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April 30, 2005

Animal Rights Terrorist Jailed

Radical Muslims get most of the press when it comes to terrorism, and with good reason. But we don't want to forget that they aren't the only ones eager to inflict harm on the innocent in an attempt to impose their pernicious ideology.

The problem is, some are so screwy, it's hard to take them seriously. Take the Animal Liberation Front, for example. Hare-brained moonbats who can't tell the difference between animals and human beings don't exactly inspire the dread of an Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

But they are terrorists nonetheless. And dangerous.

In an act right out of the movie 28 Days Later, in which animal rights kooks "liberate" infected animals from a lab, unleashing a plague that destroys civilization, ALF terrorist Keith Mann broke into Wickham Laboratories in Hampshire, England, and stole documents and hundreds of mice being used in experiments that involved botulinum toxin. At first, the judge typically sentenced him to nothing more than community service. In the words of Judge Richard Price:

I am not going to send you to prison because I know in your eyes and in the eyes of others I would turn you into a martyr. A martyr you are not, a damn nuisance you are.

However, despite the silliness of their ideology, Mann and his kind are actually much worse than "a damn nuisance." Mann could not even make it out of the courtroom without committing another crime, threatening violence against Chris Bishop, technical director of Wickham Laboratories. For this he received a 6-month sentence for contempt of court.

Mann has been to the Big House before, having received a 14-year sentence in 1994 (later reduced, of course) for 21 terror-related offenses that included arson and possession of explosives. The judge in that case described him as "dangerous and fanatical" and noted that his tactics "bore all the hallmarks of terrorism."

Mann has acted as a spokesman for ALF. Some notable quotes that can be found on ALF's own site include one of his own:

We are capable of dealing with anyone. No one has died yet but that time will come.

Here's another, by ALF spokeswoman Vivian Smith:

I would be overjoyed when the first scientist is killed by a liberation activist .

And another, by activist Rod Coronado:

I think they should appreciate that we're only targeting their property. Because frankly I think it's time to start targeting them.

Similarly ominous noises have been made by PETA's Bruce Friedlich and everyone's favorite Ethnic Studies professor, Ward Churchill, who has advocated violence against individuals employed in the meat industry.

For more notable quotes, and to get a better idea of just how dangerously insane the animal rights movement has become, check out the collection of quotes at Fur Commission USA. A list of ALF "POWs" — that is, convicted terrorists, can be found on ALF's site here.

No wonder the Left rarely fails to interfere with Bush's attempts to defend us from terrorism. Any group that wishes to impose an extreme ideology against the will of the population is going to be tempted to resort to terrorist tactics. Left-wing moonbats have proven themselves to be no exception.

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Posted by Van Helsing at April 30, 2005 1:37 PM


What I'm afraid is...when they start turning the anti-terror stuff against the good citizens. Or based on Christian ideology like Hitler did with the Christian churches.

Posted by: Cao at April 30, 2005 5:21 PM