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March 7, 2005

Envirokooks Nip at NASCAR's Tires

Posted by Dave Blount at March 7, 2005 5:16 PM

The Clean Air Trust has "urged" NASCAR to stop using leaded fuel, on the grounds that it "may be putting millions of spectators and nearby residents at unnecessary risk of suffering serious health effects." As always with left-wing activist urgings, there is an implicit threat that if the transgressor doesn't respond obediently, there will be repercussions — unemployed dropouts in gasmasks chaining themselves to Jeff Gordon's car right before the race starts, that sort of thing.

Congress exempted the aviation and racing industries from the leaded gasoline ban in 1990, due to the danger of stalled engines. The effect on the environment was deemed to be insignificant. The leaded gasoline used by NASCAR has the advantage of being resistant to explosions. There is of course no evidence that anyone has ever been overexposed to lead because of NASCAR racing.

Let's hope NASCAR stands firm on this, because if they don't, you can imagine where it will lead:

ELF will "urge" MLB to stop using baseball bats made from the flesh of murdered trees.

CAIR will demand that the NFL stop using footballs made from the skin of unclean pigs.

ACT UP will insist on openly gay wrestlers in WWE.

ALF will lobby to have Kentucky Derby horses set loose to roam the wild prairies.

A National Association for the Vertically Challenged will be formed to decry the underrepresentation of dwarves in the NBA.

Michael Jackson will serve as NAMBLA's spokesman in a campaign to persuade Sports Illustrated to include 10-year-old boys in their swimsuit issue.

For everybody's sake, NASCAR needs to apply the brakes to this right here by telling the nature Nazis to go climb a tree.