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September 17, 2005

Hugo Chavez Performs at United Nations

Posted by Dave Blount at September 17, 2005 10:20 AM

Hard-core believers in unguided evolution will tell you that if you leave a bunch of monkeys in a room full of typewriters long enough, one of them will type out the complete works of William Shakespeare. In support of this theory, leftist dictator Hugo Chavez has spent so much time talking that he has finally put together a sequence of words that a reasonable person might agree with. While showboating in front of his colleagues at the United Nations Thursday, Chavez demanded that the UN pull out of the USA.

A little urban renewal in the Turtle Bay part of Manhattan would be a great idea. First you would have to clean out the lowlife, as Chavez suggests. Then maybe that big domino at the edge of the East River could be put to some useful purpose — apartments or corporate offices.

Chavez of course sees the issue not in terms of urban renewal, but as part of his monotonous and patently contrived campaign to denigrate America in general and President Bush in particular. You have to hand it to the guy, he knows how to get the press on his side.

Pulling the UN out of the US should be in response to the great wrong committed to another one of Chavez's esteemed colleagues, Saddam Hussein, according to Chavez, who like other leaders at the summit had been asked to speak for only 5 minutes. However, according to CNN, "when the presiding diplomat passed him a note saying his time was up, he threw it on the floor. He said if Bush could speak for 20 minutes, so could he." Bush had addressed the opening session the day before.

When Chavez finally ran out of hot air, CNN reports, "he got what observers said was the loudest applause of the summit."

Chavez's cartoonish act — in which this miserable little socialist dictator plays the Man of the People who stands up to the Great Satan and pokes it right in the eye for attempting to spread democracy — could be expected to play well before the corrupt clowns that make up the UN's General Assembly. Following in the footsteps of other showboating dictators like Mussolini and his idol Castro, he pays close attention to stage managing. As Thor Halvorssen pointed out in the New York Post:

As Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez hit town for this week's special U.N. session, Chavez's flunkies were renting buses and offering to reimburse activists willing to create a "spontaneous" welcome crowd for the populist anti-American.

Halvorssen also pointed out that Chavez's righteous objections to Pat Robertson's admittedly misguided suggestion that he be assassinated take on a new light when you consider that Chavez himself tried to kill Venezuela's President Carlos Andres Perez in 1992.

Calls for the death of our own president resounded loudly at a conference hosted and funded by Chavez's banana republic last August. Chavez and his cabinet took an active part in the 16th World Youth and Students Festival — a communist gathering that attracts screwed-up moonbats from all over the world. In the past it has been held in totalitarian hellholes such as Soviet Moscow, East Berlin, Havana, and Pyonyang. Writes Halvorssen:

The multimillion-dollar extravaganza included an international tribunal, broadcast in Venezuela and Cuba. The presiding judge: Venezuelan Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel. Star witness for the prosecution: President Chavez. The accused: George W. Bush, charged with (among much else) being the cause of the world's terrorism. Delegates are on film chanting "Death to America" and holding signs that read, "Death to Bush."

Halvorssen wonders why the US media give Chavez a free pass. Hopefully the question is rhetorical. Ever since he went international with his Fidel Castro II act, Chavez has been expertly tailoring his thuggish persona to the tastes of the flaky, hypocritical, America-hating elitists who run the media both here and in Europe.

These pictures from Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry (hat tip: Caption This!) give an idea of the sort of people you could have encountered at the 16th World Youth and Students Festival:




Why do I get a terrible feeling that half of these people are majoring in journalism?

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