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March 28, 2006


Posted by Dave Blount at March 28, 2006 8:46 AM

Naturally the MSM has painted a smiley face on the recent massive show of force on the part of illegal immigrants and their supporters. The issue is usually framed in terms of the hardship of illegal immigrants, who only want to come here to do the work our own willfully unemployed can't be bothered to do. There are even allegations of racism.

But what the matter really comes down to is assimilation and territorial sovereignty. As Cal Thomas observes:

It isn't race or ethnicity that bothers most legal residents of this country. It is our failure to make non-hyphenated Americans out of them. Instead of becoming English-speaking Americans, too many are retaining the language, customs, culture and political agendas of their native lands. No nation can long survive such an invasion without assimilation.

One of these political agendas involves the concept of "Aztlan" — which is where real racism comes into the picture. The idea is to establish Hispanic hegemony in the southwestern USA, and then split this region off from the rest of the country.

Insights into the movement this concept has inspired can be found at La Voz de Aztlan. The strategy is simple: conquest by immigration. This is basically how the USA ended up with the Southwest in the first place, since this region was once part of Mexico. The difference is, it had not been heavily settled then. Now it is home to three of America's five largest cities (Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix).

The strategy seems to be working. Los Angeles is considered the capital of "Aztlan." It is now run by a Mayor who was once Chairman of the UCLA chapter of MEChA, a vehemently racist organization devoted to "Reconquista," or the driving of non-Hispanics out of the southwestern quarter of the United States.

Runaway immigration has resulted in mayhem in France. Worse is in store for America, unless we assert control over our borders immediately and limit immigration to numbers that can be successfully assimilated.

Hat tip: Wiggins