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March 8, 2005

Bill Maher and Ward Churchill Team up to Redefine the Word "Vile"

Posted by Dave Blount at March 8, 2005 9:31 PM

If you were listening to Sean Hannity or Mark Levin on the radio yesterday, you might have heard them go off on professional idiot Bill Maher, whose HBO program Real Time has hit what I hope will be a permanent all-time low for the entertainment industry. They were right to be angry.

Maher's guest last Friday was make-believe Indian and fellow America-hater Ward Churchill. Amazingly, Churchill came off as almost likable in comparison with Maher, who may well be the most profoundly loathsome human being ever to smirk into a camera.

Churchill has gotten a raw deal according to the like-minded Maher. Despite the fawningly supportive environment, Psycho Ward seemed a little on the shy side at first, so Maher had to draw him out, egging him on to elaborate on why America is such an awful country.

"Let me do it for you, Professor," Maher finally offered, and proceeded to put forth a sick parody of American history that would do Michael Moore proud, while encouraging Churchill to fabricate extravagant body counts for the alleged atrocities of our forefathers. The USA was even excoriated for killing Germans and Japanese during World War II.

Some of the atrocities weighing heavily on our consciences are more recent history. Churchill declared that America caused 500,000 Iraqi children to die as a result of sanctions following Saddam's invasion of Kuwait. Needless to say, the UN's Oil for Food scam was not mentioned.

"America has blood on its hands," was Maher's mantra; he repeated it incessantly.

Once it had been proven to the satisfaction of Maher and his guest that America is guilty of genocide, they proceeded to clarify that it is not the American government that is guilty, but the people themselves. So be sure to hate yourself accordingly.

Asked to support his contention that the people who perished at the World Trade Center deserved what they got for being "Little Eichmanns," Churchill caused the audience to erupt into applause with this nugget of wisdom:

If you're performing a technical function, a byproduct of which is the immiseration of millions of people, you are not innocent. You are performing a function along the lines of what Adolf Eichmann performed.

You read that correctly. The audience applauded when Churchill said this. Enthusiastically.

But we haven't hit rock bottom yet.

In a stunt that would disgust Jerry Springer, Maher brought out Michael Faughnan, whose brother was butchered at the World Trade Center along with 3,000 other "Little Eichmanns" by Churchill's al-Qaeda heroes.

Clearly unused to being the focus of cameras, Faughnan had to listen politely as Maher went off on another anti-American diatribe. "Yes, you're right," he told Churchill. "We're lazy, and we're arrogant, and we're greedy, and we're gluttonous, and we're myopic..." You get the idea.

However, even Maher has his moderate side. He treated the audience to some junior high level philosophizing as he supported his view that being American is bad, but not quite as bad as being Adolf Eichmann.

For once Churchill had to contradict his host, by pointing out that outsourcing work to Malaysia is "comparable" to making Jews into lampshades.

Maher's next trick was to ask Faughnan if he thought Churchill owed him an apology for asserting that his brother deserved to die. Not surprisingly, Faughnan said yes.

Churchill refused to apologize.

Bailing out his pal with a friendly slap on the shoulder, Maher moved the show along. Next on the agenda was the host's charming idea of building a monument to anti-Americanism at Ground Zero. Visibly pleased with his own cuteness, Maher suggested it be called "Why They Hate Us Pavilion."

From there this appalling program actually managed to go downhill. Setting a new standard for disgracefulness, Maher badgered Faughnan with demands that he admit that 9/11 happened because "they" (apparently meaning the rest of the world) hate America, and some of their reasons are valid.

Faughnan came across as a decent guy, completely out of his element in Maher's cesspool of a television program. Maher was able to browbeat a "perhaps" out of him. The audience cheered.

Sorry for dwelling on this whole disgusting event in such detail, but it illustrates an important point. Ward Churchill by himself would be nothing more than a tasteless joke. But he is not alone by any means — he is the tip of an iceberg. There is a whole subculture, metastasizing like some nightmarish cancer in academia and the entertainment industry, for whom Churchill is a credible intellectual, even a role model.

It's hard not to develop a tolerance to noxiousness and outrage; you almost have to, to defend yourself from being overwhelmed by it. But we should never lose sight of just how unforgivably despicable some of these people are. Maher is worse than an obnoxious fool; he's like something that should be flushed down a toilet. Our society is in trouble if someone like that is ever allowed to pass himself off as speaking on behalf of normal human beings.