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March 11, 2006

Border Moonbattery Taking Its Toll

The unfolding catastrophe of our undefended southern border is already taking a major economic toll on local counties, and the Federal Government's efforts toward paying the costs have been almost as pathetic as its failure to prevent the invasion from happening in the first place.

USA Today reports that dealing with criminal aliens costs Arizona's Cochise County $5 million out of a $49 million annual budget. Last year it asked the Feds for $2.5 million to help defray this expense; it received a pittance of $73,000.

The economic havoc inflicted on Cochise County extends beyond law enforcement issues. About 25% of its budget goes to health care for the uninsured — mostly illegal immigrants who use our emergency rooms as free health clinics. The county also has to spend $1000s per year cleaning up the massive amount of garbage the invaders leave in their wake.

"The garbage issue is huge. Diapers, toilet paper, plastic jugs, backpacks," says Pat Call, County Board of Supervisors Chairman. "You name it, we've got to pay the bill for cleaning it up."

The crisis isn't limited to Arizona. San Diego County spends $50 million a year on illegal immigrants, including paying the cost of their legal defense. It is reimbursed about $2 million. County Supervisor Greg Cox points out that the other $48 million comes out of discretionary spending: "That's money that would support libraries, parks and public safety."

Other immediate problems caused by the Federal Government's refusal to defend the border include the vast quantities of drugs flowing over it and the flourishing of extremely violent gangs like MS-13. While demagogues posture on the topic of who owns the companies responsible for stevedoring operations at our ports, the undefended border offers a much greater opportunity for terrorists.

The long-term problems inevitably resulting from the influx of a large economic underclass will be even more severe, as will be obvious at the next economic downturn.

But not to worry. Russ Knocke, a spokesman for Homeland Security, assures us that the Feds are on the case, with plans for a guest-worker program that will ingeniously end the illegal alien problem by redefining the invaders as "guest workers."

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Left to clean up the mess.

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