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January 31, 2005

Pumpkinhead Ted Stumbles Across the Line

Posted by Dave Blount at January 31, 2005 10:16 PM

As we celebrate the triumphant step toward democracy taken yesterday by the courageous voters of Iraq, a few individuals are left skulking like deformed trolls in the shadows, not sharing our joy. Not all of them are terrorists. Ted Kennedy is probably drinking something other than champagne tonight, as his openly seditious speech last Thursday has been proven to be even more thoroughly disconnected from reality than it appeared at the time.

In case you missed the pumpkin-headed leftist's depraved diatribe at The Johns Hopkins School of International Studies, and al-Jazeera isn't part of your cable package (I'm guessing al-Jazz is still giving the speech heavy play), I'll quickly summarize:

According to Kennedy, who depicted America "as occupier, not as liberator," Bush "broke" Iraq by freeing it from under the boot of a genocidal dictator. The US military presence in Iraq is "part of the problem, not part of the solution." Kennedy charged "high officials in the Administration" with approving the use of torture. Echoing rhetoric you might expect to hear in an al-Qaeda recruiting video, he dismissed the Iraqi interim government as an American puppet regime, and cast doubt on the validity of the elections, which he accused Bush of forcing on Iraqis against their will. Building a modern infrastructure for Iraq, a monumental task that has been severely hampered by terrorism, is being deliberately delayed by the US in order to debilitate Iraq, according to the Senator's wise analysis. He seconded the terrorist demand for American withdrawal, announcing that Bush "should disavow the permanence of our so-called 'enduring' military bases in Iraq," so that there should be no strategic benefit whatsoever in the war on terror for our having fought there.

Eliminating any doubt as to who would benefit if the US Government were insane enough to take his advice, Kennedy called for participation in the Iraqi Government by the Baathist thugs who have gone from torturing civilians under Saddam to blowing them up with car bombs on a daily basis.

"Iraqi forces are far from being capable, committed, and effective," Kennedy declared supportively. "In too many cases, they cannot even defend themselves, and have fled at the first sign of battle."

Yet he feels that these forces should be left to defend the country from a well-organized and well-financed terrorist insurrection. There can be no doubt — not even in Kennedy's addled mind — who would end up running the country if we were to betray the people of Iraq by pulling out prematurely.

September 11, 2001 gave most of us a clear idea of what kind of people these are that Kennedy wants left in charge. Another clue to their nature can be found in the news of Sunday's election. Although the Baathists and al-Qaeda were not able to cause as much mayhem and senseless death as they must have hoped, there was a price paid in blood for the heroism of Iraq's voters. At least 44 people were killed, including a child with Down syndrome who was sent out as a suicide bomber.

It's true that Ted Kennedy has not been dealing from a full deck for some time. But even if decades of decadence have reduced his brain to something like a pickled cauliflower, if he is still able to dress himself, he is able to realize that his demands would lead to Iraq being taken over by the sort of people who would send a mentally handicapped child out to explode in the hopes he would take with him a few innocent people whose only crime was standing up to tyranny by voting.

If he still has enough brain cells left to keep from drooling on himself during speeches, he knows that allowing Iraq to collapse into a terrorist hellhole will defeat the entire purpose of the war, so that the noble American troops who lost their lives in this struggle will have died for nothing.

If he is sentient enough to keep from wetting himself, he understands that the regime that would take power would be distinguishable from the Taliban/al-Qaeda regime that killed 3000 Americans on 9/11 only by the vast oil resources they would be able to devote to acquiring weapons of mass destruction and to spreading terror worldwide.

He wouldn't even have to be sober to look ahead a few years to when such a regime would acquire nuclear weapons. Imagine a country the size of California, sitting on a sea of black gold, and run by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Given the existence of nuclear-enabled outlaw regimes like Kim Jong-Il's, how long would it take for such a country to replace New York City and its millions of citizens with a smoking radioactive hole in the ground?

Kennedy doesn't just want to plunge Iraq back into hell. He wants to plunge the world into hell. The line between passively not supporting your own country and actively supporting its enemies can be a fine one, but Ted Kennedy has clearly crossed it. The line between extreme foolishness and actual evil can be a fine line too. Kennedy appears to have crossed that one also.


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