices are not heard in a closed system that does not allow deviation from the politically correct, dhimmified left. As Jonathan Friedman put it:

No debate about immigration policies is possible, the subject is simply avoided. Sweden has such a close connection between the various powerful groups, politicians, journalists, etc. The political class is closed, isolated.

Just as American flags were banned from schools for fear of annoying illegal immigrants, schoolgirls have been sent home from Swedish schools for having tiny Swedish flags on their sweaters, lest an immigrant deem them offensive. But the corrosion is more advanced in Sweden, where dissent from left-liberal cultural suicide simply is not tolerated. Although a majority would like to avoid having their country obliterated by Muslim immigration, members of the only political party critical of immigration, the Sweden Democrats, are marginalized, demonized by the media and subject to violence by leftist hooligans who have no compunction about physically assaulting opponents in order to silence them.

Although limiting immigration is denounced as "undemocratic," communism, which has killed 100 million people and enslaved over 1 billion, is very much accepted. Hard-core leftists are prevalent in the government. They openly dominate the media, and don't even pretend that the news isn't biased accordingly. Said radio correspondent Cecilia Udden:

On such issues as the US right and Israel…there was a Swedish…consensus, and any reporting had to be based on that.

Demographically, the Swedish people are being displaced — and not gently. In some areas, blonde girls dye their hair "to avoid unwanted attention and sexual harassment." The number of rape cases has quadrupled in 20 years. Rape of children under 15 is six times as common as a generation ago. An investigation of one court found that 85% of rapists were either foreigners or first-generation immigrants. Apparently Muslims express their contempt for the native Swedes who finance their idle lives by raping Swedish women.

Sweden's third-largest city Malmö will soon be majority Muslim. Crime there is epidemic. Nearly 90% of robberies are committed by gangs, some of which are consciously waging a "war against Swedes." One favorite multicultural activity is burning down schools. The kids laugh at the firemen, and start new fires as soon as they leave.

As anarchy swallows up whole cities, demands that Sweden institute Islamic law have already begun. Radical Islamic politics dictate Sweden's foreign policy. Within a matter of years it will become questionable whether Sweden is still part of the West.

There is a single positive aspect to the historic tragedy unfolding in Sweden and other parts of Europe: perhaps the rest of the world can learn from it. If we acknowledge that socialistic, multicultural moonbattery is not just nauseating, but lethal — that it can literally destroy our civilization — we might avoid the same fate.

Thanks to V the K for the tip.

On its way out of existence, courtesy of moonbattery.