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February 05, 2005

The Diplomad R.I.P.

The Diplomad, one of the most enjoyable blogs on the Web, is unfortunately calling it quits for "a variety of personal and professional reasons."

The rightward-leaning bloggers behind The Diplomad work in the decidedly leftward-leaning US Foreign Service, allowing them to perform valuable reconnaissance behind enemy lines. In the aftermath of the tsunami, their coverage of the UN's reaction — highlighting its general uselessness as well as its pathetic attempts to take credit for American and Australian accomplishments — was priceless.

This excerpt from their farewell post gives an idea of what we will be missing:

We had some fun with the Aussie and US elections (we even called the American ones right; we didn't dare predict the Australian ones.) We delighted in the victory of George W. Bush over the incomparably lame and dishonest John "Xmas in Cambodia" Kerry. We've laid into the UN and their pomposity and corruption, and chortled as the ignorant lefties sought to defend the indefensible. We've said some things we thought (you might not agree) needed saying about the USA, the EU, the State Department, Cuba, and the Marines; some things that we shouldn't have had to say about the scourge of political correctness that threatens liberty in our homeland by trying to restrict ever more the parameters of debate and discussion. We even laid out our Saber-toothed Tiger Law of Life, and expressed our appreciation for the 1911 Government Model Colt 45.
We've ridiculed the ridiculously easy to ridicule Global Warmists, and lamented the disappearance of the once great Democratic Party. The world's oldest political party has wandered off into the fevered swamps of delusional leftism and anti-Americanism following the yaps not of bloodhounds on the trail of some evil beast, or the dogs of war hunting the enemies of the USA, but the little girlie-man yips of the chihuahas of Gore chasing ghosts of political debates and ideologies past. We've likewise bemoaned the destruction of the once-valiant nation of Red Ensign Canada (no Maple Leaf at this house!) by those who seem ashamed of their country's honorable and courageous role in defending the West and freedom, and now want it to be an anti-American sharia-besotted Botswana with snow.

They leave open the possibility that they may blog again under a different name. I'll be grateful if they do.

Posted by Van Helsing at February 5, 2005 05:56 PM


This is rather tragic.
I loved Diplomad.
Oh, well Mr Van Helsing, more responsibilities upon remaining fighters against the forces of darkness.
Let's stay put and keep our stakes sharp.

Posted by: Felis at February 5, 2005 09:06 PM

I hope if they pop up somewhere else under a different name, we'll know about it-

Posted by: Cao at February 8, 2005 07:05 AM