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April 21, 2006

Swiss Leftists Kidnap Snowman

Progressive militants smashed through a window to steal a giant cotton snowman known as the Böögg that was to appear in Zurich's annual spring parade next Monday. In its place they left a chocolate Easter bunny and a communist hammer and sickle emblem.

Traditionally the Böögg's head is stuffed with explosives and set alight at the culmination a Sechseläuten, a spring festival run by Zurich's guilds. Its head being blown off smoothly portends a favorable summer to come. Fortunately the moonbats were not able to cart away the main charge, and there is a spare Böögg to take its place.

Left-wing nuts calling themselves "1. Mai — Strasse Frei" took responsibility for the theft, claiming that the snowman "had had enough of putting its head on the line for capitalists."

The Böögg in happier times.

Posted by Van Helsing at April 21, 2006 6:45 AM


What the fuck?

Posted by: Archonix at April 21, 2006 7:54 AM