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February 11, 2005

Wacky Ward Makes Some New Friends

The Raelian Revolution bills itself as "the world's largest Atheist, non-profit UFO related organisation ... working towards the first embassy to welcome people from space." Its birth occurred on December 13, 1973, when a French journalist named Rael (apparently he just has the one name) was contacted by an alien who asked him to establish an embassy to welcome future visitors from outer space. This was not a garden-variety French-speaking alien, but a representative from the very race of astral scientists that created humanity. The cult Rael subsequently founded is made up of people "from all sexual orientations" who oppose the "disillusions of normality."

In his intercosmic wisdom, Rael has seen fit to bestow upon Ward Churchill the title of "Honorary Priest" in the Raelian antireligion, in recognition of "his essay which most of the US is decrying as insensitive or unpatriotic" — apparently meaning this one.

"Mr. Churchill is exactly right in what he wrote!" roars Ricky Roehr, local leader of the US Raelian Movement. Despite their website's claim that the Raelian Revolution is "sweeping the world with the most politically incorrect and fearlessly individualistic philosophy of non-conformism," Roehr goes on to spew a typo-speckled diatribe in perfect lockstep with politically correct ideology: Americans are like Nazis, we should be reviled for oppressing the country that we just liberated from a genocidal dictator, 9/11 was terrible but the people who died that day had it coming for being American, ad nauseam.

It's nice to know Churchill now has connections with intergalactic moonbats from beyond. Maybe next time a UFO swings by Boulder, they'll take him back with them. Then he can spout his vile rhetoric at the expense of their taxpayers instead of Colorado's.

Hat tips to The MaryHunter and Right-Wing & Right Minded.


Prophet Rael calls up the Mother Ship to ask Lt. Uhura what happened to his chest.

Posted by Van Helsing at February 11, 2005 3:18 PM


And now, as blogged on 13 Feb by Chris at Right Wing & Right Minded, and recently reported by WorldNetDaily and (apparently) Fox, WC apparently trained those wacky domestic terrorists, The Weathermen, to make bombs and fire weapons. This is getting better and better. Mother ship, please beam him up soon. See RW&RM for links.

Posted by: The MaryHunter at February 13, 2005 4:35 PM